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Smallville: 200th Episode!

Smallville: 200th Episode!

Tom Welling hits the set with costar Erica Durance for the 200th episode of Smallville on Monday (August 16) in Vancouver, Canada.

Tom, 33, and Erica, 32, who play Clark Kent and Lois Lane on the show, attend their high school reunion during this episode.

Entering their 10th and final season this year, the 200th episode marks a major milestone for the show. Smallville originally premiered October 16, 2001 on the WB and will be ending their respectable run this season with Clark Kent finally becoming Superman.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Welling and Erica Durance working on the 200th episode of Smallville

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213 Responses to “Smallville: 200th Episode!”

  1. 1
    jensenLUVER TANYA Says:


  2. 2
    jensenLUVER tanya Says:


  3. 3
    Tina Says:

    OMG! CLOIS forever! Smallville rocks and Tom and Erica are the best Clark and Lois!!

  4. 4
    Knotty Says:

    Geez, I can’t believe they spent almost a decade doing this show. Time does fly! I remember watching this all the time back then in 2003. I was so young and I loved it so much. Ahhhhhhhh, the ol’ good times =) …..brings back so many memories <3

  5. 5
    Yesmin Says:


    Thank you so much for sharing and posting!!

  6. 6
    jensenLUVER tanya Says:

    stupid page wouldnt upload my comment. now thers 2. LOL well i cant wait 4 season 10. If its a reunion, then i want LANA & da old gang bac. WTH is Lois doin ther anyways?!! Tom does look much older but those arms arent gettin old!! MAN I JUS WANT 2 TOUCH IT JUS A LITTLE !!!!!

  7. 7
    Dee Says:

    Thanks for posting these pics (My two favourite people). Tom is so handsome and Erica is absolutely stunning. I want that dress.

    Season 10 is going to be epic…I can feel it already :D

  8. 8
    miss infamous Says:

    He’s hot! What happened to the girl who played Lana Lane?

  9. 9
    X-S-E Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Both Tom and Erica look gorgeous. Can’t wait for Season 10!!

  10. 10
    Jessica Says:

    Oh my gosh love these two! *SQUEEEEE*

  11. 11
    Grant Says:

    Wow…Erica Durance is soooooo HOT! I wish I was Clark because this Lois Lane is one foxy mama.

  12. 12
    gal Says:

    i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. like since 01, i have been a steady fan of this show, seen every episode, can recite my favorites, etc.

    that being said, i would be fairly pissed if they didn’t bring back the characters clark actually hung out with in high school–like chloe and sam. i see them nowhere in these stills, unless that’s chloe’s back in the 1st pic…

  13. 13
    CRIS Says:


  14. 14
    Catchy Says:

    I bet we’ll see Clark going GREY.

  15. 15
    DestinyRocks Says:

    Tom and Erica look fantastic. I don’t really care who of the old cast is there and who isn’t. In the end it’s about Clark and HIS journey. Not everyone keeps in touch with their old HS friends or their ex girlfriends, so it’s not exactly a stretch that Pete or Lana aren’t there. Not to mention that it’s not the producers’ fault if these actors aren’t available.

    I’m just glad to see Clark happy and relaxed. And I’m thrilled to see him with his future wife. That’s how it always should be no matter what.

  16. 16
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …i used to love this show, but for so long the writing has been so bad. i really hope they end it well cause even though i think it’s a sanitation show i’d still like to see it go out with a bang.

  17. 17
    Chrissi Says:

    Tom and Erica are my favorite Clark and Lois ♥
    So good to see them working on set. Thanks a lot for the pics.
    Most beautiful couple on tv right now!!!

  18. 18
    lia Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Tom & Erica looked stunning! I really can’t wait for this epi to air! Clark & Lois are so adorable together!

  19. 19
    mandy Says:

    Hottest couple on TV

  20. 20
    Jimbo Says:

    Nice! Smallville is the best show in entire eternity.

  21. 21
    Soia Says:

    Amazing thank you for that!
    Tom and Erica are the best Clark and Lois ever!!!! I love them!

  22. 22
    Emme Says:

    10 year running and Tom Welling is still the hottest man on televison. Damn. Erica Durance is a beautful woman. She has amazing legs. I really like those two together on the show. I like seeing Clark all grown up.

    I don’t have a problem with Clark going back to HS with his current girlfriend. That’s usually the way it works in real life once you are all grown up. You don’t stay in high school forever. Plus, the spoilers have indicated that Clark will be going back to be honored for something about football and his football storyine was really all about him. It didn’t have a ton to do with his high school friends. Honestly, I don’t miss the old cast much. I loved them in the older days but I’m also really enjoyed watching the show mature and seeing Clark grow up. I like seeing him acting like an adult and I really like Lois. She’s fun and sexy. It’s a more mature relationship whic makse sense since Clark is like 24 now. I’m going to miss this show but it had agreat run.

  23. 23
    Sioe Says:

    Amazing thank you so much for this!
    Tom and Erica are the best Lois and Clark ever! She is so beautiful and he is so hot! I love them!

  24. 24
    sid Says:

    Smallville is a realm of confusion. It’s obviously not based on the comic books. Clark Kent knowing Lois pre superman and attending the same school doesn’t make sense to me. No wonder so many people have stopped watching.

  25. 25
    DestinyRocks Says:


    Right, cause Lois is the ONLY character from the comics who appeared too early. Funny how nobody ever complains about Clark meeting Lex early on, or worse, becoming best friends with him.

  26. 26
    saide Says:

    The Lois Lane actress should quit pumping her face with fillers and whatnot, she looks way older than 32.

  27. 27
    sid Says:

    Lex is no longer on the show I hear, plus he was played by a talented actor, which helps. Look, I’ve heard about you obsessed Clark and Lois fans and to be honest you are so not worth my time. Think what you like.

  28. 28
    Nicky Says:

    It’s A 10 Year High School Reunion ,LOL Awesome Lois As Clarks Date And Braniac 5 Shows Up Classic

  29. 29
    chrissi Says:

    wow,some people really have to bash actors/actresses just because they don’t like the way smallville developed and don’t get over the fact that the show grew up? seriously, how ridiculous is that?

  30. 30
    DestinyRocks Says:


    Dude, I don’t WANNA be worth your time.

  31. 31
    Emme Says:

    @sid: Smallville is an alternate take on Clark KEnt’s years pre-Superman. It’s an alternate origin story. The journey is different—the destination is the same. Many things have been changed in the timeline. Lex Luthor was not a huge part of Clark’s life in the comics pre-Superman. He’s also met the Justice League and battled several very famous villians. And yes, he’s dating Lois Lane. I think what Smallville has done is pretty brilliant. They’ve taken a story and changed some of the details but kept the core characters in tact. As for people watching? Do you know how many shows are able to stay on the air for 10 years? And keep viewers on a Friday night? This show has done remarkably well for a show that has been on the air for 10 years and airs on a Friday. It still pulls in over 3 million viewers a week with DVR and it’s one of the highest rated shows on the network. Not too many shows could manage that after 10 years. But Smallville does.

  32. 32
    CloisFTW Says:

    Lana Lang is long gone people.let’s move on okay.great!moving on…

    Tom is yumyum and Erica is sexyyy!they really do make a beautiful onscreen couple, topple up with the great chemistry, its really awesome.cant wait for S10 Smallville.(though its sad that its the last season) But as long as they give us a BANG finale i think we’re good right, SV/Clois fans?? :)

  33. 33
    e Says:

    Clark Kent and Lois Lane have basically been meant to be since “Superman” was created, and when you saw the first episode where Lois showed up and then all the jokes about ‘Lois and Clark’ like the valentines day episode, it was pretty obvious that it would go in that direction at some point and I’m thrilled that it did because it would be weird otherwise. Tom and Erica are great as well, great actors and when they share a scene it’s always a pleasure to watch, whether it’s them getting along or them “arguing” or being all sarcastic and messing with each other.

  34. 34
    Sam Says:

    Thanks for the behind the scenes pictures. I love Erica and Tom. I can’t wait for the final season to start. Seems like only yesterday when Season 1; Episode 01 started. 10years on and I’m still glued to my screens for Superman/Clark Kent and now that he has the one and only Lois Lane by his side, everything is perfect.

