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Beyonce Covers 'Self' September 2010

Beyonce Covers 'Self' September 2010

Beyonce is glowing on the cover of Self‘s September 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 28-year-old entertainer and philanthropist had to share:

On why she does charity work: “I’ve always felt that you should give because it’s what you can do to help. You don’t do it to get praised. For a long time, being quiet about what I did was a conscious decision. When you look around at all that’s wrong in the world, the need to do something, no matter how big or how small, is clear.”

On what motivates her: “Sisterhood means everything to me. All the charities I’m involved with are special, but I find any organization that focuses on women and children really motivating. GEMS and the young ladies the nonprofit helps are very close to my heart. And what I took away from the clients at Phoenix House changed my life. These were real people who touched me so much that I had to go beyond making a donation. They’re gaining skills at the Cosmetology Center, which will help them earn a living and find their way out of substance abuse—it’s a testament to the possibility of second chances.”

On how anyone can make a difference: “Think about what truly touches you and motivates you to help, then start locally. Once it’s in your heart to give, you’ll have to follow through. I am a happy woman—very happy—because I know that I’ve worked hard, and I love being able to give back.”

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Photos: Robert Erdmann
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  • Music2daSoul

    Beyonce is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • [marie]

    Can this chick retire already..?

  • Manish

    photoshopped to death

  • whatever

    I love her.

  • um

    @[marie]: She will retire once she’s flopping and she’s lost all passion. She is too amazing at what she does.



  • Leila

    Ok. Just a question. Why do people love to hate on Beyonce? Even my sister, everytime a Beyonce video comes on she’s all ‘ugh’

  • Monelle

    @Leila: Her personality is really, really boring.
    She comes across basic in interviews.
    She’s so Americanized and comes across phony.
    Bish can’t say no to anything…she’s everywhere. It’s like she has to have her face on everything & be at every event.
    Gurl, I could go onnnn.

  • MllleF

    This is a great artist and everything…

    but this is not her body…her haid is bizarre etc etc…

    And she’s so powerfull, and beautiful, why don’t organize some photoshoot original, with crazy make up, or crazy poses, or original places…

    If I was her, I’ll do everytthing but a poor orange dress, smooth hair and white back….so sad.

    God, why rich people don’t have taste and ideas…..and I repeat I really love her as a singer, and as a dancer….

  • Esj

    she looks freaky here…lol

    too much photoshop. these celebrities want their pics to come out perfect but then again when u meet them in person they are a dud!

  • Ellie

    LOLL, Retire?? you are in for one sad life if you are just waiting for her to quit. she is just getting started and will be around for awhile and keep making history….if she retired NOW, she would still already be a LEGEND. But not our Bey, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • V

    U know, I hate it when people say Beyonce is overrated lol. Do they even know what that term means. Overrated as apposed to….?

    Some people do things just a little better than others. Usually, when you perfect your voice, your dancing will lack. If you focus on your dancing, your vocals will lack. Few people have perfected both. Miss Knowles is one of them.

  • Ellie


    Deal with it…..who cares what you think? You are just a sad case of envy.. crawl back under your rock.

  • Jonte

    i love her but ugly bland cover.

  • volunteer 4 charity work


  • [marie]

    Haha @ all of the Beyonce stans coming out of the woodwork. I never said she wasn’t talented. She just never gives her audience a chance to miss her… ever…

  • :)

    Beyonce’s so cute :) & talented obv. Anyone who says she doesn’t have a personality, hasn’t seen any of her backstage vids. She’s lovely.

  • Sony

    Love her dress.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …what beyonce needs to do is grow up a little. relax, take a little break, and have a child or something. there’s no reason for her to continue to work harder than everyone else. she’s at the top, she’s been there for years.. she has no competition whatsoever. there’s room to take it down a notch or two. she could take a 2 years break, return, and still sell a million records within the first 2 weeks… and that’s off her name alone.
    anyone that hates her – hates her work ethic, they hate her success.

  • truth

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Dude, I agree with almost everything you ever say on this site…

  • D

    I don’t understand why anyone would hate Beyonce unless they are very jealous! She is gorgeous, business-savvy, and insanely talented. From her interviews she seems like a caring and sweet person. Just because she’s not out-there like Gaga doesn’t mean she’s ‘boring!’ Sheesh. I know it’s surprising to see a pop star who’s not on drugs or in rehab or in a sex tape!

  • Blasian

    Beyonce Looks Beautiful!

    It kills me how the people that so call can’t get with Beyonce she’s Fake she’s a Bitch sh’e boring but every time her name post on a belong ppl run to her Post and leave comments lol!

    Beyonce always bring people ppl to her name ALWAYS and I love it!

    Can’t wait for the New Album

  • Blasian

    People mad at Beyonce because they don’t have NOTHING on her NOTHING what can you say, She doesn’t talk about what goes on in her life and people get upset about that LOL! It’s all about the Music with Beyonce and that’s what going to Keep her around for a long time.

    I love the fact that she doesn’t the Media into her life

  • Mandine

    @MllleF: I KNOW! That’s exactly what I was thinking. Why can’t rich and powerful people be somehow creative and original? A little orange dress and a white background, really? I know she neither chose the background nor the clothes she’s wearing but she could have said that it wasn’t special and that she wanted to make the cover a bit edgier. Ugh. As for the fact that people love to hate BeyoncĂ© because she’s so successful……Well, the only thing I can say is THEY DO, INDEED!

