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Rooney Mara: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Rooney Mara: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Rooney Mara has won the lead role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Sony announced in a press release today that the actress, who’s the younger sister of Kate Mara, will play Lisbeth Salander and star opposite Daniel Craig in the American adaptation of the film series. Shooting begins next month in Sweden!

Rooney appeared in Youth in Revolt and the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street – she’ll also hit the screen this fall in The Social Network.

Director David Fincher went on a hunt all through Hollywood to find the perfect girl for the role, considering high profile actresses but ended up choosing Rooney, who he’d worked with on The Social Network!

Congrats, Rooney!!

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247 Responses to “Rooney Mara: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!”

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  1. 126
    to 125 Says:

    Murray is a translator but very right, it was a polite opinion from him…..
    hm, SONY and others and I thought the same, hmmmm….
    one day, Fincher finds someone better, and he, the studio and fans will be satisfied like was the Swedish film team and an audience proud of Noomi Rapace.

  2. 127
    to 126 Says:

    Once upon a time……do you believe the crap you are writing smart head?

  3. 128
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “damn Mendel–you are lucky the end of the month is soooooon!!! are ya goin’ to Sweeden on the next month’s salary? wow, you have to have priorities!!!”

    I’d love to :) But no, poor Mendel has to work…unfortunately…

    “somehow, i think Dan KNOWS his hotness and uses it…. oh yeah.”

    Oh absolutely he does! The way he moves, or swaggers ;), it just screams sexyness…

    to DtM

    thanks for the light Dan relief! Just what a girl needs on a Monday night! Why is it getting so hot in here??? *grin*

    “Daniel’s schedule is very tight…then there is 2 weeks of reshoots on Dream House in Toronto starting 27th Sept and in the meantime Fincher wanted to start shooting Dragon Tatt in Stockholm in Sept also…maybe he will start on scenes that won’t involve DC.
    He is certainly working his perfectly formed ass off!”

    I hope he’s not working it off too much – then his denims will be sagging! But yes, I guess they might start on the scenes with Lisbeth where they don’t need Dan.

    to Guinness

    that black beard is a riot, lol.

    to ‘to 122′

    “Cobbler, stick to your last! That’s why Murray is a translator and neither a director nor the boss of a castig agengy.”

    LOL! That’s true. But even as a translator, he must know that Lisbeth is not buff looking:

    “Steve Murray said:
    ‘She needs to do some working out if she’s going to play the part. She is just not buff enough at the moment.’ ”

    Lisbeth doesn’t look buff. She looks like a skinny teenager and people generally ignore her. She is tough, but not buff.

  4. 129
    guinness Says:

    ah..correct…you must have a photographic memory.–”people ignore her.” anorexic, not buff. small-91 pounds, not tall. but eats like she is starving–maybe just a very high metabolism. because she smokes? she is just driven. why can’t that be the reason. AND i resent the fact the author really misused or missed the definition of Autism and Asperger’s… he didnt have to mention it…he was lacking words for describing her? . Interesting that it may bring up “issues” if the movies are presented this way in Hollywood. If anyone not fully described it is Mikael… he just seems boring next to Liz, or just low key concerned person about society and friends in the magazine. ~night, hate mondays.

  5. 130
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    Let’s hope there is more “meat” in Mikael’s role, as Daniel deserves it. But then maybe he does not want to be centre stage all the time to give himself a rest. But we want him centre stage and to see his perfectly formed butt a few times (like in the Mother) hot hot!
    Off to have DC dreams.

  6. 131
    Exceptional Says:

    to 127,
    the first ones who didn’t believe in that Mara is the good choice for Salander was the studio Sony , then fans said that they don’t buy Mara as Salander and now the the translator Murray doubts too whether Mara is the right one for a part.

    At any moment……… Hollywood is each actress replaced by someone else. there are too many arguments against R. Mara, she must be replaced by a better actress.
    That is exceptional when the studio’s and book translator’s opinion agrees with public opinion.

    But, the one who knows Salander in full details is Larsson’s gf Eva Gabrielsson who surely helped Stieg with the books and told him how women act and think. Another woman helped him too, his niece, who inspired him to describe Salander.
    that is why he could write well about Lisbeth.

    Now after revelation Sony was not sure to hire Mara and Fincher had to persuade them, a translator said what he thinks of Mara so I would be pleased to hear Eva Gabrielsson’s opinion about Mara too!
    by the way, Salander is skinny but also has some muscles for fight.
    I know people who are skinny and have pretty muscles. Mara needs to do hard training to be looking sportingly and boyishly.