  35. 35
    maizey Says:

    Lex left ages ago, Lana left ages ago… the show should have died a loooong ago. “Smallville the Hip Replacement Years”. lol

  36. 36
    Jason Says:


    Clark Kent knows Lex presuperman so whats the big deal?

  37. 37
    Emme Says:

    @maizey: I’d love to have Lex back but honestly I think the show has improved since Lana left. Season 8 was a huge improvement over the previous seasons and Season 9 was one of the best seasons the show has ever had. I’d welcome either character back to the show but the series didn’t need them to succeed.

  38. 38
    karen24 Says:

    Erica looks so gorgeous as always and Tom is so handsome especially when he’s beside Erica..cant wait for season 10…this is going to be EPIC..

  39. 39
    Jade Says:

    TW and ED look amazing in these photos! I do hope they’ll be able to get some original cast members back before the end. Too bad AM’s not going to be in this one. I hope they can get KK and MR back for at least an episode or two. It would be a nice way to close out the series.

    But even without them, I’m excited to see this episode. Clark and Lois are incredible together. I have a feeling this is going to be the best season of Smallville yet. Can’t wait to see Clark finally become Superman, with Lois by his side!

  40. 40
    Patrick Says:

    Sounds like a great episode for Clark, can’t wait to see this. Lets hope CK is happy in this episode, and it looks like he is. The past monumental episodes were quite dreary and sad, its time Clark enjoys some good times right! And that goes without saying Lois looks very beautiful, in the comics she’s quite sexy and voluptuous, this Lois reminds me of her she’s perfect modern age Lois! Oh and I’m 34 and gotta say these two have some good genes, just saying.

  41. 41
    Laura Says:

    Awesome pics! Tom is so amazing and Erica is just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see this episode!

  42. 42
    karen24 Says:

    Erica is so gorgeous as always and Tom looks more handsome whenever he’s besides Erica.. season 10 is going to be EPIC..
    best Lois and Clark ever…hope they make a new series together after smallville…

  43. 43
    Ultra_Humanite Says:

    UH signing in.

    What a babe damnnnnnnn why isnt clark riding that i think smallville enjoys sexually repressing clark even when he’s got a hot chick. Clarks a total fool he runs around super fast yet he hasnt nailed that hot sexy woman…dude get it on it, the harleys waiting.

    Peace out.

  44. 44
    Ultra_Humanite Says:

    btw seriously i would do such awesome wild things with her legs hot damnnn i can stare at those legs for hours… lois come to papa… oh and if i were clark id take my hot girlfriend to an football alumni party to rub it into the guys, if i had a hot babe like lois & totally bang her at the party. okay im gonna leave before this gets to R-rated. Peace.

  45. 45
    Mike Says:

    They’re both really hot

  46. 46
    Ultra_Humanite Says:

    sorry for the weirdness but i had to let out my inner thoughts on the sexiness, man i shouldve re-read what wrote. oh well. ok im leaving. but i cant stop staring at the pics…legsss…mmmm

  47. 47
    milo Says:

    SEASON 10!!!!!! I CAN”T WAIT MUCH LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    Solenn Says:

    I love the pics, Tom and Erica both look great.

    To those complaining that Chloe, Pete, Lana, etc. are not there and saying that Lois shouldn’t be there:

    1. It’s a HOMECOMING, not a REUNION, so the friends do not have to be there. It’s normal for someone to take their date at both events, and particularly at a homecoming. (There was an episode specifically called Reunion in season 6 in which Oliver invited Lois to go with him as his date for his 10-y high school reunion.). If there is a homecoming to which you’re invited and you have a grilfriend/boyfriend, would you go with her/him or with a friend/friends? Yes, it’s logical to go with the former.

    2. A homecoming is mainly about sports and football in particular, and Clark’s friends had nothing to do with that. From all his friends, Lois was the one the most connected with Clark’s football storyline in season 4. Clark is also going to this homecoming because he’s apparently awarded for sthg and as a former player in the football team (as proven by the jacket he’s wearing).

    3. Most of the actors playing Clark’s friends are not available for the episode or do not want to come back. If they were, the producers may have tried to have the characters go along with Clark. But that is not even sure since it is a HOMECOMING and not a reunion.

  49. 49
    Franck Says:

    How CAN clana fans clois????
    Remenber Clark killed jonathan Kent because he saves lana from lex in sezson 5
    and after he lost his father he saw lana going in lex arms few days after!!!!!!
    So how CAN you still support lana?
    I do not understand
    and by the way she ended with what she had always wanted : Clark powers!

    In 2 years with lois by his side he became the RBB, then the Blur, and let’s rewatch salvation best Clark épisode ever!!!
    He was very Superman in this épisode
    with lois near him, again!

    Lana wasn’t there when he became the RBB
    when He became the blur
    when he Will be Superman
    so her importance in Clark Life and destiny is =0

    and when you see the clois chemestry, just amazing as a couple on screen
    so you should enjoy this show as it Come and thanks Tom and erica for the wonderful Job they did so far

  50. 50
    Edina Says:

    Erica and Tom are amazing! Especially Erica! I really dont understand how someone can bash her or her visage! She is a beautiful woman and amazing person! Get over it haters!

  51. 51
    Ryan Says:

    I need a cold shower, Erica looks smoking in that dress. Lois is a tomboy so its nice to see her in some party wear hopefully Clark takes advantage of this ;)

  52. 52
    Patricia Says:

    They are amazing together and Tom I love you¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  53. 53
    Mike Says:

    Great pictures!

    Jared, this episode is about “Homecoming” it’s not a High School reunion :)

  54. 54
    Addison Says:

    Good god their both gorgeous trust me I saw em in real life and I dont watch the show but I will after I saw them filming at Vantech in Vancouver yesterday. Their both soo cute and adorable and did I say gorgeous. I have the biggest crush on Erica, she’s just so beautiful! Awww… they make a lovely onscreen couple. Thanks to all the smallville fans who followed me on Twitter, their filming again today but its interior shots. So sad!

  55. 55
    maria Says:

    i totally agree with everybody who said tom and erica make the best lios and clark. they both have good chemistry and it translates on screen. she looks amazing and he still good looking at his age.
    i absolutely cant wait wait till the 10th season comes on. i only watch cuz of these two. it will be sad to see it end though…

  56. 56
    reeven Says:


  57. 57
    IMatt Says:

    I was 12 when this show started. And it’s still ON! WTF!

    This show doesn’t deserve to be called Smallville anymore. It’s not anything close to what it was intended, which is Clark Kent before he became Superman and went to Metropolis. This show dropped the ball a long time ago.

    And if your talking chemistry, NO ONE can touch Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling’s chemistry when she was on and when she came back S8.

  58. 58
    mailey Says:

    i heart smallville.

    miss lex.

  59. 59
    alison Says:

    lois is hot with either clark or ollie. both. at.the.same time. dont we all wish.

    was heartbroken last season for ollie when he poured his heart out to lois and she told him she’s in love with clark.

    dont mind kristin/the actress but hate lana as a character.

    clark and lois are meant to be tog, obv.

  60. 60
    Cris Says:

    OMG! Clois fans doenst accept the other opinions.. Negated the others post because people doesn’t agree with you. YOU DOESN’T KNOW THE WORD THE DEMOCRACY? WAKE UP!

  61. 61
    Cris Says:


  62. 62
    Dee Says:

    Boo! Where are Chloe and Oliver! Allison Mack is the only reason I still watch that damn show. I’m glad this is the last season if she’s not back for a regular what’s the use?

  63. 63
    Lily Says:

    Thanks for the pics. Erica looks stunning and Tom is hot!
    Can’t wait for S10!

  64. 64
    Liz Says:

    Awesome pictures!! ED and TW make the Best Lois and Clark!!! Those two are soooooo Hot together. I’m excited for Season 10. Damn why isn’t it September yet ?

  65. 65
    Halimah Says:

    God bless America; some of these comments are SO FUNNY! This has made the end of my day “just a little less brighter” lol Clark and Lois ARE the Superman story!

