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Naked Alexander Skarsgard Covers Rolling Stone!!!

Naked Alexander Skarsgard Covers Rolling Stone!!!

Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are naked and dripping blood on the latest cover of Rolling Stone, on stands this week.


The cover reads, “They’re hot, they’re sexy, they’re undead.” How hot is this cover?!

Can’t wait to read the feature and check out the inside photo spread!!! Stay tuned for more…

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Credit: Matthew Rolston; Photos: Rolling Stone
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  • maya

    Disgusting. I love True Blood but that cover is just gross.

  • kate

    Wow…. now that is one sexy cover. i wonder if rolling stone will receive criticism for this…?

  • maggiexao

    haha i’ll buy one!!!!

  • Sexy

    Wow, this is a sexy cover!

  • Lívia

    Stephen’s butt is bigger than Anna’s

  • Liz

    OH MY GOD!

  • Sanna

    I’m sorry, is it just Alex on the cover?? Come on…..

  • justin


  • JM

    OMG! I envy Anna Paquin!

  • vagman
  • Oye Vey

    It would have been fun to be the make-up artist applying all that blood :0

  • Ellie

    i absolutely LOVE true blood but was this photoshoot necessary?

  • oy

    Why is everyone so desperate to make sex sell their products?

  • Leni

    Really JJ, really? Why are you only mentioning Alex when he CLEARLY is not alone on these covers? Oh that’s right *cough* bought and payed for?…

  • Jurga


  • val

    i need to start watching true blood

  • Lilo=)

    Woh. Woh. WOH. Now, that’s one SEXY cover. :D …My only problem with it though is the title you gave it, Jared and all the attention brought on only one character out of three. I mean, WTF. There’s 3 people on this cover, not only Alex. They’re all sexy. And besides, Anna puts her leg up on Alex!!!! Not on her boyfriend…….That’s annoying. I know there’s some kind of rivalry and love triangle between the three but COME ON. Their position (Alex and Anna) is sexier and the poor man added, Stephen is like a third wheel. UGH. Anyway, this is still hot. @kate: HAHA, that’s obviously gonna happen. This is controversial, buddy :)

  • Vanessa

    Its times like these that I remembered why I subscribed to rolling stone. HELL YA!!

  • Finanas

    Why only Alexander JJ ? Don’t you see the blond woman and the other guy on the cover too ? Who ? Anna Paquin & Stephan Moyer ? Dunno who they are… *irony*

  • Brightside

    Yuck! I get why the blood was deemed necessary but it just makes them look like a trio of naked serial killers fresh from a slaughterhouse romp. Not sexy. Pretty gross, actually.

  • LA

    HA HA!!! this is just WOW! A have a feeling a few people are not going to be happy about this! I think its a bit daring but hot.

  • Dominic

    OH MY WORD! I LOVE IT! lol

  • Anastacia

    that’s gross!
    BUT thanks to Alexander it’s soooo damn hot at the same time !!!!

  • MllleF

    It’s a very good idea, quite sexy, but it would be better ifthey shoot it laid on a bed or something….

    The scene standing is quite…less natural that laying down…i think…

    Oh and Alexander appear as the third wheel, someone send him to me…:)

  • Breeze

    Ummm yuck, and whats up with that girls face?? she kinda look like a man.Terrible.

  • what

    Great cover.

    Is there a bigger pic or did you just swipe this from tumblr like everyone else?

  • Weird

    They look hot but why is the title only about Alex? I also see Anna and Stephen on here as well…..
    I am sure Kate will reach stage 7 clinger after this cover. She needs a free ride back to relevancy and she is trying to ride Alex’s d*ck all the way. Too bad that she is still heartbroken over Orlando and Miranda getting married and having a baby.
    Her nasty attitude is Sweden speaks of “why is my life a complete joke and mess?” Kate, that is because that is what everyone thinks of you.
    Hopefully, Evan will snag him back from you nasty little homewrecking hands now that she broke off her engagement to freak. At least, she and Alex are climbing to fame based on talent and being relevant.
    Kate, you are over and finished. You are excused now!

  • Katra

    I’m a bit torn about the cover. I like it, but at the same time, it’s distinctly uncomfortable for me because of how the image is taken… Anna and Stephen have an obvious connection. Though Anna and Alex are also touching, I don’t see that with them at all. Instead, it looks a bit uncomfortable, and the open positioning between them creates a 3rd wheel position for Alex.

