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Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Wolseley Night Out

Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Wolseley Night Out

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have a fun 3.5-hour dinner together at Wolseley cafe-restaurant on Tuesday night (August 17) in London, UK.

The cute couple dined with former British model Twiggy and her husband, former actor/director Leigh Lawson.

Passing the fashion icon torch from one generation to the next!

FYI: Sienna wore Fluet dress, a cute pair of Isabel Marant shoes, and Cobra & Bellamy watch (sold in Twenty8Twelve stores in London).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jude’s low-cut top — HOT or NOT?

15+ pictures inside of Jude Law and Sienna Miller‘s Wolseley night out…

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jude law sienna miller wolseley 01
jude law sienna miller wolseley 02
jude law sienna miller wolseley 03
jude law sienna miller wolseley 04
jude law sienna miller wolseley 05
jude law sienna miller wolseley 06
jude law sienna miller wolseley 07
jude law sienna miller wolseley 08
jude law sienna miller wolseley 09
jude law sienna miller wolseley 10
jude law sienna miller wolseley 11
jude law sienna miller wolseley 12
jude law sienna miller wolseley 13
jude law sienna miller wolseley 14
jude law sienna miller wolseley 15

Photos: Flynetonline, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • bebe

    wow! showing off his hairy chest

  • sillmoon

    Bethany Joy Galeotti of One Tree Hill is pregnant JustJared. You might want to break the news too.

    E! Online leaked the news earlier today.

  • http://veryverysexy sharyllee

    Very Sexy.. WOW!!

  • annieRich

    Jude is sexy, not so much the top, but he could wear a plastic bag and make it sexy.

  • Blahzae

    Im sorry but she may be stylish
    but she isnt a fashion icon on the level of Twiggy yet.
    Her face isnt recognizeable on that level yet either or name.
    She has a long long way to go before being an icon
    But she is stylish.
    and did they invite the paps into the cab? lol

  • PrettySimpleton

    Not trying to be mean but she is really looking old these days. She is only like what 28 but her face looks more like that of a 38 year old. Someone like Kate Beckinsale looks alot younger than Sienna and Kate is alot older than her.
    Sad really, her looks are going and her career isnt doing very well, never really did to begin with and once your looks are gone and you never kick started a stable career you are pretty much done for as an actress in major films.
    Jude is looking alot older as well in just like the last 4 yrs he seems to have aged 10 years atleast. Compare him in the Holiday (film he did with Kate Winslet etc) and now. He looks alot alot older.

  • coachhandbagsonsale

    sienna should die her hair black! she looks crap and old as a blone but she looks really really HOT as ‘The Baroness’ in GI Joe!

  • maggiexao


  • doesn’t

    he has any shirts??
    This doesn’t look good and imagine how this jacket smells YIIICK

  • TNewYork

    Jude Law is such a slimy arrogant pri*ck

  • Annie

    Sienna’s face is so plain to me – I feel like I would never recognize her if I ran into her in the street. Jude Law is just slimey these days…they deserve each other.

  • Ohyeah

    The two have got to be two of the biggest famehos that have ever lived. I mean, really. She must coordinate her schedule with the paps before leaving. What a couple of selfish pukes. Bleh. And put on a shirt, you balding dirty ould man!

  • sunny

    I can’t believe she’s not even 30 yet and Oh Karma when it comes to these two. He cheats on her, she is the other woman with Balt and they’ve been with how many people between the 2 of them – wow. I kinda hope Sadie Frost is getting her money and then some with her book. She’s pretty batty too but hey, she has the kids. What drama!

  • sienna

    Hi Jude. You are the most gorgeous guy in the world.

  • Ohyeah

    I’m a lonely underacheiver who spends my days eating boloney sandwiches and making irrelevent comments on gossip blogs. Don’t envy me!

  • Annie

    I love Jude Law! I’m jealous of Sienna.

  • shambolic

    They’re sweet together.

  • shambolic

    @sunny: “Hi, I’m Sunny, and Karma came to me and slapped me with an ugly stick.”

  • sunni

    I never thought of Sienna as an icon. I think that was part of her PR. She is looking very old. The Hugo Boss ad that just came out, makes her look like 40 yrs. It’s amazing how much she’s aged in 10 mo. She is also super skinny. You see pictures of her last year during the Summer compared to her pictures now. She looked good last year, she wasn’t fat, but she didn’t look sickly. So much for blissful relationship.
    Jude seems really slimy. I think this is all PR for them. They are probably trying to get work for either her or him. Since, his friend is a director. I think they always invite the paps to take pictures o f them.
    Sienna is very plain, I wouldn’t recognize her walking down the street. By next year she’ll look 50. Very Sad!! I guess that’s karma

  • twpumpkin


  • mery

    Jude has signed three films for the next months.

    He don´t need more work and I don´t think he have seen his friends for work.
    Sienna is other story.

  • sheryl

    Jude, I love you and I adore the chest hair, but get rid of that shirt, please.

  • javi

    poor girl…he has now four children..he slept with the nanny of her children and she is back to him….poor girl…

  • javi

    Poor me. I’m so lonely and delusional. Nobody wants me. I have nobody. I am nobody.

  • sherlock

    he’s rank. not attractive. inside or out.

