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Katie Holmes Covers 'New York' Magazine

Katie Holmes Covers 'New York' Magazine

Katie Holmes strikes a classic Jackie O pose on the cover of New York magazine’s Fall Fashion issue.

Here’s what the 31-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On how her new clothing line, Holmes & Yang, got started: “”I started making clothes for Suri when she was born, designing dresses, and then having seamstresses sew them, because I don’t sew very well. As a child, I was always drawing clothes, and I’ve always loved fabrics, and when Suri was born, I wanted to have certain things be from me and created just by me for her. And so that kind of got me into it, and then one day, Jeanne and I were getting ready for something and we thought, men have such beautiful tailored shirts, they have such a uniform, and we thought it would be nice to make things that are simple that you can have forever.”

On the media barrage over her marriage to Tom Cruise: “It’s there, it’s one of those things. My big concern is what does he have going, what do I have going, what are we going to do this weekend. It must seem weird, I guess, having so many people watching. It is weird. I get it. But you just, you know, smile and nod.”

FYI: Inside the mag, Katie rocked Hanes Smooth Illusions Opaque Tights.

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Photos: Mark Seliger
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  • Lindley

    I don’t know why people don’t like her. She seems very humble and sweet. I just saw the trailer for The Romantics too. It looks good!

  • fresh

    I’ve always liked her. She did seem a bit like a robot back in 05 when her and Tom first got together. But she seems to be hitting her stride now. Good on her.

  • anon

    Man she really is taking playing the Jackie O role to the max.

    This cover is almost identical to the famous picture of Jacke taken on the street by Ron Gallela

  • Soniaintown

    Blah, blah, blah….

  • eyeh8twilight

    Holy crap, she actually looks normal. She looks young, fresh-faced, beautiful, actually. Yes, there is photoshopping going on, but usually she looks tired, grumpy, old, and sometimes like a robot. It might have been the really short haircut she got after she married Tom…

    It’s nice seeing the Katie Holmes we know and love(?).

  • Roxy

    I happen to think she’s a very beautiful woman.

  • danielle

    What a vapid interview.

    “I definitely come home and say to him, “So, imagine a scene … how would you play it?” And he’s helpful and sweet and gracious. He’s quite an incredible human being. ”

    They are married for God’s sake. Why shouldn’t he be helpful and sweet and gracious? That makes someone an incredible human being–supporting your wife?

    Give us all a break Robot and zip your lips. You continuously come off as a vapid, empty-headed human being.

  • LALA

    A nice photo does not change the inside.
    She’s driven away her fans by years of attempted public manipulation and jumping on board the Tom Cruise Scientology bandwagon.

    I won’t have any interest in anything she does until she takes Suri and gets out of the TC nuthouse.

  • jolly folly

    a) After reading the NY Mag interview it sounds like a Xenu publicist wrote the interview to pump up Tom’s image and their image as parents.


    b) It is too bad NY Mag can’t dress her all the time. Based on the pics they’ve published from the interview and photo shoot–she is actually dressed for once in age appropriate clothing that is clean, pressed, and fits her body type (inspite of the photo shopping).

  • MllleF


    I think it’s because of her attitude since she’s Mrs Cruise, and maybe 2-3 things about Suri, like heels and everything…

    I don’t hate her, but I think it’s a shame to not use her talent to participate to projects and movies, like Indies, kind of original and crazy things to help young screenwriters and filmdirectors.

    It will be an occasion to show her talent at the same time;

    I’m trying to be a screenwriter, and I think that if I had her talent, and maybe her money, I will work with people who have ideas and not money and a full adressbook.

    Playing Jackie Kennedy….come on…is it really something original and unique ?

  • kizbit

    She’s nuts. That whole thing about Suri wanting to cut off the sleeves of dresses and stuff. And they do it! Crazy. Suri telling Katie to wear those ugly purple shoes with that red gown when Suri was two years old…because she’s a “fashionista”??????? Oh please. Homeschooled= no friends for Suri. That poor child.

  • kizbit

    She’s nuts. That whole thing about Suri wanting to cut off the sleeves of dresses and stuff. And they do it! Crazy. Suri telling Katie to wear those ugly purple shoes with that red gown when Suri was two years old…because she’s a “fashionista”??????? Oh please. Homeschooled= no friends for Suri. That poor child.

  • Fleur Rebelle

    She’s very pretty on the cover (like the old days) but that’s not enough anymore.

