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Michelle Williams: Quadricycle with Matilda Ledger!

Michelle Williams: Quadricycle with Matilda Ledger!

Michelle Williams and her adorable 4-year-old daughter, Matilda Ledger, take a fun quadricycle ride around Toronto, Canada with a few friends on Saturday (August 14).

The 29-year-old actress has been in town shooting the indie dramedy Take This Waltz with Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman. Pic centers on a young woman (Williams) whose struggles with infidelity leads her to the realization that she may be addicted to the honeymoon period of her relationships.

Earlier in the day, the mother-daughter duo was seen pulling a cute red wagon through town. 10+ pics inside…

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michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 01
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 02
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 03
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 04
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 05
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 06
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 07
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 08
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 09
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 10
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 11
michelle williams quadricycle matilda ledger 12

Credit: Sean ONeill; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Joshfan

    It’s nice to see Michelle out enjoying the day with Matilda. Looks like they had a good time. I love her pulling Matilda in the wagon – flashback to my older sisters with me.
    Katie should take note of Michelle’s life.
    Respected actress? Michelle: Yes / Katie: No
    Some familial normalcy? Michelle: Yes / Katie: No
    Friends for their child? Michelle: Yes / Katie: No (paid children on set do not count: ie: Suri’s “best friend” from the Kennedy’s set.)

  • anon

    When do we stop saying Toronto…..Canada? Are we not sure where Toronto is yet? How about we get really esoteric and say Toronto, Ontario. That will get the maps out, surely.

  • the truth

    MIchelle is taking good care are Matilda and that what counts.She look like her father so much. Good that she don’t be in the limelight much.

  • ConnieQ

    Isn’t Katie filming in Toronto too? Matilda is only a few months older than Suri…so why not have a play date?
    Oh. That’s right. Michelle can’t stand Katie!

    Smart move Michelle. Tom would try to invite you to a Scientology brain-washing session. Oops! I mean Scientology meeting.

    and Matilda is a cutie. The world will remember Heath as long as we have pictures her around!

  • angie

    agreed anon. its not toronto, canada. its toronto, ontario. saying toronto,canada is just as weird as me saying “sacramento,america” or “queens,usa”…..

  • Ali

    Michelle looks so horrified that paps are photographing the children. There should be a law against this. It is so intrusive.

  • Elizabeth

    She is the spitting image of Heath… he is still greatly missed, but I’m sure Michelle is keeping his memory alive for Matilda.

  • Bludgeoned

    I am from Chicago, U.S. :-) and I say this as someone who actually loves Canada…spent part of every summer on the boundary waters.
    Get over the Toronto thing. I understand your annoyance, but projecting that frustarion on us is not the solution(you should comment/complain to the actual sites/reporters).
    My pet peeve has always been the word “bludgeoned”(thanks to Mr. Woodell and Senior English/Shakespeare etc.). “Bludgeoned to death” is redundent since the definition WAS to violently beat a person to death. It’s been so mis-used that now “bludgeoned to death” is acceptable, but (25 years later) I still cringe when I hear that phrase on the news or TV shows. We live in a world of mis-used words and phrases, and now text language. LMAO is probably going to be in Websters one day.

  • ConnieQ

    You are right that Michelle never looks pleased when being photographed in public with Matilda. We see the same thing when they are home in NY. I respect Michelle because although she won’t “smile for the paps”, she still tries to live her life. She doesn’t drag Matilda into the spotlight like Katie does to Suri, but she’s not afraid to go to a park or pool or wherever. Matilda needs to have a life.

  • ConnieQ

    LMAO ;-)
    frustarion? I think you meant frustration.
    I can’t type either. I’m just teasing you because the topic of your comment was misuse of the English language.

  • not impressed

    Is it really necessary to post photos of little girls in swim suits? Shame on yo JJ… image this is your daughter or niece ect… I would be giving death stares as well to the scumbags taking such invasive photos of my children!!

