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Joaquin Phoenix: 'I'm Still Here' Trailer is Here!

Joaquin Phoenix: 'I'm Still Here' Trailer is Here!

Check out the trailer for I’m Still Here, the new documentary about Joaquin Phoenix!

The film, directed by Casey Affleck, chronicles a year in Joaquin‘s life as he retires from acting and intends to return to Hollywood as a hip-hop star.

You can become a fan of the film and get updates over at Facebook!

I’m Still Here hits theaters September 10!

‘I’m Still Here’ Trailer

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  • Steph

    Okie dokie.
    Such a cool guy. What the hell happened?
    Drugs? He looks nuts in this

  • Steph

    Okie dokie.
    Such a cool guy. What the hell happened?
    Drugs? He looks nuts in this

  • Iffy Miffy

    Why would anyone watch this? I mean this as a serious question.

  • carrie

    Borat meet Method Acting & Rick rubin????

  • yo sista

    I can’t stand him.

  • sonia

    i am so looking forward to this! thank god joaquin shaved the beard and is cool again. great actor, the best come back to acting bud!

  • shimmyallover

    YOu can tell by listening to the guy talking that this will be a deep and wonderful movie, something we have never seen before. It will stand out and cause much discussion because it will be brilliant!! Who else could pull this off? Great luck Joaquin and Casey!

  • Emily

    Joaquin, Joaquin, the Chinese food photos indicate that you’ve cut your hair short. I hope, I pray, that you saved one little curl for me? Yes, of course, I’ll see your movie over and over. People will say you’re mad, you’re a genius, you’re crazy, you’re talented, all of the above, but I simply want you to be mine. Too much to ask? Darling, if you were with me, you wouldn’t need anyone else. . .I can make your toenails curl just like that little tuft of hair sticking out of the back of your head.

  • oy

    ZERO interest.

  • flor


  • boston61

    He is do pretentious. So in love with himself.

  • JC

    I think it looks kind of interesting. I want to see how this elaborate joke unfolds.

  • yahoo

    I can not wait to see it and see what people will think. I really think that we will not get the answer to our question, is it real or not? I think that may be the whole gag. It will leave us wondering and talking.

  • okay

    I also wanna see this. Joaquin is soooo little! He’s like a cute little garden gnome. I didn’t know he was so short.

  • haha

    This movie is bound to bomb. This trailer confirms that this stupid movie is EXACTLY what we all said it would be. How “surprising” . A wannabe borat comedy. God Joaquin you’re so lame and unoriginal. Stick with dramas. I will not be watching this

  • Macchiato

    he looks like the guy from hangover XD
    i hate when there potrait fame as something really sad and dramatic.go boy another house or something …

  • deim

    I think he’s making a mockery out of people who really have problems. This is just bs.

  • Butter_Fly

    I love Joaquin but I seriously have no interest in seeing this movie, unless I hear A LOT of people saying it’s good. Other than that, I’m going to have to pass.

  • amy

    WTF ????!!!! what does he wants ? seriously ? i’m not gonna pay to watch this movie !! he looks like shit, he’s fat and his hair are disgusting. this is BS

  • Zoe

    I work for a famous couple and when I am on the road with my clients they let me use their driver. Their driver is the best and he drives everyone in Hollywood. I asked him about some of the people he drove and who he liked best. He mentioned Joaquin Phoenix. He said Joaquin is very shy, kind and an extremely good tipper. He said Joaquin was one of his favorites because he was respectful too. He mentioned a few others that he liked and why and of course, the ones he didn’t care for and why. He liked my clients but I didn’t need confirmation of that since I had only great experiences with them too. This driver has seen it all and his stories were the best!

  • Biology

    OMG, Joaquin is the pregnant man!

  • Ravynwolfe

    I lost respect for him when he did this “I’m going to pretend to be weird so that more people will find me interesting and I can revamp my career crap”. It was not believeable and it just made me lose my interest in him. Too bad because he has some talent.

