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Chris Brown & Usher Touring Together?!

Chris Brown & Usher Touring Together?!

Dancing phenoms Chris Brown and Usher will soon be touring together, according to producer Bryan Michael Cox.

Usher and the boy Chris Brown are going on tour, y’all know that, right?” Bryan asked viewers on a video posted on YouTube. “I might’ve just gave y’all some exclusive s—!”

Reps haven’t confirmed the tour but Chris did tweet, “What would you guys say if me and Usher went on tour?”

WILL YOU BUY tickets to see Usher and Chris Brown on tour together???

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62 Responses to “Chris Brown & Usher Touring Together?!”

  1. 1
    kant spel Says:

    Two untalented people no one cares about are touring together?
    What news!

  2. 2
    smh Says:

    Disappointed in Usher.

  3. 3
    gross Says:


  4. 4
    lol Says:

    To answer your question Jared I still like Usher but I’ll never see him live. He wears some tacky sh*t and he uses those annoying tacky bright lights that talentless **** Jason Deruloooo uses.

  5. 5
    happy Says:

    Chris Brown is a women beater, I will never support him.

  6. 6
    Allie Says:

    Damn right I would, but only for the dancing. Chris Brown is a great performer, so I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic tour.

  7. 7
    for real? Says:

    ewwwww @ cb

  8. 8
    Jermaine Says:

    @Allie: I think he sucks.

  9. 9
    Whatever... Says:

    A cheater and a beater! NO ONE wants to see these two fools together.

  10. 10
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …they should. usher’s career’s dying and chris brown’s is already dead – perfect match.

  11. 11
    Jonte Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: So true.

  12. 12
    zoz Says:

    Usher better get rid of chris brown quick if he wants money. Go away Chris brown.

  13. 13
    Fiend2U Says:

    sure will.. saw Chris last year (Amazing) and have never seen usher .. but look forward to it.. if its true.

    If a convicted Felony like Jay Z is touring all over the world and is the top telling King according to forbes after he STABBED a man.. then anythings possible..

  14. 14
    I'mma BOSS Says:

    OMG!! Is this for real???? I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!! I saw him live last year and he is INCREDIBLE!! I would definitely pay to see him again and with USHER??? ***** YEAH!! hahaha …this news just made my whole week!!

  15. 15
    Too Damn Bad... Says:

    Front row seats! Get off his d***!!!

    I bet you sitting your flat ass hypocrites are in front of tv watching two1/2 men w/ wife beater knife wielder Charlie and your mummies are swooning over that old punch wife in the face/ racist Mel.

  16. 16
    Sunshine Says:

    YESSSS!!!!!!!! Two of the best performers in the music business coming together!!!!!! This is actually like a dreamcome true!!! Went to see chris in 2009 and it was the best night of my life :) he is such a great entertainer :) :)
    P.s to all the haters commenting- you dont have a life if u spend time commenting on people u dont really like. And you dont have good taste in music if you dont like chris and usher and dont think an usher and chris tour would be awesome. xox bless u haters :)

  17. 17
    Lilo Says:

    @Fiend2U: Jay Z stabbed a man? I never heard about that, is that true? ….Urrrr, I also saw Chris Brown last year on tour just one week before he hit Rihanna in Paris and the show was kinda cool. I would never have thought that only one week later, he could possibly ruin his whole career the way he did XD …. He seemed really kind and cute. Ugh anyway, I wouldn’t pay for him again but I would pay a concert ticket for Usher. He’s been known for quite some time and he was amazing back in the day. Apart from the fact that I hate how with so many kids out there, he decided to pick that Bieber baby to be under his production….. He’s still worth it to me.

  18. 18
    s p a c e d - o u t Says:

    these two can dance…i think it would be a hot show for sure… yeah i’d see them in concert…. All the best to the both of these artists.

  19. 19
    Sunshine Says:

    YESSSS!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!! :)Two of the best performers in the music business coming together!!!!!! This is actually like a dreamcome true!!! Went to see chris in 2009 and it was the best night of my life :) he is such a great entertainer :) :)
    P.s to all the haters commenting- you dont have a life if u spend time commenting on people u dont really like. And you dont have good taste in music if you dont like chris and usher and dont think an usher and chris tour would be awesome. xox bless u haters :)

  20. 20
    Opal Says:

    I almost like how Usher is trying to rock the Gene Kelly in Singin’ In the Rain vibe. BUT he’s not nearly as cool as the original himself. Nice jacket though! Wonder where he got it from.

  21. 21
    s p a c e d - o u t Says:


    Yeah, Jay-Z did stab someone back in like ’96 i think, he sold helped destroy a community by selling crack to kids, he also hit a woman in her face… but no one seems to care, no one talks about it… ppl pick and choose when and who they want to be mad at

    I guess if I buy a Jay-Z song, i’m supporting attempted murder? pfft…

  22. 22
    pixy Says:

    @Fiend2U: I had NO idea that ever happened…Not that I’m a fan…But you have a point.

