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Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Wear A Sock During Nude Scenes

Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Wear A Sock During Nude Scenes

Alexander Skarsgard tells Rolling Stone that he doesn’t mind being in the buff while shooting sex scenes for True Blood. (He’s on the mag’s cover with co-stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.) Here are some select quotes from the 33-year-old Swedish god:

On his vampire character: “I like to think about Eric like he’s a male lion. He
looks so relaxed, his heartbeat is probably 15 beats a minute, but you don’t know if he’s going to pounce, or attack, or yawn.”

On staying mysterious: “I don’t want people to know too much about me. It’s easier for people to suspend disbelief that way. There’s a risk when people see you in a part and they’re watching Alexander Skarsgard. Also, I learned from my father to keep your integrity and protect your family – there are certain things that you can talk about and certain things you shouldn’t talk about.”

On not wearing a sock while shooting nude scenes: “I don’t want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous. If we’re naked in the scene, then I’m naked. I’ve always been that way.”

True Blood creator Alan Ball on how ridiculous celibate vampires are: “To me, vampires are sex. I don’t get a vampire story about abstinence. I’m 53. I don’t care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed.”

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Credit: Matthew Rolston; Photos: Rolling Stone
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  • heidi

    Check youtube and then turn the captions on. Also check skarsgardnews–they have translations for most of them.

    It’s hard even to know where to start: if you dislike Alex, just say it, rather than reach so hard to find ways to diss him. Jared posts stuff on here, not Alex and JJ does because people post so much. True Blood has no lack of people to go on talk shows and all the actors are allowed to work around their film schedules in their off time. Ryan’s only done one talk show and it didn’t go well. I think Anna’s the only one to do any of the major talk shows in the US–she’s still got the biggest name due to her Oscar and film work. Alex does lots of print, radio and net interviews for the show, so he does his share of promotion.

    The sock thing is not a new piece of info–Alex said it in an interview last season and he said it’s fine when the set is very trusting and close, which this set is. Lots of the actors, including Stephen Moyer, have talked about how perfectly fine they are with the sex scenes, and they obviously know Alex’s habits. Anna has specifically said she has no hang ups about nudity at all and doesn’t understand the big fuss that gets made in the US. And if a crew member has those hang ups, I doubt s/he would decide to work on True Blood. I would think it would be more embarrassing to watch scenes like Ryan Kwanten very realistically having fake sex from behind like he did in season one or the very realistic sex scenes Anna and Stephen do, than seeing Alex naked. Personally, I’m with Alex–a sock would look so ridiculous, it would actually attract attention, not take it away, heh.

    The Eurotrash comment is one of the ways the interviewer showed what a lazy journalist she is. Alex doesn’t actually drive the car she mentioned–he had a loaner for a weekend. He still drives the same Audi he’s had for years, as recent pics show. Who cares what cologne he wears? And the evil DNA was just stupid–Alex actually had an issue with getting offered sweet high school boy parts and broke through with the Colbert role, which was not of an evil guy. Which she should know, it being of a Rolling Stone story. The interviewer showed exactly what her interest was when she moaned about him not wanting to talk about sex or Kate Bosworth. Maybe next time, she’ll actually sit down and talk to her subject instead of just fish for gossip.

  • Clue

    No one forced him to hang with one of the biggest famewh*res around. KB introduced ASkars to JJ ad thus put him on the JJ radar. The proof is right here on JJ. Just like the numerous monthly post that KB has had for years on this website until recently. I think someone realized that an obvious Z list actress with no viable projects looks really desperate by having PAYparazzi “stalk” her every mundane outings. Askars saying he likes his privacy at this point is such a joke, that’s why the journalist probably made him look jacked up.
    Do you honestly think that if the general public notices these numerous pointless posts on JJ and X 17 that people in the business haven’t? C’mon, use your head. People who actually want privacy achieve it. Do you see multiple pointless posts of Clooney, Page, Drew Barrymore, Damon, Bullock, DiCaprio, or other A Listers here? No, they actually like to keep their lives private and do not hang out at Joan’s the Ivy, Chateau Marmont or other pap traps.People who want privacy don’t draw attention by having some person vogue on their shoulders at Coachella where paps are numerous.

    RS is not known for being on any celeb’s payroll, they always call people on their BS. Aniston, Mayer, Jolie, Pitt and numerous others has been laid out by RS. THEY RESEARCH HEAVILY AND CALL EVERYONE OUT ON THEIR BS. Paquin and Moyer were not treated with kid gloves either. But I guess that didn’t bother some people.
    AS was treated in that manner because the interviewer probably spent hours reviewing old interviews and sound bites that were contrary to to his current behavior. Like many others before him he got stoned. It’s about as close to objective journalism as you can get.