    Sure, Smallville COULD have gone off the air after Season 4, but since it didn’t — he had nothing left to do in Smallville; time to move on… To Metropolis… To the Daily Planet… To Lois Lane… and NOW To Superman! Seasons 8 and 9 were the most amazing (minus a few episodes) and Season 10 has all the potential to be GREAT! I miss Michael Rosenbaum; however, I am really excited after seeing these pics! Nice to see Clark HAPPY in a relationship =) Super Stud!

  66. 66
    Edina Says:

    Someone is bashing KK here?? Where??
    there were only some comments bashing Erica!
    I dont want to be one of the fans who dont respect the others opinions but do you really think its ok when someone is here only to bash actress or her visage???
    I guess you dont understand we are fans!
    Do you really think the others fans arent horrible? Do you really think if someone send some bashing comments on Clana forum KK fans would just accept it?? No they wouldnt! They would be mean and they would bash the person!
    Is it ok? Probably not! but you would be ok if someone bash your favourite actor or something? I guess not!

  67. 67
    Annie Says:

    AH! Thanks for the photos! Cannot wait for Homecoming! I’ve been shipping these two since I was a kid and read my brother’s Superman comics. So each incarnation has a special place in my heart.

    Dare I say…I think Smallville’s version has managed to push Teri/Dean out of their place in my heart I look at Erica Durance’s Lois and see comics Lois. Tom Welling’s Clark doesn’t quite have the same origin tale as comics Clark but their behavior (esp. in these last few years) have been strikingly similar. Eeek. Thanks again for the pics :)

  68. 68
    Annie Says:

    @sid or whoever else. Clark met Lex as a teen in a Superboy issue. I believe he met Lois as well. In comics, there is no such thing as THIS IS ONLY WAY. Please read the source material before you claim that Lois can’t meet Clark this early.

  69. 69
    Jesse Says:

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: Are you serious?

    You’re complaining about the writing now? When the writing has actually gotten better? When they’re actually getting closer to the mythology and bringing those elements in?

    Your opinion is invalid. Goodbye, biased fan.

  70. 70
    Jesse Says:

    Again…it’s not the show’s fault that AM is in a play in NYC and can’t appear. Not sure how a homecoming/alumni dinner honoring football players would be relevant to Chloe anyway. She didn’t play football.

    KK is not coming back because she doesn’t want to. I think she should come back for an appearance but hey, they can’t get her. Again, she never played football and she’s still in the power suit.

    Pete actually did play football and would make sense. But the actor, I heard, is in trouble with the law and cannot leave the US. Meaning no Canada. Either way, I don’t know what his purpose would be.

    Clark CAN go to HS Homecoming without his friends. I went to mine without my friends. IT IS NOT THE SAME AS A REUNION.

    Besides, the show is about Clark. Not anyone else. The 200th being Clark accepting his past and moving onto his future sounds pretty frakking awesome.

    In the comics, Clark visits his HS without Lana or Pete. And that’s perfectly realistic. There are some fools on this site.

  71. 71
    sun Says:

    Thanks for those tweets. Hope you’ll see more…that means more tweets for Smallville fans!!

  72. 72
    Jesse Says:


    Oh please stop. I liked Lana but the minute you start talking Clana chemistry is the minute you lose credibility.

  73. 73
    dylan Says:

    that chicks a babe

  74. 74
    Annie Says:


    You didn’t address DestinyRocks’ argument, you just bypassed it by saying “Oh, you’re is a Clois fan”. Btw, I read comics and Lois has met Clark as a teen in the Silver Age. See, I just destroyed your argument properly.

    Besides, Clois isn’t a ship. it’s the freaking mythos. Lois existed before Lex, before Smallville, before Krypton, before the Daily Planet. Clark asked Lois out in 1938 before any of those other things existed.
    She has every right to be here. And I find Erica Durance to be a talented Lois Lane. (my source: I’ve watched/read every single Lois in movies, tv, comics and even musical)

  75. 75
    mayiya Says:

    Tom&Erica are cute together!!!

  76. 76
    michelle Says:

    Clois fans are saying that season 9 is the greatest season ever… yet the ratings weren’t agreeing to this claim.. this season gave Smallville its lowest ratings ever!! 1mill plus something!! that’s horrible!! well, I’m not really surprise, it’s what Lois and Clois can do!! A very low ratings!!! Oh, before I forget Clois fans also said that Lana/KK is a ratings killer, calling Power a garbage w/ 4mill plus viewers..I wonder now what they are saying with Sv’s ratings went downhill last season! after Kristin Kreuk left they couldn’t even pass 2 seasons..They are now ending it!! haha..

    Also wondering why Clois fans are still hating on Lana?? Duh, she’s long gone!! Insecure much? ’cause we both know that once Lana return Clark will leave Lois in a blink of an eye!! much like in season 8, where Clark forgot everything about Lois when he saw Lana… So be thankful Clois fans, Kristin Kreuk doesn’t want to return, same goes w/ Michael R. They don’t want to come back because Smallville is a sunken ship!! All because of LOIS & CLOIS!!

    go on, have fun with it, we’ve had 7 and 1/2 seasons of Clana anyway!! That’s a lot! and knowing that Clark is w/ Lois only because he can’t have Lana is enough..meaning Lois is just an option / a second choice..

  77. 77
    emmilly,sydney Aust Says:

    zomggggg eeeep ! canNOT wait!!!!!

  78. 78
    Jeed Says:


    This is for you and all those who think Lex never knew clark pre superman. you claim to read the comics and yet you dont know this.. the only difference is that Lex had hair those days…
    thats from the dc homepage.. so now which Lex are you talking about?

  79. 79
    maura Says:

    Erica looks gorgeous. I can’t wait for the show to start again! I stopped watching season 7 but couldn’t help but come back. I’m hoping AM will be back for at least 12 episodes the show wouldn’t be the same without her! She’s legendary! lol

  80. 80
    angie Says:

    O-M-G! People are STILL bitching about Clana and Clois?! That’s ridic! Frankly its all about Chlollie for me that’s the only reason I’m tuning in next season. Lana was annoying couldn’t stand her but Lois annoyed the hell out of me in the beginning, now I love her. Clark pisses me off he can be a major douche. Haha but we shall see what happpens next season. SO PSYCHED!

  81. 81
    Jeed Says:

    besides that.. Smallville is the best reincarnation of Superman to date.. in the show with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher his fortress of solitude was a treehouse.. and no one complained about that.. everyone wants to go comics.. if you dont like the show why are you looking at spoilers and making comments? why are you on here?

  82. 82
    Warren Mallard Says:

    Didn’t think it would last 1 season

  83. 83
    Vanessa Says:

    Wot this show is still on the air?
    And it took 10 seasons to finally get Clark in those damn tights?
    I know better shows that ended up being canceled and yet this show is still airing? Who’s watching it?
    Bad writing, cheap sets and wardrobe.

  84. 84
    woolanayu Says:

    Thanks Jared for publishing these photos. I LOVE TOM AND ERICA!
    I’d love to see more BTS pics of them during Smallville filming.
    TOMERICA Rocks my world!
    Go Smallville Season 10 !!

  85. 85
    emanuelle Says:

    thats exactly the reason why I hope Lana will be back!
    Becouse we all know she will be back only to see Clark is happy with Lois! You can say whatever you want but even Clana fans know that! thats the reason why they dont want KK back! becouse Clana would be dead for good! LOL
    about the ratings! Did you notice the show was moved to fridays! its dead slot for a reason! CW says the ratings are still really good! why do you think there will be the season 10???
    so stop the whining and get a life

  86. 86
    Edina Says:

    You are right. Some haters just need some reason for bashing characters they hate! its really sad.

  87. 87
    adora Says:

    Perfect match…… Tom’s cute rating has plummeted and Durance with her marshmallow face and sausage legs wasn’t particular cute to begin with. Really, the woman is MAJOR average like her fans. For the record, I could not care less who Clark’s in love with. He’s a fool in Smallville.