    As far as Usher and Chris are concerned, they’re two Michael Jackson wannabes. I’d rather watch my “Dangerous” DVD instead. Why watch the copies when I can still see that real thing…? Even if it is only on DVD…

  23. 23
    Ivy03 Says:

    I’ll will be attending the NYC show! …and if the timing is right and my schedule works out, I may go again to the Atlanta show or vice versa… depends on which is first tho lol

  24. 24
    Aisha Says:

    In a word…YES! Chris Brown & Usher…. the only 2 pop/r&b dudes worthy of a full scale tour with the likes of these lazy r&b guys and rappers out now who have yet to even step in Chris Brown’s multi-talented footsteps (Jason, Iyaz, JaySean, Drake, etc… ya’ll ain’t cuttin’ it. WE MISS (NEED) BREEZY!)

    I’m all over the sexiness that will be this EPIC occasion. Can’t wait!

  25. 25
    sweetness Says:

    why does usher want to tour with that swine who beat Rihanna?

  26. 26
    Fuhnee Says:

    Ummm Chris Brown is an extremely handsome dude with a beautiful smile… Usher is the funny looking one with that sloped canteloup head of his….anyway this would def be a high energy show! I love how usher isn’t ashamed to stand by his friend after all these years. I HATE what Chris did and he deserved to be punished and he was/is… I don’t support his actions but I do support rehabilitation, counselling, forgiveness and second chances. If he does it again, which I highly doubt!, then eff him. But honestly, I can’t STAND that Jason de-hell-no dude he can’t sing and can’t dance! Everytime I see him I wish more and more that Chris gets his ish together and comes back… CB can dance and sing circles around his try-too-hard ass…tell him to take his Honda and gtfo!
    when can I get these tickets?? lol

  27. 27
    lindsay Says:

    did chris beat rihanna? yes. but does that mean he has no talent? absolutely not. people need to stop throwing his private life into his professional life. he is very talented and he does have a fan base still.
    and as for the idiot that said they both have no talent…check yourself because they are 2 of the most talented artists in the business.

  28. 28
    Phunky Phresh Says:

    when it comes to dancing and performing, LIVING (cuz Michael Jackson will forever be the KING, RIP) — CHRIS BROWN & USHER >>>>> the rest of these auto-tuned, half-stepping, fake ass wannabe R&B/Pop suckas!! #YeahiSaidit
    *goes to dance to Deuces*

  29. 29
    aj Says:

    What are yall talking about, Chris Brown is NOT ugy. He may be a lot of things but he is neither ugly nor untalented. He is one of the most talented artists out right now. People need to recognize this and get over what happened. Bashers just sound ignorant. I for one will be buying a ticket.

  30. 30
    caroline Says:

    I will be there. I would love to see Chris and Usher.

  31. 31
    Courtney Says:

    YESSSSSSSS!!! Chris Brown and Usher! i’m so excited, I wanna buy a ticket right now. I love these guys :)

  32. 32
    Blah Blah Says:

    A lot of jealous haters in this world what a shame. I would love to see Chris Brown an Usher in concert and will be there if they come near my area of the world. The last tour Chris did he gave proceeds of his ticket sales to DV, and Best Buddies charities which totaled around 25 grand. Chris donates through his twitter to charity also with ads.

    What have any of you donated for anything? Yep thought so. As long as Chris is trying to better himself I will support him.

    Another note: Anyone saying Chris or Usher are gay, ugly, or not talented are just jealous, you must have a sad life

  33. 33
    julie Says:

    yes i will, they are talented, chris has learned his lesson and paid for his mistake. let’s move on, charlie sheen and a lot others has done lot worst.

  34. 34
    sad Says:


  35. 35
    Fiend2U Says:

    yes its true.. jayz stabbed a man in club.. he was ceo of his label.. so it was after he was famous too.. just google it
    also, like someone said, sold drugs(self proclaimed) drug dealer..

    my point is not to bash jay..but why does society pick who to hate n black ball.

    charlie sheen got a raise after his arrest.. not to mention he’s Shot his previous GF years ago..

    its whatever.. i believe in 2nd i”ll support.

  36. 36
    Alia Says:

    If Usher was touring alone or with anyone other than Chris then I would love too but no way in HELL willl I support Usher now. He lost a fan in me. SELLOUT!!!

  37. 37
    sandi Says:

    well, I just lost respect for Usher. chris brown is so lame. woman beating has been. the industry has no morals or values. $h(T is sick.

  38. 38
    Warren Mallard Says:

    Hope they come to sydney

  39. 39
    olivia Says:

    NOPE not with Chris Beat-her-down Brown

  40. 40
    Ankka Says:

    this is NOT a good look for Usher !! the association with a WOMAN BEATER does not help him at all !!
    just when we thought that he was making a comeback! he does not need FLOP Brown to go on tour!! he can do it by himself !!

  41. 41
    black Says:

    Is Usher crazy or something? Not a smart move on his side——–but then again………….with his latests singles “Lil freak” and “Hot toddy”……I wouldn´t really call him a class act either anymore.
    Going downhill………..and getting more perevrted along the way.