  • Agreed

    Agreed ravynwolfe. This is so obviously a desperate ploy to get more attention and praise for this crap he calls a movie. Its gonna be nothing but Joaquin trying to be funny by doing stupid “wacky” things with a straight face on. Let me get the popcorn **rolls eye**

    And for those pahetic enough to actually see it, you shouldnt even bother to waste 8 bucks in a theater. That site “Letmewatchthis (dot) com lets you watch any movie you want for free. It played Inception just days after it came out. However, I am not even interested enough to watch this for free online.

  • Agreed

    Oh and Zoe: I don’t care how good of a tipper he is, that doesn’t make him some great person. How would a driver even know who is “shy” and “respectful”?? It’s not like drivers say more than a few words to their clients, if that. Someone is reaching.

    Not to mention, all that goes out the window simply because he has a driver to begin with. Apparently driving himself has become too difficult for him. And I’d assume he SHOULD tip well since he is an overpaid rich actor who has nothing to do but blow money and stupid ****

  • ??

    wow Agreed! Who Pissed in your cheerios this morning?…..

  • Mike v

    I’ve always dreaded this movie’s release because I know idiots will find a way to act like joaquin is worthy of an oscar for this rubbish. Simply based on the fact that they filmed this mockumentary in a different way. But that has absolutely nothing to do with someone’s acting ability. The man didn’t fool anyone with his obvious hoax, and couldn’t even keep a straight face on letterman. Not to mention he isn’t funny. Will ferrell deserves an oscar more than he does, at least Will is hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    What is up with this stupid site? Why is it giving such a hard time when you’re trying to post? Get your shyt together JustJared!

    What really annoys me about joaquin phoenix is how much he contradicts himself. He is so phony. I never ever want to hear him complain about the media again. He bitches about fame, and yet he continuously brought all this attention on himself. People who actually hate fame, don’t then go and make an ass out of themselves in front of the world. Clearly he is one of those people who loves fame, yet wants to be cool and come off as ‘anti hollywood’ …so he pretends to hates it. He knows damn well that after this movie comes out, the target on his back will grow 10 times bigger. A person who “hates hollywood and hates being famous” doesn’t deliberately draw attention to themselves…whether it’s for a film or not.

    This is why I respect people like johnny depp and leo dicaprio. They are both very media shy people, and johnny is just shy all together. They don’t go “I hate fame so much. I hate paparazzi! I hate being asked personal questions!”…and then go out jump up and down in front of the world screaming “look at me look at me!”. That is what joaquin did. He is nothing more than a closet attention wh**e.

  • yahoo

    What I hate is the fact that everybody assumes they know what this movie/documentary is about. They assume that they know the point or know what he is about. A two minute trailer means nothing. How many movies have you seen that ended up nothing like the trailer?
    We do not know this man personally and just because he does this documentary or whatever does not mean we will know him any better after the fact either.
    That may be exactly the effect he is after, that people assume they know celebrities and believe any media hype sent out by the press and even themselves and we suck it up and take sides on the war. We do not even know what it is about. People claim they do not care and do not like him, but yet they are still here writing comments about it. So apparently you do care.
    Besides, we do not do his job. Have you had a job where you felt like you were stuck in a creative rut and if you had the power you would either do something different or stretch it out a bit? Give him a break!!!
    The man is a talented actor if he wants to stretch his chops or go off the deep end he has that right. How many actors/ singers have we seen “go off” the deep end in the last few years only to turn around a few months later and the public sucks up everything they do? Tom Cruz and Britney Spears anyone? And others.

    I do not think we will see one bit of what he does not want us to see about his life. I think he will be as private as ever. I also believe that this documentary is a slap in the face to celebrity. His slap.
    No one on this board can say, unless you are famous, what you would do with the fame if you were given it. Most would be like the majority of celebrities and like it, other than the press invading your privacy. So you have no right to judge him. Yeah he hates interviews and he hates press and the fake people sucking up to him. He never said he hated all the rest.
    So until we see the movie no one should make any assumptions about anything to do with it. Even then we probably won’t know and you know what, We deserve it.