  88. 88
    Quentin Says:


    That’s like saying b/c supernatural gets only 2 mill now on thursday nights compared to the 4 mill they had previous seasons, doesnt mean the show sucks. Perhaps you need to go look at the over ratings for the CW, the highest rated show on that network is 3.5 mill with Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights, Smallville’s is bringing in 2+ mill viewers similar to what Supernatural is getting on Thursday nights. Overall viewership on all networks is down. This has nothing to do with people hating the show or whatever contrived BS you just wrote. Looks Smallville’s done very well on the death bed of Friday nights, glad to see Supernatural will be paired with Smallville. Anyways, the reason why shows like Smallville or SPN keep getting renewed every year is because they bring in great demographic readings for their respective shows, plus internationally Smallville’s a huge draw. Its too bad Smallville and SPN are on the crappy CW network a channel that is not available to all americans, too bad the WB folded… Also I’m sure if Smallville were on Thursday they’d be getting 3 mill, you should go check out the DVR numbers for Smallville when you add those numbers, yes DVR numbers do count Smallville is getting 3+ mill viewers for freakin Friday nights. Sorry just had to rant here cuz as a Supernatural fan we get the same BS spewed at us, for our 100th episode we only had 2 mill viewers and people think that SPN is some hack show but they don’t know the logistics of how overall viewership is done due to various factors and what a crappy network its on. Cheers!

  89. 89
    Natasha Says:

    Tom and Erica both look gorgeous. Very excited about Season 10.

  90. 90
    danielle Says:

    I watch the show but admit have found it unpleasant at times to look at Erica b/c she has clearly had (not very good) cosmetic work done. And sorry, but no way is she better than the natural beauty/sexy/talented Terry Hatcher, who just had ‘it all’ in abundance. I hope next season they both look less washed out and bored and more fresh-faced.

  91. 91
    Mandy Says:


    Dawn Ostroff and gang know shows like Smallville and Supernatural will survive on Friday nights no matter what thus why they moved them there, otherwise you stick any other show in that timeslot they all die. Dawn-O just made her network that much stronger, stick your big guns on Friday and you’ve got a whole week of great shows on that network, that’s why she’s got a bunch of new shows like Hellcats and Nikita because they moved Smallville and SPN on Fridays allowing them to explore and bring in new shows to solidify their baby network. Smart business choice. Friday nights in the TV industry is where networks send shows that they want canceled mid-way, Smallville as you said did great and I’m sure Supernatural will too. I’m actually very excited their paired together like they used to be. BTW, if folks think that CW will ever bring in big time numbers like the big networks like CBS or ABC keep dreaming.

  92. 92
    Addison Says:


    No way I just saw her on Monday on set at Vantech and she looks beautiful, very natural I didn’t see anything wrong with her. I think making baseless accusations is a bit extreme don’t ya think, but its your opinion you can think whatever you want but personally I thought both Erica and Tom looked great. She’s beautiful as is he. I know some folks tell me that I’ve changed from the days of my early 20s doesn’t mean I had comestic work done oh contrare I tell ya girlfried!!! lol your body changes I can attest to that, I think I’m more beautiful now then I was in my early 20s but that’s just me on personal level. Anyways, I thought they were both super cute and gorgeous. Definitely be watching this season, I hope they do more on location shooting this year because I’ll be there with my camera this time. God I love Vancouver all the beautiful actors like Anna Torv, Joshua, Jensen & Jared, and people like Erica and Tom now are all here. Its amazing I tell ya!

  93. 93
    troyfroy Says:

    c’mon she’s hot the dudes okay but im a dude so maybe thats why…my male ego will take a hit if i say he’s goodlooking

  94. 94
    Nina Says:

    Tom is handsome and Erica looks really cute in her yellow dress :)

  95. 95
    dchick Says:

    Love the pics! Tom and Erica both look great! I get that ppl want the KK and them back, but what needs to be realized is that this is a Homecoming not a high school reunion. So usually it is the alumni football players that usually come back and makes sense for him to bring Lois cause ppl usually bring their girlfriend or spouse. Can’t wait for this episode to air!

  96. 96
    Hazy Says:


    Clearly you know nothing about ratings. Friday night show ratings are always lower than any show on another night. You know, ’cause people go out. Have lives. And DVR the shows for later. :D

    As for Lana, it’s been proven for 7 seasons and less than a quarter, that Lana and Clark’s relationship cannot work. Lana is consistently trying to be Clark’s equal because she believes that’s what she needs to be to be with Clark.

    Lois on the other hand takes Clark as he is. She forces him to meet her halfway and has had a much more mature relationship in the past season with Clark than Lana ever did.

    So yeah. We’re still afloat and will be for a very long time while Clana has sunk to the bottom of the ocean harder than lead.

    Have a nice day!

  97. 97
    Franck Says:

    Clana fans can say what they want, they know that Clark never had those deep feelings for lana like he is having actually for lois
    clois is also endgame, which destroy the past clana years
    and clana fans know that
    Clark choose the One he has always needed, and it’s lois!!!!
    clana fans can bash clois, i don’t care now i have the end i want, i let clana fans in their sadness!!!!!

  98. 98
    angel Says:

    oh so great, retconning the beautiful stroy of Clark and Lana but this time with lois,,, talk about a BIG FAILURE!

    this show has been unique and now stealing the thunder of the earlier years and claiming that these years are the best is the WORST excuse for everything happening right now! it is pretty shame to see the last season without the TRUE ppl who made the show, not the ones who have been handed everything on a silver platter!

    lois lane cannot be any more LOW and HO than she is,,, and after LANA’S sacrifice, for him CHANGING into the worst man and be with this disgraceful woman,,, it surely goes hand in hand with the saying that men are jerks and so dont deserve love like the one Lana gave to Clark!

    enjoy this cheap replica of what was once a great show….! pathetic

  99. 99
    Nora Says:

    @miss infamous: oh you mean Lana Lang? well she has been forgotten, or rather ignored as if she NEVER happened….

    the characters act as if she has never been there and the producers act as if Kristin Kreuk never was a part of the success of the show! that pretty much what happened!

  100. 100
    Szasz Says:

    They look fantastic. But the people bitching about the glory days, well Lois was apart of those ratings, including season 8′s bloodline which was higher then the AoS, highest of the season in fact. Which a saw a supporter of the arc use AoS, idiot, it means arc of sux lol And after the AoS the ratings plummeted, Clana chased everyone away when the ratings rebounded after Lana flew away on her broom the first time. And some of you retards can’t separate fact from fiction and Erica from Lois. Or know of adaptations made to the comics since smallville aired ie birth right and Lex in smallville. It was adapted to the comics. If you don’t like SV why are you stalking the spoilers? lol Obsessed much? SV lasted 10 because of it’s great ratings for the network despite Dawn O’s attempts to smite it off the network

  101. 101
    princess_me Says:

    this thread broke 100, woo!

    so in any case, all these comments/arguing/discussion is a great sign for the show :)

  102. 102
    Carol Says:

    Thank you so much for the pics! Tom is so beautiful! Best Clark Kent/Superman ever!

  103. 103
    WendySue Says:

    Thanks for the Pictures..Tom and Erica rock as Clois.. Best Clois ever..

  104. 104
    datadave Says:

    Smallville is boring. The show should have been over years ago. Lois and Clark look more than Martha and Jonathan’s age. They look uncomfortable together in most scenes. Ratings at the bottom, viewers think Snooki is criminally less annoying than old horse Lois.

  105. 105
    ema Says:

    I laugh at you sad haters!
    Erica is famous, rich, beautiful and loved by many! I guess it hurts like hell! Deal with it!

  106. 106
    diva Says:


    100% agreement. Most people agree with you. They are awful together. Clark looks like a fool next to his denture chewing, simian looking and trained seal acting Lois. He looks like he needs prozac to tolerate Lois.

  107. 107
    michelle Says:

    Here we go again with so many Lame excuses!! If you really are a fan of Smallville, you’ll watch it any day whether it’s on Monday, Wednesday, even Friday!!

    It’s really obvious that the only people left watching this show are the Lois/Clois fans!! the ratings last season is the proof!! 1 mill plus viewers, Awful!! even the much hyped episode Justice didn’t do well w/ only 2 mill plus something ratings!!!

    and regarding Clois’ “iconc” love, I’ll quote what Tom Welling said “CLARK IS IN LOVE WITH LOIS? WHEN DID IT HAPPEN?”
    another quote from Tom’s interview w/ E! at CW up front when asked about Clois, “Clois makes me think of Chloe and Lois!”
    hahahaha, he probably prefers Clana!!