    Whether or not I like a person, artist, group or whatever , I’ll still call BS when I see it. AS is a simple ,humble guy who likes to wear his $400 boots unlaced with his $250 jeans while on outings with his HW type GF who is naturally botoxed and collagened. Luckily she is a non dressy type who wears $600+ bags and shoes to outdoor concerts. But what else could a gal wear with her $700+ tie dyed dress? Who knew looking like simple , humble folks was that expensive? It apparently takes a lot a money to look hobo chic. Thank goodness HW hasn’t gone to ASkars’ head or changed him one bit.

    BTW, the b*stard that forced poor ASkars to drive that black sports car should be shot!

  • Clue

    In regards to his nudity , that’s great that he’s comfortable with his body. It’s one thing to have some guy letting all hang out while he is walking around by himself, it’s another thing to feel his naked p*nis pressed against you in a scene.

    Theo Alexander mentioned he will have that scene deleted in order to present the TB season to his mother. I wonder how he felt having all of naked ASkars against him in a roomful of people. Some may say he loved it and knew that nudity was a requirement for the part, however, people still have their levels of comfort.

    Personally , I think that people should be asked if they mind having the naked monty pressed against them. Just common courtesy IMO.

  • Askars rocks

    @Clue: Alex mentioned in various interviews that he askes if the persons he is working with is actually comfortable with him being sockless. I can understand you first post and even agree to some points but I believe the “socks-gate” is overrated here.

  • Clue

    Which interviews? I’ve read quite a few and only recall him stating he is happy being naked, not that he asked if anyone was bothered. I only commented on the nakedness because Stephen Moyer mentioned that he wears a sock for the sake of others, which I think is nice of him. In all reality they all know what they’re getting into when the join the cast.

    It bothers me that TB is being known more for paranormal p0rn than great, fun, interesting story telling. You get to the point where where graphic sex and nakedness is pointless, boring and pathetic. Alan Ball is great story teller that shouldn’t have to rely on cheap, over the top theatrics to entertain us. The characters are parodies of themselves, the stereotypes (especially the Southern ones) are beyond mind numbing and insulting. At this point Lafayette, Jesus, Alcide, Jessica, Hoyt and Pam are the only worthwhile characters that aren’t annoying as h*ll.

    The RS cover is juvenile. Actually kids have more violent ,titillating , interesting imagery in their mangas, anime and video games than this. We get it, sex sells, they’re vampires, lots of blood, blah, blah, blah…. Sookie could have had been smiling and looking a little guilty/ worried with two sets of fresh vampire bites on both sides of her neck while standing between Bill and Eric. .Bill and Eric could have held silver or wooden stakes while smiling lethally at each other. Anything would have been better that this unimaginative, boring shot. Nude covers have been done numerous times before only this time they’re covered in bad fake blood. Which is obviously fake as not to be too gross.

  • Askars rocks

    @Clue: Quote Askars: “I prefer to be fully naked instead. As long as you and your co-star are ok with it, it is no problem and we are a tight bunch that make this series.”
    I’m pretty sure there are more examples but just google sock and Askars and you’ll get a bunch of “new” article and me thinks this is really ridiculous.
    As I said, I do not disagree with your other points but I really do not see any reason for all the press Askars is getting because of this sock-thingy.

  • Puss

    I am so shocked that the UN-CONFIRMED girlfriend of Alexander skarsgard did not show up to the puss premiere not even the after party for her photo opportunity or some nice PDA from Alexander skarsgard.

    kate why would you want to miss out on this fantastc opportunity to walk with lovely Alexander skarsgard on the red carpet after all he is your BOYFRIEND as you claim and he needs your support LOL
    if you dont want him then i will have him.

    my take on is she finally found a job a VERY VERY VERY tiney small role in her BOYFRIEND’S new movie melancholia in sweden and she just could not make it to the premiere because of filming commitement LOL

  • Clue

    @Askars rocks:

    Thanks for the link.

  • Vanessa

    Yes Alex unleash the BEAST!

    We wanna see it…a close up! :D!

  • Lunar213

    @clue,Everything that you wrote was exactly what I was thinking.Very eloquent and to the point.They do wear expensively cheap crap.I really hate it when rich people try to look so very poor.:-)

  • blundht

    @Laura: Love? Or abusive, controlling, ridiculous ideas about supposed romantic love that have no place in the year 2010? Ugh. And shitty ideas about women, virginity, masculinity thrown into the mix. Everything about it sucks.

  • Clue
  • heidi

    @Clue, RS is known as an inconsistent magazine which sometimes has great articles and sometimes doesn’t. This one won’t go down in any journalism Hall Of Fame for anything except the cover photo. The article was poorly researched and conducted for everyone, including, as you say, for Stephen. The biggest thing the interview called Alexander out on was not gossiping about his love life or trying for the Stephen Moyer style sexy talk–for which I am grateful because Stephen, usually a funny man, was trying so hard to please this woman he wasn’t as funny as he usually is. The journalist apparently used gossip sites as her research, which is too bad, since Cargate was a tempest in a teapot, as Alex actually still drives his same car. And it’s interesting that she describes KB disparagingly but is angry Alex won’t give her any juicy quotes and she makes sure to include some pap pics to spice up the article. I don’t see this article being held up as any sort of expose. It’s just stupidly written.

