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Hayden Christensen: I've Got Sheep But No Alpacas Yet!

Hayden Christensen: I've Got Sheep But No Alpacas Yet!

Hayden Christensen shows his love for his home country by wearing a hat sporting the Canadian maple leaf while walking through LA’s LAX airport on Tuesday (August 17).

Yesterday, the 29-year-old Canadian actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and gave an update on his 280-acre farm that he’s been building in Toronto, Canada. “I don’t have alpacas yet but I’ve got about a dozen sheep and they just wander around. I have a few bags of wool that are waiting to be tackled!”

Hayden‘s upcoming thriller Takers, will be released in theaters on August 27th!

Click inside to watch part two of the interview

Hayden Christensen on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Part 1

Hayden Christensen on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Part 2
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  • j

    he looks great! i wonder what that guy is filming for?

  • lily

    He seems…..arrogant and void of personality

  • j


    you should probably look up what arrogant means, because he is far from it. he always comes off as very humble in any interview he does. as for being void of personality, it’s obvious that interviews aren’t his strong suit. he always says how reserved he is, so obviously he’s not going to thrive in a talk show setting.

  • dr who

    The women sure love him.

  • Blahzae

    @j: Most likely for a news agency like TMZ

  • moni
  • Bf?
  • Brightside

    Nothing wrong with his interview manner…he seemed relaxed and looked as though he was enjoying himself. Certainly nothing arrogant in his manner at all (WTF? Lily!). Maybe a little tense but who wouldn’t be in such a setting. Very Canadian speech cadence, laid back, casual and easy on the ear. One of the nicest accents, next to the Australian accent.. Nor did he come across as at all self absorbed like some celebrities where it’s all about me, me, me. Looking much more relaxed in himself too….having a burden lifted off his shoulders can do that.

  • Blahzae
    Great video of him talking about Vanishing on 7th st that was just released.
    You can tell he is very intelligent and just a calm down to earth person . You can tell he takes his work seriously.
    Great insight into Haydens mind and about the upcoming film as well.

  • G.F or E

    F.u.c.k me he is boring. When he was talking about the guns….geez he has such a bland personality.

  • Blahzae

    @G.F or E: Shut up lol
    Same little ugly troll saying the same cr@p about him over and over.
    Riddle me this?
    IF he is so bland then why did you watch ALL of the interview? lol
    If he isnt your cup of tea then dont watch the interview pretty simple ;p

  • lexy hates bilson

    He JJ why don’t you refer to him as an actor – you constantly referred to his out-of-work ex as a “star” but HC is either Hayden or “newly single” – meanwhile he’s REALLY an actor.
    I do love how the paps only find him in the normal places where we expect to the see the paps as opposed to when he was with the ex- and got photographed EVERYWHERE!
    He interviews fine – he seems shy and Jimmy was kind of making negative comments about other people – Paris, Chris Brown, TI and you could see HC didn’t want to bash others – especially his co-workers.

  • Thorne

    @lexy hates bilson: Hayden tends to keep his mouth shut about others, sort of the whole if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all. I think it is a good trait in him and that he didnt let Jimmy bait him like he was trying.
    Although Hayden failed to mention Chris when Jimmy asked who was in the film and Hayden is smart so I dont think that was an accident ;p

    Also the gab about his farm seemed to get to him if you look at it.

    Love his hat he had on in the airport I have the white version of that one from the Olympics.

  • ida

    he was a bit shy at his the beggining…sweet ^_^

  • nico

    He’s so sweet…

  • TNewYork

    Can’t believe this talentless tool has fangirls LOL. Personality of a fcuking SNAIL.

  • @16

    You are so talented you waste time typing about someone you don’t like–did he steal your lunch money when you were little?

  • Maryl

    One thing… his farm isn’t IN Toronto, it’s outside of it. It’s like saying you’re building a farm in Chicago.

  • chris23

    Apparently in Hollywood if you don’t spend every second promoting yourself that makes you dull and boring. Interesting. Well I’ll take dull and boring over any celebrity media wh@@es like his desperate and pathetic ex. Hayden’s just too down to Earth for Hollywood that’s why I love him. He looks great!! It’s been a while since we’ve seen him like this. I wish him all the success and better choice in women. ;) And for those insisting he’s gay, get over yourself. Hayden loves pu@@y. Loves it!!