    I hope that one day she realises how many opportunies she has missed after the whole CRUISE newsflash … I still remember it to this day when i saw her with Cruise in Paris for the Batman promotion. The couple ruined it for the Batman fans.

    Frankly, I will never understand what happened with that Batman sequel. She would rather play in a stupid movie, than be on the set with the Dark Knight cast and crew … duh????? It’s like a good scientist who doesn’t like working in an fully equiped lab!

    I don’t understand, please do explain.

  • Lyla

    i think there has been quite a bit of photo manipulation here, if you have ever seen her in person, as I have, she does not look like this, she looks very much like a man and she has a strange body. not trying to be mean, but she seriously is not a very attractive person, not at all like Jackie O, but I never thought she was a great beauty either, so there you have it.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    always liked her. i do feel sorry 4 da kid. who can blame her shes married 2 tom cruise!! LOL

  • sped

    She looks beautiful on this cover. Now if we could just remake her personal image. These last few years have really hurt her in the eye of the masses.

  • sunny

    She just “smile and nods” at the media scrutiny. Smile and nod and collect your paycheck. That’s what you do when you make a deal with the devil. What a shame. Values, morals and all the good things that once were going for her, talent too. All sold to the Cruise Crazy Clan. An absolute shame. I’m glad I am middle income married with REAL love and children who love and RESPECT me and my values. To each his own.

  • rainbow


    Or maybe she actually does have a happy and fulfilling life in addition to being rich. Imagine that? I’ll never understand the hate for this woman. So what if she married a scientologist? There are tons of scientologists in hollywood, but no one else gets hated on like katie. There are also millions of people around the world who convert to their spouses’ religion and no one bashes them for it. It’s a personal choice and she seems to be happy with her life. So why don’t people just leave her alone?

  • ace11

    what a whack job

  • natalie

    she’ll never be as much of a wackjob as ace 11 however

  • dani

    @Fleur Rebelle:

    Word first came out that she was fired from the Batman sequel because of her nonsupport of the first movie when she met up with Cruise (i.e. like the Letterman interview where he asked her if she had a movie out and Cruise had a movie out which would she support and she said Cruise–her man or whatever). The two of them were a travesty on the promotional circuit not only for Batman but for War of the Worlds.

    After it was announced she was fired, the Cruise machine went into overdrive and suddenly she had made the choice. Spielberg also mentioned he was very disappointed in Tom’s performance for the promotion of WoW and it was years before they made up.

    Hollywood forgives things like infidelity, drug abuse, ranting, raving, etc. but they have long memories when an actor loses them money or causes embarrassment like TomKat did to their respective films.

  • LadyB

    I wish the pic was taken from the back. I believe the Jackie O pic was a bit from the back but she looks really good.

  • LadyB


    The pic was intentionally done.

  • Susie#1

    I don’t like Ms Holmes as I don’t consider her able to act, dance, sing or design clothes; as a parent she’s lacking in good, common sense. What I think is ridiculous is that she’s “modeling” herself after Jackie Kennedy Onassis, but she doesn’t have the grace or intelligence to pull it off. Nor is she an arbiter of fashion. The cover photo of New York Magazine is a poor second to the original, which looks to be very spontaneous, not photo-shopped. Katie should not be allowed to give interviews; as a few have pointed out, they show she’s vapid and not too bright, following a CofS script. Can’t she just go home?

  • Phony

    Her pic is totally photo-shopped , she doesn’t have those cheekbones.
    Holmes wasn’t fired from batman, she quit tom wouldn’t let her do the movie. If she did she would have upstaged him bigtime.

  • Connie

    Isn’t it sad that back in the Creek days Katie was the sweetheart and now she is so loathed?
    Look at the stories on Josh and Michelle. They get mostly positive comments and public support, whereas Katie gets almost exclusively negative comments (except for the handful of Tom’s minions that are sent out for damage control).
    Marrying Tom was a very bad business decision. I won’t say that having his child was a bad decision since Suri is not his. That huge lie in itself will keep the public from having support or sympathy for Katie.

  • Dumbyankees

    Connie, you are just an idiot. I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan but LOVE KH, as many other Katie fans. Josh and Michelle might get positive comments, but point is, how many comments do they get? We are talking about whole different levels here. KAtie is ROYALTY and the other two, like it or not, better or worse, are just actors. Whetherwe like it or not, not everything that came along with TC is bad. If you ever get to meet Katie you will agree with me that she is the sweetest, nicest people, a good actress who happened to fall in love with TC. The rest is just bullshit.

