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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Rallies Against Anti-Equality State Senators, Crushes on Alec Baldwin

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Rallies Against Anti-Equality State Senators, Crushes on Alec Baldwin

Jesse Tyler Ferguson peruses his cover issue of Out magazine as he spreads the word that he’s fighting for equality in New York…and revealing his celebrity crush!

The 34-year-old Modern Family actor has shown his support for Fight Back New York, an effort to remove state senators who voted against marriage equality from office.

“A bunch of stupid senators from New York voted against my rights and the rights of hundreds of thousands of others who just want to marry the person that they love!” Jesse said. “Yeah…it’s ridiculous.”

FYI: Jesse‘s celebrity crush is Alec Baldwin!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Fights Back
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  • postwatcher

    I am all for people’s rights, but to remove elected officials from an office because they did not vote for a specific issue is absolutely ridiculous. The key word here is VOTE. There was a vote. Personally I would rather remove elected officials for raising my taxes, but unfortunately I can’t do that either.

  • LDN

    It took me a minute to realize it said Alec Baldwin, and not Adam Baldwin who is homophobic. (was a little confused for a bit lol)

  • jj22

    That is pretty stupid rally. They disagree with you so you want them fired? Dumb!

  • abbey


    exactly. just because someone doesn’t agree with YOUR beliefs doesn’t mean they should be booted from office. if he’s for “equality” he really should practice it.

  • sarah

    This is so awesome, good on him for doing it :)

  • James

    Great campaign, but he video was a lil boring for me.

  • James

    ^ the

  • :)

    I <3 LOVE.

  • S.

    So is Modern Family any good? Never watched….not sure whether it airs over here in the UK?

  • Tenns

    He’s awesome~

  • inyourbigotbubble

    @abbey: Human Equality has NOTHING to do with ‘beliefs’. Basic Rights should shouldn’t even be VOTED upon FULL STOP. America, land of Freedom? B.S! It’s not EQUALITY if it’s only SOMETIMES.

  • nata

    @S.: It’s great! I love that show! It is definitely a most-watch.

  • Leila

    Woah, he sounded so nervous! o___O Awwkward video but good cause.

  • twpumpkin


  • Billie

    If you feel strongly that the public official elected to serve you is not doing so, then you have every right to vote them out of office. If there are other voters who agree with your stance on an issue, then you have every right to rally/assemble them together for the cause. That is the beauty of the American political process.

    History has shown, if you subjugate a group of people long enough, they will rise up and fight back. The LGBT community is demanding equal rights. I say more power to them. It was just a matter of time. The climate is ripe for a marriage equality movement. Challenging the states in court and using their vote to elect LGBT friendly officials are just two the most effective ways of achieving their goal.

  • superman

    Equality has become a joke to me really you have all these homosexuals saying equal rights. You aren’t the same as the civil rights movement. And Billie shut up your progressive friends have degenerated the country enough. So you think that the will of the people means nothing as long as you get to do your sick act’s like homosexuality which isn’t natual.@Billie:

  • julie

    god bless America, god loves us all, but the bible is true, sin is sin, let’s just pray for this world. and every one in it.

  • Jaye

    Calling people names isn’t going to win Gays any points either.
    If the government feel this is a Human Rights issue why do you think they are just leaving it to the individual states to accept Gay marriages or not; which requires voting of the populous? Honestly I don’t think they see this as a Human Rights issue, but rather a s*exual orientation issue. When you ask people to vote for something related to s*exual orientation, they don’t see it as Human Rights and if they have a belief system that doesn’t agree with H*omosexuality, they’re not going to vote for it. Voting puts a stamp of approval on it and they just aren’t going to do it.
    Although Gays are fond of using the word tolerance, I’m not sure they know what it means. By definition Tolerance means: ‘a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that DIFFER from one’s own.’ It’s not the same as approval,. which as I stated, by voting for something you are ‘approving’ it. To most Gays, marriage in the traditional sense , not only guarantees their partner certain rights and privileges, but ultimately it’s a symbol that they are ‘accepted’ like straight couples. It’s this need for ‘approval’ that many people have problems with, not tolerance.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion ( by law) and the freedom to act according to their beliefs, but don’t expect everyone to approve of what you do or what you believe. .

  • Crakula

    The only thing that has caused the continued decline of America is ignorance and stupidity, with a large does of religion. Oh yes. The majority of the people….are idiots. Seriously. Popular opinion doesn’t equal being right: Slavery and Women’s rights. Enough said.