  42. 42
    nick Says:

    ha ha its funny how you haters get mad at anthing good cb is doing get over it you hating is making breezy better he dont care about you haters he has a strong fan base yall funny to me

  43. 43
    nick Says:

    haha its fummy how all you haters het mad at anything cb is doing good yall making him stronger yall dont know what to do but leave hatefull comments its funny to me and if his career waz done his song deuces is doing great right look at the charts

  44. 44
    ciara Says:

    i know yall hate cb but he is not ugly he damn sexy and i dont even like him

  45. 45
    *she rocks* Says:

    People are quick to judge Chris, when Jay Z was caught on tape beating up a W.O.M.A.N!

  46. 46
    soso Says:

    i love them both soooooooo much they are really talanted >

  47. 47
    Emily Says:

    That is the most despicable thing I have ever heard about Usher. Can’t believe he is so desperate as to even be associated with Chris Brown. I love(d) Usher too. If he drops Chris Brown then I’d buy a ticket and go. No, if otherwise.

  48. 48
    Emily Says:

    That is the most despicable thing I have ever heard about Usher. Can’t believe he is so desperate as to even be associated with Chris Brown. I love(d) Usher too. If he drops Chris Brown then I’d buy a ticket and go. No, if otherwise.

  49. 49
    Emily Says:

    That is the most despicable thing I’ve ever heard about Usher. I love Usher. But is he desperate or something? I will never buy that ticket. I will if Usher drops Chris Brown.

  50. 50
    DD Says:

    chris latest album didnt do so good so im wondering what songs he would perform his older songs

  51. 51
    susanna Says:

    Usher has to be the clueless.Why in the world would he bring this woman beating scumbag on tour with him?? I love Usher, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay money to see that despicable human Chris Brown. No way. Why is he even associating himself with this clown???

  52. 52
    NICK Says:

    Classic foolery, A Serial Cheater and a Woman Beater on tour, why not while you at why not get Charlie Sheen & Mel Gibson to star in a Movie togther. Lets all celebrate these disgusting vile humans beng while innocent Gay & Lesbians are being denied the right to get married.

  53. 53
    monice Says:

    yeah the “deuche tour” woman beater and a cheater, their careers are dead, when you have a female fan base and you cheat or/and beat women you pretty much can kiss your career goodbye

  54. 54
    please Says:

    you white people need to get over this Chris and rihanna thing and worry about Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen women beating a**as! I don’t see anybody boycotting Charlie’s wack TV show or burning lethal weapon! Give me a break and get a life. Move the F**K on! Damn so many important world issues and you are still on Chris Brown’s balls! Give it up! Enough of this post racial America crap! They love to highlight black men’s downfalls and sweep these crazy a** boys sh*t under the table!

  55. 55
    JessieO Says:

    HATERS….. HATERS…. HATERS!!!!!! CB and Usher r 2 of The Best R&B artists TODAY… period! And there are a lot of ppl…. real ppl, who appreciate real music that will buy ticks n go. AND I’M ONE OF THEM :p

  56. 56
    milaZ Says:

    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone!

  57. 57
    Julie Says:

    they are young and made horrible mistakes…but they learned from them, they are very talented, they sing, dance, have charisma, i loved, loved Chris last c.d. you got to listen to it, hate the sin, love the sinner. usher is good too, their voices are amazing, lets move on, and celebrate the change, how many R & B talented black males do we have?

  58. 58
    nothing 2 do w race! Says:

    @please: They’re all gross!

  59. 59
    Szasz Says:

    @*she rocks*: That’s because this isn’t about Jay Z, it’s about chris brown not meaningless shifts of focus, because you don’t like what’s being said. It’s called a deterrent, or deflection. CB is an abuser, attempted murderer, a liar and an opportunist. Usher is only playing politics to coincide with the BET awards and which they tried desperately to redeem dumbass. Because people are idiots and buy anything they sale, oh he said sorry, but how long did that take? When he was losing money, fans, sponsors and so forth. Because, it wasn’t going away. Kayne wasn’t joking about crack music, and zombified desensitized listeners. So what he can dance, and? Move on, so lets say he kills someone, but it’s okay he can dance. How stupid is that? Biggest retarded morons I’ve ever seen. I still like Usher, but CB will never be as big as he was, he is forever tainted regardless of what these dumbasses say here because he did to himself, lie after lie, fake remorse. The past will always haunt because he didn’t pay for his crime and whined woes with me the whole time.

  60. 60
    Dante Says:

    @*she rocks*: is this topic about Jay z, go complain to the media if you want more coverage. And Jay z did not slap that girl he knew her btw as she charge over to him fanatically, who’s also a stalker, he pushed her face. However, the video was slowed down to make it look worse then what it was. She didn’t file charges either. And I can’t stand Jay Z, but it’s the truth.

  61. 61
    Amazing Says:

    Rihanna fans are running scared because they know Chris is making a comeback. Try as they may Chris is not going away. There will be plenty of supporters for the #cbusher concert. Stop posting nasty comments because what you say will come back to haunt you one day and God forbid any of you ever do something wrong. Revenge belongs to the Lord.

  62. 62
    Oktomārs Says:

    =] ] ]

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