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Smallville: 200th Episode!

Smallville: 200th Episode!

Tom Welling hits the set with costar Erica Durance for the 200th episode of Smallville on Monday (August 16) in Vancouver, Canada.

Tom, 33, and Erica, 32, who play Clark Kent and Lois Lane on the show, attend their high school reunion during this episode.

Entering their 10th and final season this year, the 200th episode marks a major milestone for the show. Smallville originally premiered October 16, 2001 on the WB and will be ending their respectable run this season with Clark Kent finally becoming Superman.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Welling and Erica Durance working on the 200th episode of Smallville

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  • Lily

    clanashipssink (yes we recognized you) et al are narrow minded prized idiots of the first order.
    Some pathetic bashers et al hate Erica so everyone should follow suit. ?????
    Well it’s NOT going to happen. Most ppl are free thinkers not sheep!
    Erica is primarily disliked because she plays Iconic Lois Lane and Clark’s love interst by FEW *cough* insane shippers*cough*.
    I don’t get the weird obsession with wanting people to hate her. Please transfer this passion to wanting people to like Lana/Clana again :’( . I’m sure Erica knows the score and doesn’t care half as much.

  • Franck


    Don’t care about your opinion
    i know erica has a big fanbase
    and she knows how much her fans love her

    she has her own official magasine
    on twitter clois is the SV ship number one
    geff Johns also said his favorite episode in season nine is crossefire for the reason you know
    i disagree with him for me it’s salvation

  • allshipssink

    Note my name, and Clarkna or whateva is included. Can’t keep up with these dumb monikers. Btw, “Clois” sounds like a nasty ST…… OK, enough already lol
    And Franck… your right, ED has fans like you who love her and I’m cool with that. Just hate when people want to stifle the opinions of others. I’m done here now. The real world is much more interesting. Have a good weekend all!

  • Franck

    Lionel luthor Will be back for season t’en

    Good news
    only lex is missing now

  • Ellie

    The Erica Durance haters really are away with the fairies! So you’re a sheep if you like ED, but a free thinker if you don’t? Such twisted logic speaks volumes about the bashers. They’re certifiably nuts! Like I said, they’re away with the fairies, in Lala land.

  • Franck

    Clana= jonathan death
    clois= RBB blur and Superman

    Even scheinder said this year that he hated clana in hidden
    he asked producters to change it b4 they Bégin to film but they didn’t
    and John scheinder to add
    “maybe that’s why they killed me”

  • vampiresun

    God knows Erica tried the sex sell stupidity thing everywhere. When she displayed her plastic implants and plastic personality on Howard Stern, thinking those animals would drool over her, instead they mocked her fake chest. Gawd, it was embarrassing to be so stupid and so transparent. As for Smallville, Lois is stupidity and fake-a-roonie incarnate and about as sexy as an low IQ middle aged whack-job with ADHD.

  • tomW

    Oh shut up! Erica big elephant legs will kick your behind. Lois’s big fat legs are only matched by Lois’s big fat mouth.

  • Max

    @jensenLUVER TANYA:

    She looks like someone’s cougar Mom. Seriously, the face is beyond botoxed.

  • Boo

    Hey it’s easy to make unreasonable and hateful comments when you can hide behind a computer. I’d take Erica’s ‘big fat legs’ over Allison’s big fat pregga-like belly and Kristin’s pitiful pancake boy chest any day of the week. See how easy that was?!

  • Franck

    You really must have nothing to do in your life, if you hate a show, a person or a ship why do you loose you time to write horrible comments about it
    you don’t have an interesting Life a bf or gf something to do ?
    Because speaking about the wonderful ED like you are doing just show how pathetic you are
    when clois fans bash lana it’s because of the ” i go to lex bed just after you loose your father” or ” bizarro is my first choice” or wrath which show that lana was only interesting by one thing : Clark’s powers, thing that she finally had in Power
    but clana fans had nothing about lois, so they bash her body
    i am a man and for me between kristin and erica, i will always choose erica, more sexy, more funny
    BTW clois is endgame!