  • boston61

    Because when she talks she sounds very uneducated. Very getto. Plus her music is undistinct and unmemorable. I do not know one of her songs.

  • Mandine

    Oh and the second shot is prettier than the cover itself!

  • WHAT

    @boston61: ‘I do not know one of her songs’……………do you not own a TV or radio? You must be completely out of touch with Pop culture.

  • Warren Mallard

    She has an amazing body

  • Megan

    Gorgeous but I do agree she needs to have a baby and come back in about 3 years from now. But gorgeous.

  • Blasian


    If she would’ve made it edgier you would’ve said she’s trying to be Rihanna. You Haters are NEVER Happy no matter what Beyonce does . But hey Haters are sad people

  • bajan


  • Megan

    Why the hate? Why bother posting than? I just don’t get haters. It’s funny how someone said she sounded uneducated when they can’t even spell the word *ghetto* getto? lol, geeze.

  • rood.

    @boston61: You hate her because she sounds ‘ghetto’ when she talks? Here you go by the way enjoy.

  • boston61


    I don’t pay a lot of attention to music but I know every Gaga song. They just stand out. I could not pick out a Beyonce song to save my life.

  • boston61


    I don’t hate anyone. It is true that her speaking voice sounds getto. I’m sorry of you cannot handle it.

  • Gabi_ Knowles

    Ela esta linda, so exageraram no photoshop
    Gente vocês viram ? Bey esteve/esta lá na Italia com o Jay-z olha as fotos *-* e

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @boston61: …”we don’t believe you, you need more people”. ahahahahahaha.. c’mon, douche. you expect anyone to believe you actually believe that bullshiit you typed?!? ahahahahahahahaha.. `i give it to you, you’re sure funny, wait.. you were trying to be funny, right?!? anywho.. you definitely get the ‘lamest commenter’ award for this thread. be proud, and keep your “getto” post coming. ahahahahahahahaha

  • yo sista

    I don’t like her and screams photoshopped!

  • pop

    She is on the cover of self magazine to talk about she gives? I never even heared her involving in any charity in my life. She makes 80 million dollar a year it is about time.

  • flawless
  • Carrie


    First of all, “heared” is not a word in the English dictionary. It is “heard”
    Second of all, just because she never publicly admit to doing charity work to get attention doesn’t mean that she hasn’t done any. There’s a “Knowles-Rowland Center for Youth” that allows kids somewhere to go after school in Downtown Houston.

    Check this out before you say anything:

    FYI. I believe the magazine editors choose what clothes Beyonce will be wearing and the background. Don’t blame something that she has no control over. It is THEIR magazine, not hers.

  • zoz

    I knew she was one of those celebs that didn’t talk about hercharities. Nice ttto hear her talk about it.

  • aiquoc


    So AMERICANIZED?! That is the most ignorant statement about Beyonce I have EVER heard…she’s AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not that she can’t say no to anyone, it’s the fact that EVERYONE WANTS HER!!!!! L’oreal, Nintendo, Vizio, American Express, Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, Purses and Bottled Water in Japan…everyone WANTS her, and she’s a hard working woman of course she’s gonna sign these deals, WHO WOULDN’T?!?!??

  • boston61

    Fierce perfect and ashamed of her natural looks. Why the glued on hair?Why the breast implants? Why can’t she look the way god made her? What kind of example is she setting for young girls? Her music is a real as her hair. IMO

  • Crystal

    My only issue with Beyonce is the oversaturation. If she can go away for a couple years and give people a chance to really miss seeing her, I’d appreciate it. Like someone else said, there’s no need for her to always be in the spotlight. She’s a boss. There’s nothing left to prove. That said, she is very beautiful (without any work done; this gorgeous black woman is all real unlike some other names in the industry) and talented. And her speaking voice is not ghetto. That’s an idiotic thing to say. She’s from Houston and has an accent. Is she supposed to change the way she talks because she’s a big star? Please.

  • Boggie

    Boston61 hater hater hater hater, She has more money then you can have in your dream. You are just another jealous moron, probably fat and face full of acne, dont comment, you sound very ignorant, “she sounds getto”wtf?? Take ur a*s to an Angelina Jolie thread and shut up.

  • fatu sankoh

    their is norting to hate about beyonce kind hearted smart talented given beautiful in and out hate mongers the more you hate on our bey the more god and we her fans will love her forife i cant wait for her forth alburm

  • music247

    she looks pretty! always has.. she’s a true role model for her younger fans unlike Britney or Miley Cyrus! lol she’s what i think every woman should be…and she likes to keep her life private because she knows and you all know that the media are gnnr make up shit up at some point. I mean look at what they did to Michael Jackson and Britney Spears life in the media!!

  • suzanne

    thought she was pregnant

  • bright

    @boston61: Then go crawl back under your rock. “Crazy in love” is still banging all these years in the club, enough said, that’s not even to mention all the other crazy hits. Have you heard Single Ladies with like a zillion parodies.
    She talks like a ghetto and can still burn your house down with cash. You talk like an educated and sit on your fat ass hating other people’s success