  • susan

    @not impressed:
    The kids in swimsuits aren’t the problem. It’s the overall invasion of privacy. Actors give up a certain amount of privacy by way of their profession, but the media should not drag the kids into it the way they do.
    And let’s be real here: the kids in these photos are properly attired for swimming. We see photos of famous families at the beach and water parks all of the time. Angie, however, lets Shiloh be photographed swimming topless. News alert to Angie: Shiloh is not an infant and really should be dressed appropriately for a 4 year old girl.

  • toni

    @susan: Not trying to be off topic from the post, but Angelina let Shiloh swim topless because Shiloh wants to be a boy and wants to dress as a boy which is why she wore trunks with no shirt.
    Anyways on topic, I love Matilda and Michelle and I love seeing them trying their best to live life normal. Also no one can’t say that’s not Heath’s child. She looks exactly like him especially since she’s getting older. The picture inside the main one of Matilda shows Heath in so many ways.

  • Gabby


    Maybe Ontario, Canada would be more proper. I am not sure our provinces are known the world over let alone their cities. I always say Vancouver, Canada when Talking with anyone outside Canada as there is another Vancouver. I suppose “Toronto, Ontario, Canada” would be more precise. I often just say Canada and offer Vancouver when they ask as a lot of the time that is more than enough than they want to know.

  • Pac Man

    Quit making silly comparisons, #1. Especially when you don;t these people at all!

    What a stupid complaint, #2.

    How do you know that Williams’ can’t stand Holmes, #4?

    Ontario and all those other provinces aren’t states though, #5.

    Right, #6.

    How does Holmes drag her kid into the spotlight, #9?

  • Betty S.

    @susan: Are you for REAL??? You say,”Shiloh should be dressed appropriately for a 4 year old girl.” Since when is it NOT ok for a 4 year old, I repeat, a FOUR YEAR OLD… to go “topless?” A 4 year old needs to wear a bikini top…why? To cover the breasts they DON’T have??? I swear Americans are SO puritanical it defies logic.

  • Betty S.

    @susan: Are you for real??? You say, “Shiloh should be dressed appropriately for a 4 year old girl.” When is it NOT ok for a 4 year old to go “topless?” A 4 year old should wear a bikini top…why? To cover up the breasts they DON’T have? This is so puritanical it defies logic. If a female can’t go topless when she is FOUR YEARS OLD, when, pray tell, can she?

  • ConnieQ

    @Pac Man:
    As usual you blather crap without doing your research pac man.
    …Michelle and Busy are friends with Josh. It’s pretty clear from the comments made by Michelle and Busy around and after the TC / KH marriage that there is no love lost between them.
    … Josh never discusses it, but he once commented around Aug of 05 (pre-Suri/pre-wedding) that he did care about the situation but could not discuss it. We all know that he wasn’t invited to the wedding.
    *Michelle has only mentioned her relationship with Katie once that I know of; in an interview where she was asked if the went to the wedding. She said no and added that she and Katie were not close.
    …Busy was asked about attending the wedding and she busted out laughing (really) and answered “no”.
    …James is the only one that went to the wedding. There were stories that TC watched the DC videos and was so impressed with James. I don’t believe that. I’m sure that TC watched the videos to see how Katie and Josh interacted. TC is SOOOO insanely jealous of Josh. That’s one of the only funny parts of this whole story. Most of it is pure tragedy.

    Michelle(and therefore Matilda) and Josh will get support from the majority of people.
    Katie and Tom are loathed by most Americans. They have made horrendous personal decisions that we can’t ignore. Most actors live their personal lives and we can separate that from the entertainer. It’s unlikely that people in the U.S. (and Canada since Josh is a proud Canadian) will accept Tom at any point in the near future.
    That’s it. End of story. If they want any success, then they need to focus on Europe and South America.

  • static guard

    @Betty S.:
    So at what point should they tell Shiloh to put the shirt on? We live in a society where children past the age of diapers should be dressed appropriately. Should they allow Pax to run around without pants? What’s the difference? He’s just an innocent child, right?
    I can tell you that where I live, DFACS would be visiting the home of people who allowed a child of Shiloh’s age to run around without a shirt.
    Anyway. This conversation line started due to someone concerned with photos taken of Matilda and her friends(poor Suri with no friends) in proper bathing suits.

