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Lea Michele: Justin Timberlake For GLEE!

Lea Michele: Justin Timberlake For GLEE!

Lea Michele is pure perfection in a Tadashi Shoji confection in this sexy new photo shoot for celeb hairdresser Mark Townsend’s online destination

Here’s what the Glee actress, who turns 24 in two weeks, had to share:

On wearing minimal makeup day-to-day: “I go for the natural look in my daily life. I don’t blow out my hair and wear just a little foundation. I like my skin to breathe.”

On her stand-out moment: “My proudest Glee moment was singing ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade.’ It’s my favorite song and it was such a dream come true to have the chance to perform it.”

On the perfect addition to Glee: “Justin Timberlake would be the perfect Glee guest star: He sings, he dances, and he’s hilarious.” (Producers might be saving Timberlake‘s music for the much-anticipated SuperBowl episode.)

Check out Lea’s full sexy spread at!

Behind-the-Scenes with Lea Michele & Mark Townsend
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Photos: Don Flood
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  • Dominic

    Ok, I get she’s on a super popular series and all. I just don’t find her interesting at all. I could care less. Even her character on the show bugs me.

  • KCC

    she’s soooooo skinny…yikes!

  • Joe

    @Dominic: than jsut ignore her, move on.

  • Frank

    I think she looks great and I don’t see her as too skinny especially in these pictures. She has always be little. People Are just trying to make something out of nothing. I think she look perfectly healthy for her height and frame. Plsu she is a great actress and can sing.

  • Joanie

    Another great photoshoot and i think she looks great oo. I don’t know what some people are looking at. I guess some people just like to find fault with people.

  • Laurie

    Lea Michele is wonderful and Rachel Berry is a hoot. Too bad some people just don’t get the character. There is a lot to like about her even if she can be a little annoying at times.Rachel is determined and good getting but extremely forgiving. Most every character on that show can be annoying at times.

    I think Lea Michele is stunning. Sure not every one’s cup of tea but still pretty. And to say she is unattractive is a lie. She has lost a little weight but still seems healthy to me, these picture just reinforce that fact.

  • Pete

    I think she looks great. I think people are so use to people being fat that don’t even know what normal is anyway. Lea Michele is petite plan and simple and she looks normal.

    Go on Lea keep up the good work and it is a lovely photo shoot.,

  • Joise

    I don’t think she has a pretty face :(

  • Dom

    Lea looks great, happy and healthy. More power to you Lea and I hope to see you for years to come.

    I don’t think the producers are saving Justin for the Superbowl show. I think that is just Lea making talk for the interview. She has been mentioning Justin forever now.

  • Why? Just let it go than.

    @Joise: why post this just unnecessary. I think she is lovely but if I did;’t I would just keep ti to myself.

  • Dominic

    @Joe: Well this is the first time I commented on her which is hard to believe considering she’s everywhere!

  • Harry

    @Joise: Pretties girl on glee that is for sure. Sure she isn’t a classic beauty but she is unique and just has it. She just isn’t a cookie cutter blond, which is what makes her more intersting to me.

  • hmm

    @Dominic: I agree. Love the show – don’t get all the hoopla around her. She and her character seem pretty annoying. This will probably die down soon when they realize loving the show does not translate into loving this actress. But, in the meantime good for her.

  • Lauren

    i don’t think she’s too skinny. she’s actually really short, like 5’4″ so i think that’s a perfect proportion.

    anyway, i love her! she is beautiful, and talented and she is so fierce and comfortable with herself, i think she’s a great role model for all of the teens that watch her show.

    :) – some people just have to find faults in people, just to build themselves up.

  • renata

    Lea looks great and healthy. I thonk she is great as Rachel Berry, if people think that Rachel is annoying is a proof that she is a great actress, because the part is supposed to be annoying.

  • Kathy

    The thing is she isn’t asking for the hoopla around her so it seems mostpeople seem to enjoy her. She isn’t doing the party circut or doing anything except for the normal press things all the cast is doing. She is taking the brunt of the bad and the good for the show. Plsu she is the lead female character and is a fine actress and I think the best singer on the show. I personally think Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are the most talented of the bunch and it is showing with the press and the awards. Lea as a woman has the added fashion thing which is what most of the press/media attention is usually about. It is the nature of the Hollywood beast. They gravate towards the females in the press. Next she looks good I don’t see this unhealthy thing at all. She is actually only 5’2″ and has alwasy been thin.

    I also agree Rachel is suppose to be a littlel annoying . The show without Rachel, Kurt or Sue would be worthless, some thing without Lea, Kurt or Jane worhtless, any of the other cast could come and go with no worries.

  • Lane

    @hmm: what exaclty has she done to be annoying, get press? She only does the normal events and press just the rest of the cast. She seems to have the quailty people are looking for, not her fuatl she is standing out.

  • she can’t help the attention

    I am wondering what she can do about being “everywhere”? Most of what I have seen her at the other cast members are there too. I guess if the paps catch her out about in her normal life she can hide but then people would crab about that. Do you really think if she asks a web site not to post pictures of her they will oblige. She can’t do anything about getting her picture taken and at events it is her job to get interviewed and if the blogs post it, she has no control over that. Don’t blame Lea because the bloggers and gossip mag are posting stories about her. She is just doing her job or minding her own business. At this point when people make such awful comment for no reason she proably wishes they would stop.

  • http://Www Kaz

    Sleep? Or what

  • yo sista

    i dont get the people saying justin is “hilarious” Oo

    he’s R I DI C I L O U S

  • Peaches

    She looks great and I highly doubt Justin Timberlake is glees big post superbowl show. It is just talk.

  • Dianna

    People crack me up. Every-time a cast member says someones name they pretend like they are the next next guest star. Lea could have said Nancy Reagan and the blogs would have reposted it, knowing damn well that isn’t the case.

    Lea looks perfectly fine to me, I wish I had a body like that.

  • Karrie

    Her body is so cute and sexy–
    Btw she makes me feel more confident of my nose (but mine is a lot more noticeable). I hope she never gets surgery to look like everyone else in Hollywood!

  • Al

    She looks good, saw another video of her photo shoot and it look greats too. And Justin is just talk. Sure he may be on sometime but not after the superbowl. Personally I wish they would stop the guest stars on focus on the main kids. The original glee clubbers. Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie, Tina and Finn.


    Now that I’m coming out of my teens, I’m coming more and more to appreciate beauty in all forms. I especially love it when people are more unique looking. As aforementioned, Lea isn’t your cookie-cutter actress – moreover, she’s hugely talented (potentially annoying at times but whatever) Everyone’s perception of size differs so it’s especially hard to define an objectively ‘skinny’ size. In my opinion, Lea is ‘small’ not ‘skinny’ – if you look at her body more closely, she definitely has meat on those bones but I can see how people who like someone more obviously voluptuous might confuse her as being ‘skinny’. As someone who has a ‘special’ nose to say the least, I love that Lea’s isn’t generic…..

  • C.

    Please people, don´t rain on her parade! :D

    She´s absolutely gorgeous!!!