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Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Wear A Sock During Nude Scenes

Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Wear A Sock During Nude Scenes

Alexander Skarsgard tells Rolling Stone that he doesn’t mind being in the buff while shooting sex scenes for True Blood. (He’s on the mag’s cover with co-stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.) Here are some select quotes from the 33-year-old Swedish god:

On his vampire character: “I like to think about Eric like he’s a male lion. He
looks so relaxed, his heartbeat is probably 15 beats a minute, but you don’t know if he’s going to pounce, or attack, or yawn.”

On staying mysterious: “I don’t want people to know too much about me. It’s easier for people to suspend disbelief that way. There’s a risk when people see you in a part and they’re watching Alexander Skarsgard. Also, I learned from my father to keep your integrity and protect your family – there are certain things that you can talk about and certain things you shouldn’t talk about.”

On not wearing a sock while shooting nude scenes: “I don’t want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous. If we’re naked in the scene, then I’m naked. I’ve always been that way.”

True Blood creator Alan Ball on how ridiculous celibate vampires are: “To me, vampires are sex. I don’t get a vampire story about abstinence. I’m 53. I don’t care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed.”

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Credit: Matthew Rolston; Photos: Rolling Stone
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  • ck_always

    Lol, creator just stomped Twilight …hard.

  • The Desolate One


    Yeah! I caught that “Twilight” diss too!

  • The Desolate One


    YEAH! I caught that Twilight diss too!

  • o
  • ai

    oh my god

  • pixy

    @ck_always: ahahahahaah!!! right….i agree with him.

  • lol

    That cover was ugly tbh. It could have been so hot but it just looked silly…

  • another day

    Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about the Twilight comparison. Doubt Ball ever saw it. I love Askars as much as anyone but I truly am going to buy him some new stories so he can keep doing interviews and I don’t have to read the same ones over and over. That lion quote in particular. And what’s the whole “there are certain things you shouldn’t talk about” nonsense? His refusal to claim Bosho? Oh Alex. You are so, so fab looking, please get over this phase and move on..quick!

  • Once Upon a Time

    If he wants to stay “mysterious” he needs to drop about 100 lbs… I think you know what I mean.

  • Weird

    This cover is just stupid. True Blood needs to chill out or people are going to get burnt out on it.
    Alex is handsome but they all look ridiculous.
    Anyways if he wants people to respect him then he should actually practice what he preaches. That would give him a lot of integrity to start. In addition, if he actually dated someone who was not a famewh*re homewrecker who was down to earth(VIP section anyone) then people might really respect him and believe that he has integrity. He is no Leo nor will he ever be.

  • zao77254

    Alexander makes me realize i might be gay. I’m eternally grateful to him.

  • Laura

    Why can’t you like both… I love twilight and True Blood for what they both bring to the table. With True Blood you get sex and love and twilight you get love and romance. Can’t we have our cake and eat it too, why does it have to be one or the other?!?!

  • Laura


    Oops, I meant with True Blood you get sex and ‘LUST’ not love

  • The Real Eva the Diva

    I don’t like the cover. I cannot appreciate Alex’s fioness because of the wierd blood cover and poses. LOL They should have done seperate covers, like Alex, Stephen and Ann, and then Joe M, without the blood.

    Maybe the should have paid Hans to lick all the blood off. I’m sorry, Beel is okay, put Anna is not attractive at all.

  • mailey

    ahaha! as a highschool student, id have to agree. we are all horribly irritating and def uninformed.
    love this guy!
    never seen the show.
    but still.

  • j

    hehe love the sock comment! He is so sexy the more I see him on Blood the more i like him! :) And yeah i think the cover could have looked hotter, sans the blood! and i liked the diss about high schoolers haha!

  • GreenCAT

    That was an awesome comment by Alan Ball. Also that cover is hot!

  • http://Google Wendy

    Yes Weird he needs to Date me! I am not a famewh*re homewrecker and am so down to earth it’s not even funny. :)

  • G

    Usually, anything that has Skarsgard naked in/on it is good with me, but there’s something off about this cover. Maybe it’s the way they’ve tilted the whole thing to make Stephen Moyer less short. Maybe it’s how squished Anna Paquin’s boobs are underneath Moyer’s hand. Maybe it’s the weak Pollock streaking pattern of the fake blood. Whatever, of course I’m still going to buy it.

  • Naty

    Anyways… I love True Blood!


