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Smallville: 200th Episode!

Smallville: 200th Episode!

Tom Welling hits the set with costar Erica Durance for the 200th episode of Smallville on Monday (August 16) in Vancouver, Canada.

Tom, 33, and Erica, 32, who play Clark Kent and Lois Lane on the show, attend their high school reunion during this episode.

Entering their 10th and final season this year, the 200th episode marks a major milestone for the show. Smallville originally premiered October 16, 2001 on the WB and will be ending their respectable run this season with Clark Kent finally becoming Superman.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Welling and Erica Durance working on the 200th episode of Smallville

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  • princess_me

    this thread broke 100, woo!

    so in any case, all these comments/arguing/discussion is a great sign for the show :)

  • Carol

    Thank you so much for the pics! Tom is so beautiful! Best Clark Kent/Superman ever!

  • WendySue

    Thanks for the Pictures..Tom and Erica rock as Clois.. Best Clois ever..

  • datadave

    Smallville is boring. The show should have been over years ago. Lois and Clark look more than Martha and Jonathan’s age. They look uncomfortable together in most scenes. Ratings at the bottom, viewers think Snooki is criminally less annoying than old horse Lois.

  • ema

    I laugh at you sad haters!
    Erica is famous, rich, beautiful and loved by many! I guess it hurts like hell! Deal with it!

  • diva


    100% agreement. Most people agree with you. They are awful together. Clark looks like a fool next to his denture chewing, simian looking and trained seal acting Lois. He looks like he needs prozac to tolerate Lois.

  • michelle

    Here we go again with so many Lame excuses!! If you really are a fan of Smallville, you’ll watch it any day whether it’s on Monday, Wednesday, even Friday!!

    It’s really obvious that the only people left watching this show are the Lois/Clois fans!! the ratings last season is the proof!! 1 mill plus viewers, Awful!! even the much hyped episode Justice didn’t do well w/ only 2 mill plus something ratings!!!

    and regarding Clois’ “iconc” love, I’ll quote what Tom Welling said “CLARK IS IN LOVE WITH LOIS? WHEN DID IT HAPPEN?”
    another quote from Tom’s interview w/ E! at CW up front when asked about Clois, “Clois makes me think of Chloe and Lois!”
    hahahaha, he probably prefers Clana!!

  • diva


    Its a loser show , embarrassing. No wonder Clark is still not airborne. Lois looks old with large chunky legs and rubber face and stuffed plastic chest. Viewers need prozac. clark looks like he is vomiting in his mouth

  • Liz

    Wow whats with the hate for Lois and Clark. I guess people are just jealous of the Hottest Couple on TV. Erica and Tom are on Smokin Hot and I’m so happy that we are getting a Season 10.

    Oh and ignorant people were getting another Season because the ratings were high not low…. and I’m feakin excited for it!!!!

  • diva

    smoking hot? somebody needs glasses. smoking hot as in overcooked. Lois looks like old aunt trying too hard. the producers are trying hard too, putting old Lois in push up bras. Viewers are laughing all the way to turn off the TV.

  • Liz

    @diva: You should stop watching Smallville cause its going to get better for me and im sure worse for you.


  • nina

    I think Clark should end up w/ Lana in Smallville series finale.Lois doesn’t belong in Smallville..and Tom Welling have zero chemistry w/ Erica D.

  • cathy

    There’s no comparison to Clark & Lana. Any attempts to compare this pairing in Smallville is futile! Clois specifically!

  • ann

    Even the return of Martha Kent failed to draw a higher ratings for Smallville. What happened to this show who used to be so great? CLOIS happened!

    And yet Clois fans says..’who cares about the ratings,we have s10.’ Lol! w/ the ratings going downhill, I wonder how long s10 will last! ;-)

  • tin

    Haven’t been watching Smallville since season 8 episode Requiem… Couldn’t bear seeing Clark with Lois! I miss Clark and Lana! :-(

  • ally

    Every time Tom is onscreen with Erica the only emotion you can see in his eyes is “annoyance”. :-)

  • justin

    Try comparing the Clois kisses to Clana’s….It’s like comparing 2 of the best on-screen pairings to a couple of paper bags trying to make out on screen. :-)

    Clois is just puke worthy!!

