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Ke$ha & Alex Carapetis: Soho Sweethearts

Ke$ha & Alex Carapetis: Soho Sweethearts

Ke$ha and her pro drummer boyfriend Alex Carapetis are attached at the hip as they take a romantic stroll through the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Monday afternoon (August 16).

K$ is touring as the opening for Rihanna‘s Last Girl on Earth concert. Alex is currently the touring drummer for The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas.

The cute couple went public with their relationship at Lollapalooza Music Festival earlier this month.

K$ looks so incredibly happy!!!

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24 Responses to “Ke$ha & Alex Carapetis: Soho Sweethearts”

  1. 1
    Leila Says:

    She does look happy.

  2. 2
    heathen Says:

    she looks dirty and fat, lol what’s new?

  3. 3
    WTF Says:

    …………WHAT ON EARTH is going on that 3rd thumbnail with her leg?! It looks…………..photoshopped O_______O

  4. 4
    ouchhhhhh Says:

    Jesus, what does this girl do?? Look at that bruise

  5. 5
    ivanka Says:

    he looks like russell brand

  6. 6
    ouchhhhhh Says:

    Holy sh*t, I didn’t even realize this photo wtf lol ?

  7. 7
    V Says:

    X17 photoshopped a couple of Britney shots where they altered her leg…maybe same thing happened here. Or maybe it’s just an unflattering shot…

  8. 8
    um Says:

    @heathen: She’s not fat. At all. She has a square upper body and needs to tone up all over….that’s all.

  9. 9
    sarah Says:

    He must be really, really tall because Kesha is 6ft.

  10. 10
    LOL. Says:

    Gross. They look like 2 dirty homeless hipsters. Please do not reproduce.

  11. 11
    ¬__¬ Says:

    He would be cute if he went back to this look

  12. 12
    XXO Says:

    Kesha seems like a cool person to HANG AROUND with. She honestly comes across laid back and fun……..but godamn she is SO. BAD. LIVE. I swear people forget what an Artist means. The fact that someone would actually pay good money to see people like Ke$ha live. And, IT’S NOT JUST HER VOICE. Everything, even from the awkward way she hits the drums completely clueless as to what she should be doing. Her stage presence has improved a little since she first started but she still has no awareness, no vocal control or breath, no freaking rhythm…….she says her shows are about having a good time and energy………..why the F would you pay $$$ to go see someone jump around and shout-speak in a whiny voice for 2hrs!? I have no problem with Kesha as a person. Just the fact that there are SO many undiscovered TALENTS struggling to get a deal and then someone like her comes along & gets pumped with $$$ by her record company – and people who have never heard real music in their life gobble up her lazy schtick. /RANT over

  13. 13
    Erin Says:

    @XXO: THAT is exactly how I feel about Katy Perry. I think she is seriously grosssss. And many others.

    Another thing that me off bigtime is when an ‘artist’ rips off another artist or artists (which Kesha has done and continues to do so). But I don’t mind her as much maybe because she doesn’t come across as patronizing and phony and hypocritical and full of it as the person mentioned above.

  14. 14
    whatever Says:

    I like her hat and accessories. :)
    She looks cute when she smiles.

  15. 15
    KA$EX? ALEX$HA? Says:

    ~a romantic stroll~~

    made me laugh. don’t ask me why.

  16. 16
    yo sista Says:

    Post new Britney pics Jared, nobody cares for this irrelevant wannabe.

  17. 17
    oh lawd Says:

    Will someone please gift this girl with an iron, a bar of soap, a bottle of drinking water and some fruits and vegetables?

    He looks even dirtier (literally) but not quite as unhealthy (on the outside).
    She does look happy though.

  18. 18
    kris Says:

    she’s very manly looking, isn’t she?

  19. 19
    twpumpkin Says:

    Which one is taking the TRASH out? Oh….both.

  20. 20
    elena Says:

    @ivanka: EXACTLEY !!

  21. 21
    juniper Says:

    He is hot, they look cute together.

  22. 22
    emily Says:


    is she really? she doesn’t seem tswift tall to me. i always figured kesha was like 5’6″

  23. 23
    KC Says:

    @emily: I read somewhere she’s almost 6ft.

  24. 24
    Trickster Says:

    I heard the Kesha is 5 10 so her boyfriend is probably round 6’3 or 6’4…They are a freakin tall couple LOL wow I wish I was tall :D

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