    @zao77254: lol

  • facts

    High school students are all irritating and uninformed? Then what’s everyone else’s excuse who’s not in high school? Alex is a pretentious knob, along with his soon-to-be-over show.

  • G23

    @facts: @facts: Alan Ball, the creator said that, not Alex.

  • Pixie

    @Once Upon a Time,
    LMAO at your comment….

    BTW : Why when he’s now with Kate he wants to reveal less of himself….perhaps because people don’t believe what he says about himself any more. Mr. environmentalist who drives a GUZZLING sports car..Mr I hate cheaters and like natural women yet dates backstabing homewr*cking Kate Bosho……He needs to get over himself ….does he think he’s Jonny Deep or Brad Pit..? Alex you haven’t quite hit it that BIG in hollywood to be soo cynical….I don’t know what Kate has told you about herself but she a C lister at best…I do not understand where she gets off throwing a tantrum for VIP treatment of that concert…she’s a nobody now, Bluecrush came out over ten years ago,lol
    bth of them are a joke!!!

  • rock n roll queen

    alex is the best eric that could ever be … i agreed with ab probably 4 the 1st time (i dont like the soulmates crap) vampires n celibacy do not mix n high school students in america r exactly like this

  • sienna

    Wow, such a fab cover! Alexander is hooooot!!!!
    Unfortunately, we don’t get True Blood here, but if we did, I would definitely watch it and I’m sure I’d like it :)))
    I love Twilight too :))

  • JM

    Wow JJ, Guess you had to think fast since those Alex/ Bones Puss Premiere photos never happened. I like the Rolling Stone cover but seriously, doing 3 separate posts about it?

    And Alex..Get some new material. We’ve heard the whole Eric is based on a lion, I love to be naked and don’t wear the sock bit to many times to count.

  • JM
  • http://sexy_roxy *she rocks*

    wow people have clearly become desensitized…. u would only see such nakedness inside a magazine cover!

  • Ben

    I liked his Twilight diss lol

  • Crazy

    @Pixie: Oh, for Chr*st’s sake, the car was a frickin’ loaner that he drove one day.

  • Peanut Gallery

    **raises hand** “I’ll take a beer with those peanuts”

  • integrity???

    & Privacy, BS!!!
    How long is he gonna lie like that to people?

  • Annie

    Mmmmm, Bill.

  • Pixie

    @ Crazy

    I see you at it again Psycho Hans/Jam…but I see your taking my advise from before of
    A. Learn how to spell. ….well almost lol
    B. When posting with others names do not rant in Swedish..that’s your MO LOL…..
    C. Stop saying crude / creepy comments…we all know you want to bang Alex you delusional fanboy.
    BTW …whether the gas guzzling sports car is his or borrowed it is still a guzzling car , still bad for the enironment…IDIOT…..something that Alex himself call out America on in an interview.

  • R&M

    Zzzzz…..oh wait, was Skarsgard saying something? Dude needs some new material, STAT! The best part is the quote about staying mysterious and having integrity. Uh, pretty sure that flew out the window when you started hanging out with the most desperate famewhore in Hollywood. Too funny.

  • rock n roll queen

    since u care about environment so much why dont u force obama to sign the kyoto protocol n why dont u get rid of nuclear weapons?im not saying sports cars r good 4 the environment but i see either hypocriical or ignorant behaviour kids in iraq r born with deformities that include 2 heads because of the thrown uranium

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree you can get burned out with these three. They are on the covers of Rolling stone Mag about every week and say the same thing about not minding being naked. Everyones knows they could be trying to hard. I’m telling most teenage parents might allow ther children to look at twighlight because there is nudeness. Even the strict parents may bend a little. These three are trying to prove that they don’t mind getting naked and think people are in love with their bodies thats why they stay on the covers so much. To tell you the truth I’m bout tired of this I’m trying to protect Sookie roll between both of these men. I hope the next epeisode reveals what she is because the storyline is starting to get old and boring. You can take up a whole season with this suspense and not get no where with nothing revealed until the next year and a year is a long time to wait for another season.

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you number 27 I said in the first place that he aint all that. When you try so hard to stay in the limelight you end up fading away soon. Let another vampire saga come on and compete with TB and the men be more handsome and young the public will forget these men because hunks come a dime a dozen.

  • Cool and hot

    There’s just something about his icy Nordic good looks that really appeals to me. I wouldn’t describe him as conventionally handsome, but he certainly has a cool sexiness about him.