  • ian

    Lois & Clark – Their void of chemistry & forced interactions have made Smallville’s season 9 unwatchable for me.They simply woke up as soul mates…That’s not how it works!!

  • Lina

    LOL I start to think all the haters here are one person! am I wrong? whatever LOL
    do you know what is the most laughable part of this?? that you still watch the show! you still watch the unwatchable Clois LOL
    or you dont watch anymore?? so how could you know the show is so terrible if you dont watch it! LOL
    People like you are just sad!
    Oh sad Clana fans I really feel for you! I would be mad and pissed too to be you LOL But you cant do anything about that!
    SV writers dont care about boring Clana and hatefull Clanars and most of viewers dont care too! LOL
    well everything you can do is this stupid whining! LOL
    Clark belongs to Lois! and ratings are good enough for CW! So who really cares what some sad jealous fantics say?? no one! LOL
    get a life! LOL

  • Lina

    what Tom really said before S8:
    There was a [production] meeting last year that I walked in on and the conversation was about how much Clark was in love with Lois. I sat there and I said, ‘Wait a minute, Clark’s in love with Lois? When did this happen?’ I said Clark doesn’t know he has feelings for her. If he DOES and PEOPLE SEE IT, that’s one thing, but he doesn’t know.’ So last year Clark wasn’t necessarily aware of these feelings. And this year, that’s what’s beginning to change, he’s starting to realize he has feelings for her.
    What else Tom said:
    Lana has the great line, That’s how the great ones start. But I don’t know if Clark is so much overwhelmed with the feeling of being with Lana, or losing this one person and feeling more lonely.
    Even Tom hasnt believed in Clana LOL

  • Lina

    by the way SV producer BP said Clana was an explosive and dysfunctional relationship!
    even Gough and Millar said that Clarks experience with Lana is what would show him that Lois was right for him. LOL
    anything else to argue?? LOL

  • Sara

    I Love Lois and Clark….there such beautiful people! Wow I could stare at them all day. They make such a sexy couple.

  • sandra

    OMG I’m so jealous now. I want to see Erica and Tom too!
    They have the best chemistry on tv. I love them together.

  • sandra

    Clana fans still exist?
    people it’s time to move on!!!!

  • Franck

    Clana =gilmore girls
    lana to Clark: i love you so much that to show you how much i love you, i Will sleep with your worst enemy just few weeks after you loose your dad

    the feelings i had for bizarro in one month, i never had it in the past for you, and if i have to choose between you and bizarro…………….it woulldn’t be you!!

    In your face clark

  • sein

    @Addison.. it’s not baseless to consider Erica far from a beauty…. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Personally, I think she looks like mutton dressed as lamb.

  • lambie

    Mutton as in “old goat”. I can see that, Lois looks like an old goat acting juvenile. She dresses atrociously, old goat stuffed into a hot tomali outfit, with plastic tubberware hanging out. She looks a little like inbred imbecile or maybe she just acts the part.

  • Lily

    Erica is gorgeous, Tom is hot!
    Haters can hate all they want it won’t change the fact that Clois IS the endgame… yeah if I was a Clana fan I would be bitter too lol
    Clois <3

  • Dee

    Oh dear! The jealous fans are at it again.
    Tom and Erica are both amazing! No amount of hate will change this ;).

    Time to move on Clana fans. Spend some quality time with loved ones instead of hating on fictional characters.

    If that fails to cure you of your ‘hate’, then perhaps you better remember to take your medication

  • munchi

    I’m no fan of Erica believe me, but I’d like to ask that the negative comments/ insults about her physical appearance stop. We’ve heard it all now so let’s just put it to bed. Most of us haven’t/will not be watching S10 anyway.

  • Franck

    Clois endgamme babby!!!

