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Angelina Jolie: Le Grand Rex Super Smile

Angelina Jolie: Le Grand Rex Super Smile

Angelina Jolie lights up the red carpet with her million dollar megawatt smile at the premiere of her latest spy thriller, Salt, at Le Grand Rex on Tuesday (August 17) in Paris, France.

A rep for the 35-year-old actress addressed the rumors that Angie would star as Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming feature film. The LA Times was told, “Angelina is NOT attached to this project.”

FYI: Angie paired her shiny Pamella Roland dress with satin Ferragamo shoes.

25+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie positively glowing on in Paris…

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angelina jolie mega watt smile 01
angelina jolie mega watt smile 02
angelina jolie mega watt smile 03
angelina jolie mega watt smile 04
angelina jolie mega watt smile 05
angelina jolie mega watt smile 06
angelina jolie mega watt smile 07
angelina jolie mega watt smile 08
angelina jolie mega watt smile 09
angelina jolie mega watt smile 10
angelina jolie mega watt smile 11
angelina jolie mega watt smile 12
angelina jolie mega watt smile 13
angelina jolie mega watt smile 14
angelina jolie mega watt smile 15
angelina jolie mega watt smile 16
angelina jolie mega watt smile 17
angelina jolie mega watt smile 18
angelina jolie mega watt smile 19
angelina jolie mega watt smile 20
angelina jolie mega watt smile 21
angelina jolie mega watt smile 22
angelina jolie mega watt smile 23
angelina jolie mega watt smile 24
angelina jolie mega watt smile 25

Credit: Francois Durand; Photos: Getty
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  • Passing Through


  • Some Bunny

    FIRST!! ty jj

  • bubbaness

    Wow. No black, soft hair. A nice change!

  • niwatori

    DEAR LORD! She gets more gorgeous with each passing day. I love her dress and I lover her smile. She looks dazzling.

  • Passing Through

    Hahahahahahahahaha!! I fully admit it…that was pretty juvenile, but at least I beat a troll to it!

  • Passing Through

    # 492 Observer2 @ 08/17/2010 at 2:54 pm +2

    This is what a true A-List movie star’s premiere looks like. Paris, waiting for Angelina:
    ROTFLMAO. Poor X. You know homegirl is snuggled up to Norman and sobbing her “Nobody loves Rachel anymore!” heart out…

  • SALT

    Love the beautiful smile!

  • Nisha

    She looks stunning!!

  • niwatori

    *I LOVE her smile,
    not lover lol.

  • Butter_Fly

    Oh my god. I like that dress. A LOT.

  • gracie

    She is goegeous , PERFECT from head to toe.

  • an oldie

    Million dollar megawatts smile indeed, Jared.

  • niwatori

    @Passing Through:

    I actually laughed when I saw you up there, PT. Nice job though.

  • gracie

    Oops! don’t know what happened , my comment posted before I had the time to correct the word —- Gorgeous

  • jo

    I want her to gain some weight.

  • yo sista

    Nice change! She looks lovely <3

  • anne

    i like how she’s choosing colors other than black. she does look wonderful in black; i just think that she looks stunning in other colors as well.

  • Agatha


  • sav

    Beautiful Angie!!!

  • true facts

    I loved Angie’s response to the book.

  • Premalee

    She looks so beautiful.

  • Jokergurl

    Radiant! I love the texture of the dress and the white shimmery color it lights up her whole face, well that and the ear to ear smile. Such a gorgeous and unbelievably cool woman :)

  • estelle

    OHMYGOODNESSS!!!!!!!!! absolutely tres jolie!
    She is so beautiful and I just love her smile.

    PT, congrats on beating the troll for 1st post….wink!

  • Slig

    I love shiloh and knox and vivianne

  • soopx1

    Angelina Jolie is so Gorgeous,I Love this Beautifl Lady.

