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Neil Patrick Harris Expecting Twins with David Burtka!

Neil Patrick Harris Expecting Twins with David Burtka!

Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime love, David Burtka, are going to become the parents of twins, via a beautiful surrogate, this October.

A source tells E! that the happy couple, who has been together for about six years, even has a baby shower in the works!

Last weekend, Neil, 37, directed the hit musical Rent at the Hollywood Bowl. David, 35, is a chef and actor who has guest-starred on Neil‘s hit CBS show How I Met Your Mother.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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  • kjhgfd

    omg poor babys!!!

  • John Hopkirk

    I feel sorry for those kids who will have to grow up with two men as parents. I lost all respect for NPH when I realised he was a bum boy. Such a shame as I like him apart from that.

  • zzzz

    Why don’t people help out a baby or child in need and adopt?

  • Mimi

    @John Hopkirk: What a poor soul you are, seriously.

    Those kids will have two loving, talented and smart parents – what more to wish for?

  • Di

    I love Neil, he is such a great actor and a funny person.

  • claire

    hello..coming by to visit your blog…

  • shame , #2

    #2, you lost ALL respect for Neil when you found out he was a “bum boy”?
    You need help.

  • Dawn

    I hope this is true. David and Neil seem like wonderful people and will make great dads for any kid.

  • klutzy_girl

    I really hope this is true! I love Neil and David, and I think they’d be awesome parents. The twins are lucky!

  • Sadie

    Congratulations if this is indeed true! =) Very happy for them!
    They are going to be great parents!

  • boston61

    They will spend their entire lives pining for the mother they never had. How come everyone has a Mom but me?

  • KellStar

    Jared don’t report it if you don’t know whether it’s true or not!

  • KellStar

    Jared don’t report it if you don’t know whether it’s true or not!

  • sillyme

    A “beautiful surrogate”? Have you seen her? Do her looks make a difference? Never mind, they’re two good looking gay guys, so, of course they would want a beautiful surrogate.

  • Ash


  • Kaye

    @boston61: Man, you must hate single mothers too then, huh?

    “Why does everyone have a dad but me.”

    That’s bullshit. You don’t need two parents to survive or grow up happy and healthy. And you don’t need a parent of each gender to survive and grow up happy and healthy, either! People need to think before they post bullshitty responses.

  • Pattycake

    What wonderful news! Functional, well adjusted, loving adults becoming parents.

    Congrats to the two expectant fathers.

  • natalie

    Yuck and gag!

  • jo

    Congrats to them both! Im sure they will make great parents! BTW my friend works for the child welfare system and ALOT of children (including babies) are found abused and or neglected by so called perfect nuclear families of 2 straight parents from all walks of life so spare me the argument that the these kids will somehow have a flawed childhood from having 2 gay fathers….studies actaully show the opposite.

  • kels

    Congrats to them, if true!

    (Although, don’t surrogates only carry the baby and aren’t biologically related? If that’s the case, why would the looks of the surrogate matter?)

  • shame , #2

    Kaye, people like boston61 are incapable of thinking.



  • Leila

    Omg, congratulations <3 They’re so adorable and full of awesome.

  • Dawn


    It depends on if the surrogate who is carrying the twins was implanted with her own egg or another woman’s. CNN did a special a while back about two gay men expecting a baby via a surrogate. The woman who donated her eggs couldn’t carry the baby per NY state law. The men had to find a third woman to carry the baby which meant she had no biological ties to the baby. Not sure what the law is in California and if they require a woman to donate the eggs and then another one to carry the baby.

  • wtf at some humans

    I ‘m convinced homophobes and bigots are selfhating closetcases. Why else would they come onto a GAY man’s blog daily, AND post in all the gay-related posts?

  • ana

    disgusting… this is not right, just read the bible…

    even 100000 dads can’t substitute one only mom

    this is the end of the world

    I hope gay marriage never happen

  • grow up!

    @ana: “This is the end of the world” hahahahahahahaha

    “I hope gay marriage never happen” IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING. Do you live in under a rock? In a cave?

  • Mark

    @ana: I suggest YOU read a book.
    Did you know according to the Bible cutting your hair is a Sin? Doesn’t that mean we’re ALL going to Hell?

  • renee

    Great for them. I hope all goes well and I with them luck!

  • Anne

    Well, congrats Neil! I love his work on HIMYM, and he seems like a very talented, smart man. He’s gonna be a great father and their future child is lucky. Wish them all the best.

  • I Don’t Know

    NPH is so gay it hurts. The Hollywood annoying pink mafia c_nt type of gay that makes gays embarrassed to be gay.

  • ace11

    im sorry..just not right

    Man and Women are supposed to have babies

    not Men @ Men…

    just wrong

  • Connie

    how selfish and disgusting, imagine never having a mother, it’s different if adopt kids that have no parents, what is the Western world coming too, I guess these is what happened to Roman decline and the dark ages.

  • Frida

    Congrats to Neil and David! Anyway, sillyme is right… why write “beautiful” surrogate?! Do you know how she looks? Does it matter?

  • yo_sista

    @Frida: Yes it’s because gays are so superficial they would only be seen with beautiful kids!!!!

  • Kim

    @zzzz: Why don’t you adopt? FYI most states don’t allow gay couples to adopt

  • liv

    I don’t like NPH offscreen but congrats to them.

  • Amber

    Congrats to Neil and David! Just saw his tweet about it. They’ll be great parents.

  • Margaret C

    Congrats to the couple! Harris tweeted on his twitter just recently about this here
    “So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall. We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled. Hoping the press can respect our privacy…”

  • emma

    @yo_sista: Please tell me that was sarcasm. You stan for Britney who tweeted about marriage equality yet you’re making comments like that?

  • Fleur Rebelle

    @Connie: You can imagine it cause you have experienced it. How can somebody feel the absence when they never had a mother ?? I’m just being empirical.

    @zzzzStraight people have surrogates and abandon their children…and gays must adopt them instead of using surrogate women?Talk about double standards.

    To conclude, I just find it sad that people use women as incubators instead of adopting the milions of orphans out there.

  • ashley

    Not fair to the children, it’s a God given right to have BOTH a mother and father, not a priviledge. That’s what each child needs and deserves. Are people in this country that favor an action such as this that selfish- to make a child’s birth more about THEM then their BABIES futures? Guess so.

  • Amanda

    I see some religious fanatics decided to post. (rolling my eyes)

    You do realize it’s 2010 and not 1950, right?

  • just saying


    Why does it have to be about religion? Why can’t it be about culture? I find that the US doesn’t know who or what it is. Eveyone seems to be making it up as they go along. It’s lacking in a unified culture and identity which makes it an easy country to infiltrate.

  • emily

    children need a mother AND father

  • Ben

    @ just saying Your comment was bizarre. If this were a British couple & this was posted on a UK blog, all of the comments would be ‘congrats’. For a country so powerful, the US is one of the least progressive countries today.

  • paula

    i wish i was one of those twins:)



  • !!!!!


  • ilovemygaysbut

    NPH is so freaking irritating…