  • sunny

    @shambolic: “hi, I’m shambolick and I have no life so I like to pretend I am important and rip people’s comments to shreds because I believe I am so relevant in my own small mind. I am happy with life.” Peace out shambo, it’s only online banter, enjoy.

  • holmes

    He’s hot, attractive, sweet, sexy, gorgeous, funny, perfect. No sh-it, Sherlock.

  • shambolic

    @sunny: “Hi, I’m Sunny and I’m better than everybody else but too stupid to realize that my man is boinking some sexy number at work while I sit here on my signicant derierre thinking he’s still hot for my thunder thighs.” Banter.

  • butterflier

    He is gross, inside and out.

  • dolorescraegt

    what a gorgeous man. the guy gets sexier with every passing year.jude love your shirt……

  • Anon

    Two nasty indivisuals. Ugly and worthless. Stupid and selfish

  • boston61

    He looks like a huge asshole in that low cut top. LOL

    He is a weird dude. I think Siena should run as fast as she can. He will suck her youth and beauty from her like a vampire then move on to his next victim. Trust.

  • Cambria

    Jude Law is total sex on a stick and seems like a warm and fun person. Some of the comments here are a bit on the overly hateful side, almost obsessively so. It might be time for a personal reality check.

  • Dana

    boston61 – If you look at pictures of Sienna a year ago compared to today. She has aged so much since going back to Jude. I don’t think she’s the best as a person, but at least she had her looks.
    I think he is sucking her dry. She’s really skinny. Much more than she usually is.
    Starting to feel sorry for her, maybe he’ll get younger as she gets older.

  • Fashion, Baby

    For Pete’s sake, nobody is sucking the life out of anybody. Some of you (or one of you, maybe?) have some pretty insane notions. God, channel that for good and not for evil. It’s psycho.

  • Fashion, Baby

    For pete’s sake, nobody is sucking the life out of anybody. Some of you have some pretty insane ideas. It’s psycho. Go work on yourself, it’s you who’s sitting at a computer being asinine about people you don’t know. Get over your messed up selves.
    Sienna looks fabulous.

  • dolorescraegt

    well said. people sit at computers and take great pleasure in putting other people down. it makes them feel powerful. it’s pathetic. jude and sienna are living the good life and these jerks can’t bea rit….guys get a life.

  • http://veryverysexy sharyllee

    When will they marry?

  • dolorescraegt

    they were married in a ceremony in laos…..

  • BuckeyeBob

    Congratulations to the happy couple. She’s the best he’s ever gonna get; he’s the best she’s ever gonna get; they both know it and they deserve each other. Let the Games Begin….

  • http://veryverysexy sharyllee

    Do not know if they are really married??

  • how’s that mustard on the car

    i thought i would show you what happens when you insult the mother of god mary most holy

    consider this a warning/threat:

    hand of god snaps tree of anne frank

    there is another surprise in store for you ‘bob’ its coming next month

  • Oktomārs

    OMG šī ir seksy !!

  • i love sienna

    im glad that they are together.. i think she really does love him….as for her past, its her business. its not for us to judge what she did. Everyone always blames the woman when cheating is involved. I dont care what anyone says, Sienna has a great personality and I hope her and Jude work out <3

  • http://veryverysexy sharyllee

    I hope we will see Jude soon on Jared..

  • Anon

    @i love sienna: Sienna has a great personality!?!! Are you out of your damn mind? What has she ever done to indicate a good personality? She’s the stupidest, most superficial evil person alive, except for her douchebag cheating nanny tapping deadbeat dad BF. The are both putridly ugly on the inside, and it’s showing on the outside.

    Anyone notice how the insulting spam blogs come just after Sheryllee logs on? Hmmmmmm. He certainly has some devoted fans.

  • Kate

    @Anon – I agree with your post. Sienna or Jude don’t seem to be good people inside. I think that’s why they are together, they’ve burned too many bridges with others.
    Sienna is with Jude, because he’s her calling card. She’s known for being out with a married man and for Jude cheating on her. That’s what’s she’s known for. He’s her meal ticket if she wants to get movie deals. Jude is with her, because she still has some youth left.Although, she looks pretty close to Jude’s age and he’s I think 10 yrs. older than her, so once she looks older than him, I bet he’ll trade her in for a newer and younger model.

  • Lori Joyce

    Yes, Anon, I have noticed.

  • the

    i have some concerns about the technology today and its ability to simulate god. or else i’m god….lol
    i don’t approve of the attack on the gaza strip…im going to say it again…i don’t approve of the attack on the gaza strip….180 degrees is pretty fancy and only one person died this time. that is a miracle. if you target my family you’re dead. there are too many coincidences. to an exacting detail.

    so eitherits god, satan, the military or the stalker. but a stalker can’t produce an earthquake unless he works for the military. right?

    and that would mean that the military is harassing a civilian with the assistance of the media.

    i am of courser talking about the christchurch new zealnd earthquake…timing is everything but apparently location is too.

    please forgive me when i reiterate yet again that the jews are the fly in the ointment. the spider in the web, the wicked ones

    attention jews: this is a democratic society and you are expected to live that way. i think it ironic that many of you have dual citizenship. that just doesn’t sit right with me from a political democracy point of view.

  • Anita H. Anjobe

    J’adore Sienna and Jude together!