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Brooklyn Decker: Battleship's Newest Star!

Brooklyn Decker: Battleship's Newest Star!

Brooklyn Decker has been cast in the upcoming action-adventure Battleship, in theaters May 2012.

The 23-year-old Sports Illustrated cover model will star alongside Rihanna and on-screen brothers Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood).

The flick, which will be helmed by actor/director Peter Berg, is based on the adaptation of Hasbro’s naval combat board game. The naval fleet that must defend their planet from alien invaders!

In a few weeks, Battleship will star production in Hawaii. Brooklyn was just there shooting the comedy Just Go With It alongside Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston.

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  • bebe

    I want her boobs. Think I will pass out on this film.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Another “actress” to join Battleship – this movie is going to bomb so spectacularly!

  • jujube

    Will pass on this film. Speaking of her last movie, she looks like she could be Jennifer Aniston’s much younger sister,

  • Leila


  • jay

    misshapen implants

  • http://Www Kaz

    Like angry

  • Saad G.Khan

    Killer Pic.. Andy RodDick is a Lucky man! ;-)

  • ashley.rose

    Poor Alex and Taylor.
    They signed on do this action movie, and branch out of tv a little.
    And then they throw a craptastic cast at them.. Rihanna and this girl….fail.

  • ashley.rose

    Poor Alex and Taylor.
    They signed on do this action movie, and branch out of tv a little.
    And then they throw a craptastic cast at them.. Rihanna and this girl….fail.

  • Dominic

    Sure sign this movie is gonna suck. They couldn’t get one name actor involved. Oh well, there goes 200million down the drain.

  • sunshine

    Epic Fail….

  • fresh

    She’ll divorce Andy Roddick pretty soon. She’ll start thinking she’s hot stuff. She’s got big boobs but her face aint special. And I doubt she can act. This movie will bomb.

  • Slig

    She just 23 but she like old 27

  • Jam


    Umm you blind? Those are real breasts.

  • MAYBE if the divorce happen

    AS will be interested in raising his profile with her??
    that would only prove his famewhore attitude

  • ally

    This movie is going to be a mess. Rihanna and her, seriously? No offense to Brooklyn, she’s beautiful and all, but how did she even become this famous? I didn’t even know she existed as a model much less a person until Andy Roddick married her one day, and then suddenly she’s the SI swimsuit cover model and now she’s acting in movies. What in the world?

  • Big Tim

    I’m suddenly craving milk

  • QQQQ

    I just “knew” u had to pimp Adam Sandler’s piece of sh*t movie that all the talentless hacktresses are in.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …LOL a fug bug w/ nice boobage. damn, they’re surrounding alex w/ a bunch of lame ducks. LOL

  • Jaded

    Yeah I gotta agree this movie just reeks of crap. It sounds like a stupid version of Pearl harbor and it’s not like that was cinematic gold. Peter Berg has a couple of good films under his belt.
    I think it would have a better chance if he was writing not just producing and directing. I guess we’ll have to wait until there are trailers to judge.

    Although I would watch two hours of Alexander Skarsgard half naked, so if the script is crap just keep him naked. Naked in 3D would be good too.

  • S*8hallo


    Peter Berg… call you are an actor/director.
    What about respecting your fellow actors and giving the role to someone who earned it. Hire some people with some real acting chops…like your former co-star from THE LAST SEDUCTION …
    Her character in that movie seduced and used Berg’s character it was embarassing…she worked him to no end ..if you haven’t seen it…it is must see!

    Petet Berg will always be that guy who Fiorentino called
    “Her designated f-ck” ..HA!

  • JC

    Peter Berg is a good director, but I have no idea why he’s opting for all this inexperience in the cast. The special effects must be state of the art because this movie sure isn’t going to dazzle with it’s “actors”. A pop singer, a bikini model, and two TV actors. Maybe they still need to cast someone because for 200 million I think they need a name film actor.

  • http://j ivanka

    idk, she only gets roles because of her body but 0 TALENT!

  • Vida

    Her boobs honestly scare me in this pic. Anyone else?

