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Hilary Duff Wedding Photos -- OFFICIAL!

Hilary Duff Wedding Photos -- OFFICIAL!

Check out the first official wedding photos of Hilary Duff and pro hockey player Mike Comrie!

“It feels wonderful [to be married],” the 22-year-old bride told OK!. “It hasn’t fully sunk in yet!”

Hil, 22, and Mike, 29, tied the knot at a private residence on Saturday night (August 14) in Santa Barbara, Calif. Here are some more tidbits from Hilary of the wedding:

On not starting off her wedding day right: “I started my day with a chipped tooth! My wedding planner [Mindy Weiss] snuck me out to the dentist! Thank goodness it was fixed within the hour.”

On her vows: “We didn’t write our vows word for word. I researched on the Internet for three days! I read (about) other people’s ceremonies, picking and choosing what I liked. We choose a few poems and a ring blessing. I really feel that it’s our own.”

On her something “old, new, borrowed, blue”: “I wore blue underwear and borrowed all of the jewelry (from Van Cleef & Arpels), and the something old was my great-grandmother’s cameo, which I wore on the inside of my dress. The dress itself was new.”

And according to NYP, the couple signed a pre-nup! Although the Duffster is seemingly more famous than her husband, Mike is the heir to his dad’s fortune — furniture and appliance retailer The Brick in Edmonton (estimated to be $500 million).

“It was a totally amicable agreement. They love each other very much and knew this was just a technicality,” said one insider. Gotta protect those assets!

The couple reportedly got paid a cool $1 million for OK!‘s exclusive coverage of the wedding.

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  • Avery

    Hilary is pure class in every sense of the word. Very refreshing to see a child star grow up in a mature manner and not turn “Hollywood” She has major beauty and major talent. Congrats to her and Mike, God bless them.

  • she shall remain nameless

    I’m so happy she found the one. I wish her nothing but the best for her marriage. For many great years to come…CHEERS!!!!

  • Erika


  • justin

    Ive always like Hilary over Lindsay!

  • tal


  • Ashley

    ahhh been waiting for theseeee!!Hilary,you are gorgeous!What a beauty <3

  • lexy hates bilson

    Nothing says D-list like selling your wedding photos!!!

  • Sheri

    How sad that they felt they had to sign a prenup … it turns their marriage into a business deal now. Tacky …

  • Missy

    Ugh, she looks gorgeous but strapless wedding dresses have been done to death…..So sick of them.

  • Liz

    What is that stupid enormous bun on her head? She looks ridiculous! That’s a shame, cause she had a pretty dress and beautiful jewelry…

  • Jane

    Let the countdown to divorce begin! She is too young to get married. Did she not learn anything from Leann Rhimes?

  • seriously?

    This is so dumb

  • Emma,

    So tacky.

  • Emma,

    Btw, I can’t believe she still has fans. Over the age of 13.

  • g

    How desperate for attention is she? Selling private pics from the most important day of her life to magazine. Pathetic.

  • william

    First of all, name one celebrity you don’t see that doesnt seel their baby photos or wedding photots to magazines. Does that mean Angelina Jolie or Carrie Underwood is tacky. Stop being judgmental because everyone does it. And dont say any of you wouldn’t if you had the ability to put your face on the cover of a national magazine and get paid while doing it. some people even televise their wedding alrite!

  • TNewYork

    The stench of desperation.

  • natalie

    i watched u when u were young and u r a gud role model and still r u make me cry lookin at it and u r gud with him and i never thought u would feel in love like this hope u have kids some day luv ya xo

  • Ashley

    everythings beautiful, except the hair! Its so Ugly! Looks like something from the mid 90′s

  • Luka

    I’m happy for her!

  • Ashley

    Everythings beautiful, except the hair! Its so Ugly! Looks like something from the mid 90′s!

  • Carrie

    I give it a year or 7 tops, it seems after seven years people divorce. She like disappeared, then all the sudden she’s married. Who cares? what has she been in since like 2000? beside music which failed. She’s a failure! The end.

    Oh great way to copy Carrie Underwood by the way.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Stop being so bitter, people.

  • Warren Mallard

    Wish I got a million for a wedding

  • andy

    she looks pretty :) and everyone bagging her is just silly… silly silly fools … ps i like her hair so :P to the annoying people out there… ps no one really cares about our opinions anyway.. her life has nothing to do with us … so we should just mind our own business…. including me… but its nice to see shes happy

  • Butter_Fly

    She’s looks pretty on the cover and I do hope their marriage lasts, but if a celebrity is going to “sell” their wedding photos they should only sell them to People. Anything less than that looks down right tacky. It sucks that Hilary sold them to OK, that’s the bottom of the barrel…that’s worse than In Touch.

  • ashlie

    oh damn. didnt know her hubby was so loaded. well, their kids won’t have to work a day in their lives.

  • slambang

    22 is way too young to get married. And the hairstyle is weird. Oh well, congrats anyway. Hope it lasts.

  • dake

    She looks fabulous !