  7. 132
    Guinness Says:

    Hi DIH! Yes, and let us see more of the bod that the book shows us–he is always nekkid and bedding women. I hated the end in the first book. (I dont’ want to not like Robin–but she is gonna be great!) And like I said before–he can take them or leave them…even one he is “enamored” by? whatever. Dan is gonna play a womanizer, a driven journalist, a poopy dad, a leader, a wishy washy traveler, and just a happy go lucky guy afraid of commitment. wonderful.

    hey–dtm–thank you for his schedule… he is gonna be up by me again!!!! yeeee haw cowgurl! maybe a little leaf-peeping? or Guinness peeping? (hi mendel)

  8. 133
    DtM Says:

    Hi all…mmmm Lisbeth is certainly a complex character full of contradictions.
    Tiny but powerful. Poor at school but highly inteligent.
    Insecure but dresses in a way to attract attention.
    As a child she felt alienated. An oddball. A square peg trying to fit in a round hole. Is she a product purely from her horredous upbringing?
    She loves solving mathematical equations for fun..aspergers?
    Anyway she makes Blomkvist seem dull in comparison.
    His allure for women is perhaps that he expects very little from them in return. No strings attached.
    I hope Fincher’s film lets daniel explore these relationships. Not even a mention of them in the Swedish production. Any excuse to see Dan with his kit off!!

  9. 134
    Fio Says:

    to DtM
    Thanks for some info/vid. When I watch Obsession, I always ‘pay attention’ to his little finger. lol

    to hey
    Looking for Lisbeth seems looking for the blue bird(L’oiseau bleu).
    She might be somewhere. However, she was close to Fincher after all.

  10. 135
    name Says:

    I read “Rapace” means a bird of prey in French or something like that.

    L’oiseau bleu – sounds like the name Liz Baum, a Bond Girl appearing in the short story Risico 007.

    They call Lisbeth Salander as a goth angel,
    also there is a goth hero angel from history and religion,
    she is called Lilith who has the same features like Lisbeth – revengful, chased by bad men, fighting.
    a material like Angelina Jolie (Beautiful Angel), playing female heroes.

    so if Fincher will really not be directing Dragont Tattoo next month so he can find a goth angel Lisbeth for us.

  11. 136
    Lisbeth is sexy Says:

    Rapace said:
    Lisbeth is ugly but sexy.

  12. 137
    Lisbeth is not found still Says:

    Some posters of different forums said:

    “He could have chosen ANY of the bevvy of gifted young actresses out there and he chooses Rooney Mara? They obviously cast her for her appeal. She’s not a good actress. You disappoint me, Fincher.”

    “But if she or the filmmakers disappoint, there will be hell to pay.”

    “I know, it’s fun to say that Mara is wrong for the part, but can we reserve judgment until the film is actually completed?”

    “No, I do not feel she is right for the role. She appears to delicate, where as Noomi seems to work for how the character is portrayed.”

    “The pictures I saw of Rooney this morning killed her for me..she has DIMPLES!!! Can you even remotely imagine kick-ass Salander with dimples?! Still think Natalie Portman or a complete unknown/unseen would have been the best choice.”

    “disappointing choice… no amount of goth makeover will make Rooney Mara into a Lisbeth Salander. This girl is no tough waif, nothing about her face or body exudes any fierceness. Noomi Rapace is a hard act to follow. Mara looks like some girl who’d cry over a broken nail.”

    “Not sure how Rooney Mara will fair in this role; Noomi Rapace knocked it out of the park, and I don’t see R.M. being able to approach the level of intensity N.R. brought to the role (actually, I can’t see ANYONE in the role besides her).”

    “Really Fincher? She was so boring as Nancy. She just seems like a really bad choice for this role.”

  13. 138
    guinness Says:

    Hi DTM…that is pretty much it in a nutshell. what book did you like most? my hubby got the 3rd for his b-day and he can’t put it down. He really hopes Dan will put some personality into Mikael…cuz there ain’t much in the book character. I think that is what will happen. they do have to “Hollywoodize” it anyway. cheers. thanks for your dd–dilligent digging!!

    Hi Mendel–finish book 2, wait, did the library call to let you get book 2??? Starts out pretty less sadistic, huh? rriiiiiigght. I can’t imagine Mara (last name is her first in my head–ahhh) being this! but she will!!!!
    ——-oh, thank jeevus about “Why-clefft” in not becoming a president, huh?!!!
    damn, i still cant get the mother acting out of my head…and that silly reddneck beard thingy he wore. blahhhh. how ’bout

  14. 139
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “If anyone not fully described it is Mikael… he just seems boring next to Liz, or just low key concerned person about society and friends in the magazine.”