  • jaye

    That’s not an attractive picture. Boobs pancaked and photo-shopped, exciting eh? lol NOT! Hmmmmm, she’s probably going to be in Michael Bay’s next movie.

  • alison

    she looks like an adult film star.
    her boobs just look saggy rather than attractive to me.
    ugly face.

  • lynn

    so happy jeremy renner didn’t do this film!!

  • G


  • A

    Pig face

  • status quo

    Are you seriously kidding me!? I don’t know if Taylor Kitsch is enough for me to see this craptastic mess.

    The first strike was the fact that the movie based off of the Battleship game and makes the phrase ” You sank my battleship” resonate in my mind every time I try to give this movie a chance. The second strike was the casting of Rihanna which lowered the credibility and artistic integrity of the movie. The THIRD strick was when they hired a bimbo Victoria Secret model to ensure men wank off while watching the movie. I refuse to sit next to a creepy dude wanking off in the movie theater.

    Sorry Kitsch, I’m going to have to stick with FNL and Wolverine.

  • ok

    She looks 33 not 23…wow

  • Brooklyn

    what a mess. I’m sick of these wannabe actresses. They made names by famous actor/athlete boyfriend/husband, and showing boobs, then we all find out that what they really, really want be actresses. sick.

  • bebe

    No wonder Andy has dropped out of top 10 ranking.

    That’s an ugly boob shot. Yup, once she gets more fame, she will move on from Andy claiming “busy schedule”.

  • haha

    @bebe: I doubt that you want lopsided boobs.

  • Poach

    face: mess boob: pancake

  • Ginger

    I don’t like this nose picker.

  • Sweetie


    Haha are u kiddin?! Real breasts??? Get real. Hahahaha. U know fake boobs these days look REAL, but u can easily see that this is fake omfg.

  • sadie

    @Jam: real breasts are not angular. it doesn’t matter how you hold them they won’t take the shape that her right breast takes, unless they’re fake.

  • siennagold

    Wow what awesome boobs!

  • Kary

    Her boobs are horriblessss. And one seems to be much bigger than the other.

  • Brett

    @jay: It’s amazing how many people on the internet don’t know what real breasts look like. And by amazing, I mean not surprising.

  • sadie

    @Brett: are you saying her breasts are real or fake? i know what real breasts look like because i have them. those things are not real. like i said before, real breasts will not take that angular shape, they’ll stay rounded.

  • Brett


    Fake breasts don’t move like that. Now, maybe the photo is misleading. Hell, maybe it’s photoshopped into something unnatural; they certainly did a number on her face–though, frankly, I don’t see that to which you’re referring. In any case, it’s pretty standard internet fare to claim that any thin woman with large breasts has implants, which isn’t shocking since it tends to be the case, but some quick googling would reveal otherwise in this girl’s case.

  • Pessa

    Brett = Brooklyn Decker in desperate. Brooklyn Decker is following JustJared everyday on twitter. Poor girl..

  • Poach

    People MUST SEE her pictures from her high school.
    I don’t know about her breast………….but her NOSE and TEETH are horribly different. She had plastic surgery for her nose and speed fixed her teeth. I uploaded the picture on her official Facebook, Brooklyln deleted very fast.

  • Brett

    @Pessa: Just a guy who is tired of jealous cunts. Sometimes I forget I’m on the internet. I really don’t come to JJ that often though. Is this were all the people who were ugly in high school hang out? The repressed desire to be noticed is palpable.

  • sadie

    @Brett: ”
    In any case, it’s pretty standard internet fare to claim that any thin woman with large breasts has implants”

    That’s not true! No one says Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or Katy Perry have implants. The difference is that theirs are real. Brooklyn’s aren’t.

  • Brett

    @sadie: Wow, three girls who aren’t nearly as thin as Brooklyn. You’ve certainly convinced me.

    Funny. Not one reference to the video I provided. I wonder why. If implants are so good that they are practically the real thing now, I say bring em on.

  • Oktomārs

    Man arī viņa patīk :)