  • Nina

    Erica is a beautiful woman!
    The haters simpy can’t stand the fact she is LeadingL and KK or AM aren’t anymore. It’s sad!
    And also it’s clear the haters think plastic surgery can be only reason why a woman looks beutiful or sexy.
    I guess I better dont want to know what the haters look like!

  • ema

    Exactly! I am a woman and I would always chose Erica too! LOL
    Yes you are right! Clois fans bash Lana as character becouse of the things she did!
    Clana fans bash Erica as person!
    I think they are so delusional they dont even see the difference between a character from tv show and a real person!

  • Jood

    I absolutely adore Erica Durance, and if that makes me a sheep, count me in that happy flock! I’d rather be a happy sheep than a hateful ‘free thinker’, who constantly makes heinous, untruthful comments about Erica’s looks. Yeah, I’m looking at you, vile Lana and Chloe fanatics, and the view is pathetic.

  • Franck

    Lois was there for Clark in Oracle when lana betrayed him
    lois was there for Clark when he wanted to cure lana in apocalypse
    lois was there for him when lana broke up on a DVD in artic
    lois pushed him to work at DP
    lois gaves him rules to respect if he wanted to be a good reporter in Plastique ( and in Hex we saw that he kept lois advices near him!)
    by saving her in identity he became the RBB
    lois papers in the DP about this RBB from identity to stiletto helped metropolis citizens to believe in something good in a hero, even the RBB liked all lois articles ( stiletto)
    lois was there also when the RBB wanted to speak with someone ( stiletto, doomsday)
    because she was missing the RBB became the blur
    lois is so much important in Clark Life
    much more than lana

  • realtime

    If the gorgeous Alaina Huffman/Black Canary played Lois Lane, Clois would be viewed more favorably.
    Alaina blows ED off the planet looks and acting wise. A natural beauty with exquisite features, EFFORTLESSLY sexy and feminine – no distasteful breast implants to exploit for cheap thrills.
    I’ve used the word “effortlessly” because with EricaLois you can see the huge effort that goes into her look, yet she’s still hardfaced and abrasive with mechanical acting to match. And there’s the Sarah Palin voice. Horrendous. Just the wrong actress for the role imo, and that’s the bottom line. NOT that she’s with Clark like so many of you want to believe.

  • nancy

    OMG Alaina is soooo beautiful right now with her shoulder length blond hair, so Charlize Theron. She’s equally mesmerising with darker hair though. She’s always connecting with her fans which says a lot.
    If she was Lois I’d definitely be a CLOIS shipper!!! Sorry but Erica can’t compete. I’ve always focused on Clark anyway so really don’t care.

  • marky

    I remember watching Siren and thinking “damn, Black Canary is too freaking hawt” lol and how she’ll outshine Lois for sure, which is probably why we hardly see her. :( I recall the elevator scene with the two of them next to each other. Lois was basically invisible.

  • tvaddict

    Durance is one big cockroach and her silicone implants should get screen credit. A show , like Smallville, would have been cancelled but CW would then pay more for syndications. The viewers left are comic nerds and Lois and Clark fans. The producers want more viewers so Pa and Ma Kent, Lionel Luthor, Kara, Brainiac, and many past characters will come back and of course our beloved cockroach Lois with her large silicone implants will be on display. If the ratings do not move upward a little, they still have the entire season to fail.

  • thomasJef

    Terry Hatcher is without a doubt the best Lois Lane to date. As feisty as hell, vivacious and classy – I could go on.
    Cannot say the same for Smallville’s Lois/E, sorry. Not even close.
    Huffman/Black Canary is major league hot though! She would def do the character Lois justice.

  • Franck

    Easy you change your name 20 Times and you gives alwaysthe same arguments


  • Viena

    Erica and Tom are amazing! I love the pics!
    and Erica is the best Lois Lane ever! even Geoff Johns says that!
    And I agree with him!
    I love Erica!!!