  • Shanda

    @lexy hates bilson: Well said JJ has his favorite who he like.Its bad when you are a working actor and no one gives you credit for it.He’s very smart and a good person to say the least.Don’t think JK shouldn’t have made fun are his co-workers. it wasn’t his place to do that.But Hayden did what was right about not answering him. Also these pictures was taken to see who he was with.He is was bit shy but he did hold his own on what he had to say. He had to rush are premiere in vegas.Also he couldn’t talk about everyone in the movie, he didn’t have time. But he did better than he did last time he was there. You couldn’t get nothing out are him.But I’m glad he still really love where he comes from.(canda). He don’t think he like california too much.He is right about some are people there.

  • Thorne

    @chris23: Hayden has always said he respects women alot because of his mum and sisters and grandmother who he is all close to.
    I dont think you need to refer to women as nothing more than pu$$y when he himself would not put it that exact way,
    because he has class.
    I agree he isnt gay,
    and he seems like a down to earth guy but like I
    there are better ways to say he isnt gay than that way.
    So I would say it this way.
    He loves and respects all the women in his life including the ones he falls for. ( and they always use him in the end it seems, unfortunately)

  • Bridie

    @Thorne: You’re right, he’s too nice a guy. I really wish for him to find the one girl who loves him for who he is – not what he is!! He certainly deserves it – humble, smart and down-to-earth person that he is!!
    You go, Hayden!! :-)

  • chris23

    @Thorne. First, pu$$y is not a bad word. Second, I wanted to make a strong point. I’m sick of dimwits insisting he’s gay. He loves women! Third, I’m sure Hayden uses the word quite often, in appropriate times that is. At least let’s hope he does.

  • callmewhatever

    He isnt boring, he’s RESERVED!!! Thats one of the reasons im so attracted to him. He’s confident and calm instead of a guy thats always “on” all the time desperate for attention. I cant stand loud obnoxious guys. Love quiet, mysterious and laid back. Keep being yourself Hayden.

  • lynda

    i thought his interview was fine. he kind of reminds me of Johnny Depp in interviews. Their kinda reserved and shy but sweet…. and he is smoking hot.

  • Betty

    He looks good… I guess the 10 years made him more handsome not so much cute boyish anymore :).

  • http://justjared lillybell05

    Hayden is the man of style in the September issue of instyle. He looks so good.

  • @BF? #7

    The same guy is in one of the pics of the previous thread.
    Perhaps his Personal Assistant?

  • C3


    Thorne sod it lady. You have no clue that Hayden’s women have used him. How do you know they used him? Hmm? Are you a psychic? I think it’s best to keep your mouth shut instead of saying crap that really shows how ignorant you are. I bet Hayden is just like every other dude I know. He either is getting into these relationships consensually or he’s just doing for his pu$$y fix. You don’t want to say that word. And you don’t want to believe Hayden says that word or anything so filthy. But I’ll tell you I bet he does use it with the girls he likes poking around with. If he can’t use the naughty words then he’s a bigger whimp than I would have ever thought. I might not like Christensen’s movies much. And I may have been sore at him for the way he treated Rachel like he didn’t even care about her while out in public. But I don’t hate Hayden and I wouldn’t sink so low to say he’s not a man and wouldn’t use certain words. First off you don’t know him. And you don’t know much about men now do you lady. Besides the dude up there was only saying in a slang way that Hayden prefers girls over men. He’s saying Hayden’s not gay. Get people’s comments straight before you head butt them lady.

    To Rachel I am glad you are away from this guy. Hayden fans are the most hateful towards any girl Hayden dates. I bet Hayden can’t stand any one of ya because of your hateful knocks against Rachel or any of the girls he’s let in. A man remembers every girl in a special way even if the relationships don’t last or even if the relationships fail.

  • C3

    Woohoo up there everyone already knows Hayden’s farm is in Uxbridge Ontario between zephyr and town of Uxbridge. It’s been flashed all over the internet for too long so everyone can invade his privacy and know his business. It’s been all over Jared, Imdb, Dh and all the other Hayden girly sites.

    I don’t get it why any actor who values privacy always gives so much away about where they live and invite people to take their pics if they want privacy. Just doesn’t make sense is all.

  • @C3

    “I don’t get it why any actor who values privacy always gives so much away about where they live and invite people to take their pics if they want privacy.”
    Do you know that his farm got photographed ONLY when Rachel Bilson visited it? That should tell you something. You know, Bilson loves to tip off the paps. No matter you like Hayden or not, he has always been private.

  • john

    I just fell asleep listening to him drone on and on about nothing interesting. boring boring boring.

  • H728

    “Drone on about nothing interesting”…what did you expect him to talk about?

  • C3


    “Do you know that his farm got photographed ONLY when Rachel Bilson visited it? That should tell you something. You know, Bilson loves to tip off the paps. No matter you like Hayden or not, he has always been private.”

