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Freida Pinto: Sheer Genius

Freida Pinto: Sheer Genius

Freida Pinto keeps it sexy in a sheer striped top as she catches a departing flight at London’s Heathrow Airport on Saturday (August 14).

Always looking like a million bucks!

The 25-year-old Indian actress has been busy in Vancouver shooting her new movie, Rise of the Apes, opposite James Franco. Also spotted on set: John Lithgow and Andy Serkis (wearing a motion capture suit to play the central ape role of Caesar).

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  • jess

    Beautiful girl!!!!

  • Momoa

    She’s very pretty. I love her outfit. Sexy yet classy. I don’t like her that much, I don’t know why….Not feeling her. XD ….. But I don’t know her personally so I won’t judge. She’s such a b!tch for working with my man though!!!!!! (Franco :D). Urrr, I heard that Indian people didn’t like her because she’s too “dark-skinned”, is that true? Someone tell me more about this please!? If it’s true…….how is that possible…..I mean, aren’t Indian people generally dark-skinned? Why would they hate on a beautiful girl for that if they are themselves dark? I just think all this is weird because in my home, there are loads of Indiian and they are dark-skinned, they may be fair skinned if they have one caucasian parent but it’s rare. And I know Indian girls look for a white man to have cute lighter skinned kids, is this one of the reasons? They hate their own skin complexion? How sad. My grandmother on my father’s side was an Indian, she was just like this Pinto girl and I never heard anything about her people disliking darker-skinned girls, I really don’t understand! Her parents, my greatgrand-parents were pure-blooded Indians who lived in Indian before heading to my now home. I really don’t get why a community would be somehow kinda “racist” towards their own people. So stupid, really. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this movie :)

  • bleh

    dont like her look, too dirty looking.

  • http://www kaz

    agree with bleh she nasty bad

  • Slig

    Look she face oops too bad

  • Joise

    Momoa you’re a frickin’ idiot. Most people marry out of love, not to have “pretty babies”, stop generalizing all indians. it’s digusting.

  • ken

    she is like the prettiest indian girl I’ve ever seen!

  • ken

    She is like the prettiest Indian girl I have ever seen!

  • jajulicious

    Yes, she’s the prettiest Indian gal I have ever seen too. Usually Indians have very asymmetrical faces… feature dominating the face like a strong nose or huge eyes but her features are very symmetrical. She looks more East Asian.

  • jajulicious

    I love that she doesn’t wear too much make up. I like her outfit but it doesn’t seem appropriate for catching a flight. Maybe she’s meeting Dev at a bar after the flight. I love Dev. So adorkable!

  • Anil

    She would never get a job in Bollywood they would consider her too dark for their films. India is the skin dying capital of the world and they all want to look Persian.

  • Momoa

    @Joise: Shut up, dumbass. I’m not saying all of them do that, idiot. I know some who do.

  • bar jolie gaga

    What a pretty human being. However, those of you saying she is the prettiest Indian woman, have not seen enough Indian women. I think Ashwarya Rai is way more beautiful. I also think the Indian women I have seen here in the states are often more beautiful than her. She is very pretty but she is a very Western looking Indian woman – she is not the most exotic I have seen. Indian women are drop dead gorgeous, I think. I agree too that Indian films don’t like to use dark Indian women and that is a shame.

  • AliasLBW

    This post failed to mention that Freida was departing London after a visit with her boyfriend Dev Patel. There are photos of them together on the net that were never posted here. I guess some don’t like that Freida & Dev are together, but Freida had a few days off and flew all the way to London from Canada to be with Dev for a few days. They are in love with each other and Dev has said they always make time for each other. Freida’s smile for the cameras means that Dev really let her know how much he loves her!

  • camie

    okay as for the complexion and what not… most south indians are either dark or tanish in color, and im an american w/ south indian parents, but i have freida’s complexion… in north india, the majority of the people are fair skinned, so they discriminate a lot against south indians, and even some people in norh india who are are dark. And in south india, if they see someone rly fair they automatically consider them to be the prettiest. I hate their mentality… but this had been goin on for a while. But thats not the reason why they hate freida… they hate freida, because she never thanked anyone in india who made her the star she is today…

  • Mary

    Awww! she looks fantastic, tre magnifique!!!

  • Leila

    She’s pretty :)

  • ben

    She’s a lot better looking than her partner! Just saying..

  • @camie

    Are u dumb?..indians never made her a star.Infact most of those white wannabe retards doesn’t want her to be successful.she became a star only because of her western fans who support her.


    Yes indians hate freida mainly due to her skin color.Actually she won’t even get extra roles in bolly as they only hire fair skin girls

  • Amanda


  • not me

    All indians don’t hate Frieda. Most don’t care at all. They have this kind of beautiful girls all around them and they are so used to such sweet, pretty girls. Most who write here about indians hating dark skinned people are indian haters out to make indians look bad. However, it is true that all big starring roles go to fair skinned women. But that does not make indians dark skin haters. Film world is all about fantasy and stereotypes. In Hollywood all big starring roles go to very beautiful, skinny people. Does that mean Americans hate not so pretty, bigger women?

  • @not me

    Stop lying man.Anyone who has been to india atleast once would know tat its an extremely racist and backward.Biggest selling product in india is a fairness cream called fair and lovely

  • @bar jolie gaga

    Sorry except for freida all the other indians looks worst than a slumdog.Its stupid to compare pinto with other indians as she look more like latina than curry monkey

  • Justine

    She is the only attractive south asian i have seen in my life.she does look like latina.