  108. 108
    diva Says:


    Its a loser show , embarrassing. No wonder Clark is still not airborne. Lois looks old with large chunky legs and rubber face and stuffed plastic chest. Viewers need prozac. clark looks like he is vomiting in his mouth

  109. 109
    Liz Says:

    Wow whats with the hate for Lois and Clark. I guess people are just jealous of the Hottest Couple on TV. Erica and Tom are on Smokin Hot and I’m so happy that we are getting a Season 10.

    Oh and ignorant people were getting another Season because the ratings were high not low…. and I’m feakin excited for it!!!!

  110. 110
    diva Says:

    smoking hot? somebody needs glasses. smoking hot as in overcooked. Lois looks like old aunt trying too hard. the producers are trying hard too, putting old Lois in push up bras. Viewers are laughing all the way to turn off the TV.

  111. 111
    Liz Says:

    @diva: You should stop watching Smallville cause its going to get better for me and im sure worse for you.


  112. 112
    nina Says:

    I think Clark should end up w/ Lana in Smallville series finale.Lois doesn’t belong in Smallville..and Tom Welling have zero chemistry w/ Erica D.

  113. 113
    cathy Says:

    There’s no comparison to Clark & Lana. Any attempts to compare this pairing in Smallville is futile! Clois specifically!

  114. 114
    ann Says:

    Even the return of Martha Kent failed to draw a higher ratings for Smallville. What happened to this show who used to be so great? CLOIS happened!

    And yet Clois fans says..’who cares about the ratings,we have s10.’ Lol! w/ the ratings going downhill, I wonder how long s10 will last! ;-)

  115. 115
    tin Says:

    Haven’t been watching Smallville since season 8 episode Requiem… Couldn’t bear seeing Clark with Lois! I miss Clark and Lana! :-(

  116. 116
    ally Says:

    Every time Tom is onscreen with Erica the only emotion you can see in his eyes is “annoyance”. :-)

  117. 117
    justin Says:

    Try comparing the Clois kisses to Clana’s….It’s like comparing 2 of the best on-screen pairings to a couple of paper bags trying to make out on screen. :-)

    Clois is just puke worthy!!

  118. 118
    ian Says:

    Lois & Clark – Their void of chemistry & forced interactions have made Smallville’s season 9 unwatchable for me.They simply woke up as soul mates…That’s not how it works!!

  119. 119
    Lina Says:

    LOL I start to think all the haters here are one person! am I wrong? whatever LOL
    do you know what is the most laughable part of this?? that you still watch the show! you still watch the unwatchable Clois LOL
    or you dont watch anymore?? so how could you know the show is so terrible if you dont watch it! LOL
    People like you are just sad!
    Oh sad Clana fans I really feel for you! I would be mad and pissed too to be you LOL But you cant do anything about that!
    SV writers dont care about boring Clana and hatefull Clanars and most of viewers dont care too! LOL
    well everything you can do is this stupid whining! LOL
    Clark belongs to Lois! and ratings are good enough for CW! So who really cares what some sad jealous fantics say?? no one! LOL
    get a life! LOL

  120. 120
    Lina Says:

    what Tom really said before S8:
    There was a [production] meeting last year that I walked in on and the conversation was about how much Clark was in love with Lois. I sat there and I said, ‘Wait a minute, Clark’s in love with Lois? When did this happen?’ I said Clark doesn’t know he has feelings for her. If he DOES and PEOPLE SEE IT, that’s one thing, but he doesn’t know.’ So last year Clark wasn’t necessarily aware of these feelings. And this year, that’s what’s beginning to change, he’s starting to realize he has feelings for her.
    What else Tom said:
    Lana has the great line, That’s how the great ones start. But I don’t know if Clark is so much overwhelmed with the feeling of being with Lana, or losing this one person and feeling more lonely.
    Even Tom hasnt believed in Clana LOL

  121. 121
    Lina Says:

    by the way SV producer BP said Clana was an explosive and dysfunctional relationship!
    even Gough and Millar said that Clarks experience with Lana is what would show him that Lois was right for him. LOL
    anything else to argue?? LOL

  122. 122
    Sara Says:

    I Love Lois and Clark….there such beautiful people! Wow I could stare at them all day. They make such a sexy couple.

  123. 123
    sandra Says:

    OMG I’m so jealous now. I want to see Erica and Tom too!
    They have the best chemistry on tv. I love them together.

  124. 124
    sandra Says:

    Clana fans still exist?
    people it’s time to move on!!!!

  125. 125
    Franck Says:

    Clana =gilmore girls
    lana to Clark: i love you so much that to show you how much i love you, i Will sleep with your worst enemy just few weeks after you loose your dad

    the feelings i had for bizarro in one month, i never had it in the past for you, and if i have to choose between you and bizarro…………….it woulldn’t be you!!

    In your face clark

  126. 126
    sein Says:

    @Addison.. it’s not baseless to consider Erica far from a beauty…. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Personally, I think she looks like mutton dressed as lamb.

  127. 127
    lambie Says:

    Mutton as in “old goat”. I can see that, Lois looks like an old goat acting juvenile. She dresses atrociously, old goat stuffed into a hot tomali outfit, with plastic tubberware hanging out. She looks a little like inbred imbecile or maybe she just acts the part.

  128. 128
    Lily Says:

    Erica is gorgeous, Tom is hot!
    Haters can hate all they want it won’t change the fact that Clois IS the endgame… yeah if I was a Clana fan I would be bitter too lol
    Clois <3

  129. 129
    Dee Says:

    Oh dear! The jealous fans are at it again.
    Tom and Erica are both amazing! No amount of hate will change this ;).

    Time to move on Clana fans. Spend some quality time with loved ones instead of hating on fictional characters.

    If that fails to cure you of your ‘hate’, then perhaps you better remember to take your medication

  130. 130
    munchi Says:

    I’m no fan of Erica believe me, but I’d like to ask that the negative comments/ insults about her physical appearance stop. We’ve heard it all now so let’s just put it to bed. Most of us haven’t/will not be watching S10 anyway.

  131. 131
    Franck Says:

    Clois endgamme babby!!!

    The more clois haters (clana fans) wrote comments the more i understand how sad, how angry they are!!
    Please don’t stop to write here clana fans, you make me laugh so much

    truth is clois deleted all clana scènes because after being with lana Clark told lois that she was the One he had always needed, understand not lana
    so i know clana fans feel betrayed they hate lois
    but don’t forget that in clois endgame, the Cl from clois means Clark !
    So Clark made a clear choice ( lois, and doesn’t use the légion ring to go back with lana, the truth sorry!!!!!!)
    you should be happy for him, lois didn’t betray Clark by sleeping with zod Like lana with lex or bizarro
    remenber “Fracture” when Clark was in lex head he saw lexana making out but wordt than that he Heard lana words to lex

    And when she said that she truly thinks that!

    Lana Lang LUthor the only wedding for lana was with lex
    never forget that

  132. 132
    melisa Says:

    There’s a real misconception that people dislike SV based on shipper preference. Clark/Lana fans are getting the blame for negative comments when they shouldn’t be. I have NO shipper preference yet dislike Lois and the dweeb that is Clark (sooooo many people I know feel the same). And they do look great… as a middle aged couple.

  133. 133
    Lily Says:

    Also, I wanted to thanks all the haters for helping us Clois fans making this post so popular (please haters continue to whine and give more hits to this post!).
    See Jared? everyone talk about SV and Clois, even the haters can’t help it lol. So I hope you’ll post more about Tom/Erica :)

  134. 134
    Franck Says:

    Tom and erica only one year différence between them
    5 between Tom and kk
    and Tom is Tall kristin very small
    erica is the good person for Tom
    he doen’t want to Bent all the day just to kiss kristin to small, babby!

  135. 135
    Franck Says:

    You should read the writters twitters
    s10 Will be clois centric!
    Just read great things today
    september is toooooooooo far!