  • Crakula

    …That should be dose* but who gives a f*ck.

  • !!!!!


  • Billie

    Superman, telling someone to shut up just because you do not agree with their opinion is juvenile, combative and obnoxious.

    “your progressive friends have degenerated the country enough.”……. Blaming all or most of society’s ills on homosexuality!?!
    Pardon my ignorance but you’re going have to explain that one to me.

    “You aren’t the same as the civil rights movement.”…… Read my response again. I typed “marriage equality movement”. But yes, it is about the civil right of the LGBT community to marry. Label it however you want to.

    Oh, and back to your comment, “You aren’t the same…” and your last comment about homosexual acts, you’re assuming that I’m gay based on my opinion!?! I’m betting that homosexuals will not be the only ones fighting for their rights. They have family, friends and a community of supporters that are heterosexual. Novel concept. African Americans were not the only race walking on Selma and Washington. Women were not the only ones fighting for women’s suffrage.

    Racial discrimination. Gender bias. Religious intolerance. Those societal ills are wrong. But discrimination based on sexual orientation, that’s okay. Is that your stance!?!

    “So you think that the will of the people means nothing as long as you get to do your sick act’s like homosexuality which isn’t natural”….. I’m not going to lecture you on intolerance. Given the hateful and malicious tune of your response, that would be a fool’s errand.

  • Billie


    Hate crimes are a human rights issue. Marriage equality is a civil rights issue.

    States were allowed to discriminate based on race and gender but those laws were struck down. The states cannot sanction marriage to heterosexuals exclusively. It’s a civil rights violation. It’s discriminatory. And it’s unconstitutional. This fight will end up in the Supreme Court.

    Opponents of marriage equality get so bogged down in their individual social, moral, and religious objections to the movement that they fail to see it as a civil rights violation or discrimination. But to me, it’s a civil rights issue. Yes, it’s being dealt with on a state level right now but it will eventually reach the Supreme Court.

  • jaye

    Hey, Billie. Thanks for your comment. I do listen to everyone’s opinion mainly because I want to know what other people think; doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with them, but I think that’s the point of an opinion, it’s yours.
    I do recognize that there is a disconnect between behavior and religious belief. Not to take any particular side, but since religion was brought up; if you are a Christian; and I’m not talking about the lip-service Christian, but the ones who believes that the Bible is the word of God, it’s a matter of whose Law you live by, Man’s or God’s. For them there is no separation from how you live you life and God’s word. But I do find that those who believe in H*omosexuality, do not practice the Law of the bible with regard to what is acceptable to GOD. Not just my opinion but evident to anyone who has ever read a Bible in it’s entirety. They fall back on the one sentence, “God is Love”; true enough, but those who practice things contrary to HIS Law were punished. Again, not my opinion, but fact; like it or not.
    God sanctioned the first marriage and it was a heterosexual marriage; nowhere in the Bible is a H*omosexual union supported; to the contrary the practice is condemned in both the Old Testament and the Christian Greek Scriptures. If they’re going to be angry at someone, then they must be angry at God, he made the rules. Some don’t like it and disassociate themselves from religion all together; that’s their choice.
    Though claiming to be Christian some pick and chose scriptures that make them feel good while disregarding others.. In understanding each other, we need to understand that there are times when Man’s law opposes God’s Law. If someone is a person who doesn’t believe in God or doesn’t care about his Law, so be it, but they shouldn’t expect that others will abandon their beliefs. The question then is, Whom do you follow, the Creator or the Created? That’s for each person to decide.
    Hope I didn’t sound preachy, but I do like to look at both sides of a coin.

  • Billie


    If I read your comments accurately, your opposition to marriage equality is religious. The states cannot argue that the LGBT community are not entitled to marry because of religion. Given the concept of separation of church and state, that is not a valid legal defense.

    Opponents of marriage equality can cite scripture after scripture and explain their moral and religious objections to it. But what it boils down to, states cannot willfully deny a group of people a civil right. A civil right that the states afford to another group. It’s a violation. It’s unconstitutional. The states’ argument for denying this basic right must be a legal argument and not a religiously one.

    I always keep an open mind when people are explaining their point of view on a subject. I’m receptive and respectful of all opinions, including opinions that differ from my own. It’s not important that we agree. It’s important that we are respectful.