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Christina Aguilera to Perform to Raise Funds for Museum

Christina Aguilera to Perform to Raise Funds for Museum

Christina Aguilera shows off a head full of orange highlights as she dines at West Hollywood’s BOA Steakhouse on Friday (August 13).

The 29-year-old singer is set to perform at the opening gala fundraiser for the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion. The event, to be held Saturday, September 25, 2010, will benefit the special exhibitions and programming at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

“As a member of the Los Angeles arts community, I am honored to celebrate the opening of the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Pavilion at LACMA,” said Christina. “The building is a physical testament to the Resnicks’ dedication to helping the arts thrive.”

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Credit: Kokopix; Photos: WENN
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  • yo sista

    She’s flopping so hard, it makes me sad. :(

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great!

  • Sarah

    she looks so HOT.

  • Dominic

    I like Christina, I just wish she’d smile a little more sometimes.

  • Nanci T

    Very Pretty ….. I dont know why she would or could flop !!! Girlfriend has some Vocial Cords !!!!

  • Nanci T

    Very Pretty ….. I dont know why she would or could flop !!! Girlfriend has some Vocial Cords !!!!

  • jay

    Love her but xtina SMILE :))

  • lol, wow.


  • J


  • OH HAY


  • kyle

    wow she looks more awful than usual.

  • I swear

    @jay: She’s incapable of smiling. Her smile is always so forced it makes me uncomfortable.

  • britbrit

    she is so gross.

  • http://www. V

    Her makeup looks rank.

  • Robyn

    I just wanna scrub all that make up off with a warm washcloth! She looks so much better without it!

  • : /

    Why won’t she fix her eyebrows….at least?

  • natalie

    ugly inside out.

  • lol!


  • x

    Xtina does not know how to apply makeup at all. Why did she get orange extensions, btw? Oh well, she still has her voice….?

  • LMAO
  • She may be a vile, bit*chy person but so is Katy Perry and people still kiss her as$. At least Christina has TALENT!

  • Ankka
  • jacko

    & people say Rihanna who’s a sweetheart and total babe looks like a clown?

  • Leah


  • oh god,

    How does her skin breathe :(

  • tinsky

    well, at least she’s got her implants reduced a bit. maybe she got tired of lugging all those weight… probably gave her back problems…

  • Linda

    LMAO! You all talk so much sh*t on these blogs, I swear! There’s plenty of photos of Christina smiling. I’ve seen many pics of her smile. Haters are so lame!

  • Linda

    LMAO! You all talk so much sh*t on these blogs, I swear! There’s plenty of photos of Christina smiling. I’ve seen many pics of her smile. Haters are so lame!

  • http://www kaz

    tons of make up why??

  • Najah

    You have to hand it to this woman. She owns peoples minds. Her so called “haters” follow her closer than her stans. It’s kind of amusing. Anyway, it’s probably Xtinas talent that has them all so worried about what she’s doing. The girl can sing, there is NO denying that. She looks gorgeous too. I know Bionic didn’t sell a million copies, but I would rake her career over most so called artists nowadays. She very respected in the industry and keeps her private life private. She seems to keep it all together, and calls her own shots. Much respect for that Christina.

  • Hotina

    She looks Hot, why should she smile? She is not a clown. Maybe she do not want paps taking her pics.

  • Whatever

    She kind of looks like julianna hough (sp) in these pictures. WAY too much makeup, geeze.

  • Kevin

    @Najah: Are you tripping..? Christina is not respected in the industry. At all. For someone with such a voice, she has one of the worst reputations in the industry.

  • Grace

    she looks great! her hair looks better long too.

    this is the 3rd time shes worn this dress.
    and she looks so hot in it.
    first time was at LAX event in 2008.
    second time was for People magazine photoshoot.
    and this is the third time.

    Cant wait to see her during the Burlesque promo events too.

  • SunDee
  • Amelle

    @SunDee: She looks beautiful there…she needs to adopt that look and run with it.

  • BEN

    Christina all about reinvented herself. I just wish she would do the same with her makeup ..She looks so young and pretty in clips of her movie with more natural makeup..Christina Album is full of great singles.. People got let down with BTB and that was a double cd with a lot of song that should have been put in the garbage..Bionic should have never been release as a Deluxe CD just a lot of filler..I do love I Hate Boys.Hope she will get to perform it live someday.