  • Dumbyankees

    Connie, are you as slow as you seem? Josh and Michelle get positive comments and just for record, how many comments are these? 10? 12 maybe? OScar Wilde sid it better: “There is only thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” The reality is that Johs and Michelle, are just, better or worse, actors, Katie is currently on a whole different level. She has a GREAT life, she has an adoring family, beauty, money and seems to have a very good head on her shoulders, naysayers can write hundreds of negative comments but that won’t change their sad realities and Katie’s big life. PEriod.

  • JoshFan

    Thank you for giving me a good laugh on a Monday!!

  • Really werid!

    Exactly! that is what robots do smile and nod next him like a wall flower. LOL
    Who in the right mind say I am star struck with husband after 3 years?She is trying too hard. Just go natural if you want to make a movie star. Your are just famous by yout assoication with the has been star.

  • Soniaintown

    yeah, I am moving closer and closer to the Josh Jackson camp.
    I never bought the BS that Suri was the gay midget’s, all right, all right, she’s his, what can you say??
    The gay midget paid every penny for that feral child.

    But, the resemblance cannot lie.
    That mini ho feral child doesn’t look any bit like her gay employer.

    Maybe that’s why Kaka and the gay midget stopped whoring her to the public to promote their bombs.

    First of all, she doesn’t look like him at all.
    Secondly, that feral child is getting harder and harder to control.

  • Pac Man

    It’s because of who she’s married to and they hate her husband because of his religion, #1.

    You can’t dislike a person because of their religion, #4. It’s discrimination.

    Must everything be a conspiracy with you, #9?

    That’s a really ignorant thing to say, #10.

    You really need to stop knocking home schooling, #11.

    She wanted to spend time with her new daughter and prepare for Broadway, #13.

    Exactly, #18.

    Spielberg never said that at all, #21.

    If Holmes was fired and simply didn’t leave like the director said, I doubt it was for something like the promotional blitz. There’s nothing like bad publicity.

    How is she modeling herself after anyone, #24. You don;t know how she’s like as a parent.

    She’s too popular to just ‘go home.’

    How can Cruise force anyone to do anything, #25. You give him too much influence. Upstaged him how? She wasn’t even the lead.

    These negative comments have nothing to do with her and everything to do with her religion and her husband that practices it, #26.

    It’s not a lie. Cruise is the father no matter how badly you don’t want it to be true.

    True, #28.

    You’re disgusting, #31.

  • Bella

    @ jolly folly #9 – Yes you’re right , Kaka homely interview just to pump up tomy girl image & their image as parents after recent news that “spaceship cruise” to lose another passenger, it looks like Bella wants to quit scientology as soon as she turns 18 at desember – running as fast as she can away from “the compound” and into the loving arms of her adoptive Mom, Nicole Kidman.
    How she can live a lie all this time.

  • JoshFan

    I’m glad that you are leaning towards the realization that Suri is Josh’s, but that being said, please don’t say mean things about her.
    I agree that she’s running the house, but that’s because Katie has allowed that behavior.
    (Even if she was Tom’s you shouldn’t say mean things about, but Josh is such a sweetie, you definitely don’t want to say bad things about his child.)

  • boston61

    She is an empty shell but she does have great hair. Eat your hearts out BALD: Lindsay, Naomi, Britney, etc.

  • Soniaintown

    @JoshFan: agree.
    I may still say bad things about that child, heck, she’s the strong woman.
    So, it’s a fair game, right?

  • crazy tom

    Does everyone realize how huge this whole thing is going to be when the truth finally comes out about Suri? I’m one of those people who believes that Josh has not claimed her based on the pregnancy “timeline”. How can he dispute when Suri was born, or believe that anyone could be capable of the lies required to pull this off?
    Now it’s clear that the sonogram machine was purchased so that Suri’s development could be monitored with Tom having to pay off less people. Almost no photos of Katie in Jan 05 and then daily sightings with that huge ridiculous fake belly in Mar and Apr ’05. Then no photos of Suri for a long time after the “April birth”. We all went along with it.
    This is definitely going to end up being the story of the decade.

  • crazy tom

    @crazy tom:
    I meant Jan -Mar-Apr ’06

  • Crazy

    How can Suri be Joshua Jackson’s child? That is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! They dated the first couple of years of DC. She was engaged to Chris Klein after that and dated Josh Hartnett after that. So how can Joshua Jackson be Suri’s father??? I am not saying that Suri is Tom Cruise’s, just that JJ suggestion is out of left field.