  136. 136
    Holly Says:



  137. 137
    Holly Says:

    THANKS JARED! You have really done the Clark & Lois fans proud :-)

    And for the people who say that they had 7 1/2 wonderful years of Clana… selective memory much? The MAJORITY of that time, they were NOT a couple. She was busy with other guys in town. And whenever they did briefly get together… she was out the door if he didn’t give her exactly what she wanted. Then she went and banged his enemy, hmmm, so much for true love and soul-mates! If Lana was so willing to “sacrifice” and loved Clark so very much… then she would have stayed with him in S5… but NO she just couldn’t be bothered to stick it out when things got rough!

    Sure, Clois hasn’t been together that long either and you never know… maybe they will spiral into a horribly twisted and dysfunctional relationship like Clana… I guess we will all just have to wait and see ;-)

  138. 138
    elles Says:

    Erica Durance is a stunningly beautiful woman. Like Geoff Johns said at ComicCon – she’s the best Lois Lane ever. I don’t know whether to be angry at, or pity, all the malicious Erica bashers. They obviously have no real purpose in life, besides their constant hate campaigns against Erica Durance. What a sad way to live.

  139. 139
    vampiresun Says:

    a middle aged woman with obvious fake implants the size of her head may be hot to some people, over 40 with receding hairline maybe. For those young enough as in high school or college, it is HAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA. You have noticed the ratings right?

  140. 140
    Franck Says:


    If you love to speak that much on erica, i think it’s because you are a big fan of her
    the more you bash her, the more ridiculous you look,
    she is amazing
    Tom like to work with her
    geff Johns loves erica
    Justin hartley likes her
    Brian Peterson is a big erica fan
    Kelly souders loves her
    cassidy is a big clois fan
    most important PSW all love erica for her amazing Job in SV
    let’s face it
    clois won the race
    end of the story
    to clana fans

    Don’t stop to post here
    first you make us laugh
    and also you make this page popular

  141. 141
    Lily Says:

    Yeah we have noticed the ratings, and they are goods considering the Network, that’s why the CW renewed SV till after year but nice try ;)
    and hater*s* make me laugh, I mean it’s so obvious it’s actually one or maybe 2 people posting again and again with different pseudos lol

    Just for the haters not forget, Clois always win in the end! :)

  142. 142
    dan Says:

    Clana FTW!! Clois is annoying, lame, forced, boring!!!

  143. 143
    ema Says:

    I agree with everything what you said!
    The haters are so obsessed by Erica! It almost looks like they secretly love her! LOL
    Yes everyone who knows Erica says how amazing she is!
    especially Goeff Johns! the man is Chief Creative Officer! I guess he knows the character of iconic Lois Lane very well and he says Erica is the best Lois Lane ever!
    So why the hell her fans should care about some jealous haters?? LOL
    Agree Dont stop to post here! more comments!
    at least we will get more news about Erica LOL

  144. 144
    Franck Says:


    Remenber clois won the fancast tv guide ” kiss of the year” for crossefire
    two tater top on eonline this summer
    Tom Welling won the best actor on ksite
    Erica Durance best actress on ksite
    clois won thé best couple of the year on ksite

    so yes it’s clear they are loved by fans
    and yes here there is only one clana fan who change his name b4 to post
    always the same words, same ideas, maybe a looser of Cw forum, where they allowed bashing!

  145. 145
    Bo Says:

    Yeah, keep up the unwarranted hate, Lois/Erica Durance bashers. You make the Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack fandom look so classy! KK ain’t getting much work lately, despite being a reasonably talented but drop dead gorgeous actress. I reckon that the real reason KK got the boot from ‘Hitched’ was because Josh Schwartz didn’t want to have to deal with her crazy, maniacal fans! Same with the far less pretty, but ok actress AM. Her career is heading for the skids too, because of her ‘lovely’ fans, IMO.

  146. 146
    sylvie Says:

    @133 The number of comments on this page means NADA. Unless you think 100+ more people will watch the show. LMAO. I guess when viewing figures are so low (deemed good b/c CW’s a crappy network) every viewer or comment counts lol. Gosh, I cannot believe you ‘Clois lol people are stupid and desperate enough to think page hits on justjared count (no offence jared).

  147. 147
    ema Says:

    Yes exactly! I also love the fact that Clois won even when the season 7 was on! Clark was with Lana but Clois won the best couple LOL
    But Clana fans usually say the sites are biased or something! Its laughable! the haters just cand stand Tom and Erica are loved by fans!
    one of the largest Clois fansite Divine Intervention has over 7000 members! it means something!

  148. 148
    Lily Says:

    @sylvie: Hmm sorry but when did I say that comments in this blog meant more viewers for the CW? :s
    And of course *hits* counts for Jared’s blog, what’s planet are you from? God you’re so naive lol. This post was on the top 5 of the most popular the first day it was published, I’m pretty sure Jared saw it and I hope he will post more about Tom and Erica, so again thank you haters for helping us ;)

  149. 149
    allshipssink Says:

    Franck et al are narrow minded prized idiots of the first order.
    Geoff Johns et al love Erica so everyone should follow suit. ?????
    Well it’s NOT going to happen. Most ppl are free thinkers not sheep!
    Erica is primarily disliked for her acting and/or looks by MANY.
    I don’t get the weird obsession with wanting people to like her. Transfer this passion to wanting people to like you. I’m sure Erica knows the score and doesn’t care half as much.

  150. 150
    Franck Says:

    Here the great news
    Chloé Will be in 5 episodes

    so erica Will be the leading lady with 22 episodes

    for lana fans don’t speak about the ratings of AoS?
    The more she appeard on screen the more ratings were going lower

    remember after season 7 ratings weren’t good and CW was ready to cancel Smallville
    but the first 8 episodes of clois were doing great things, so cw was ok to Renew the show on friday for a season nine

    And season 9 is the best in quality did the best ratings ever for a show On CW the friday night, for a show which was on his 9th season, not too bad!!!
    Also it’s the cw show number one on dvr+7, the cw DVD show most saled
    and the cw show most seen on the net and through the world

    now you can think what you want but for me salvation IS the best Smallville épisodes ever
    even al septien didn’t think fans would love so much salvation
    chlollie fans, clois fans but most important Clark fans loved it

    And when you listen to John scheinder, the script he saw for season ten were the best he had seen since he began to play jonathan Kent
    he also said he Will have his best Line ever in lazarus

    now erica Durance is very Hot she also has a bigger fanbase than KK
    just read DI or Ksite to understand!!!!

  151. 151
    Lily Says:

    clanashipssink (yes we recognized you) et al are narrow minded prized idiots of the first order.
    Some pathetic bashers et al hate Erica so everyone should follow suit. ?????
    Well it’s NOT going to happen. Most ppl are free thinkers not sheep!
    Erica is primarily disliked because she plays Iconic Lois Lane and Clark’s love interst by FEW *cough* insane shippers*cough*.
    I don’t get the weird obsession with wanting people to hate her. Please transfer this passion to wanting people to like Lana/Clana again :’( . I’m sure Erica knows the score and doesn’t care half as much.

  152. 152
    Franck Says:


    Don’t care about your opinion
    i know erica has a big fanbase
    and she knows how much her fans love her

    she has her own official magasine
    on twitter clois is the SV ship number one
    geff Johns also said his favorite episode in season nine is crossefire for the reason you know
    i disagree with him for me it’s salvation

  153. 153
    allshipssink Says:

    Note my name, and Clarkna or whateva is included. Can’t keep up with these dumb monikers. Btw, “Clois” sounds like a nasty ST…… OK, enough already lol
    And Franck… your right, ED has fans like you who love her and I’m cool with that. Just hate when people want to stifle the opinions of others. I’m done here now. The real world is much more interesting. Have a good weekend all!

  154. 154
    Franck Says:

    Lionel luthor Will be back for season t’en

    Good news
    only lex is missing now

  155. 155
    Ellie Says:

    The Erica Durance haters really are away with the fairies! So you’re a sheep if you like ED, but a free thinker if you don’t? Such twisted logic speaks volumes about the bashers. They’re certifiably nuts! Like I said, they’re away with the fairies, in Lala land.