  • yahoo

    His brother once said that he lied sometimes in interviews because he felt that it did not matter because his name was no longer his own. Joaquin has mentioned that in different ways in interviews himself. We could say that is horrible because he should not lie to his public, but you know what, we do not have the right to know anything about him. What gives us that right?
    Just because you watch the movie does not mean you should own the actors in it or have access to them personally. We do not buy food at a grocery store and then sit at the store managers house obsessing over his every move. We may feel that it is a different thing all together but it isn’t.
    Besides most of us have several parts to our personality that are very contradictory in nature. So does he, after all he is human. Besides he can not sit around all day and make Peta Videos. How boring.

  • Anonymous


    It makes no difference what the film is about. The point is that someone who hates attention and fame, wouldn’t put themselves in the position that joaquin put himself in. Regardless of what his lame movie is about. The point is he “hates” Hollywood, he “hates” paparazzi, he “hates” fame and press… what does he do? Draws a bunch of attention to himself WILLINGLY, even though he knows it will do nothing but bring on MORE attention and scrutiny that he “doesn’t want”. Then once the movie is over and he continues to remain in the press he’ll bitch and complain about it. When HE did it to himself. This man hates hollywood” oh so much yet he has never left.

    And yes we DO have the right to judge him. It is very simple. If you don’t like fame, if you don’t like scrutiny- DON’T BE A CELEBRITY!! It’s not that hard to NOT be a celebrity. It’s not hard to move out of LA. He deserves every ounce of negative press he gets because he has chosen to live the life that he lives. No one would be invading his privacy if he didn’t CHOSE to remain a celebrity in hollywood. So he is a hypocrite.

    Celebrities act like people should feel sorry for them because of all the negative things fame brings. Yet they fail to remember that they decided to peruse a career in the entertainment business. No one held a gun to joaquin’s head and told him to become an actor in hollywood. Nor is anyone forcing him to REMAIN an actor in hollywood. So I have absolutely zero sympathy for a man who chose his own destiny, and then complains about it.

  • Anonymous

    Yahoo, you are ridiculous. We “don’t have a right to know about a celebrity”? You have GOT to be kidding me. So it’s ok for them to make MILLIONS for doing nothing but reciting lines……it’s ok for them to take advantage of the fact that they have groupies/get special treatment solely because of the fact that they’re famous……it’s ok for them to live in mansions and get special treatment in life……but it’s NOT ok for us to know about them personally?. Bull**** . Every person on earth has negative aspects to their job, but that is life. Millions of teachers hate that they’re not paid enough, but they can’t change that. They have to accept it.

    Celebrities make 10000 times more money a year than policemen and firefighters who actually save lives. It certainly isn’t right or fair that an uneducated 9th grade drop out like joaquin is able to live a lavish life, rolling in his millions just for acting in a damn movie….and yet a doctor who struggled and went to school for 12 years and saves lives won’t even make a fraction of that.

    You cannot expect to get all the positive perks that a celebrity gets, yet expect to NOT have to deal with the negative. Everyone knows that if you become an actor, you WILL be in the spotlight. Period. And if that isn’t ok with you, don’t become an actor. Plain and simple. Just like a police officer can’t change the fact that he only makes $50 grand a year for all that he does, a celebrity cannot change the fact that they will have to deal with media attention. Boo hoo I feel so sorry for them. In the end the perks of their job GREATLY outweigh the negatives. That’s why the majority of the world would kill to be in their shoes.

  • Anon

    Normal people complain about their jobs because there are so many negatives to most ‘normal’ jobs. Many people work at jobs they hate just because they need the money. And normal people are usually paid crap money. My father works 9 to 5 every day 6 days a week as a custodian, and makes crap money. He doesn’t complain about it, but I would understand if he did.

