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Rooney Mara: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Rooney Mara: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Rooney Mara has won the lead role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Sony announced in a press release today that the actress, who’s the younger sister of Kate Mara, will play Lisbeth Salander and star opposite Daniel Craig in the American adaptation of the film series. Shooting begins next month in Sweden!

Rooney appeared in Youth in Revolt and the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street – she’ll also hit the screen this fall in The Social Network.

Director David Fincher went on a hunt all through Hollywood to find the perfect girl for the role, considering high profile actresses but ended up choosing Rooney, who he’d worked with on The Social Network!

Congrats, Rooney!!

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247 Responses to “Rooney Mara: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!”

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  1. 101
    Guinness Says:

    the sweeneyyy

  2. 102
    Guinness Says:

    whoa—this is gooood. The last sentence. she will have to have some serious internal conversations thru those red carpet times with Dan around her and Dan holding her shoulder (hahahaha-cuz he doesn’t hold the waist–I would PUT my hand there if he didnt, in fact, i do do that to my dan) for pictures like he does and yeah, I am sure she will feel bad when everyone tells her she didn’t make a trillion dollars for everyone-just a couple quadmillion. whtevr. but still, I feel like I wrote this article! same feeling about Micheal Keaton!!! and……. yep–its all about money, and you can’t get any vids at a vid store–online, UPS delivery or at walmart with the red box!!!! wow.

  3. 103
    Mendel Says:

    to JCraig

    “The first film failed to create major relationships and focused too much on the murder mystery. Noomi was too big and too hard looking. Lisbeth Salander is supposed to be tiny- 4 foot tall and vulnerable. There was nothing vulnerable or tiny about Noomi. And all of the actors looked too old. The swedish guy playing Blomkvist is hardly attractive- why would women swoon for him (as they do in the books) he’s so dorky.”

    Thanks for giving us a different angle on the original. I also imagine Lisbeth to look tiny and also very young – that’s why people either overlook her or think she’s a victim.

    Hi Guinness

    thanks for all the links!

    “now, rip it apart mendel”

    I am too sleepy to do much damage ;) But here we go:

    “he is not one of the “men who hate women”, unless that is why he sleeps with all of them as if they were his tools.”

    He doesn’t really seduce though, he is seduced by both Lisbeth and Celia – and I bet Erika is also the dominant one… I get the feeling, women come on to him and he’s like ‘er…yeah…alright then..’

    “he doesn’t get angry and tantrum when the injustice of it all hits his source of income”

    I got the impression he was seething inside though…and he takes revenge (his book at the end) – just in a more acceptable (and legal) ways than Lisbeth

    “he is a loner. he doesn’t attach to anyone”

    True. He isn’t an obvious loner, but he is. This might come with the job though, but he doesn’t even have much contact to his daughter.

    “he just isnt’ too dynamic … he is complacent”

    Yes, but then again he can be impulsive and reckless – for instance when he goes to the house where he nearly ends up dead (I don’t want to spoil this for anybody who hasn’t read the books, but I think you know what I mean)

    I might come up with more after a good night’s sleep!

  4. 104
    guinness Says:

    ok. i didnt get thru the book yet, so I am glad to find that he does have other revealing scenes…didn’t know about the daughter. hhmm. and i still think the bedding…I dont’ agree with him getting “seduced” by the women. maybe i need to read that part again. :) !!!!!!!
    i will read more of the first book and give my opinion again because my thoughts change about it…. i talk with hubby and others who have read it… my friend told me the other day that she “loved this movie”…..and she thought i would love it….lo and behold—it was the dragon tatoo. My friend especially loved the part where liz jumped in, got on top, did her thing, then she was done and left—just like what a man would do…. ha. sorry. sexism is part of me.. .love me or hate me!

    be safe and have fun out there!!! ~G

  5. 105
    The Sweeney Says:

    Ray Winstone and Daniel Craig the new Regan and Carter?