  • Jokergurl

    I read (from various interviews) another reason why Tom didn’t want her to do Batman was the love scenes that her character would have had with Bruce Wayne, (rewritten when Holmes left and Maggie Gyllenhaall replaced her) She’s not a powerful actress but with great actors (like Michael Douglas and Robert Downey Jr. in WonderBoys) she does fine. I liked her when she was doing Dawson’s Creek and some of her earlier films like Go, but again this was another ensemble thing. Cruise has sucked that little twinkle out of her that she once had. Sure she’s older but she’s a totally different person now I think, she sounds half the time like she’s actually been brainwashed.

  • crazy tom

    shhhhh….after Katie and Chris broke up she went to see Josh in London where he was doing a play…(okay…you don’t have to keep it quiet as it’s really not a secret.)
    AND Tom is insane about keeping Katie away from Josh. Sometimes I feel bad for Katie, but she hardly gets to go to red carpet events other than their own movie premiers since Josh and Diane choose to live life and go to those events. Even in the article she mentions going to the MET gala a couple of years ago…why not last year (hmmmm…)
    Tom just about shut down an event in London a couple of months ago in fear that Katie might bump into Josh (Tom’s craziness confirmed by Chris Rock. Josh did not initially say anything, but I bet he wanted to give Chris a huge smooch for his comments!)
    This clip is only about 4 min:

  • maggie

    Katie WAS SACKED from the Batman franchise. Whether she was dropped after her piss poor performance in the film itself or after her ineptitude during the promotion (probably a bit of both), she was simply shown the door.
    Katie was contractually obliged to return for sequels and if you really believe that she has voluntarily quit such an anticipated film as The Dark Knight, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Don’t be so gullible. And Tom Cruise knows more than enough about blockbusters, opportunities in the movie industry, how to choose scripts for the best flicks, etc.; him would not have advised her “Mad Money” to the detriment of TDK, exposing himself to the obvious ridicule and contempt of the TDK team and any clear-eyed looker. He’s not that unwise I think, particularly concerning all show biz things.
    And in anyways, Katie was CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGED to return for Batman’ sequels.
    The truth is that Katie was given notice by TDK producers, but also personally by Christopher Nolan, MONTHS BEFORE the shooting schedule was set up, and months before her own spokesperson announced that she would not return for “scheduling conflicts” with the idiotic Mad Money. Not likely to be true. They simply accommodated her with enough time to prepare a twist and to present some PR spin to save face.
    That’s the way it’s done in Tinseltown. When a celebrity actor or director happens to be dropped from a project (here, Katie Holmes, the “wife” of Tom freakin’ Cruise), people involved and spokesmen would always spin some story to make it less embarrassing for everybody. As well as later during the promotion, when facing up to inquiringmindswanttoknow, the directors, producers, other actors concerned would sugarcoat the embarrassing reality, so TO AVOID PUBLIC HUMILIATION to the said fired actor. That’s usually how it works so it best suits everybody’s business.

  • AEP

    Holy photo shop Cankle! Whose face is she wearing?? Ha-Ha!! Thats a riot!

  • irene

    she does not have that behind either. She’s totally flat.

  • @pac man

    Spielberg vs Cruise quotes

    1) (Telegraph) Hollywood observers commonly link Cruise’s public downfall with the disastrous decision to let go of his gatekeeper Kingsley. His zealousness in regards to Scientology placed relations with collaborators under strain. Take Steven Spielberg. The director and actor developed a close friendship while making 2002’s Minority Report (‘working with Tom was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given by this business’ Spielberg once said).

    But while Spielberg agreed to the installation of a Scientology tent on the set of War of the Worlds, he became disenchanted at how Cruise’s aggressive promotion of Scientology overshadowed the film’s release. Marvin Levy, Spielberg’s spokesman, admitted at the time that Cruise’s rants against prescription drugs ‘certainly took some of the emphasis away.”

    2) (Slate) As many folks in Hollywood and elsewhere know, there was a rift between Spielberg and Cruise that arose last year during and after their collaboration on War of the Worlds. This was in part because Spielberg felt that Cruise’s off-camera antics dinged the film’s grosses. And there was another issue, as reported this week in The New Yorker and previously elsewhere. It seems that after Spielberg (in a conversation with Cruise present) praised a psychiatrist who had helped a family member, representatives from the psychiatrist-loathing Church of Scientology staged a protest at the doctor’s office.