  156. 156
    Franck Says:

    Clana= jonathan death
    clois= RBB blur and Superman

    Even scheinder said this year that he hated clana in hidden
    he asked producters to change it b4 they Bégin to film but they didn’t
    and John scheinder to add
    “maybe that’s why they killed me”

  157. 157
    vampiresun Says:

    God knows Erica tried the sex sell stupidity thing everywhere. When she displayed her plastic implants and plastic personality on Howard Stern, thinking those animals would drool over her, instead they mocked her fake chest. Gawd, it was embarrassing to be so stupid and so transparent. As for Smallville, Lois is stupidity and fake-a-roonie incarnate and about as sexy as an low IQ middle aged whack-job with ADHD.

  158. 158
    tomW Says:

    Oh shut up! Erica big elephant legs will kick your behind. Lois’s big fat legs are only matched by Lois’s big fat mouth.

  159. 159
    Max Says:

    @jensenLUVER TANYA:

    She looks like someone’s cougar Mom. Seriously, the face is beyond botoxed.

  160. 160
    Boo Says:

    Hey it’s easy to make unreasonable and hateful comments when you can hide behind a computer. I’d take Erica’s ‘big fat legs’ over Allison’s big fat pregga-like belly and Kristin’s pitiful pancake boy chest any day of the week. See how easy that was?!

  161. 161
    Franck Says:

    You really must have nothing to do in your life, if you hate a show, a person or a ship why do you loose you time to write horrible comments about it
    you don’t have an interesting Life a bf or gf something to do ?
    Because speaking about the wonderful ED like you are doing just show how pathetic you are
    when clois fans bash lana it’s because of the ” i go to lex bed just after you loose your father” or ” bizarro is my first choice” or wrath which show that lana was only interesting by one thing : Clark’s powers, thing that she finally had in Power
    but clana fans had nothing about lois, so they bash her body
    i am a man and for me between kristin and erica, i will always choose erica, more sexy, more funny
    BTW clois is endgame!

  162. 162
    Nina Says:

    Erica is a beautiful woman!
    The haters simpy can’t stand the fact she is LeadingL and KK or AM aren’t anymore. It’s sad!
    And also it’s clear the haters think plastic surgery can be only reason why a woman looks beutiful or sexy.
    I guess I better dont want to know what the haters look like!

  163. 163
    ema Says:

    Exactly! I am a woman and I would always chose Erica too! LOL
    Yes you are right! Clois fans bash Lana as character becouse of the things she did!
    Clana fans bash Erica as person!
    I think they are so delusional they dont even see the difference between a character from tv show and a real person!

  164. 164
    Jood Says:

    I absolutely adore Erica Durance, and if that makes me a sheep, count me in that happy flock! I’d rather be a happy sheep than a hateful ‘free thinker’, who constantly makes heinous, untruthful comments about Erica’s looks. Yeah, I’m looking at you, vile Lana and Chloe fanatics, and the view is pathetic.

  165. 165
    Franck Says:

    Lois was there for Clark in Oracle when lana betrayed him
    lois was there for Clark when he wanted to cure lana in apocalypse
    lois was there for him when lana broke up on a DVD in artic
    lois pushed him to work at DP
    lois gaves him rules to respect if he wanted to be a good reporter in Plastique ( and in Hex we saw that he kept lois advices near him!)
    by saving her in identity he became the RBB
    lois papers in the DP about this RBB from identity to stiletto helped metropolis citizens to believe in something good in a hero, even the RBB liked all lois articles ( stiletto)
    lois was there also when the RBB wanted to speak with someone ( stiletto, doomsday)
    because she was missing the RBB became the blur
    lois is so much important in Clark Life
    much more than lana

  166. 166
    realtime Says:

    If the gorgeous Alaina Huffman/Black Canary played Lois Lane, Clois would be viewed more favorably.
    Alaina blows ED off the planet looks and acting wise. A natural beauty with exquisite features, EFFORTLESSLY sexy and feminine – no distasteful breast implants to exploit for cheap thrills.
    I’ve used the word “effortlessly” because with EricaLois you can see the huge effort that goes into her look, yet she’s still hardfaced and abrasive with mechanical acting to match. And there’s the Sarah Palin voice. Horrendous. Just the wrong actress for the role imo, and that’s the bottom line. NOT that she’s with Clark like so many of you want to believe.

  167. 167
    nancy Says:

    OMG Alaina is soooo beautiful right now with her shoulder length blond hair, so Charlize Theron. She’s equally mesmerising with darker hair though. She’s always connecting with her fans which says a lot.
    If she was Lois I’d definitely be a CLOIS shipper!!! Sorry but Erica can’t compete. I’ve always focused on Clark anyway so really don’t care.

  168. 168
    marky Says:

    I remember watching Siren and thinking “damn, Black Canary is too freaking hawt” lol and how she’ll outshine Lois for sure, which is probably why we hardly see her. :( I recall the elevator scene with the two of them next to each other. Lois was basically invisible.

  169. 169
    tvaddict Says:

    Durance is one big cockroach and her silicone implants should get screen credit. A show , like Smallville, would have been cancelled but CW would then pay more for syndications. The viewers left are comic nerds and Lois and Clark fans. The producers want more viewers so Pa and Ma Kent, Lionel Luthor, Kara, Brainiac, and many past characters will come back and of course our beloved cockroach Lois with her large silicone implants will be on display. If the ratings do not move upward a little, they still have the entire season to fail.

  170. 170
    thomasJef Says:

    Terry Hatcher is without a doubt the best Lois Lane to date. As feisty as hell, vivacious and classy – I could go on.
    Cannot say the same for Smallville’s Lois/E, sorry. Not even close.
    Huffman/Black Canary is major league hot though! She would def do the character Lois justice.

  171. 171
    Franck Says:

    Easy you change your name 20 Times and you gives alwaysthe same arguments


  172. 172
    Viena Says:

    Erica and Tom are amazing! I love the pics!
    and Erica is the best Lois Lane ever! even Geoff Johns says that!
    And I agree with him!
    I love Erica!!!

  173. 173
    ema Says:

    Yes we already know there is only one pathetic hater with no life!
    Yes We recognized you sad lunatic! LOL

  174. 174
    Franck Says:


    It’s too pathetic
    if he has no Life nothing to do
    i came here as a smallville fans because i follpw every episodes, i l’île ED so much, great actress, always giving funny itws
    so if i comment here, it’s because i care about this show
    this looser can give his opinion, one time, ok i hate this show, bla bla i bash erica, bla bla i love lana
    ok but if you hate this why staying non stop on this board, changing 20 times your name, but always speaking about the same things!!!!

  175. 175
    emafranck Says:

    You talking about yourself? Do most D-list actress types hire a minimum wage person to stand guard for them. Durance is sleazy as Lois. I

  176. 176
    mike Says:

    I hate Smallville’s Lois Lane, try rearranging her name, you’d come up w/ this = All Noise!! ha, big mouthed Hois Lame!!
    Erica should be thankful to Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, if they decided to stay she will definitely still in the background trying to get any chance of attention!! ED becomes the leading lady only because all of the cast aside from TW already left the show!! Sv’s got only 4 regulars this season…my God!! Horrible!!

  177. 177
    Franck Says:


    Hay looser
    you hate a show, and you are still here 24/24h every day
    change your name
    but like always pathetic
    don’t stop please
    you make us laugh so much!

  178. 178
    ema Says:

    everyone should be thankful to KK , if she had decided to stay the show would be canceled years ago! LOL
    Why? Becouse most of viewers hated Clana in the S7!
    Clark was with Lana but it was Clois who won the best couple! LOL
    and AM?
    AM was in 22 eps last season and she almost wasnt there!
    becouse her character is simply useless!
    Erica was only in 18 eps be she still had more screentime than AM!!! think about that!
    Erica has been the LeadingL for years!
    Deal with it!