    By Paul Cole on Aug 21, 10 01:21 PM

    Hot news is that the movie version of cult TV cop caper The Sweeney is back on.
    And the dream team to play Regan and Carter is Ray Winstone and Daniel Craig.
    The original roles, of course, were taken by the late John Thaw and Denis Waterman.
    Writer and director Nick Love has been trying to get the movie motoring for years but there have been wrangles over the rights.
    Now Vertigo Films has taken the driving seat, and Love is writing a fresh draft of the script.
    You’re nicked, my son.
    And a reminder of classic genius on the next page …

  6. 106
    The Sweeney Says:

  7. 107
    Fio Says:

    I’m devouring ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ today. As for Sweeney, if it’s true, Daniel will surely hurt his health!

  8. 108
    to Fio Says:

    why should Sweeny hurt his health??? I see much more danger for his health in smoking 40 cigarettes a day as Blomqvist.

  9. 109
    LA TIMES Says:

    ‘Road to Perdition,’ the best comic-book movie without capes, hits Blu-ray

    Ask most moviegoers to name a comic-book movie and they’ll say “Iron Man,” “The Dark Knight” or maybe one of the “Spider-Man” films, but the sector goes far beyond the superhero fare — just consider the jarringly eclectic film festival you could organize with comics adaptations like “Persepolis,” “Ghostworld,” “Akira,” “Sin City,” “300,” “History of Violence,” “Men in Black,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” “American Splendor” and “30 Days of Night.”

    The best of the no-cape comics adaptations? Here’s a vote for “Road to Perdition,” the 2002 crime masterpiece that has just arrived on Blu-ray for the first time and looks fantastic in the format. The movie presents a grim tribal tale of fathers and sons in the Irish gangland of Depression-era Chicago and the cast is outstanding.

    Two cinema titans, Paul Newman and Tom Hanks, are studies in restraint and emotional simmer and there is plenty of talent around them with Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Craig, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law in a truly memorable turn as soicopathic hit man who sells photos of his own crime scenes, a brilliant mash-up of Frank Nitti and Weegee.

    The late Conrad L. Hall won a richly deserved Oscar as the film’s director of photography but the film was MIA in the best picture category which was a mystery to me at the time and, with the clarity of Blu-ray hindsight, seems like a travesty.

    It was the final feature film appearance by Newman (he would, however, do the voice work in “Cars” a few years later) and that makes it even more evocative to revisit. That goes beyond the audience; last week I visited the New Mexico set of “Cowboys and Aliens” (yes, another non-cape comic-book adaption) and had a chance to sit down with Craig for a long chat.

    As he rolled tobacco in the shade, the subject turned to “Perdition” and he immediately mentioned Newman.

    “I’d like to see it again,” Craig said. “That for me was an incredible experience, working with Newman and Connie Hall. It was quite emotional on set actually. Connie and he had worked together forever. They had been through a lot. Newman had one foot in that old movie star era and one foot in the sort of modern era. He straddled it. He was a pure movie star in every sense of the world but he was a great, great actor.”

    Craig is working with Harrison Ford on “Cowboys and Aliens” and he said the first day on the set reminded him of working with Newman.

    “There’s that thing — what do you do if you walk into the room and a hero of yours is standing there and you have to work with them? With Newman, it was great to see he was going through all the angst and worries that an actor goes through. Was it going to be good? How is it going to work? He was what, 76, when he made it? Christ, if I can make it that far and still be as excited about working as he was — I will be very happy. He made a lot of good choices in life.”
    I mentioned that “Perdition” was based on a comic book and Craig blinked before he spoke. “You can steal stories from anywhere — steal without prejudice. That’s true that it was a comic book, I actually had forgotten that.”

    It’s easy to forget. When the film was first released Dreamworks Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox discouraged any prominent mention that the movie was an adaptation of a graphic novel. The decision was made that the comics heritage might run at odds with the eventual Oscar campaign.

    Max Allan Collins, the great pulp-spirited author of the “Perdition” graphic novel, says it’s amazing how the Hollywood view of the source material has changed in just eight years. “I certainly understood at the time but it is nice to see how the perception has changed and the fact that the book and I are prominent in the Blu-ray bonus features.”

