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Gisele Bundchen: Breastfeeding Brouhaha!

Gisele Bundchen: Breastfeeding Brouhaha!

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is picture perfect as she unveils new Pantene hair products in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Thursday (August 12).

The 30-year-old had mothers all around the world in a tizzy after her breastfeeding comments in Harper’s Bazaar UK, where she said, there should be a “worldwide law” requiring mothers to “breastfeed their babies for six months. Some people think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?’”"

After getting serious media backlash, she responded on her blog, saying, “”My intention in making a comment about the importance of breastfeeding has nothing to do with the law. Becoming a new mom has brought a lot of questions, I feel like I am in a constant search for answers on what might be the best for my child.”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen looking Pantene perfect…

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  • julie

    I can’t believe she would have to defend words like that. Should be a law. It’s not like she said killing cats should be a law. Jesus, people need to get a life and see the big picture. That’s including you, Bill O’Reilly.

  • zoz

    People are just negative. I love her .

  • KC

    If she didn’t mean it, then she shouldn’t have said it. How you there possibly be a law, much less a worldwide one? Who would would draft it, enforce it – the UN? Ha!!!! They can’t enforce invasions into sovereign countries even – how would (or why would they want to) enforce what goes on behind your closed doors. This moron should stick to what she knows best — flashy her twat on a catwalk, and leave the thinking to those who know how.


    Horse face.

  • Brooklyn

    I want to hear from Gisele how she thinks of gay couple having babies.
    They can’t even have breast to feed.

  • Slig

    Man man .but im handsom boy and beautiful

  • nate


  • Susana

    Giselle, cala a boquinha please!!!!!!

  • Liz

    What a b*tch. She stopped a man from going back to his pregnant baby mamma (who had been his girlfriend for years, not a one night stand!), destroying a family, and now, that b*tch is saying women should be FORCED to breastfeed??! That’s a CHOICE stupid! Some women actually have to WORK, so they can’t breastfeed for six months, other women physically can’t, or just plain don’t want to, but others do. And that’s FINE! It’s their choice.
    What a stupid, selfish and immoral woman. I hope her & the cheater will live a happy life… until their children will realize what kind of people they are, and despise them.

  • S. Michelle

    I do not like or respect either Gisele or Tom. They are both self centered. Gisele has a nice body but I do not think that she is pretty. She is mean, especially when she would always have Bridget’s son in the spotlight with her before she had her son, as if to purposely hurt Bridget. And when Bridget was delivering her baby, Gisele was at the hospital, that is downright evil. Tom is a weasel and it is obvious he has hair extensions. What goes around, comes around.

  • Bellucci

    She is the perfect image of stupidity. She sure lost a big occasion to shut her big ugly mouth when she “once more” gave her opinion on a matter that concerns personal issues.

    Please Gisele Bundchen, stop bragging and start to look like a real woman. The dress she is wearing is lose and it takes a feminine figure to wear it.


  • josephine


    well said! and exactly how many new mothers does she know personally anyway? from the drivel coming from her mouth, probably not that many. any woman preparing for the birth of her first child would have read all the usual literature and would have known that many new mothers either cannot breastfeed or cannot produce enough milk to nurture their baby completely. they are already feeling bad enough or guilty enough without some officious first-time mother who has everything at her disposal shoving more guilt down their throats. shut up

  • Alaia

    Damn, these Herve Leger bandage dresses need to be BANNED on the red carpet.

  • Leo fan

    A real disgrace. Who does she think she is to start lecturing people like that? Besides, she should start to hide these ugly skinny knees, she looks way to bony.

    Leo must be so relieved he got rid of this horse, years ago.

  • Sadie

    Sometimes it isn’t even a choice for some women!
    I know about this because when my sister had her baby, she tried breastfeeding her, but was only able to for about 3 weeks because she wasn’t making enough milk. Even during the 3 weeks she did breastfeed, she had to give her formula. Not everyone is able to breastfeed. So the choice was to either gave her a bottle or she would have starved!
    What about mothers who are taking medications for chronic conditions while breastfeeding? What do you think about those chemicals going into breast milk, into your baby?
    Yes, and ALL women should have natural childbirth, no C-Sections, no meds. Throw us all in jail! Then babies can be raised in Orphanages without their Mothers because we broke the breastfeeding/childbirth laws. That would be SO good for them. I can’t believe these elite idiots and there are people who ACTUALLY put them on a pedestal.