  179. 179
    sunday Says:

    You really are dead set on becoming a laughing stock like Durance. It’s like “if you can’t be her, join her”. lol
    Seriously girl/boy/hybrid/whatever, if you’re not getting paid to keep watch 24/7 and respond to EVERY comment you don’t like about Erica then get a life because the state of play is not going to change.
    Oh geez, I’ve just given you something to do by responding to this. lmao

  180. 180
    Paul Says:

    I love tom and erica
    i cant wait for the season 10

  181. 181
    Franck Says:

    I like to answer to pathetics post
    look Tom welling said season ten Will give all answers fans are waiting for
    so the main actor-producter of the show is ready to answer you, you just Have 4and a half weeks to wait

  182. 182
    mike Says:


    ED is the leading lady for years? Lol!! Hallucinates much? If I remember it correctly ED is just a replacement, just like her character! Smallville is ending because the ratings plummeted last season…the one CLois called “the greatest season ever”! Yeah right!! Season 9 is the least watched season!! proof of it is the VERY LOW RATINGS!! hahaha! :-)

  183. 183
    dan Says:

    Very low Ratings indeed! what else do you expect from Clois!

  184. 184
    mike Says:


    who’s changing names? from the look of it…it’s YOU!! so tell that to yourself!! you must be getting confused dude!! Lol!! think getting a life suits you!

    as for Lois…she looks like a hag!! Poor Clark.. ;-)
    I can see why Tom wants Kristin back so badly…he states it every chance he could get..

  185. 185
    ema Says:

    Lois Lane always will be the leadingL!
    and the show has been moved to fridays! Its a dead slot for a reason!
    Its becouse of ratings???? LOL
    Yes thats exactly the reason why there will be another season! LOL
    Yes they probably said: oh ratings are so low lets make another season LOL You think they are so stupid as Clana fans? LOL hallucinating much?
    They say ratings are good!!!
    by the way in latinaA ratings were over 20 millions of viewers!!!! WOW
    as I said I dont care about some jealous haters! LOL
    the season 9 was the best season ever!!!!
    But I guess the season 10 will be even better!!!!
    Deal with it!

  186. 186
    Ina Says:

    The haters are so pathetic
    Get a life morons
    Erica and Tom are the best

  187. 187
    Franck Says:

    Try to find a fanbase more important than DI clois for lana anD Clark
    but nothing!!! Sweet can’t reach it
    the anti smallville forum on cw is hold by 20 lala fans LOL
    ksite the smallville world forum number one is 90% clois 8% chlollie and 2% clana

    so don’t worry for clois fans ship number one clearly
    you wish to be the number one
    but wake up
    you’re dreaming!!!!!

  188. 188
    mike Says:

    Clois fans are being DEMENTED for thinking season 9 was a success!! look what it brought to Sv, a sudden ending!! season 10 will be its final because of last season’s EPIC failure!! much like Lois, a big FAILURE that ever happened in Smallville!!

    Lana will always be Clark’s true love in Smallvile, so until it becomes Metroville, Lana is the one!!

    and people, Smallville will be remembered like this:


    and what of ED? she’ll remian as SV’s horrendous nightmare like her character!

  189. 189
    Franck Says:

    Lana Will be remenbered as Clark trie love
    as withney trie love
    as Adam true love
    as Jason true love
    as Lex true love
    as bizarro true love ( with the last five she didn’t feel the love she had for bizarro)

    yes lana Will be remenbered as true love, but of who????


  190. 190
    tommy Says:


    you said it right…Clark suddenly move on…which makes Clois the most light switched couple ever!!

  191. 191
    ema Says:

    more light switched than Chlollie?? LOL
    You are wrong! he just forgot Lana really fast!
    But I took him more than 5 years to ask Lois on a date!
    Is it light switched??? than Clana was light switched too! LOL

  192. 192
    ema Says:

    Bizarro is definitelly Lanas true love!
    It was clear she wanted him more than Clark in the S7!
    well they say Bizarro probably will be in the S10! and if Lana is there too they maybe finally will be together! LOL
    after all Lana is living piece of kryptonit now! Bizarro would love it!!! LOL

  193. 193
    ana Says:


  194. 194
    jing Says:



  195. 195
    ema Says:

    look at the last clana fan! LOL
    I love your stupid whining!
    Clana will be remembered like a big failure!
    Deal with it!
    Lana will always be Clark’s true love???
    Yes thats why he moved on so fast! LOL
    Why the season 10 will be the final???
    lets think about it!
    maybe becouse its 10th season!
    How long have you expected the show will last??? LOL
    noone expected there will be the S10! the show has been moved to friday but the ratings are still good enough!
    Why? Becouse the show is amazing!!!

  196. 196
    Franck Says:

    Chloé fans are saying chlollie better than chimmy!
    Remenber ollie was so jealous when he saw clois at hospital in disciple and one épisode after bang! Chlollie !!!
    It took one year for Clark from instinct 8-04 to 9-02 métallo
    from when lois broke maxima spell on Clark in the elevator
    the moment he knew what lois means for him (métallo )
    1 year
    lana was with Clark and fews days after she felt in love with Jason
    season5 lana was with Clark and few days after she felt in love with his worst enemy Lex
    clois one year!!!

  197. 197
    ema Says:

    agree! Oliver had been in love with Lois a few eps before he started a sexual relationship with Chloe! and after a few weeks he imediatelly loves her?
    its very believeable!! LOL
    but what would you expected from Chloe fans?
    they were fans of Chlark, Chlex, Chlavis, Chloomsday lol, and now its Chlollie! LOL they would love every relationship when Chloe is part of it!
    and Lana? you right about Lex and anyone else! But they would never admit it!
    Chloe and Lana fans see what they want to see!
    its double standard!
    thats why I laugh every time when they say Clois is forced! LOL

  198. 198
    Franck Says:

    And you must be blind for not seeing how Hot érica is
    just go on YouTube search clois a legendary love by sceuldeurienne
    and you’ll understand why clois is endgame and so iconic

  199. 199
    baby Says:

    I love KRISTIN KREUK, LANA LANG AND CLANA!! but most of all I love KRISTOM!! their chemistry is beyond fantanstic!!

  200. 200
    emafranck Says:

    Lois moos like a cow. If you think Durance looks fake and cheap on the screen, you haven’t seen her in person. In person she looks even more plastic and cheap. She looks like a freak with her silicone implants being the biggest and weirdest looking thing on her person.

  201. 201
    emafranck Says:

    Just read New York Post piece “Boob Bust”. The producers ban fake breasts from Pirate of Caribbean. No actress with silicone implants will be hired for any part . It makes the production cheap. The idiot producers of Smallville are just dumb showcasing Durance fake boobs. Smallville=Idiocracyville

  202. 202
    ema Says:

    trust me they see it!!!!
    why do you think they are so bitter? LOL
    they see it!!!
    But they would never admit how hot Erica is! Or that her and Tom have an amazing chemistry!!
    they would never admit it!!
    They couldnt live with that! LOL

  203. 203
    ema Says:

    203th comment! WOW
    thanks people!
    fans love Erica!
    and even the haters cant stop discussing about her!!!! LOL
    dont stop posting here!
    We want even more comments!

  204. 204
    Oktomārs Says:

    naissss !1 1 ! !!

  205. 205
    Franck Says:

    I like your new name “emafranck”
    very funny

  206. 206
    Clana Says:

    @IMatt: Agreed.

  207. 207
    Clana Says:

    @michelle: Thank you for your comment. You said everything that I wanted to said.

  208. 208
    Franck Says:

    I dig middle aged women with plastic boobs. What’s wrong with that Durance looks a little worn and creepy but hey it is a turn on.

  209. 209
    Franck Says:


    LOL colonyofcell
    my name is Franck but yours Michelle clana emafranck Franck
    you could have find an other name
    is it possible to be That pathetic!
    Yes you can!
    Erica is wonderful , she is funny sexy, i understand if you are a woman ( michelle, emafranck) That you are so jealous of her
    but please go back to bashland on your cw forum

  210. 210
    Ema Says:

    Of course they are jealous!
    Erica is amazing, wonderful, lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, hot, stunning, sweet, talented, awesome!
    how someone of them couldnt be jealous of her lol

  211. 211
    Jayne Says:

    I love this and Tom is so hot, i feel sad that it’s ending but at the same time can’t wait to see him fly.

  212. 212
    Kiki Says:

    LOVELY!! I can’t wait for the episode

  213. 213
    tom`s wife Says:

    I miss you tom soooooooooo much!!

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