  • ema

    Yes we already know there is only one pathetic hater with no life!
    Yes We recognized you sad lunatic! LOL

  • Franck


    It’s too pathetic
    if he has no Life nothing to do
    i came here as a smallville fans because i follpw every episodes, i l’île ED so much, great actress, always giving funny itws
    so if i comment here, it’s because i care about this show
    this looser can give his opinion, one time, ok i hate this show, bla bla i bash erica, bla bla i love lana
    ok but if you hate this why staying non stop on this board, changing 20 times your name, but always speaking about the same things!!!!

  • emafranck

    You talking about yourself? Do most D-list actress types hire a minimum wage person to stand guard for them. Durance is sleazy as Lois. I

  • mike

    I hate Smallville’s Lois Lane, try rearranging her name, you’d come up w/ this = All Noise!! ha, big mouthed Hois Lame!!
    Erica should be thankful to Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, if they decided to stay she will definitely still in the background trying to get any chance of attention!! ED becomes the leading lady only because all of the cast aside from TW already left the show!! Sv’s got only 4 regulars this season…my God!! Horrible!!

  • Franck


    Hay looser
    you hate a show, and you are still here 24/24h every day
    change your name
    but like always pathetic
    don’t stop please
    you make us laugh so much!

  • ema

    everyone should be thankful to KK , if she had decided to stay the show would be canceled years ago! LOL
    Why? Becouse most of viewers hated Clana in the S7!
    Clark was with Lana but it was Clois who won the best couple! LOL
    and AM?
    AM was in 22 eps last season and she almost wasnt there!
    becouse her character is simply useless!
    Erica was only in 18 eps be she still had more screentime than AM!!! think about that!
    Erica has been the LeadingL for years!
    Deal with it!

  • sunday

    You really are dead set on becoming a laughing stock like Durance. It’s like “if you can’t be her, join her”. lol
    Seriously girl/boy/hybrid/whatever, if you’re not getting paid to keep watch 24/7 and respond to EVERY comment you don’t like about Erica then get a life because the state of play is not going to change.
    Oh geez, I’ve just given you something to do by responding to this. lmao

  • Paul

    I love tom and erica
    i cant wait for the season 10

  • Franck

    I like to answer to pathetics post
    look Tom welling said season ten Will give all answers fans are waiting for
    so the main actor-producter of the show is ready to answer you, you just Have 4and a half weeks to wait

  • mike


    ED is the leading lady for years? Lol!! Hallucinates much? If I remember it correctly ED is just a replacement, just like her character! Smallville is ending because the ratings plummeted last season…the one CLois called “the greatest season ever”! Yeah right!! Season 9 is the least watched season!! proof of it is the VERY LOW RATINGS!! hahaha! :-)

  • dan

    Very low Ratings indeed! what else do you expect from Clois!

  • mike


    who’s changing names? from the look of it…it’s YOU!! so tell that to yourself!! you must be getting confused dude!! Lol!! think getting a life suits you!

    as for Lois…she looks like a hag!! Poor Clark.. ;-)
    I can see why Tom wants Kristin back so badly…he states it every chance he could get..

  • ema

    Lois Lane always will be the leadingL!
    and the show has been moved to fridays! Its a dead slot for a reason!
    Its becouse of ratings???? LOL
    Yes thats exactly the reason why there will be another season! LOL
    Yes they probably said: oh ratings are so low lets make another season LOL You think they are so stupid as Clana fans? LOL hallucinating much?
    They say ratings are good!!!
    by the way in latinaA ratings were over 20 millions of viewers!!!! WOW
    as I said I dont care about some jealous haters! LOL
    the season 9 was the best season ever!!!!
    But I guess the season 10 will be even better!!!!
    Deal with it!