  • gracie
  • LYNN

    There is no other!!!. I am just so choked up, The dictionary does not have enough words to define her beauty and her regal personality. Love that dress, love the shoes. Is that dress by the same designer? All I can say is, that this girl is the bomb. What else can I say, even after having 3 beautiful babies out of that stomach. Not only that, but the bitch can act her azz off. I saw Salt the second time. No she should not play Marilyn Monroe. After reading about Marilyn, its not Angie. Angie is a classy Movie star. OK HATERS COME ON WITH IT.


    she got a dress her grandmother? no class, fortunately there makeup!, her breasts have been reconstructed, it is the first time I see breasts as firm, after having three children

  • She looks like Knox Jolie

    She looks like knox with her hair up like that. If she cut her hair Knox would be her mini me

  • Lille

    J’aime Angelina.Elle est belle

  • Lilleth

    Perfect for Paris, she does a good job of dressing for each premiere location, I like that. She is becoming such a class act on the red carpet, some don’t like all of her more “conservative” choices, but she is old school Hollywood, glamour over sex appeal. And of course she is still sexy!

  • gracie

    You see Anuston freaks, Angie can do lots of different syles with her hair, down , up, packed and styled on one side etc and she will always look gorgeous in all of them. Anuston only has one style, covering half her face and ugly chin, the boring style is as old as the grandma.

  • She looks like knox jolie

    I think she should chop her hair off. she would look great with super short hair. Btw I love her bangs :) she looks sleepy tho

  • thelookoflove1365

    Way to go Angie! Glamorous without trying hard. Salt is kick ass. Hubby loved the movie and waiting for DVD already to add to his collection of movies. LOL.

    Thanks for the tab report. OMG, scumbag AM is sleazy and lazy. How can you get away with writing bio without exhaustive research? What journalism school did hge graduate from?. Whatever school he graduated from should be ashame of this clown.

    Neleh-thanks for the shout out as always. Glad you had a nice vacay!!!

  • http://Www Kaz

    I like just colour hair but she boring

  • sav

    @JENARDISON: Yeah, reconstructed by Brad! He works a full night shift on that breasts. Jealous?

  • LYNN

    Good day all J/P fans. On my way to work.

  • Slig

    Boring what this old woman like 50

  • Katsaridoula

    her smile sends out so much sunshine. Simply Beautiful – tres Jolie.

  • N.

    Nice to see her in something other than black. Gorgeous.

  • Geena

    She is beautiful but wouldn’t hurt if she ate a little more and stopped borrowing ugly dresses from her grandmother. She dresses like Joan Collins, for god sake!

  • Katsaridoula

    @LYNN really? I am off to sleep in a mo. Morning or evening – always a good time for some new pics of Angie.

  • luvangie4ever

    Spectacular! Love the outfit and the shoes. And her face is perfect, especially the lip color.

  • lololo

    oh my god everyone who says she looks old, ugly or what ever is so jealous!!!!!!!!! she is a classy beautiful woman….so haters stop it nobody listen to you!!!

  • BAP

    Why do we look on the outside of what she is wearing so much! Look at Angelina big heart, I only see her goodness.

    A person can be adorn with the most beautiful clothes and still be evil.

    Angelina wants you to see her works for humanity first, not what what she wears.

  • ummahyk

    beautiful beautiful beautiful..a million times beautiful! i love her with all my heart:)

  • truth is

    @JENARDISON: your sentence does not make any sense but for you to say that Angie has 3 kids plus Brad who s*cks her breasts and still in shape is amazing. Jealous much? Jen’s breasts are so soggy even though she doesn’t have kid/s.

  • dawne

    absolutely love the dress, makeup and hair………..she looks fab in white. That’s our Angie……..polarizing colours…… This style of dress is so flattering to her body type. Loved the shot of the crowd from PT…………….speaking of polarization LMAO

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh man, she looks absolutely fabulous! I love how she looks here, almost unfair to the rest of us that somebody can be so gorgeous!

  • bdj

    Wow Mama Angie is super gorgeous. Love the dress and look. Thanks for all the beautiful pixs. The Jolie is an elegant beautiful woman. Now that’s how you wear a dress, not that over tight Jr High Prom dress, playing peekaboo with your crotch. The Jolie is a beautiful, kind hearted woman. Thanks for all the Paris pixs. Mama Angie rules.