  • Molly-

    I wonder what happened to ASkars’ D0UCHEMOBILE?
    My comment was deleted! :(

  • Askars rocks

    @MUPPET SHOW: Thanks and also to JM for the Puss pics.
    Kate probably had a manicure at the hotel while all these Swedish actors talking Swedish and watching a Swedish film on a low key Swedish red carpet were not so fancy as the folks at Chateau M., Joans or any of those X-berry tea parties?!

  • heidi

    The whole sportscargate was just a tempest in a teapot. Alex still drives the same car he did three years ago. The other car was just seen one weekend and was most likely a loaner.

    Alex’s answers are the same because the questions are the same. The interviewer wanted him to do the same kind of risque sex talk Moyer was doing and Alex didn’t want to and obviously the interviewer hadn’t done any real preparation to ask anything interesting. Alex came off a bit boring, Moyer came off a bit try too hard and I doubt it was either of their fault. Not a good interviewer, in my opinion. Alex’s Swedish interviews are always free flowing and interesting, so he can do it when the conditions are right. Swedish interviewers don’t ask the same old canned questions and they don’t expect him to be a performing seal. Be nice if American interviewers put in a little effort so every single Alex interview isn’t looking for the same few sound bytes. And it’s not just Alex who gets this. Joe Manganiello’s interviews are already tired retreads and he’s just starting the rounds. “Naked, blah blah blah, work out routine blah blah blah.” I doubt it’s his fault, either. It’s lazy journalism.

  • You Want Real Vamps?

    Real male vampires are the ones J. R. Ward has fighting and f*****g their way through her Black Dagger Brotherhood series of novels. These True Blood bores are pathetic clowns of Alan Ball’s hack creation. As for AS, he’s so full of it, he’s the biggest joke of all.

  • Too Bad So Sad


    All actors on popular shows or movies are asked the same crappy questions, however most are able to vary in their answers. ASkars sounds like a robot. That’s probably why to date he hasn’t done any live US morning or late night show interviews beyond banal red carpet sound bites. It could very well be a language issue but I highly doubt it. It’s been mentioned that even in his Swedish tv interviews he doesn’t come across as being too brilliant or witty but more as a cute, sweet guy . Whatever, he’s still pretty. He’ll have that for a few more years.

  • heidi

    I don’t think most actors do vary their answers. Most of them do just what Alex does and trot out a little anecdote they have prepared for the usual questions. If you follow someone enough to read all their interviews, after a while, you can guess almost every answer. Standard stuff, I’d say. This interviewer was just a bad interviewer. She interviewed Alex wanting only a particular sound byte and when she didn’t get it, she got pissed. She wasn’t prepared and her statements were really silly. I don’t think Stephen came off really well, either, because he was trying so hard to be hipster cool for her, some of his schtick got silly instead of funny. Anna came off best, mostly because her bisexual story is still new enough, she doesn’t sound like she’s repeating herself yet.

    Alex’s TV interviews in Sweden have all been translated and to me, he seems to be averagely good at them. He’s not a world class raconteur, but on the other hand, he’s thoughtful and engaged and smiles and laughs. He’s never had the kind of debacle like Ryan Kwanten on Chelsea Lately where he gave her almost nothing until the end, which she was rude enough to comment on. I suspect Alex’s lack of TV interviews had more to do with leaving for Sweden as soon as filming finished, and there being more than enough True Blood actors freely available to do them in the US. There’s a huge cast of gorgeous people to draw from.

  • Clue

    TB is it’s 3rd season and ASkars is a prime player and unlike most of the rest of the staff, has made himself very visible with his numerous posts here and other gossip blogs. If he had time for Coachella and other famewh*ring venues , I believe he should have time to do the rounds for TB. That show is responsible for most of his paychecks and new found fame. Many have noted ASkars is more exposed than the rest of the TB cast, yet he has done no talk show appearances. Why is that? I don’t think the interviewer from RS was lazy; I doubt that RS would let her near an interview for such a hot show.

    People have noted that the interviewer painted him as a Eurotrash actor who wears expensive cologne, drives an expensive sports car and dates KB. The interviewer doesn’t even say she’s an “actress”. Furthermore, his refusal to wear the sock comes off as being inconsiderate of others. He comes across as doucheness personified.

    Btw, could you post links for his subtitled Swedish interviews? Thanks.