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Hayden Sandwich Eats a Sandwich in Sandwich!

Hayden Sandwich Eats a Sandwich in Sandwich!

Newly single Hayden Christensen waves to fans before taping an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (August 16) in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old Canadian actor shared that he recently spent a month in London and exploring the English countryside. “I went to the town of Sandwich that was settled by Lord Sandwich where the sandwich was invented,” Hayden shared. “I ate a lot of sandwiches.” Ha!

Hayden‘s new movie Takers opens everywhere on August 27!

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Q

    Newly single~~~cheer!!!!i like him and Natalie Portman

  • jeezzum

    Newly single?! Yah right… as if there’s a “lot” of who had bite his last HW liaison that just looks like a “bad reality TV show”. Wonder who’s the next “beard” is?! (lol)

  • FunkJunk

    Being gay is no big deal… I don’t understand why he just doesn’t come out already!

  • Olivia

    He’s so hot. I really want him and rachel bilson to get back together and I know they will. They are so cute and so meant to be. A lot of people won’t agree with this, but when the time comes it will happen !! xoxo

  • Sandra

    @ Olivia

    Stop speculating on that, they are done. She is not going to live on a farm.

  • Amy


    Stranger things have happened than two people breaking up then getting back together again. People shouldn’t be doing the happy dance over the breakup. Then again, I don’t think there is anyone in the world that Hayden would be with that would satisfy some people here. He’ll do what’s right for him and that’s as it shoud be.

  • ida

    newly single and hot…..what else could anyone possibly need?;)

  • lexy hates bilson

    Isn’t it interesting how he dumped the media whore and now he’s able to do things without the paps “mysteriously” showing up to document his every move??

  • maggiexao

    I really can’t belive how good he looks again!!!! healthy lovely !!!
    I’m so happy for him!!!!

  • jen

    I’m not a fan of Hayden but he looks so much better now. He looked miserable when he was with Rachel. They both looked miserable when they were together.

  • leimore

    And NO London pics that ever came out in the media / tabloids?!
    Why so?!
    Plain & simple… becoz his extremely paparazzi friendly ex-flame is NOT there!

  • PrettySimpleton

    I think the London trip was a test he did .
    To see if he got papped and bugged like he always did because of her.and guess what he didnt of course lol without the mediawhore princess to tip them off.
    So he added things up obviously about what was the difference and realized he needed to dump her @ss.
    Considering she never wanted to live on his farm or be anywhere near him that didnt involve a camera and press for HER,
    His mind must of cleared and he was like oh forget this b@itch lol
    Honestly she never was around him and never went out of her way to see him, her motives are as clear as crystal and maybe now his head is.
    Good for him he looks so much better much more like he did about four years ago pre presswhore princess era.

  • the truth

    @Amy: @Olivia: Its not going to happen ok. Just be happy for him ok.Can’t you both read .He was there to do a tv show and promoted the movie. I think he did a good job and came out are his shyness a little bit..You al said that about her and Adam and it didn’t happen.Besides she didn’t want to him to be around her anymore its seems Rachel is big liar about the break anyway. It was over in may. You all she shoud br talking about what a big liar Rachel is. I don’t think he like how she handle things about the break-up anyway.She could have done better and left things alone.She knew he just had a premiere are his movie. And pull that on him.He didn’t need that.And want him to go back to that? I don’t think she wants to talk him again anyway. The clip looks good and so did he last night.Again he did a great job!

  • Blahzae

    I love that once again his ex vanishes when he comes to town. She must be ashamed of how pathectic of a state her career and life is in at the moment,
    Atleast he has Takers coming out and another movie on the way. What does she have a guest spot on 30 mins failing tv show lol
    Yeah I would hide too ;p
    Atleast things are looking up for Hayden again . :)

  • H728

    @Celebwatcher: Who cares who was the one that ended the relationship?
    The most important thing is, since the showmance ends, Hayden certainly looks happier now. Good for him.

  • Blahzae

    Not true Rachel dumped Adam for no reason she is a little presswhoring viper and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants
    She even claimed that once in an interview.
    “Ive never gone after something I wanted that I didnt get”
    Honestly she can bat her eyelashes all she wants but a little viper will never be a doe.

  • jamie


  • Shanda

    Why can’t people talk about how smart he is instead are his personal life. He showed last night that he has a brain and not dumb.And talk about what a good job he did? That’s what matter he didn’t go into that. He has moved on.Also the clip was good and he did a good job with the subjects at hand.But he stiil kind are shy. He looks better than having the media in his face all the time.Did see him a magazine about him being in london.But no one pay attention cause it was about someone else anyway.He was looking good last night and relaxed! you go hayden!

  • kitten

    @ shanda
    which magazine was it?

  • lisa

    Why Rachel Bilson is not photographed every day, as usual, when Hayden is in Los Angeles? Just curious. :D

  • Knotty

    Is that SWEAT ?! :) …..I guess he’s hot ;D

  • Knotty

    Lol @ the sandwich thing !

  • yeah

    He is looking good, very good

  • Madison


  • jen

    he’s cute. I didn’t know their was a sandwich town, interesting.

  • jess

    He looks amazing! Thanks Jared.

  • jolene

    OMG! hayden is soooooo gorgeous!!! love him!!! thaks jj!!!

  • Brightside

    I doubt they’ll get back together…lol…it’s not like they were together in the first place. Rachel Bilson was pretty much a dud as a girlfriend and fiancee. Hardlly ever spent time with him, was more interested in hanging out in LA shopping with her friends. I find it completely perplexing that they ever made it to the engagement stage of the relationship when there was so little connection between them and can only assume Rachel badgered him into it in the hopes that the publicity about the engagement and marriage would revitalise her flagging career and give her more press attention. Why he went along with it, heaven only knows! He can do a lot better.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    He hasn’t looked this hot in years looking great .

  • Lake

    Super hot Hayden! And your career is on the rebound, congrats!

  • Jokergurl

    He’s very handsome, and he pretty much built and designed his own farm house in Ontario Canada, gotta love that.

  • C3


    Olivia don’t wish a bad thing on two people. I love Rachel and you guys love Hayden. I think it’s obvious by now after the past 2 years it wasn’t working out. You can’t make long distance relationships work. And if I was engaged there’s no way I could live without my girl near by. I couldn’t live with all this long distant stuff. I don’t know how they could stand it. Rachel is better off without him.

    I’m positive Hayden’s fans feel the same way.

    Good luck to Rachel.

  • Deborah

    No good luck shall befall that brat. Hayden deserves someone who appreciates his sense of humor and his personality. I think he looks fabulous now that he got that pressure off his shoulders. He should just wat a little longer than a few months to find that special someone. All I know is that Rachel was and is not the one and they will never be back together. His career is booming while her career, if she ever had a little one, is a complete disaster. GO HAYDEN!!!

  • LOL

    He is fkn ugly.

  • WHO?

    I can’t believe he has fans lmao

  • callmewhatever

    He looks so gorgeous! I dont think he’s gay. Wentworth Miller absolutely. Hayden I really dont see it. He’s just more boyish cute than masculine, that doesnt make him gay though.

  • crapshack

    @14 -
    Crapchel is not really hiding but looks like on a “very tight budget” regarding her photo ops that’s limited only on one of her so-called jobs (that she got also thru conections) but so not on her paparazzi bff’s – and here she is just “snagging some freebies” – a zlister that usually does when always just attending an opening-an-envelope event.

  • padme

    Hayden is looking much healthier (not to mention HOTTER and SEXIER too) ever since he removed himself from that parasite Biatchson who was eating away his happiness and money. Now his career has taken off again and best of luck to him…he deserves it!