    The more clois haters (clana fans) wrote comments the more i understand how sad, how angry they are!!
    Please don’t stop to write here clana fans, you make me laugh so much

    truth is clois deleted all clana scènes because after being with lana Clark told lois that she was the One he had always needed, understand not lana
    so i know clana fans feel betrayed they hate lois
    but don’t forget that in clois endgame, the Cl from clois means Clark !
    So Clark made a clear choice ( lois, and doesn’t use the légion ring to go back with lana, the truth sorry!!!!!!)
    you should be happy for him, lois didn’t betray Clark by sleeping with zod Like lana with lex or bizarro
    remenber “Fracture” when Clark was in lex head he saw lexana making out but wordt than that he Heard lana words to lex

    And when she said that she truly thinks that!

    Lana Lang LUthor the only wedding for lana was with lex
    never forget that

  • melisa

    There’s a real misconception that people dislike SV based on shipper preference. Clark/Lana fans are getting the blame for negative comments when they shouldn’t be. I have NO shipper preference yet dislike Lois and the dweeb that is Clark (sooooo many people I know feel the same). And they do look great… as a middle aged couple.

  • Lily

    Also, I wanted to thanks all the haters for helping us Clois fans making this post so popular (please haters continue to whine and give more hits to this post!).
    See Jared? everyone talk about SV and Clois, even the haters can’t help it lol. So I hope you’ll post more about Tom/Erica :)

  • Franck

    Tom and erica only one year différence between them
    5 between Tom and kk
    and Tom is Tall kristin very small
    erica is the good person for Tom
    he doen’t want to Bent all the day just to kiss kristin to small, babby!

  • Franck

    You should read the writters twitters
    s10 Will be clois centric!
    Just read great things today
    september is toooooooooo far!

  • Holly



  • Holly

    THANKS JARED! You have really done the Clark & Lois fans proud :-)

    And for the people who say that they had 7 1/2 wonderful years of Clana… selective memory much? The MAJORITY of that time, they were NOT a couple. She was busy with other guys in town. And whenever they did briefly get together… she was out the door if he didn’t give her exactly what she wanted. Then she went and banged his enemy, hmmm, so much for true love and soul-mates! If Lana was so willing to “sacrifice” and loved Clark so very much… then she would have stayed with him in S5… but NO she just couldn’t be bothered to stick it out when things got rough!

    Sure, Clois hasn’t been together that long either and you never know… maybe they will spiral into a horribly twisted and dysfunctional relationship like Clana… I guess we will all just have to wait and see ;-)

  • elles

    Erica Durance is a stunningly beautiful woman. Like Geoff Johns said at ComicCon – she’s the best Lois Lane ever. I don’t know whether to be angry at, or pity, all the malicious Erica bashers. They obviously have no real purpose in life, besides their constant hate campaigns against Erica Durance. What a sad way to live.

  • vampiresun

    a middle aged woman with obvious fake implants the size of her head may be hot to some people, over 40 with receding hairline maybe. For those young enough as in high school or college, it is HAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA. You have noticed the ratings right?

  • Franck


    If you love to speak that much on erica, i think it’s because you are a big fan of her
    the more you bash her, the more ridiculous you look,
    she is amazing
    Tom like to work with her
    geff Johns loves erica
    Justin hartley likes her
    Brian Peterson is a big erica fan
    Kelly souders loves her
    cassidy is a big clois fan
    most important PSW all love erica for her amazing Job in SV
    let’s face it
    clois won the race
    end of the story
    to clana fans

    Don’t stop to post here
    first you make us laugh
    and also you make this page popular

  • Lily

    Yeah we have noticed the ratings, and they are goods considering the Network, that’s why the CW renewed SV till after year but nice try ;)
    and hater*s* make me laugh, I mean it’s so obvious it’s actually one or maybe 2 people posting again and again with different pseudos lol

    Just for the haters not forget, Clois always win in the end! :)

  • dan

    Clana FTW!! Clois is annoying, lame, forced, boring!!!