    This woman stole a man from a pregnant woman.. I think that says a lot about her.

  • Leo fan

    Well said, Sadie!

  • soy milk

    The fact that people are up in arms over what this person said is ridiculous. Who really cares what she thinks or says? WHO?? Honestly, she’s a model. Why would anyone care or pay any attention about her opinion about breastfeeding? Why the media frenzy about a ding dong’s opinion??

  • Brooklyn

    Well, @Sadie. Calm down…you are sane and sensible. I’m sure you must be a great mom just like many others out there. On the other hand, this woman, Gisele, she is just insane.
    There are many crazy people out there, too. I have some feeling that Gisele won’t be fine any time soon.

  • BEAN

    She looks older than 30



  • seriously?

    @soy milk – i am not yet a mother but from what i have seen and heard, there is an ENORMOUS amount of pressure and judgment put on mothers from themselves, friends and family and then from this so called beautiful woman (never understood the hype around her) who is obviously dumb as rocks and that’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Obviously she is an idiot, but i still think its appalling for her to make such comments as I’m sure there are a lot of women who want to breastfeed and cannot and feel terrible about it – especially a new mom!
    And yes we are all entitled to our opinions but all she should have said is what has worked for her and what she has chosen to do for her child. To make a blanket statement about what other people should be required to do is crossing the line!!!

    p.s. y is that herve leger dress so baggy on her? :p

  • @Leo fan

    You should know Gisele left him and now Leo is stuck with the last pick of the litter.
    I like Gisele. She has strong opinion about certain things and after reading the whole interview I think she didn`t mean well. Her statement was way too general. Either she should have added that she meant only those woman who could breastfeed but doesn`t want to OR she should have specified the exceptions ( gay couples, woman who cannot breastfeed… etc ). I use that expression should be or should be against the law all the time when I feel very strongly about something. I think she is a passionate woman and she should be careful with her choice of words. But that doesn`t make her dumb. Dumb people doesn`t have a career like her and make that kind of money.
    @Liz: I`m just curious but how do you know she stopped Tom from returning to Bridget? How do you know he was about to go back to her? I never heard of that so, please enlighten me. Thanks.

  • tara

    @ Liz You are a stuod person and know nothing. Tom a cheater? bullshit.
    He never wanted go back to ugly Bridget because Gisele is the love of her life same for Gisele Tom is the love of her life

  • Amy

    Breast milk might be the “best” but Gisele Bundchen states that it should be FORCED on women by law. I think that is what most people are upset about.

    It’s my belief that most women want to breastfeed, but because of certain circumstances can’t, and they shouldn’t be made to feel like less of a mom because of this. You’re a good mom if you love and protect your child, and if your child is suffering then a good mom will do anything she can to get her baby food which in some circumstances requires formula! Just being able to have formula is a GIFT, and some children in the world don’t even get that!

    I have a disease called conn syndrom its an abnormality of the adrenal gland which controls chemical functions of the body such as hormones, water , blood, the heart. What good am I if I dont take care of myself,research what blood pressure medication and potassium can do to a infant if ingested through breastmilk, I thank god there is a substitute!!

    She backtracks here statements all the time and has to clairfy what she actually meant. Maybe she should think before she speaks.

  • @Leo fan

    * … she did mean well.

  • ZaraheartsGisele

    I don’t believe all these excuses for not breast feeding. “My baby would have died” or “It hurt.” If breastfeeding is hurting you are doing it incorrectly. It’s pathetic to just stop doing something that is so beneficial to your child. All this anger towards Gisele is GUILT. Formula is a poor substitute for breastfeeding and should only be used in emergency circumstances. A lot of new mothers don’t breastfeed because they want to drink, smoke and do other selfish things. DO WHAT”S BEST FOR BABY…BREASTFEED.