    Here’s a bit from that bonus material:

    When “Perdition” came out some critics found it too frosty or emotionally remote. Roger Ebert, for instance, wrote in his review: “After I saw ‘Road to Perdition,’ I knew I admired it, but I didn’t know if I liked it. I am still not sure. It is cold and holds us outside. Yes, there is the love of Hanks for his son, but how sadly he is forced to express it.” It’s a valid point, to be sure, but for me watching the bottled emotions underscored the time and setting — these were men who kept their feelings under lock and key and searched each other’s eyes for weakness. It was a cold world of hard choices and the road to “Perdition” is a journey worth taking again.

    – Geoff Boucher

  10. 110
    LA TIMES Says:

  11. 111
    dandy-babe Says:

    Where is an interview in which Fincher talks about Dragon Tattoo, actress and release?
    It was wise from me I advised to read la times but now I have that feeling to read Daily Mail.
    As I read many opinions about Rooney as Salander so most of fans don’t welcome her greatly, doubt or don’t buy her as Salander and the rest of them “give her a chance.”
    So no one is 100% convinced about her?

    If Rapace gets a part in Mission Impossible 4 so she can come to the Czech Republic with Cruise who plans shooting in Prague. He made his first Mission Impossible in Czech so it’d be for the second time if he appeared again here. Now he is negotiating with Stillking Films who served there when Casino Royale set arrived to Czech.

    The movie Golden Compass should be originally made in Czech too but for a certain reason (tax relief) it failed.

  12. 112
    dandy-babe Says:

    Fincher, come to make Dragon Tattoo to Czech too!
    I want to see Dan and also Rapace and Cruise in Prague!

  13. 113
    youtube Says:

    “What a beautiful woman. Much better looking than the American Salander.”

    “She has the hottest rack and the most beautiful face. Waaay better than the American Salander!!”

  14. 114
    Fio Says:

    They have finished filming in NM? Obviously, Favreau was conspicuous than Daniel. lol
    Live updates from the Cowboys and Aliens wrap party, yes or no?
    So, just ended up back to back with Favreau at the bar while he talked to Daniel Craig.
    First song out of Favreau’s DJing, Play that funky music white boy
    Currently getting paid to listen to Jon Favreau dj…. Also shook hands with James freaking Bond…

  15. 115
    guinness Says:

    nice posts people!!! ah, did that one interviewer say Dan was rolling tobacco? He is getting ready to play mikael? jhc i wanted a cig while i watched noomi—she smoked in every scene!!!

    LA times interview was a good story. and wow,,, that musta been an incredible experience with tom and paul. Why does this not get mentioned when people are slighting Dan…he has worked with the top of his profession, his resume is outstanding..HE is outstanding. his true fans know!!! aaahhhhhhh.

    and that twitter guy–soooo luckhheeee. and fun. James freaking Bond. I think if i met him in a bar—-and i have said this before, what would i say… if i EVER meet the man with mine own eyeballs, i would ask to buy him a beer… or just give him one. (unopened so he doesn’t think i put any “rhoofies” in there to take advantage of him!!!). soooo, thank you dan.

    ok. enuff goofy fan-aticism here…. you been a bad Mendel last night?did you wear golashes? or babushka? any money left? no gaol is good too. and Mikael is still evolving for me in the book…i just his daughter–that was pretty quick. why was she even in the book? to find the bible? how else is he going to use her? maybe later.

  16. 116
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    I think I will start reading Dragon Tattoo again, as I am sure I missed things the first time around. I think women just find Mikael so attractive they seduce him. That is why Daniel is such a good fit in this role.

  17. 117
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    you been a bad Mendel last night? … any money left?

    Erm…ugh…I’ll have to be a good Mendel until the end of the month…

    to ‘to Fio’

    “I see much more danger for his health in smoking 40 cigarettes a day as Blomqvist.”

    LOL! And all the coffee he will have to drink, no proper home cooking, and the amount of liver pate with pickled gherkins he’ll have to eat…

    to Fio

    thanks for the Twitter finds! So C&A has wrapped! Onto the next project then, Dan…

    to Guinness

    “I think if i met him in a bar—-and i have said this before, what would i say… if i EVER meet the man with mine own eyeballs, i would ask to buy him a beer… or just give him one”

    Right there and then…? *grin*

    “why was she even in the book? to find the bible?”