    On the JJ thing, KB did not introduce Alex to JJ. JJ has been an Askars fan for a long time–he followed all the ERW stuff and posted it. He had a photo of himself taken with Alex at the Gucci event as his avatar–and that’s when ERW was still causing fangirls conniptions. He posts on Alex and KB constantly because of the many comments he gets. This site is a business.

    Also, there is no lack of many of the celebrities you mention in the gossip columns. DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli are tabloid staples with their on/off relationship. Brad and Angie, and hello, Clooney? He and The Italian Queen make tabloid headlines in the US and Europe. Alex and KB are still small potatoes compared to these folks. Hopefully, they’ll stay that way.

    And Sockgate is another tempest in a teapot. Alex has already stated he checks with his co-stars before he bares all. Everyone on set says how close and supportive everyone feels. Theo Alexander specifically said Alex helped him get through their scenes together.

  • Too Bad So Sad

    All those people are A LIST STARS THAT ARE ACTUALLY STALKED BY PAPARAZZI AND ARE FEATURES IN BLOGS AND MAGAZINES EVERYWHERE. KB is only here on JJ / X17 or fashion blogs that sell clothes she’s advertising. Someone has mentioned TMZ is one biggest blogs and gossip shows around yet never mention these two.

    We’ve already bypassed the sock issue , you are 2000 and late. As far as the car….NO ONE MADE HIM DRIVE IT. I’m sure there were other loaners available.

    WORTHSKARS get hits because people love to like to diss them.. They make it so easy.


    AS/KB are posted on sites that sell clothes like JJ, X17 and the other fashion blogs. Funny, the rare times the really big sites mention them, it’s in a derisive manner. Seems like they are an inside joke.

    I’m sure that Rolling Stone will take your criticism to heart and close shop. Their readers have been complaining for decades about their shoddy research and poor journalistic style. I really don’t know how they’ve lasted for 43 years***THAT WAS SARCASM***

    That was the best you could do after all this time?

  • heidi

    RS gets lots of criticism for their articles–it’s no news they are hit and miss. The cover is the only part of the article that got any attention, because, yeah, the interview was crap. Sorry.

    TMZ has posted lots on Alex, not that I’m wishing them on him. Do a youtube search. And it was as much before KB as after. They like him. And the point I was replying to about Clooney, etc. was @Clue saying these folks were not covered in the tabloids. Of course they are.

    AS and KB get posted on all kinds of sites, you just have selective vision. They’ve been mentioned in US and People, just like Anna and Stephen get the occasional mention. The RS article is the only one I’ve seen that had a hostile tone and that was because Alex wouldn’t dish on KB, not because he did. The journalist was the one who included the pap shots, Alex was the one keeping quiet about his personal life.

    Driving a fancy loaner car for a weekend counts as scandal? O.K. then (-:

    For any interested parties, there was another UK poll on favourite vamps:

    Check out number six.

  • Clue

    Wow! What flavor Koolaid do you drink? TMZ covered ASkars before and as YOU mention it they like HIM. KB has only recently been mentioned in US and People because of her association with him, not due to her own merit. Lots of sites cover her only for clothes. If you noticed anything recently it should be that she seems to be getting ill fitting leftovers. Having seen a few episodes of Rachel Zoe , I can see that her clothes are not fitted like they would be on an A lister. in fact, she looked like the mother of the bride at the Met Gala and down right frumpty at Burberry. Cate Blanchett would have rocked that outfit! For the most part KB looks like a style challenged hobo, despite the expensiveness of the clothes.

    Elle Fanning at 16 is much more of a style icon and actress than KB will ever hope to be. Ironic, that the only thing KB connected to is clothes and men at this point, not acting.

    It’s nice that AS can win unknown online polls, however he is lagging on well known international media polls, unlike this time last year. Glamour is actually a BIG magazine that most of planet Earth have heard of, in case you didn’t know.

    BTW, I never said that A listers are not covered in tabloids…the gossip rags would be bankrupt if they didn’t cover them. I said that they were not covered excessively HERE on JJ , x17 and other obvious pay for play sites that mostly sell clothes do nothing like KB has been for years. The difference with A LISTERS is that they don’t start posing like KB does when she see camera. It’s almost like she…expects them. A listers actively try to ignore the cameras, not look like they are having a big O.

    Btw, too bad ASkars couldn’t make it to the wedding of Anna and Stephen, considering they’re like family and all. I know, I know he was filming Melancholia in Sweden. Maybe we’ll see the two happy couples out and about. like they have been doing…never….unless at fixed seating at award or professional events.

    No one is jealous of them and certainly not her. It’s like others have mentioned, they’re like watching a weird, highly dysfunctional reality show. Which I usually find distasteful, l but I just can’t seem to look away. ‘I’m is curious to see how it ends.

  • Clue


    Thanks for the poll. BTW, isn’t it funny that Darla and Eric Northman worked together on “Kill Your Darlings”? What a small world.

  • Oktomārs

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