    The problem with celebrities is that they don’t realize how much more they have than everyone else. They don’t have to deal with the stress of not being able to make a house payment, or support your children. They get to live in the house of their dreams and buy whatever the hell they want, and have their butts kissed like they’re some kind of god. It’s like they have all of these amazing rare positive aspects to their jobs that most people will never ever have….and all they do it whine about the one negative aspect of having “no privacy”. Take my privacy away and give me 25 million dollars for doing nothing. I’ll gladly make that trade.

    They also don’t get just how important money actually is in this world. I don’t want to hear “money can’t buy happiness”. No, but it can CERTAINLY help. Money is the number one cause of divorce in this country. Not having money puts a strain on you, and those around you, and your relationships. To never have to worry about not being able to afford something, is a luxury most deserving people will never have. No celebrity has it harder than the majority of people do in this world.

  • ordinary world

    Normal people never win.They don’t have fancy homes,cars and clothes but they are my favourite people in the whole world.They are not stingy and may own very little but will always share it with you not wanting anything in return.
    Their love and kindness are the best.Take my bow.

  • Raelyn

    ^Awww that’s nice, now back to the documentary.Trailer needs to be longer, looks interesting though. While the random tangents of irrelevant s*** continue, let me be the first to tell you…..Drum roll please…. my fish(stick) died today, word is spreading fast and I wanted you to hear it here first.

    Lighten Up!!! Now back to the doco…..

  • yahoo

    You know what, both above anonymous are insane and I will tell you why.
    1. You think you know a person and you don’t.
    2.You assume you know his intentions. You don’t.
    3. Apparently you hate this person. You don’t know and yet you waste your time on these boards arguing with me.
    4. Yeah people chose their destiny i,e teacher etc You sound jealous and upset that he is successful in his chosen field.
    5. A rule of business. People pay others for what they do, if you do not like a product or an entertainer, never watch their movies etc, do not waste time on these boards because it only fuels what you hate.
    6. Don’t pull sh*t out your A** and tell me no one you know complains about their job, even when they love it, sorry I did not fall off a turnip truck.

  • yahoo

    All I hear is blah blah because you are angry about a person who does not have to worry about money and a celebrity who may be a stuck up butt. I am flat broke myself and I understand but oh well that’s life, but I don’t hate people for it.

    Now he did this movie for a reason and your assumption that he did it because he is a pretentious d*** may be correct.
    I do not believe that at all, you have your right and I have mine. If it comes out in your favor I stand corrected, but if you look at his behavior then and now, he is back to himself, so he either had a major intervention, or he was doing it to make a point, and I do not think it was to show he was an A**.

  • yahoo

    I do not know him at all I am trying to believe the best and take both sides into consideration and yes yours was one of them. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, You are the one assuming you know his intentions. Yeah it makes him look like a hypocrite if he did this just to show off, but no one knows that yet, That is all I am saying.
    You haven’t seen the movie.

  • yahoo

    Oh and he has not come out and said he hates any of of press he is getting now. Or since he did this.

  • yahoo

    oh and he has not once said he hates paparazzi or press since he did this documentary, trust me there is a point. Like I said if not, I stand corrected.

  • yahoo

    This board has serious posting problems. oh well only nice things from now on I promise.

  • yahoo

    How Odd when I posted my comment 35 this morning I was writing another comment and one of the anon posted back as soon as I did about how they had the right to know about a celebs personal life etc and I was a moron and could not read and I acted like I knew him. Now it is gone, how did that happen?
    Censorship is wrong, this is a discussion board no matter how heated we get. My last two comments were geared toward that post that for some reason has been removed. So I was not ranting about nothing from post 36 down, they actually replied back with their heated argument.
    Even though I do not agree with them I enjoyed the argument of two sides. Maybe not that heated and I don’t agree it should have been removed unless they asked.

    This board is odd, like Ted Theodore Logan said, strange things are afoot at the circle K.

  • Augusta

    River was KIDDING when he said he lost his v!rg!n!ty at 4. He was amazed when people believed it! His parents NEVER left his side and would NEVER have allowed anyone to harm him. There’s a battalion of crazed fans who have fanned the flames of this ridiculous myth. Joaquin has been waiting for years to have some fun with nutso people who believe anything the media says or films.