    Yes, also in a way she helped Mikael getting into the mind of Harriet who was the same age when she disappeared. I think the similarities
    (same age, being religious) made him think more how a sixteen year old girl would think and act

    to DiH

    “I think women just find Mikael so attractive they seduce him. That is why Daniel is such a good fit in this role.”

    True…but I also think that Mikael doesn’t come across as threatening or having this male-predatory-aggressiveness. He’s attractive, but relaxed, he doesn’t immediately pounce on women, so that somehow makes women pounce on him…

  18. 118
    guinness Says:

    Hi! And I need to read the second book first before I reread the first–but do share your thoughts again DIH…ah, I think the sweede movie may creep into my ideas–I was afraid of that. I wasn;t seduced by the sweedish mikael. but then when “sexxy” parts of the book come along–i visualize Dan. funny. Hubby said Mikael was nondescript, and he really didn’t seduce anyone–he happened to be lucky, so ok. I guess it is what one defines as seducing another. Like foreplay–diff people have diff ideas of it…hmm. (wow, that may indicate why me & hubby are togeth.)

    damn Mendel–you are lucky the end of the month is soooooon!!! are ya goin’ to Sweeden on the next month’s salary? wow, you have to have priorities!!!

    and I would definitely give him more than one…. nice catch.

    yummmm pouncing. pounce. and yes, you have an interesting point… the quiet ones still get as much bedding as loud, confident men..just because us women attract to the quiet, descreetly smoldering hotness. but Mikael doesnt know that–I think he thinks he just gets lucky, and if he doesn’t he could go home and go to sleep just as well. But somehow, i think Dan KNOWS his hotness and uses it…. oh yeah. (though-I like him when he playing his quietness) oooo-sweet dan dreams!

  19. 119
    Fio Says:

    to to Fio
    Yeah, I just worried about his tight schedule.

    Translator Steve Murray is disappointed at Rooney. SONY didn’t like Rooney according to the source of dailymail. However, Fincher persuaded them. (take note: dailymail!)

  20. 120
    DtM Says:

    Daniel’s schedule is very tight…he should start shooting at Universal Studios in LA in a couple of days to finish off C&A which could take up to a month. Then there is 2 weeks of reshoots on Dream House in Toronto starting 27th Sept and in the meantime Fincher wanted to start shooting Dragon Tatt in Stockholm in Sept also…maybe he will start on scenes that won’t involve DC.
    He is certainly working his perfectly formed ass off!

    In the meantime I think we need a little DC light relief…

    At Last…

    The Mother

  21. 121
    Guinness-HOT OR NOT Says:

    hey! I can’t watch The Mother without squishing my face. But thanks DTM. Delish scenes—-sooooo emotional and great acting. I would be nervous to be Sats he acts so good!!!

    Hot or not:

  22. 122
    hey Says:

    Translator Steve Murray is disappointed at Rooney. SONY didn’t like Rooney according to the source of dailymail. However, Fincher persuaded them. (take note: dailymail!)

  23. 123
    hey Says:

    I think they will not start shooting next month for some reasons
    and Mara will do like the first swedish actress who almost won a part but then came the better one, Rapace.
    Mara will be replaced as Fincher will discover a photo of the second actress…

  24. 124
    hey Says:

    I said before I am disappointed that they picked up Rooney Mara!
    I also said this:
    “as for soft, cute Rooney, she is a mile away from my vision about Lisbeth who looks more like Yo-Landi who served as a temple in Finchers head.”

    Steve Murray said:
    ‘I’m a bit disappointed. I think Rooney Mara looks a bit soft.
    ‘I’ve seen pictures of her on the internet and she doesn’t look ­anything like the picture I had of Salander in my head. She needs to do some working out if she’s going to play the part. She is just not buff enough at the moment. I must say I am disappointed.’

    Now I say, Fincher will yet find the better and more right actress like it had happened to Oplev, with the first adept and then Rapace.
    We can expect news about 007 in two months, read a newspapers Sunday…..

  25. 125
    to 122 Says:

    Cobbler, stick to your last! That’s why Murray is a translator and neither a director nor the boss of a castig agengy.

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