    Although Cruise was said to have assured Spielberg that he was not behind this incident, it infuriated the director and (perhaps more important) Kate Capshaw, also known as Mrs. Spielberg. For a time, it seems, the Spielbergs waited in vain for the star to explain how, exactly, those protesters happened to appear at the doctor’s office.

    Against this background, Cruise might well want to patch things up with the most powerful player in Hollywood. About a month ago, the gimlet-eyed folks at posted an item saying that Cruise had appeared at Spielberg’s office with the baby for a photo session with the director. Then, last weekend, Cruise “surprised” Spielberg during a tribute at the Chicago International Film Festival. Cruise’s appearance was such a well-kept secret that no one in Spielberg’s camp knew about it, according to Spielberg spokesman Marvin Levy.

    In fact, Cruise had already shown up in a taped tribute, along with Harrison Ford and other Spielberg alumni and associates, such as David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. The only other talent actually present for the event was Roy Scheider. Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski was booked to appear but canceled. Cruise filled the void.

    Perhaps the organizers of the Chicago event didn’t know about a rift between Spielberg and Cruise. Or maybe they simply couldn’t resist having a giant star turn up. Certainly Spielberg seems to have been surprised. A few in the industry think that photos of the occasion reveal something less than unalloyed joy on his face.

    Not so, says Levy. Spielberg thought the Chicago Film Festival tribute was the best ever, other than the one hosted by the American Film Institute. And Spielberg was “excited” that Cruise showed up, Levy says, adding, “I would dispute that the photos made him look uncomfortable.”

    But would Spielberg be happy to see Cruise if there is a rift? “I don’t know that one necessarily is exclusive of the other,” says Levy.

    Maybe a Cruise and Spielberg rapprochement had already gotten under way, if Spielberg had previously posed for pictures with father and child. Do such pictures exist? Levy says that question will not be answered.

    Those who know Spielberg well say he’s nonconfrontational and he’s not one to carry a grudge for all that long. But the wife might be another matter. So, the real story behind the Chicago surprise, as well as the mystery about those pictures with the sought-after infant, may have more to do with the politics of the hearth than the politics of Hollywood.

  • suritard

    ermmm…so suritard has been picking out and even designing her clothes since one and half. i’m thinking it goes something more like this: “Suri, baby, mommy found these four $500 dresses. which one do you like and want to buy. oh your choice is so pretty.” ok, but what $500 dress isn’t pretty? seriously, there are videoclips of this. outside of the designer stuff, i’ve seen some of the things that girl puts together, and they are horrid. it’s precious, or precocious, because she’s 4 and everything looks cute on a 4 year old. when she grows up, nightgowns to a restaurant, outfits that expose your panties and nipples, and extreme makeup won’t look so cute. it’ll look trailer. it’s fine that they let her pick things out, but they do themselves and their child a disservice when they fail to set some boundaries. karma’s a bitch!

  • to anon #3

    this resemblance is the one and only purpose of this shot

  • stardust

    photoshopped to the max. in pap pictures, her real bottom and chest are flat as pancakes.

  • sydney

    What imaginations some of you folks have! It’s obvious that you pull from the tabloids and believe everything and anything that you read, especially if there is a negative spin regarding Cruise. The truth is simple and obvious – Suri is Tom’s biological child (look at her eyes and it’s a dead give away). No matter how you wish it weren’t so – because you want to take a stab at his masculinity or because it defies your gay theories – it’s the obvious truth and you need to get over it. And people that actually KNOW Tom and Katie (including the Smith’s, the Spielberg’s, the Beckham’s, the Travolta’s, etc….) ALL think highly of them. The ones that know them well say that Katie is the one in control of running their household and that she would NEVER allow anyone to control her. I’ve followed her career for years now, and I know she’s an independent, strong young woman who happens to be in love with Tom Cruise (who is obviously in love with her too.) If that bothers you, then you should ask yourself why.
    Why are you so bothered by their relationship? Why do you call people liars and come up with all of these conspiracy theories? You make yourself look like fools. Tom and Katie are living their lives and they are happy together and have a beautiful family. They don’t care what you say – but their fans do care. We are sick of the bogus ravings from lunatic posters who claim to know everything but apparently know absolutely NOTHING.

  • Taylo

    Great cover photo Jackie!