    I haven’t read the other two books, but I guess Mikael is a person who cares deeply about ‘issues’ but hasn’t really ‘lived’ (experienced) them, while Lisbeth has…so she’s got the horrible experience while he has the good will…

    to DiH

    “we want him centre stage and to see his perfectly formed butt a few times”


    to Guinness

    “I hated the end in the first book.”

    I didn’t hate it, but it was a bit unbelievable. For somebody as guarded and jaded as Lisbeth, these emotions came to quickly…

    “Dan is gonna play a womanizer, a driven journalist, a poopy dad, a leader, a wishy washy traveler, and just a happy go lucky guy afraid of commitment. wonderful.”

    That does sound familiar *grin*

    “he is gonna be up by me again!!!! yeeee haw cowgurl! maybe a little leaf-peeping? or Guinness peeping? (hi mendel)”

    Hrmph! But then he’ll come back to me (well, I suspect he will hop over from Sweden to the UK for a bit of home comforts…)

    to DtM

    “A square peg trying to fit in a round hole. Is she a product purely from her horredous upbringing?”

    No, if she hadn’t had that upbringing, I think she still would have been an oddball, just a happier one. I like the bit in the first book where she was musing about why people didn’t just leave her alone when all she wanted to do was mind her own business.

    “I hope Fincher’s film lets daniel explore these relationships. Not even a mention of them in the Swedish production. Any excuse to see Dan with his kit off!!”

    Lol! Any excuse indeed! And hopefully Fincher lets Dan give his character more depth.

  15. 140
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “Hi Mendel–finish book 2, wait, did the library call to let you get book 2???”

    Not yet…I’m waiting!

    “-oh, thank jeevus about “Why-clefft” in not becoming a president, huh?!!!”

    Yes, although he’s going to appeal the decision. I think he should rather clean up his act with his charity organisation. There are rumours of mismanagement and corruption, and that’s serious…

    “i still cant get the mother acting out of my head”

    Yes, I too keep thinking of his hot body there…yes, yes, yes :)

    Love your caption ‘sex eyes’, LOL!

  16. 141
    Bond Films Will Continue Says:

    Bond Films Will Continue, Says Studio Boss
    The boss of the movie studio where the BOND films are shot has assured fans there will be another outing for 007 – even though the next installment is currently on hold.

    Producers of the as-yet-untitled 23rd movie had hoped for a release in 2011 or 2012 but have been forced to stall Daniel Craig’s third turn as the superspy indefinitely due to uncertainty over the future of MGM.

    The decision sparked fears among some fans that Bond has saved the world for the last time – but the boss of Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England, where most indoor scenes for the films are shot, has moved to end the speculation.

    Chief executive Ivan Dunleavy says, “I am sure there will be another Bond movie in future.”

    He is also adamant the planned closure of the UK Film Council will not be the end of movie-making in Britain, adding: “That decision has been made and there are a number of functions that the UK Film Council performs and they will be ongoing.”

  17. 142
    guinness Says:

    Liz should see how he feels about a geriatric open-handed slap! yeh. happy b-day then.

  18. 143
    guinness Says:

  19. 144
    Lisbeth is not found still Says:

    Where is Larsson’s gf Eva Gabrielsson with her opinion about Rooney Mara?
    just asking why there is no humbug around Dragon Tattoo filming? September knocks on the door already…..!
    Reports say Dragont Tattoo begins shooting this fall and it’ll be released in Dec, 2011 …but
    I warned,
    Sony can return to their original schedule that looked like that:
    shooting a movie in fall of 2011 and release in the summer of 2012.

    So, if they do not begin shooting inside two, maximately three months it will be clear they returned to their original schedule. just wait for three months what happens.

  20. 145
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    thanks for the links. I think Liz would certainly have something to say about (and do to) Sean Connery. I thought this part of the article was rather telling:

    “Aware of the unending prevalence of violence against women, few readers will be astonished that such attitudes exist. What now amazes is that an otherwise civilised man could, speaking casually, as if of golf or cigars, air these views so glibly to journalists. The implication is that no particularly controversial points are being made.”