  • Amy


    Zara what gives you the right to judge, I wasn’t lazy but was on three different medications a day that secrete into breatsmilk, should I have went ahead and breastfed my baby knowing it could have killed them. What an Ignorant comment!

  • Sarah

    This woman is not loved nor in Brazil… She only goes there to search more money.

  • seriously?

    @ 8:48am “dumb people dont have a career like hers and make the kind of money she does” sorry but i beg to differ!!!!
    there are plenty of people who are not so bright who have careers and make tons of money – ever read a magazine or turn on the TV?
    unfortunately intelligence is not a prerequisite for success especially for a model!!!! not to say that all models are dumb, but this is not the first time gisele has made some ridiculous comment.
    a big reason she became who she is because she came along at a time when the fashion world was getting tired of the thin, pale, eastern european look and she was different.

  • seriously?

    @zaraheartsgisele – as a woman, you should should be ashamed for making such a silly comment – people like u r exactly what i was talking about when i said there is so much judgment placed on mothers – y dont you do what works for u and keep ur mouth shut about what other people do. it’s reallly none of ur business anyway!

  • Esj

    she’s stupid…her face is like a horse, pretty horse but still a horse. wut can u expect from someone who tried to claim the son of his bf’s baby momma as hers.

    dumb girl!

  • anon

    People may have opinions about her character but the fact remains that there is a lot of ignorance out there where breast feeding is concerned. In some parts of our community their is even a cultural reluctance to breast feed, regarding it as somehow sexual and or stigmatic sort of like how my parents feel about hanging their laundry out side, regarding that as a sign of poverty. This is a cultural problem as well as a health issue and requires as many positive voices as possible.

  • @seriously

    It wasn`t just the fashion world and the need for her type that made her all that money. She was into real estate and has her own company. Intelligent is one thing but I definitely wouldn`t call her dumb. Being stupid doesn`t get you where she is. She has strong opinion on certain issues and he gets carried away but that doesn`t make her ignorant or dumb. A lot of people don`t like her and their hatred feeds on her words and it is easier to call her dumb than read the whole interview and try to understand her.

  • http://australia wikig

    @@Leo fan: she did not mean well she needs to shut her mouth and just model that is all she is good for and she not all that hott?????

  • http://australia wikig

    @zoz: people especialy mums have a right to be negative towards her? I mean she is only a model look at these pictures who the hell prances around with a shampoo like that not a normal person??

  • mari


    Wait a minute…you get your baby and even before it is six month old you go working again. Sorry, why did you get the baby then in the first place. I have absolutely nothing against mothers working again, after having kids but if they can’t afford to stay at home for a little longer after the birth or simply don’t want to, they shouldn’t have the kids in the first place.

    I do agree with Gisele. People dump the crappiest food at their kids, already starting with baby food and then they are surprised they grow up with all kinds of shitty illnesses. I don’t think, she is talking about women who obviously are not able to breastfeed, but there are a lot of mothers out there who tell you superficial reason about why they don’t. But mostly it is because it is inconvenient for THEM.

    What does the increase in obesity and diabetes tell you? Oh, it is not the sort of food were eating or sitting in front of the telly or computer 24/7?

  • lol

    It`s laughable how worked up people are. No matter what she does or say people will always attack her. She has strong opinion and she doesn`t always choose the best expressions but I doubt she means to offend people. Maybe a little less hatred would be better… Chill already!
    It`s funny that Jared focused only on this interview and forgot to mention why was she there. She was there to introduce the company’s NEW ECO-FRIENDLY packaging, which fits right in with Gisele’s ongoing environmental activism.
    @wikig: sour grapes? Only shampoo? What do models do? They cell clothes and other products so what`s your issue? lol

  • Arianna

    It must be that la leche league on her case. They’re breast feeding fanatics.

  • JC

    Just worry about your own baby, Supermom.

  • Courtney

    Gisele needs to shut her mouth some mothers that wholeheartedly wanted to breastfeed can’t/couldn’t . for example My mother had wanted to breastfeed me when I was born 25 years ago. but she couldn’t because the mustles behind my vocal chords were paralized from the use of forcepts so I couldn’t latch on and suck. so I had to be bottle fed and I turned out fine. If a real star like Vanessa Redgrave had said this 40 years ago she would’ve been tared and feathered for saying the same thing even though she had breastfed her two daughters and was in the midst of breastfeeding her only son so she had more experience with it than Gisele does.