  • Lisa

    Pinto is more beautiful than that fat pig asswarya whom indians worship due to her fair skin


    Omg are those slumdogs blind?..first of all pinto is way too hot to be indian.If pinto itself is average then those slumdogs looks worst than dog s*i*

  • Kristen

    She is unbelievably gorgeous


    So true..except freida all those fugly slumdogs go back to ur slum country.WE DON’T WANT SMELLY PIGS HERE.

  • Alex

    Indian society highlight Fair skinned for 2000 years. That is the india’s Castist culture. Most racist society in the world even now.

    Even if you watch cricket advertisement MEN have fairness cream. What the fk. They are “fair” obsessed.

    India and western culture is completely reversed.

    Freida is lucky that he got out of INDIA. He would be nobody in “Fair Skin” obsessed Bollywood.

    Indian films are more fantasy. Poor people are always black. They seek opposite of what they have. So fair skinned dream heroine is obvious choice.

    For me Freida has Pretty symmetrical face with 1000 watt smile.

  • Mon


    are you really “south Indian”? or, are you just posing as a “south Indian” but you’re really a “north Indian” trying to stir something up/bash Indians from the southern part of the country?! i think you’re the latter! it’s sad because i have a lot of Indian friends (i’m a white New Yorker by the way) and the northerners (who have never been anywhere in the southern part of India -i’ve been all over India twice actually since i work with an NGO) believe that all southerners are dark skinned. but, the truth is that ALL INDIANS – NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST – ARE DARK SKINNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indians are generally “brown” skinned all over India with a minority who are “fair” and another minority who are “black.” it’s funny because two of my “south Indian” friends are actually the lightest Indians i’ve ever met before: they’re both my skin color (again, i’m WHITE) and one even has blue/green eyes! so, i always find this notion that one part of India being “light” and the other southern part being “dark” completely ridiculous!! you’re all BROWN!!!!!!!

  • jajulicious

    Indians always bring up Aishwarya Rai’ name and declare her the most beautiful woman in the world. I have checked her out and I find her features a little too extreme. Nose seems a little too beaky and eyes a too bug eyed. It’s probably the make up. She seems to wear too much of it.
    In the end beauty is subjective and we have our ideas of what we like. And some of us love Freida’s beautiful lively wide spaced eyes, high cheekbones and perfect face shape. Her figure is great too. She doesn’t have wide hips, matronly looking breasts and thunder thighs. I have been to India and there are a lot of beautiful gals like her. The only problem is Indians seem to worship the middle eastern kind of beauty with their extreme features. The kids in Afganistan are incredibly beautiful…..the most beautiful children I have ever seen but they all grow up and look like the angry Taliban guys with the hooked noses, sunken eyes and pointy chins.

  • Hiral

    hey guys, who are telling that indians hate her is not because she has DARK SKIN… actualy you don’t know that our one of the sexiest actress Bipasha basu has same complexion. i am an indian and it’s not like that we hate her beacuse of her dark skin but she is too busy in making her carier in HOLLYWOOD that she don’t give a dame to bollywood. and those of you who are criticizing indian people for thier dislike towards dark skin tone…please don’t give any comments before knowing anything correctly. most of the indian people has darker tone. i would agree that they like to have lighter tone but that doen’t mean that they hate dark people. please get a life get something really interesting and meaningful to discuss and comment ….that’s all what i can say…

  • Janice

    All you dip-shits that think she doesn’t look Indian are obviously narrow-minded and moronic. The one thing most Indian women like about her is that she is representative of what most Indian women look like as opposed to someone like Aishwarya Rai, who looks less Indian because of her features.
    Freida is definitely a beautiful girl, but to those of you racist commentators, you should realize that there are many beautiful Indian women. Just because you’ve seen 3 other Indian women aside from Freida, does not mean she is the only attractive one out there. It’s just insane that racists bigots like you are still out there in this day and age.

  • Rufus

    I live in India..North India, I am dark skinned and nobody hates me…infact people find me very attractive . What are you guys talking…you dont know a thing about our people. I like Frieda’s look, but if I were to rate her on her acting skills..its 3 out of 10. SM was a movie where she had a strong role to play, and her acting was so weak. And yes I agree with Hiral….she is too busy with hollywood… right now she is not even looking at Bollywood.

  • indian men are disgusting

    indian and pakastani men in the states are terrifying. Everytime i’ve gotten in their cab….i have to have my mace spray ready…just in case. They are rapists…i kid you not!! And the women…..ahh…..god forbid you’re in line w/ them at a grocery store. They will stab you just to get in front of you in line!
    They are truly a barbaric race…and i usually don’t make these kind of racist comments. And they’re food will have you in the bathroom for hours!

  • anon


    I don’t think she owes India the thanks- it’s the U.S. that catapulted her to celebrity status, and gave her film roles. Her home town did nothing but insult her….thank them for that?

  • free_verse_1

    Can people please stop calling Indians names and speaking for 1 billion of them?
    EVERYBODY DOES NOT hate her. Most people have not even heard of her here. She hasn’t had much publicity in India, and there is no concrete opinion about her in India. And stop calling Indians racist. There’s nothing wrong in having a fascionation for something which is UNCOMMON. And by that logic purely, Aishwarya Rai and some other actresses are considered good-looking – because they have unique features. A society will always value something which is rare. Just because Indians might prefer fair’er’ skin doesn’t make them racists. And there are many who are happy and appreciative of the dusky Indian variety of beauty. Like I said, u can never really speak for a billion Indians. The opinions of some with access to the internet and a penchant for ugly words does not reflect what most of us think.

  • mannor

    @@bar jolie gaga: Pinto is nerd looking bitch, so you are stop blowing pinto and get on ur work u pig shit eater!!

  • mannor

    @@bar jolie gaga: oh a shit eating pig has come here to comment u racist rascal