  • Dawn


    Actually, I don’t think we see her and Matilda as much as we use to since Michelle and Matilda now live mostly on a farm in upstate NY.

  • ConnieQ

    I did not know they had moved upstate. Good for them. More freedom and less cameras. Michelle has always been pretty private, so except when she’s promoting a film, we don’t get to see too much of her anyway.

  • Lara

    Wow, looking at Matilda is as if you were looking at Heath. And I know I keep repeating myself but this little girl is so adorable. :)

  • http://www kaz


  • Slig

    Good for him .im so glad my famliy so cute and wonderful yeah baby

  • M

    Matilda and Heath are so alike it’s kinda creepy, Michelle is sooo cute though:) hopefully this kid will have better life than her father had and will not suffer too much from the loss of her dad at this early age… :( this is a sad story overall, isn’t it?..
    Michelle is the single Hollywood mother I have so pity for

  • True Love

    I agree that there is tragedy within this story, but I don’t have pity for Michelle, nor do I believe she wants or needs it. She, like most people, needs emotional support and she appears to have good friends in her life who will hopefully be a part of Matilda’s life too.
    Personally I believe that Michelle would have done a fine job supporting her daughter, but that being said there have been events that the rest of Hollywood(and people in general) should take note of.
    Despite all of the tabloid stories to the contrary, Heath’s family made it clear that there would be no dispute over Heath’s money as Heath would have wanted Matilda taken care of. This family put love above an outdated will.
    ALSO: Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude law gave the money for taking over Heath’s role in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus to Matilda.
    Terry Gilliam said: “They didn’t take money – it goes to Heath’s daughter. “That’s extraordinary! And wonderful… and when you’re part of that, you think, ‘Ah, this is maybe why I went into the movies in the beginning. I thought it would be full of wonderful people.’ And we’ve got a movie full of wonderful people who did extraordinary things to help.”
    These events don’t change the existence of tragedy, but they show how people can and should step up and be good to others.

  • Kate


  • Soniaintown

    It’s really creepy to imagine a bunch grown men yelling and taking pictures of these young girls in their bathing suits.
    Very creepy and makes one worried about the safety of these babygirls, not just the cutie Matilda.

    No wonder Michelle is upset and horrified.
    I adore Malinda, she looks so intelligent and independent.

  • madmax

    she is adorable. I know it’s an invasion of their privacy and yet it’s all we have of Heath. I wish we could see Heath spending time with his little girl

  • Betty S.

    @static guard: If you can’t see the difference between a child running around with no pants, and a child (4 years old) running around with no shirt, then you have a problem. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Shiloh was without a shirt on at a POOL, not on the street. Sheesh.

  • vivien

    I love what Michelle is wearing!

  • Bonnie

    I love the picture of Matilda peeking around Michelle legs as she rode in the wagon.It is picture #10. She look so pretty and yes the spitting image of her Daddy Heath.Michelle seems to be a great Mommy to Matilda. I think Heath would be so proud of both his Girls!!!!

  • Remember Heath Ledger

    @M: @M: Heath was
    a happy healthy young man until this entitled selfish wannabe got
    pregnant. He was the best father a child could have but excuse me
    I just cannot pay any attention to this child or Michelle Williams because I am absolutely disgusted how the two of them STOLE HIS LIFE. He would still be here today if he were not robbed of the opportunity to ENJOY the fame he worked so hard for. Michelle wanted THE ATTENTION MEANT FOR HEATH LEDGER and
    she certainly got it didn’t she.

  • jeath=jake&heath

    true Heath fans who liked him before the dark knight (regardless of the connection w/ his child)would and should NOT look up pictures of Matilda!!!!ONE THING HEATH HATED WAS THE PAPS and you so-called fans arent respecting him by looking up/ looking at pic’s of his daughter!!
    Im not even a fan but i think of matilda sometimes but never look at pics of her just when she was a baby~