    Oh duh. And so you have proof of this? Perhaps Rachel’s a more public figure than Hayden will ever be. But it’s plain stupid to assume crap. Too many of you women open your mouths and nothing but stupid remarks come heaving out. But why don’t you think before you say what you do? You know more than half of you girls would be out whoring for the spotlight if you were an actress/model in Hollywood. If you had a parent or parents involved in show biz you might claw, scrape and shred your way at trying to become something in a dog eat dog world. You blame her first for trying to market herself that is by tipping off paps when she has been successful to market on her own those things she does without Hayden. And second you brow beat her for the past year or so just because. Yeah just because she was Christensen’s main squeeze. She wore her engagement ring and showed it off to the fuquing world. So who the hell doesn’t want to show off to the world? Only jealous girls and middle aged women. So duh. yeah right. Everything is her fault. She made Hayden sleep with her. She made Hayden take her to his farm while knowing the paps already followed her. She made Hayden propose to her and date her for god knows how long. She made Hayden come to LA for his quickies. Right. I get it. It’s all her fault. Hayden didn’t have anything to do with it? Hayden was gagged and bound and led to his destruction. He was seduced. Where have we heard all this before? Blah blah blah blah blah. This is bull$hit. The two of them did it together. You blame her but I blame them both.

    You must not think much of your Hayden as a man, to think he would have allowed a charade like that to go on or would he? Everything that has happened he allowed. No way around it. No he wanted it as much as Rachel. He allowed it. He might not love the camera as much as Rachel but he knew what he needed to stay popular with you girls. He’s not a dumb man. Stop belittling his manhood by blaming everything on a girl. She’s responsible for her own $hit. But it takes two to tango. He’s responsible for his $hit. You tear a guy down when you blame all his actions on a girl even if they are bad decisions. A guy wants to have those as his own.

  • Blahzae

    @C3: You are so psychotic lol

    “To Rachel I am glad you are away from this guy. ”

    Aww you think Bilson actually reads or cares what you write?
    Talk about delusional and sick.

    Another fat little fanboy from The OC days obsessing over an out of work hasbeen/neverwas hacktress.
    Its so pathectic its almost adoreable. Almost lol

  • briez

    if hes looking for an alpaca he dosent need to any futher than taylor lautner (UNLESS HE WANTS ONE

  • Ryan

    @chris23: And how do you know Hayden likes pus-y? I haven’t seen any evidence to support that yet.

  • C3

    @Blahzae: Alias Bright@ss

    You’d like to wish I was a fat little fan boy obsessed with OC. Guess what I’m not fat. I’ve had plenty of girls tell me I’m sexy except the ones who’ve never seen me and judge me because I’m pretty forward with my opinion. I’m not obsessed. And I have never watched OC. I’ve looked at photos of a very sexy Rachel. That’s what I’m guilty of. And she happens to be hot. I’m guilty of being pleased with her. She hasn’t let me down. The only reason why any of you girls like to talk about her out of work status in Hollywood the way you do is because even when she is out of work and doesn’t do anything she is still popular, sexy and hot. She has the looks and has money. She still has all the possibilities in the world to be whatever she wants and have whatever she wants and who ever she wants. I suppose if you lost your job you would say the same $hit about your lack of work. How human of you. At least she has everything in the world with no job. If you had no job you’d be up a fuqing river. You’re so damned jealous of her you are the one who is obsessed. At least my fascination with her beauty is something positive. You girls are obsessed with your hatred of her. I’d say that makes you more of the psycho wouldn’t you?

  • C3



    Hi Ryan gay boy. We haven’t seen any evidence that Christensen is a gay boy neither. LOL. Keep trying. All you gay dudes say the same crap as the obsessed Rachel haters. Nothing wrong with being gay. Problem is your wishin Hayden was gay won’t make it that way. Not much evidence that Hayden even has a sexual life. To me evidence shows he’s a fuquen coldwater fish. The dude doesn’t show public affection to anyone. Seems like he shows more affection to his public smoking than he would toward any person who has a beating heart. I don’t blame him entirely for his lack of it. Man the dude can’t help how he was raised or how much like his emotionless family he is.

    If Hayden had shown as much affection to Rachel publicly as he did to that cigarette when he’s taking his drag off of it maybe Rachel wouldn’t have dumped his @ss. LOL.

    It’s the bitter truth. I’d treat a smart pretty girl better than the way he did Rachel.

  • Oktomārs

    canadietis :)

  • linda

    Hayden Bashers – Rachel Bashers
    Grow Up – they broke up/broke their engagement, they are not the first or the last couple to do that so you are doing both of them a disservice by making rude and nasty comments.
    I wish them both the best.