  • iam

    Hilary Duff has the same chance any of us have. Hilary’s stood by Mike these past 3 years and in that time she’s cut and poisoned herself with 6+ tattoos (tattoos contain CANCER, BIRTH DEFECT causing and other health damaging ingredients), she has made several comments of the type that she feels the whole world is fake and against her and why she got the SHINE tattoo (Nylon), she drinks, gambles, swears, cusses, drugs (legal?), acts promiscuously, doesn’t wear her seatbelt, even with Mike by her side. I think if Hilary starts to lead, instead of Mike, they will have a great union. Mike has failed so far to motivate Hilary to more LOVE, LIFE and HEALTH and Hilary has suffered for it. No amount of fame, money or fairytale wedding parties matter. Only love. No true woman would stand for what Hilary has suffered for long but it all can change and that is my hope & wish for her!

  • smart move mike

    pre-nup is very important here. she’s an immature, talentless 22yr old that yoyo diets and is always trying to be perfection. she is bound for failure…
    protect that brick money. the poor people who invested in your family’s business will thank u.

  • jenny

    hilary looks beautiful :)

  • ann

    looking lovely hil !!

  • FlyMeToTheMoon

    Honestly who really cares about Hilary?Answer NOBODY.Hilary take this little piece of advice disappear again we all will be very happy. She married so young because she is going NOWHERE and he’s rich. I really don’t care about her and I doubt anyone else does.Talk about Z list selling your own wedding pictures. @ Carrie you got it right.

  • laila

    I think she looks beautiful. and what do you care if shes not that much in the public eye. She doesnt choose for paparazzi to follow her or for them to take pictures, she doesnt choose for it to be online everywhere. Anyway, hilary has wroked hard enough to support her and the ones around her for life. you look hot hilary, dont let anybody tell you different.

  • Ashley

    A lot of people get married when they’re 22-24 there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not about age it’s about maturity and they seem fine to me.


    @FlyMeToTheMoon: Hilary didn’t sell her wedding pictures, tabloid magazines usually steal wedding pictures so celebrities these days pay a large amount of money to retrieve wedding pictures. It’s normal. And Hilary has earned 10s of millions, she has millions and millions in her bank account so how on earth is she a ‘failure’?


    @Carrie: How on earth is she a failure? She has earned 300 million over the 2000s… so.. how is she a failure?

    she earns more money than you and has accomplished much more than normal people do in a lifetime.

  • Lucas


  • LynzCatastrophe

    What is with all the negativity? Signing a prenup doesn’t turn a marriage into a business deal, thats called being smart. And try not to insult her for selling her wedding pics, to me that is being smart since everyone else will be trying to get them anyways, and everyone else sells baby pics, wedding pics, i dont hear any complaining about Carrie Underwoods pics last month. You look beautiful girl, the stats are stacked against you and Mike but i hope you and Mike make it, you two are a beautiful couple and seem to truly care and love one another and have a deep and true friendship with one another. I love you girl, I wish you all the happiness and little babies in 5 or 6 years from now ^__^. BTW, she has good taste in picking a Canadian!! And one from Edmonton?! Woohoo!!

  • jess

    I find her so fake, I’m sorry little girls.

    First she says she didn’t write her own vows but looked some up on the internet, yet she feels like they’re their own…huh? That doesn’t really make sense but whatever.

    Then she was so wholesome and followed the whole “old, new, borrowed, blue” tradition…but hid everything that wasn’t new and sprakly under her dress. If I was wearing my grandmothers cameo, I would show it off. And borrowing diamons from a high end store doesn’t count, its supposed to be borrowed from someone close to you and mean something to you. This isn’t the red carpet, it’s about love etc etc. not fashion.

    And don’t get me started on the selling of photos. The line above says Mike is an heir to half a billion dollars so they are either greedy or attention seekers, I’m not sure which.

  • Jenna

    nobody cares about this has been,,,next

  • FlyMeToTheMoon


    Where did i say she’s a failure ? No where. She is a old news. No one cares about her or her career anymore she looks about as mature as a new born baby. He is a hockey player going no where., case in point he is a free agent still. and she is a celebrity that is going no where so to make people talk about her she gets hitched. I’m pretty sure she want people to know about her , she wants attention. If she didn’t she would make sure that they didn’t find out.

  • pp

    i love u hil !! you look gorgeous :)

  • Dave Alves

    Hilary is looking gorgeous!
    I already read the interview, and believe me – IT’S WONDERFUL!
    Power of Queen Hilary Duff

  • In The Know

    Major Talent….who wrote that her publicist that is sure to be on this site.

    She is a nice girl with VERY LITTLE TALENT OR ABILITY. She is as stiff and unnatural as it gets whether acting or (particularly) singing.

    Call it like it is……..apparently the dude is seriously rich from family wealth….THOUGHT THERE WAS MORE THAN THE C-LIST HOCKEY PLAYER.

  • jenn

    CLASSY! Omg that is a beautiful wedding! Congrats Hil!

  • irene olson

    Who the he## is Hilary Duff?

  • shooAwayHaters!

    OMG u people have nothing better to do?Stop criticizing Hilary especially on her wedding man.U brainless haters are terrible.

    P.S Hilary looks so beautiful here :)

  • anna

    @Sheri: did you read that he is the heir to 500 million dollars? whith the high rate of divorce now a days, even being in love, you have to protect your assets! If they don’t get divorced it doesn’t even matter!