  • Ina

    The haters are so pathetic
    Get a life morons
    Erica and Tom are the best

  • Franck

    Try to find a fanbase more important than DI clois for lana anD Clark
    but nothing!!! Sweet can’t reach it
    the anti smallville forum on cw is hold by 20 lala fans LOL
    ksite the smallville world forum number one is 90% clois 8% chlollie and 2% clana

    so don’t worry for clois fans ship number one clearly
    you wish to be the number one
    but wake up
    you’re dreaming!!!!!

  • mike

    Clois fans are being DEMENTED for thinking season 9 was a success!! look what it brought to Sv, a sudden ending!! season 10 will be its final because of last season’s EPIC failure!! much like Lois, a big FAILURE that ever happened in Smallville!!

    Lana will always be Clark’s true love in Smallvile, so until it becomes Metroville, Lana is the one!!

    and people, Smallville will be remembered like this:


    and what of ED? she’ll remian as SV’s horrendous nightmare like her character!

  • Franck

    Lana Will be remenbered as Clark trie love
    as withney trie love
    as Adam true love
    as Jason true love
    as Lex true love
    as bizarro true love ( with the last five she didn’t feel the love she had for bizarro)

    yes lana Will be remenbered as true love, but of who????


  • tommy


    you said it right…Clark suddenly move on…which makes Clois the most light switched couple ever!!

  • ema

    more light switched than Chlollie?? LOL
    You are wrong! he just forgot Lana really fast!
    But I took him more than 5 years to ask Lois on a date!
    Is it light switched??? than Clana was light switched too! LOL

  • ema

    Bizarro is definitelly Lanas true love!
    It was clear she wanted him more than Clark in the S7!
    well they say Bizarro probably will be in the S10! and if Lana is there too they maybe finally will be together! LOL
    after all Lana is living piece of kryptonit now! Bizarro would love it!!! LOL

  • ana


  • jing



  • ema

    look at the last clana fan! LOL
    I love your stupid whining!
    Clana will be remembered like a big failure!
    Deal with it!
    Lana will always be Clark’s true love???
    Yes thats why he moved on so fast! LOL
    Why the season 10 will be the final???
    lets think about it!
    maybe becouse its 10th season!
    How long have you expected the show will last??? LOL
    noone expected there will be the S10! the show has been moved to friday but the ratings are still good enough!
    Why? Becouse the show is amazing!!!

  • Franck

    Chloé fans are saying chlollie better than chimmy!
    Remenber ollie was so jealous when he saw clois at hospital in disciple and one épisode after bang! Chlollie !!!
    It took one year for Clark from instinct 8-04 to 9-02 métallo
    from when lois broke maxima spell on Clark in the elevator
    the moment he knew what lois means for him (métallo )
    1 year
    lana was with Clark and fews days after she felt in love with Jason
    season5 lana was with Clark and few days after she felt in love with his worst enemy Lex
    clois one year!!!

  • ema

    agree! Oliver had been in love with Lois a few eps before he started a sexual relationship with Chloe! and after a few weeks he imediatelly loves her?
    its very believeable!! LOL
    but what would you expected from Chloe fans?
    they were fans of Chlark, Chlex, Chlavis, Chloomsday lol, and now its Chlollie! LOL they would love every relationship when Chloe is part of it!
    and Lana? you right about Lex and anyone else! But they would never admit it!
    Chloe and Lana fans see what they want to see!
    its double standard!
    thats why I laugh every time when they say Clois is forced! LOL

  • Franck

    And you must be blind for not seeing how Hot érica is
    just go on YouTube search clois a legendary love by sceuldeurienne
    and you’ll understand why clois is endgame and so iconic

  • baby

    I love KRISTIN KREUK, LANA LANG AND CLANA!! but most of all I love KRISTOM!! their chemistry is beyond fantanstic!!

  • emafranck

    Lois moos like a cow. If you think Durance looks fake and cheap on the screen, you haven’t seen her in person. In person she looks even more plastic and cheap. She looks like a freak with her silicone implants being the biggest and weirdest looking thing on her person.