  • SunDee

    @Amelle: Yes I Agree! She’s rarely smile that loose, she should do it more coz… She’s STUNNING when she’s smile!

  • H

    @Kevin: Kevin: do you work in the music industry to blatantly state she IS NOT respected in the industry? If she is not respected, then why does she work with A-List producers, Grammy Award winners, Tony Award winners, Peabody Award winners and so on?

    ”Floptina” my ass, her album is doing better than Britney’s 2 latest albums and all of Katy Perry/Rihanna’s albums COMBINED and the so called ‘legendary’ Nirvana albums.


  • H

    ”FLOPTINA”, my ass. Bionic is more successful than 99.9 percent of the albums by mainstream artists released over the past 3 years. INCLUDING Britney Spears’ Circus and Blackout, also INCLUDING Katy Perry’s ”SUCCESSFUL” debut ”ONE OF THE BOYS” and ALL OF RIHANNA’S ALBUMS!


  • BEN

    @H: What Charts are you looking at?

  • Faye

    To the people who keep coming on here calling her a “flop”, get a life. Do you think she cares how much the album has sold???? If she did, dont you think she would of promoted it much more????. Christina has never cared about sales, she said this long before the album was even released, shes doing it because she loves making music. Shes living her life, shes made millions and doesnt even need to work again so while you haters sit on your computers writing pathetic, stupid comments, shes in her mansion, with her family enjoying life, so who has the last laugh?????? Bionic is a good album, not her best, but its a good album with songs that will do well as singles, the only reason it didnt do well especially in the US is because people are to sucked in the likes of Lady Gaga and think if someone else chooses to do something different its “copying” her, also that asshole Perez Hilton trying to ruin her career by making a smear campaign against her. People listen to blogs and websites to much, and just believe and copy what they say. Have your own mind. Every someone does that is different and out there people say there copying Gaga, its pathetic. NMT was nothing like Gagas videos, to be honest it was more Madonna. Gaga gets to much credit when her whole image is copied from so many artists, shes not original. Christina is actually the only one out there now who is talented and can sing, yet everyone wants to ruin her singing career, but praise the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears, who are talentless and cant even sing. Music is nothing how it used to be, just look on the charts, load of pop crap hogging the top 20, and the songs that are good are mostly under the top 40. Radios the same, playing the same crap, cant even put it on without hearing “rah, rah, ah, ah, ah, Roma, roma, ma, Gaga, ooh, la, la, want your bad romance” stupid songs that dont even make sense. Thats why I listen to my old school music, music that has meaningful and good lyrics.

  • Najah


    She’s absolutely respected. That’s why she asked to perform at Grammys, CNN HEROES, top notch events. Your a hater, you’ll never see it. Your one of those people I talked about in my last post that follow Xtinas career and everything she does, just to try and make her look bad in the comments. She OWNS your mind. Let it go… The woman is a LEGEND

  • jay

    @faye u got gud beyonce is talented Lol,,the rest can jus burn!

  • Sadie

    Very disappointed with her – she’s copying Lady Gaga AGAIN. Proves she has never been an original performer.

  • thats_right

    she looks like a clown all that make up on her face so nasty ugh

  • SunDee

    @Sadie: what copy? The Orange strands? Xtina did those (red) strands since Come On Over Baby days. :D

  • Lenka

    She’s a flop, everyone knows that. She can’t even sing, she yells. She’s done, that’s why I feel sorry for her and her fans.

    Greetings from Czech Republic. Floptina sucks!

  • Manish

    She always copies better singers: Mariah, Whitney, Lady Gaga. She’s a copycat but always fails.

  • Faye

    @Lenka: Shes a “flop”, but yet your on a article about her wasting ur time commenting about her. “She cant sing”??? are you serious???? What a hater. Jeolous because the artists you like cant sing for shit and have to use the computer for help???? Thats why u say she cant sing to make your artist look better “She yells” maybe your so into all the autotune crap that you dont even realise a true powerful vocalist. Theres a difference between just yelling and having a powerful vocal range. Educate yourself. Dumbass.