    I’d prefer to see Alex’s body pulled in closer to Anna in order to better portray the “love triangle” that’s supposed to be shown. As it is, I look at this and see a love connection, and someone else trying to monkey in on it, which lessens the appeal of the image as a whole.

    Oh, and Jared, I’ve got an issue to take up with you AGAIN…

    Alexander Skarsgard is NOT the only person on the cover! Ever heard of honesty in reporting? Your title should mention ALL 3 actors, not just the one you have a crush on.

  • Jay

    Nice cover. Had they cut Bill & Sookie out, it would’ve been perfect. LOL Just kidding……or not ;P

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @maya: ..i understand where you’re coming from. it’s.. a bit.. much. but it’s still fcuking hot. LOL.. i only see anna (who i found fcuking ugly) and alex (who i cant talk about without sounding very gay) ahahahahahaa..
    the more scene time Eric Northman gets the better the show gets.

  • FAIL

    lmaaaaaaaaaao wtf?

  • Too Bad So Sad

    Another exciting episode of the Alexander Skarsgard Show. I guess that interview will mention that….

    ….Alex was in the Swedish Marines
    ….Alex likes to be naked
    ….Alex quit acting when he was 13 because he didn’t like the attention.
    ….Alex likes natural, smart, funny, non dressy women.
    ….Alex likes his private life to stay private.
    ….Alex will not confirm his relationship status.
    ….Alex doesn’t think he’s all that good looking.
    ….Alex is from Sweden and still considers it home.
    ….Alex doesn’t want to play pretty boy parts he wants serious roles.
    ….Alex will mention that vampires are sexy and lethal.
    ….Alex…..well, whatever.

  • Jam


    Well Alex does take up most of the cover, even with Stephen standing on a box…

  • Anne

    WOW!!! That’s amazing! But I agree with Katra, you do see the obvious connection between Anna & Stephen, and Alex being an outsider. But I guess it must have been embarrassing for all of them to do that pic.

  • athena

    HOT!!!HOT! HOT!!!!!

  • cherie

    Why hello there Stephen and Anna!

  • Caroline

    that’s terrible! that shouldn’t be on covers of magazines.. what if a little child saw that! oh, that’s just awful. not to mention just plain gross!

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Caroline: Oh what puritan world do you live in?! You can’t see a thing you can’t see on any beach, and the blood is obviously fake as it can be.
    Anyway, I like the cover though I think less ketchup would have been better – less is almost always better as a few drops can have a larger impact than a full tub but … anyway, I am – yet again – miffed to put it mildly about JJ putting just Askars in the title. Yes, the two other people are sooo invisible…

  • Celia

    OMG!! NOW THAT’s a magazine cover!!!
    I will be buying that!

  • Whatever

    That is SO not sexy are you kidding? It looks like Anna has her period and her blood got all over everybody. GROSS.

  • Jam

    Oh…you jealous fangurls….AS looks HOT and he and Kate are fine. Admit it you are all jealous of Kate. Stop acting like he dumped your as* and is with Kate now.
    BTW what I wouldn’t give to lick that blood off Alex’s body………

  • SurfingEagle

    It looks like some people decided to slaughter a pig in the buff

  • Jam

    Your a pssycho you act as if you personally know Alex and Kate…..did you know that at the concert Kristen Dunst was standing right next to them……..

  • Jam

    Your a psycho you act as if you personally know Alex and Kate…..did you know that at the concert Kristen Dunst was standing right next to them……..

  • Nora

    Is this the best they can do? They look so silly… Who ever directed this photo shoot should not be allowed to have any creative input in his/her career.

  • Pixie

    Oh I cant wait to get this edition, will fit in nicely with the rest of my p0rn.

  • karen

    YUCK. But I guess it’s fitting. But YUCK.

  • http://JustJared irish


    Yeah Alex and Kate are fine..”Go F**K yourself” and screaming “I can’ do this anymore” at a concert bcuz there wasn’t any VIP treatment…LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE SAW IT AND POSTED IT ON FB AND TWITTER..God please let Alex see her for what she is and dump her whiny ass

  • kid

    holy hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwtness! naysayers stay away this shit is hawt!

  • Pixie

    Yeah why does that Jam losers always bring up Kate, I know they make a hot couple and all but damn, give it a rest.