  • ema

    I agree with everything what you said!
    The haters are so obsessed by Erica! It almost looks like they secretly love her! LOL
    Yes everyone who knows Erica says how amazing she is!
    especially Goeff Johns! the man is Chief Creative Officer! I guess he knows the character of iconic Lois Lane very well and he says Erica is the best Lois Lane ever!
    So why the hell her fans should care about some jealous haters?? LOL
    Agree Dont stop to post here! more comments!
    at least we will get more news about Erica LOL

  • Franck


    Remenber clois won the fancast tv guide ” kiss of the year” for crossefire
    two tater top on eonline this summer
    Tom Welling won the best actor on ksite
    Erica Durance best actress on ksite
    clois won thé best couple of the year on ksite

    so yes it’s clear they are loved by fans
    and yes here there is only one clana fan who change his name b4 to post
    always the same words, same ideas, maybe a looser of Cw forum, where they allowed bashing!

  • Bo

    Yeah, keep up the unwarranted hate, Lois/Erica Durance bashers. You make the Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack fandom look so classy! KK ain’t getting much work lately, despite being a reasonably talented but drop dead gorgeous actress. I reckon that the real reason KK got the boot from ‘Hitched’ was because Josh Schwartz didn’t want to have to deal with her crazy, maniacal fans! Same with the far less pretty, but ok actress AM. Her career is heading for the skids too, because of her ‘lovely’ fans, IMO.

  • sylvie

    @133 The number of comments on this page means NADA. Unless you think 100+ more people will watch the show. LMAO. I guess when viewing figures are so low (deemed good b/c CW’s a crappy network) every viewer or comment counts lol. Gosh, I cannot believe you ‘Clois lol people are stupid and desperate enough to think page hits on justjared count (no offence jared).

  • ema

    Yes exactly! I also love the fact that Clois won even when the season 7 was on! Clark was with Lana but Clois won the best couple LOL
    But Clana fans usually say the sites are biased or something! Its laughable! the haters just cand stand Tom and Erica are loved by fans!
    one of the largest Clois fansite Divine Intervention has over 7000 members! it means something!

  • Lily

    @sylvie: Hmm sorry but when did I say that comments in this blog meant more viewers for the CW? :s
    And of course *hits* counts for Jared’s blog, what’s planet are you from? God you’re so naive lol. This post was on the top 5 of the most popular the first day it was published, I’m pretty sure Jared saw it and I hope he will post more about Tom and Erica, so again thank you haters for helping us ;)

  • allshipssink

    Franck et al are narrow minded prized idiots of the first order.
    Geoff Johns et al love Erica so everyone should follow suit. ?????
    Well it’s NOT going to happen. Most ppl are free thinkers not sheep!
    Erica is primarily disliked for her acting and/or looks by MANY.
    I don’t get the weird obsession with wanting people to like her. Transfer this passion to wanting people to like you. I’m sure Erica knows the score and doesn’t care half as much.

  • Franck

    Here the great news
    Chloé Will be in 5 episodes

    so erica Will be the leading lady with 22 episodes

    for lana fans don’t speak about the ratings of AoS?
    The more she appeard on screen the more ratings were going lower

    remember after season 7 ratings weren’t good and CW was ready to cancel Smallville
    but the first 8 episodes of clois were doing great things, so cw was ok to Renew the show on friday for a season nine

    And season 9 is the best in quality did the best ratings ever for a show On CW the friday night, for a show which was on his 9th season, not too bad!!!
    Also it’s the cw show number one on dvr+7, the cw DVD show most saled
    and the cw show most seen on the net and through the world

    now you can think what you want but for me salvation IS the best Smallville épisodes ever
    even al septien didn’t think fans would love so much salvation
    chlollie fans, clois fans but most important Clark fans loved it

    And when you listen to John scheinder, the script he saw for season ten were the best he had seen since he began to play jonathan Kent
    he also said he Will have his best Line ever in lazarus

    now erica Durance is very Hot she also has a bigger fanbase than KK
    just read DI or Ksite to understand!!!!