  • bigAgent1001

    Any positive message about this film is from someone who is associated with it. We did partial tracking the last 48hrs on the trailer and we had less than 4% excited to see this. 12% undecided and the 84% that said “no way in Hell” they would see the film answered mainly “we know its fake, why would we go see it”. “Very unoriginal Borat copy” was the second biggest complaint. What a waste of a year for these guys…….

  • yahoo

    Yeah I wish I was associated with it but I am not. I would imagine that on these boards you have the fans like myself and you have non fans both extremes and you are probably right most of the population does not care. Besides documentaries can be very successful even if they only attract a very small percentage of the population because they cost less to make.

  • bubblebust

    Agent, if you’ve done any campaigning or canvassing, you should know that you’re ONLY going to get negative comments until the film premieres. By the time it hits the little mall theaters, you can a true opinion assessment. Joaquin has an ARMY of fans. They’ll show up in lines that wrap around the block and they’ll see the film again and again and again.

  • bigAgent1001

    You really believe that pheonix has an Army of fans? You don’t know anything about this business. Nice post Mr. Afleck, your not fooling us. W

  • bubblebust

    Nope, I’m not Casey Affleck, I’m a Joaquin fan. Check out his IMDb page; there are women that would kill for him.

  • yeah right


    Those women who would “Kill for him” consist of middle aged lonely loser women. Joaquin only has a HANDFUL of hardcore fans. You can tell because they go from board to board posting the same things. I’d say TOTAL he has 7 “die hard fans”. That is worldwide. I’ve posted on his boards for years so I know very well.

    And yes the majority of those women ARE indeed middle aged desperate women.

  • Do


    You are a pathetic piece of garbage for comparing celebrities to SLAVES. Are you *%$#*% SERIOUS? They have MORE than 90% of people on earth have. And you are making them out to e VICTIMS.

    If he gets paid millions for doing virtually nothing, if he gets to enjoy all the perks of being a celebrity, if he PUTS HIMSELF in the spotlight to be looked…the world has EVERY RIGHT to judge and watch him. You can’t expect to use fame to your benefit, then turn it off when you don’t like it. It doesn’t work that way. Either be famous or don’t. There is no turning that on and off.

    Go read a book. Perhaps one on slavery. Since you seem to think being rich and famous is what slavery is.

  • Ashley B.

    I have read comments on this board and let me tell you most are OK. But the hate from some is pathetic. Yahoo, I happened to have seen the comment that was deleted that you were referring to. It came between two of your comments and then when I got back on here, it was gone.
    I think comment 49 is them again. They told you that they had a right to do whatever to a celebrity basically because they asked for it. Then they made some other comments that were asinine. They had it deleted because they realized what a hater they sounded like.

    I see why you made that comment about slavery, because the comment that ass wrote that they had deleted, was a rampage about how they had the right to do whatever to a celebrity because they asked for it. Your return comments made them look like a mean spiteful hater.Saying that they had the right to do whatever to a person. How stupid.
    Look at how they word their comment above in 49. All about having less than celebrities do.. It is the same person. They just did not have the guts to leave their last post up because they got pissed at what you said and went off and then realized they sounded horrible. Now they come back under a different name and act like they do not know. I can tell you whatever the case maybe that post that was deleted made this person sound like they wanted a lynch mob on every celebrity and they had a right to do it Jealous much? The man can bitch about what he wants if that is what he is doing. It is a free country.
    I do not think Yahoo meant no hate towards anyone. She tried to give him the benefit of the doubt while this other person ain’t nothing but a hater. The people who do not like yahoo’s comment back at them. Who Cares, get off this board if you do not like the man. Takes more energy to hate than to love. So haters above whoever you may be. Go take some anger management classes. Find a job that makes you happy since you seem not to have one that does.
    Anyway can not wait to see the movie, no matter what he meant. Whether he is an arrogant a** or not. He is hot!