    The Girl who played with Fire opens here tomorrow. I’d love to go and see it, but I want to read the book first. Here’s the Guardian’s take on it:

  21. 146
    guinness Says:

    Hi mendelguinness—that was “telling” us what a cad he is and why did he even say that? it was a great article and thank you for quoting that piece–brilliant writing. all the other b-day articles was praising him… but also lets remember that stupid comment he made like he was in the men’s club being manly with the other men with cigars that know how to fully utilize the cigar to maximum benefit…aaaaahhhhh. I don’t want to get going. forget it. but we won’t forget it anymore—this is going to start many people talking girls…it already has.

    absolutely watch all the sweedish movies—it is a diff story, and still a great watch!!! that was a great story too—i think back on it and think it was made in black and white—that’s how unhollywood it was. And it was done well. I am glad i get to see these before Dan. I am really hoping this Mikael gets better looking as the movies goo along… not happening!

    sinus, pain, again, irratic sleep, loopy meds. no wine–!!! aaahhh.

  22. 147
    Fio Says:

    Thanks for the article, interesting. Have you already seen The Girl who played with Fire? The ‘Fire’ film isn’t yet shown in my country. I’m glad to hear that room of the improvement that is enough for Hollywood version is left. The original is rank too high in the public estimation.
    James Bond 007: Blood Stone Istanbul Trailer HD

  23. 148
    Lisbeth by Eva Says:

    When I read the book I wondered how Larsson could know how women think and act during certain situations,
    and write how Salander goes the mirror to study her skinny body or hates her small boobs, it was clear Eva helped him with that to write it.

    There is yet another twist in this tale: speculation — practically a Swedish parlor game — that Stieg Larsson did not write the books alone. Some say Gabrielsson was a key participant.
    A colleague of Larsson’s from the 1970s and 80s, Anders Hellberg, who now works for Sweden’s major daily newspaper, Dagens Nhyeter, described Larsson’s writing as childish.
    “His writing was no good, syntax, sentences, spelling,” Hellberg said. “In my view he couldn’t have written it.”
    For others, the novels with Larsson’s name on them came as no surprise.
    “He was almost a nerd when it came to crime novels,” said Daniel Phool, editor of Expo. “Stieg was a storyteller, he loved to tell stories and he told them very well.”
    But did he do it alone? Gabrielsson, a published writer in her own right, defends the man she loved but leaves the door open.
    “I cannot see in the books what was originally Stieg’s things and what was originally my things,” she said. “Being together with someone for 30 years, large chunks of it become ours. … He sort of held the pen, but just being able to be an efficient writer doesn’t create any books. You have to be able, to have thoughts, the rest as well.”
    We asked Gabrielsson if she was part of those thoughts.
    “Yes, that’s how he saw it, yes,” Gabrielsson said.
    In another instance of life imitating art, Gabrielsson may have a final card to play.
    In the book, a character suddenly dies. The protagonist discovers an unfinished — and highly valuable — book on his laptop.
    In real life, reports have emerged that Larsson left at least part of a fourth book on his own laptop — and whispers have circulated that Gabrielsson has it.
    Millions of fans may hope so. Gabrielsson said she has not read a fourth book, but she knows what might happen. She will admit that she and Larsson talked about it and specifically what the future might hold for Lisbeth Salander in a fourth book. Could she write it?
    “I could probably do it, I am sure I could do it, but it’s not my business, I have no powers,” Gabrielsson said. “I am happy with the life, that’s really what matters for me. I had a good life with that man.”
    A man who left millions in suspense … and one woman who may hold the key to what happens next.
    Larsson’s books leave behind an unlikely heroine whom fans adore. Lisbeth Salander is both victim and savior, fighting for her rights and for justice.
    In real life there is another drama here in Sweden, as full of anger and accusations as anything the author might have written. At its heart, a woman who was a very real part of the author’s life. Like Lisbeth Salander, she is also fighting for what she says are her rights.

    Eva Gabrielsson met Stieg Larsson when she was just 18. Both were passionate and politically active. They lived together for 32 years, until suddenly he was gone.

    “It was a horrible time,” said Gabrielsson. “Even small daily things like making a pot of coffee, you can’t even make a pot of coffee anymore because someone is missing to drink the other half. I was in deep shock.”

  24. 149
    inteview before Bond Says:

    An oldie but a goodie.

  25. 150
    guinness Says:

    never read the GQ–that one anyway. Oh-christie what i would do with that dirty mouth of his…. huuuummmmmmm. thump.

    I am ok. sooo, the cue words i picked up on. He is a Gladiator in my beddd–book. Definitely would love to see his sledgehammer. And that “kick” picture is just fan-bluddy-tastic. I LOVE IT. in my fav pictures, and i haven’t used it yet!!! wow. it will happen.

    soooo, too busy to chk the news–nothing? ho hum. well, I am gonna use this when i am feeling low…

    “You might die trying, but if you don’t, you might produce enough endorphins to live another 5 years”. omygash

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