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Natalie Portman Kissing Mila Kunis -- FIRST LOOK

Natalie Portman Kissing Mila Kunis -- FIRST LOOK

Here is your first look at Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman‘s make-out scene in the upcoming ballerina thriller, Black Swan.

This kissing scene — and the entire movie — was helmed by director Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler).

The film also stars Vincent Cassel and Winona Ryder. Check out the Black Swan trailer below. It’s pretty darn creepy!

“Black Swan” Trailer

15+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman kissing Mila Kunis

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natalie portman mila kunis kissing 03
natalie portman mila kunis kissing 05
natalie portman mila kunis kissing 06
natalie portman mila kunis kissing 07
natalie portman mila kunis kissing 12
natalie portman mila kunis kissing 13
natalie portman mila kunis kissing 14
natalie portman mila kunis kissing 15

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  • Jonte

    Mila Kunis is a goddess.

  • fresh

    Ho Hum. It looks alright. I doubt I’d pay to see it. Definitely a download or a rental.

  • AutumnM

    Mila is so pretty

  • IMatt

    Seeing Natalie and Mila makeout is definitely worth the ticket price. Hot.

  • IMatt

    Seeing Natalie and Mila makeout is definitely worth the ticket price. Hot.

  • Michelle

    Portman actually looks good in this….I’m not a fan so I’m surprised, but Kunis, who I usually like, looks ridiculous to be believed as a prima ballerina. She looks older then Portman, And her acting is not up to snuff for an Aronofsky film. She should stick to Sarah Marshall movies, which she is brilliant in.

    I cannot even believe Kunis in the trailer, think I’ll skip the film.

  • Leila

    I adore Mila. She is so adorable & effortlessly sensual <3

  • zane

    Mila looks fantastic and is a rising star.

  • Leila
  • WOW!

    @Leila: Her eyes!

  • haters

    They are both hot and talented.

  • :)

    Natalie Portman is amazing.

  • :3

    I hate blood. I can’t watch sh*t like this.

  • Amazing

    mila is so freaking gorgeous and shes a great actress cant wait to see this movie natalies ok but mila got it going on all the way you can just see the way she can kiss hot hot hot natalie looks like she has no idea what shes doing mila probably had to help her through the make out scene cant wait

  • Dominic

    This looks bad ass!

  • Sien

    Creeeepy trailer. Natalie is so good in it though. And I love Mila, always have.

  • meh

    The end was so gross…

  • V

    Love them both.

  • Tanya

    Ok trailer (and I love them both) but I’m not watching it. The only Thriller I’ve ever watched is RedEye….lol

  • offtheproperty

    how edgy or whatever

  • oooooooooo

    @Jonte: I would go completely les for her.

  • Amazing

    i would go for mila shes so hot and sexy and gorgeous love her

  • Hello


  • natalie

    A couple of hotties. Yum!

  • JC

    Looks amazing. Aronofsky is a genius. Requiem was one of the only films that has ever genuinely disturbed me. Black Swan looks like he’s going back into that territory.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well whoever “leaked” this clip is really trying to get some buzz going about this film. Guys everywhere will suddenly be interested in the ballet movie!!

  • Macchiato

    ewwwww the end :S

  • Iffy Miffy

    I am so seeing this one, looks really good. Love Cassel too!

  • the truth

    Look like something new for her.Got get to try something new.Going to see this movie. Its comes out around awards season you know. Hope they pick her movie.

  • http://j ivanka

    omg, ballet, mile and natalie, def going to see it

  • megan

    natalie portman is a freaking goddess!! please get a nom for this natalie. :)

  • dina

    cannot wait to see this movie looks great mila is sooooooooo gorgeous its ridiculous how gorgeous and sexy she is and i hear shes really nice and her and natalie got along so well on the filming the movie nice to hear

  • Lala

    These are two of my favorite actresses and I was a ballet dancer, so I’ve been quite excited for this. And Natalie looks amazing and as though she can actually dance. I hope it’s good, It could be like Requiem and be mind blowing or The Wrestler and just blow. Hoping for the first.

  • offtheproperty

    sex = men
    women = beauty.

  • Leesa

    This reminds me a bit of “Suspira,” not only in subject, but just the “WTF is going on here?” verging on hysteria vibe. Can’t wait.

    But, my God, Barbara Hershey looks bad.

  • anne

    what’s with the feather??? does she turn into a swan? o.o that’s gross. but it looks good to watch.

  • anna

    I love Natalie, she’s an amazing actress, I’ll watch anything she’s in. Mila is also very pretty and sweet but I like her in comedys, can’t picture her doing a serious part like this..

  • jane

    @Lala: she can dance, she used to be a ballerina

  • jeesh

    another all white movie. great

  • Jaz

    The story is different then I thought it would be. Wow. I would definitely go and see this. The trailer just drew me in. Now I wanna see this movie!!!!

  • jojo

    milas gonna make natalie look good in this movie she better pray for it cause NPS last movies were s-h-i-t-

  • michelle

    OMG, I can’t wait to see this movie. NP is hot.

  • rock n roll queen

    im so fu***ng gealous of natalie portman i am sure the movie will be great only by the name of the director

  • Scissor Laura

    omg I wanna see those tongues!!

  • anna

    looks like a great movie cant wait and can mila kunis be anymore freaking gorgeous and sexy the girl just has it going on all the time

  • Jimmy

    Natalie works hard trying to become a star. But she never does. She is a perennial “also ran.”

  • rick

    seeing this movie for one reason ‘MILA’

  • killykilly

    LOVE Mila! I am so happy we are starting to see more of her!

  • Marvin

    I’ll never understand comments like this above.This people who offend personally her with hate, may be quite ill. Why bother with it? I do not usually concern myself with what I do not like. These sick people come here to vote against those who make a compliment Natalie.

    Poor in spirit. You must engage life with something that gives them pleasure.

  • cindy b

    looks like a good movie not boring will def go to see this one and love mila kunis shes so gorgeous and really a good little actress and very sweet girl