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Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon Killed in Car Crash

Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon Killed in Car Crash

Dr. Frank Ryan – the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon most famous for Heidi Montag‘s new look — died in a car crash on Monday afternoon.

According to TMZ, he was killed after his jeep went over the side of the Pacific Coast Highway at 4:33 p.m. on August 16.

Late last year, Dr. Ryan performed TEN plastic surgery procedures on Heidi in one day.

You can read Dr. Ryan‘s tweets minutes before the crash @DrFrankRyan. Creepy!

UPDATE: Heidi has updated her Twitter: “I am devastated to hear the news of Dr. Frank Ryan‘s death. He was the most amazing person I have ever known. He was an angel and changed my life and the lives of everyone he met. He was the most brilliant talented surgeon who will ever exist. Dr. Frank Ryan changed the world.”

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Credit: Kevin Perkins; Photos: WENN, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Susan

    That’s terrible. My condolences to his family.

  • jensen

    thats awful!

  • xax

    Rest in peace!

  • pickles

    Very sorry, as I’m sure his family and friends are devastated. Question: Was he tweeting while driving?

  • Sadie

    I hope people don’t make any neg comments on this page just cause he worked on Heidi Montage! I HOPE he wasn’t tweeting while driving! :( This is just plain sad already..

  • Sadie

    I hope people don’t make any neg comments on this page just cause he worked on Heidi Montage! I HOPE he wasn’t tweeting while driving! :( This is just plain sad already..

  • MllleF

    I don’t want to be disrespectful, but look at this poor Heidi who was so pretty and natural beauty…and there’s maybe some others women that he “changed”….

    Do I dare talk about karma ?

    PS : I’m sure lot of people won’t like what I just said, I’m not against plastic surgery, but here it’s beyond the plastic surgery, the girl has psychologic issues…
    Money and advertising was apparently more important that her issues….

  • peete

    karma? he was just doing his job.

  • julie

    WAS HE TWEETING/TEXTING WHILE DRIVING? How dumb was doing that on the PCH! Guess he also didn’t watch Oprah about the dangers of not giving driving your full attention when you’re in the car. Maybe he was also texting while working of Heidi? That could explain the 10 surgeries in one day. He forgot to pay attention and thought he was working on several different women. Oh well, RIP.

  • Susie#1

    From what I’ve read, he had been tweeting “minutes before.” He might have been distracted because of the tweets, and went over the cliff. California has already outlawed talking on a hand-held phone while driving, so why isn’t tweeting when driving outlawed? Better to be safe than dead!

    Condolences to his family.

  • MllleF


    Did you ever heard about ethic ?

    There’s ethic, especially, in plastic surgery.

    Change a nose, or some boobs, is different than THAT.

    You can do your job without tweeting, and get some advertise from a woman who want fame at any price, even if she’s just PERFECT.

  • DL

    @MllleF, it was HER decision to change her look. and for me she doesn’t seems so sad with the loss of her “natural beauty”.
    so don’t blame him for making his job.

    My condolences to his family and friends

  • Leni

    I’m sorry but he “changed the world”??

  • G23

    You’re all morons. Stop affiliating the man’s death with Heidi Montag. I just don’t get how people can start talking crap after an article like this.

    Such a shame to lose an individual like this.


  • G23

    You’re all morons. Stop affiliating the man’s death to Heidi Montag. I just don’t get how people can talk crap after an article like this.

    Shame to lose an individual like this.


  • kguz

    so sad and almost eerie that we get to see (w the pic he posted) what he had no idea was going to be his last moments alive, on earth. Looking at that view he had no idea he was going to die in about half an hour. wow, it really just puts a weird perspective on life. that we just have no idea. Was his dog in the accident? :(

    rest in peace

  • AutumnM

    So sad. Very sorry to hear that. Condolences to his family and loved ones.

  • sammi

    @kguz: I know, I always felt like we can all sense our own death , but i guess we have NO IDEA, when it’s coming to us. Might as well enjoy every moment before it’s too late.. RIP

  • ace11

    of course Hedi is upset..she slept with him or whatever went with them

    does anyone believe he just did her surgery?

    she openly gushed abou

    that’s the main reason she is done with spencer

    he was insanely jealous

  • Morgan

    AWWW, this is kinda shocking for me!!! Very sad….. :(

  • MllleF


    Ethic, Ethic, Ethic…

    You defend that kind of “job” but america is full of people who sues all kind of doctors, for good or bad reasons.

    Your argument is stupid, if someone suicidal ask to someone else to kill him, with a contract and money, and everything, so there’s no problem !

    After all it was the decision of the suicide person.

  • was he?

    Was he tweeting while driving? I sure hope not-he could have killed someone besides himself!

  • Boogie

    Heidi is probably very sad right now, but we won’t be able to see her facial expressions, I don’t really think she could do that anymore, oh yeah this is very saddddd rip.

  • MilleF is right

    This man did TEN procedures on Heidi at one time! She was beautiful to begin with and clearly to everyone, she has major insecurities and issues. He should have refused to do all that stuff and referred her to a good therapist. That is what an ethical doctor does. Instead, he took advantage of a weak,vulnerable person who is crying out for help with all of her antics. While I feel badly for him and his family and no one deserves to die in their prime, this man made himself infamous by his own questionable choices. It’s inevitable that dead or alive, people will talk about what he did to that poor girl and likely countless other people. It’s his resposnibility, in life and in death.

  • MllleF

    @MilleF is right:

    Thank you !

    Or merci in my language…;)

    No one is saying that it’s ok if he’s dead, but what he did was really bad, he was running after something that maybe killed him.

  • Kary

    This doctor was a very humanitarian man also. He had a Foundation for help to young people. Please, don’t linked him only to the name of HEIDI.

  • SJC

    Who gives a crap about what he did as his profession.. The guy just died! He may have been a plastic surgeon. You may think that he job is unethical but the guy has a family. You should show some respect. If you want to run down how Heidi looks now, go find the blog where it announces what she did. Don’t use this one for negative comments, please!


  • boston61

    SUICIDE! He snapped after all the Heidi negativity.

  • MilleF is right

    SJC, we don’t care what he did as a profession. Plastic surgeons are not all bad and unethical. This one, however, was, so it’s a little hard to feel sorry for him, as he did not help a young woman in need (Heidi). He just used her for fame.

  • SJC

    @MilleF is right: So what you are saying is that he deserved it because he used someone? People get used every day but that doesn’t mean they should pay the ultimate price for it, All I’m saying, forget about the man and just think about what his family is going through. The way I see it is, she fell into the age old thing of where she did what she thought people wanted her to do and look the way that she thought people wanted to her to look. I am not going to feel sorry for some woman who made herself ridiculous just for fame. Heidi will have been forgotten in 10 years but that poor guy will be forever remembered for the day she walked in his office.

  • Marieme

    Who the f u ck cares what that dumb twat thinks! As if her thoughts make this story more relevant. Why this sites keeps trying to shove this dumba ss down our throats is a mystery.

    Now back to what matters, this terrible tragedy and that poor dog. Rest his soul.

  • longchamp

    oh gasp! where’s montag gonna get her next plastic implant now? it IS shocking he dies like that, though

  • !!!!!

    OMG That’s terrible I can’t believe it R.I.P

  • Oktomārs

    Normali ciči :)*