    Gisele should be thankful that tom hasn’t cheated on her yet like Ms Redgrave’s first husband Tony Richardson did on her with french actress Jeanne Moreau and also that she has yet to experience the heartache of pregnancy loss like Vanessa did with her and Franco nero’s second son

  • HC

    The comment is so offensive because it sets women back another 30 years. Women are able to make choices. Should governments, once again, take away those freedoms?

    If you want to live so primitively, put on your loin cloth and go back to the rainforst in Brazil.

  • jimmney

    I am so sick of the i cant breastfeed remarks, its less than 1% of women who phisically cannnot. the rest with that lame excuse just simply dont want to, because they pan baby off to grandma all weekend for their own slefish reasons, so they can party. the unhealthy 1% maybe shouldnt have children in the first place. only unhealthy american women who live off of mcdonalds are the ones getting mad over some celebs comments….guilty conscious. truth does hurt.

    and no she isnt dumby to be the worlds richest supermodel who ever lived. she knows the good people to have in her life to help manage her in the right direction., a dumb model would have been d*cked over long ago. she played all her cards right.

  • important

    the best thing is, is she may have lost a few supporters (doubt they ever liked her to begin with, lol) but wow just go to her blog, full of medical personnel,educated adults congratulating her for making this issue come to light. Most countries dont rely on technologies to keep their babies alive. only America is getting their panties in a bunch. We know nothing about living natural (which breastfeeding is)

  • important
  • sbombb

    Bravo for a model to actually talk about something other than her makeup regime and which magazine she loved posing for. I find it refreshing a model actually has important things to talk about. kudos!
    we all have opinions, and I doubt if someone who looked like Rosie O donnell made these statements, it would have even gotten one mention, lol. Its not like she said she beat her child, jesus christ pathetic America!

  • Jane

    The more publicity… the more awareness… the more attention to this… the BETTER!

    we’ve been groomed to be sensitive to things like this. We’ve been trained to recoil and shut out the things that make us uncomfortable. This is exactly what “they” want us to do. “They” want us to find this offensive and to avert our eyes. Because by doing so, we’ll forget about this sooner or later. And that’s just what “they” want.

  • gfd

    thanks Gisele to have made a strong statement here that begs us all to question our complacency towards topics like this.

    The media and “news” today is so censored, so filtered that it has gotten to a point where it’s become very unsettling for us when we hear or see the realities of the world. It threatens our comfort…the comfort of eating our fast food, sitting on our couches watching our FOX news. It hasn’t always been that way…there was a time when real news and real facts were so much a part of the day to day that citizens had no choice but to become passionate and take action and take control. That’s no longer the culture we live in. We’re too coddled.

  • sam

    Listening to this woman should be against the law! or maybe selfcenter people speaking like thay know it all should be ilegal. People saying she isnt stupid because she made money: so britney spears is also not stupid right? people around her make her money becuase it makes money for them…she by herself wouldnt have made that amount, also making money when you have it already its actually not that hard, just hire an investing advisor and there you go…

  • vbcb

    “There ought to be a law against overreacting to celebrities’ comments.” LMAO.

  • amber

    I noticed Heidi Klum is always speaking of her pregnancies and how loving and simple it was and how she gets her body back, but yet she doesnt get crucified by the press….I think people love to just pick on Gisele. It really just shows how powerful she is in my opinion. She has a voice and Im glad she chooses to use it in the right way! Never bad mouths anyone in public,never talks about anyone,just her life and her experiences, and not one dang thing wrong with it!!! Also Claudia Schiffer recently said she didnt gain hardly any weight and stayed in her original clothing, and the weight was easy to come off, but did we hear the press gang up on her?? NO. Gisele is not the first to talk about it, and she certainly isn’t the last! She never said she was either. Maybe when HUGE magazines stop wanting to interview her (which is highly unlikely) than you wont have to gang up on her, but until then either take it in as good info, or dont read!