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Leonardo DiCaprio: Business Lunch Meeting

Leonardo DiCaprio: Business Lunch Meeting

Leonardo DiCaprio sits on the outside patio at Fraiche’s Restaurant for a business lunch meeting on Tuesday (August 17) in Culver City, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor, who ended his lunch with a cigar, sported the same UCI ball cap that he wore on his vacation to Italy last week with girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

On Monday, Leo‘s latest hit film Inception passed the $250 million mark at the box office on its 32nd day in theaters! Congrats Leo!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s business lunch meeting…

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leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 01
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 02
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 03
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 04
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 05
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 06
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 07
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 08
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 09
leonardo dicaprio business lunch meeting 10

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Red Velvet

    Looks good !

  • Jackson

    He must be extremely happy. Love the pics. Hes got to be unmistakable.

  • Nickki

    It`s always a pleasure to see him without his unfortunate girlfriend. Thanks Jared for these photos. He is much easier on the eye when he is not with her!

  • um

    He looks so obvious with all that “disguise” gear lol. Yeah it’s good to see him without that Barf.

  • Jade

    This guy use to be sexiiee, what happened?¿

  • sam

    i always wondered what age the girls that insult bar are, over 19 you are pathetic, just saying…good to see leo takin more projects he sure gets around, italy and then calif in days

  • elay

    i love Inception, OMG I think he is so so hugely talented. No more pretty boy i like the new a much more mature looking DiCaprio.

    and about BAR, Why the hate??

  • lol

    `hasbeen` Have your read the post? His latest movie made $250 million. That`s what you call has been? LOL!
    He needs a decent and quality woman already. The `supermodel` should get lost already and it`s time for an intelligent girlfriend.

  • bronza

    LA LOVES LEO…….hes like a king there!

  • dont shoot the messenger

    yo people if ur lookin for a good leo post go to ‘’ and read the comments their hilarious and theres always great pics etc…

  • BAM

    mmmmmmm that shirt is TIGHT me likey!!!!!!

  • woooooozy
  • french

    He looks good and i’m happy to see him without Barf

  • oinze

    leos no man hooo he saved himself for bar

  • …..

    @14 hahahaha ‘saved himself for bar’ hahahaha i think that is one of the funnyst hingsi have ever seen!!! LOL

  • urika

    found this on youtube, iv always heard that leo is a huge flirt but DAAAM its on over drive in this video he stil kinda does it with some female interviewrs xcept unlike here he dosnt go on and list the things he likes aboout her LOL……hes really funny to has a sort off dry sarastic wit the best type of humor IMO. wish we could see more of this relaxed leo we never get to see it anymore, DAM U TITANIC!!!

  • urika

    part 2…..these to soooo hooked up after, LOL at his ‘serious face’

  • bonnie b

    Why the hate for Bar? Some of it is jealousy, I am sure. But I’m just as sure some of it stems from her lack of any discernible talent besides stripping for the camera. However, if that’s enough for Leo at this point in his life, then so be it. Aside for the obvious reason of having someone pretty to hang with, I have a feeling he goes for her type because he’s the one with all the power in the relationship it’s not going to be a big deal if he cheats on her, or if she leaves him. That kind of uncomplicated relationship probably appeals to someone with a big career to focus on.

  • …….

    @14 maybe this will open ur mind a little

    Girlfriend: Cecilia Garcia (classmate, dated in high school, skiped class all the time to go meet her in the library for some ‘shenanigans’ lol)
    Girlfriend: Juliette Lewis (actress, dated in 1993)
    Girlfriend: Kristen Zang (model, dated 1996-97)
    Girlfriend: Vanessa Hayden (model, dated in 1998)
    Girlfriend: Kidada Jones (model, daughter of Quincy Jones, reportedly dated in 1998)
    Girlfriend: Demi Moore (rumored together in 1998, and again in 2002)
    Girlfriend: Gisele Bundchen (supermodel, dated early 2000s)
    Girlfriend: Bar Refaeli (Israeli model)
    Slept with: Bobbie Brown, Emma Bunton, Karen Butler (disputed), Naomi Campbell,
    Slept with: Mariah Carey, Helena Christensen, Linnea Dietrichson, Carmen Electra,
    Slept with: Sara Foster, Vanessa Haydon, Bridget Hall, Natasha Henstridge
    Slept with: Eva Herzigova (causing her divorce), Paris Hilton, Kendra Jade,
    Slept with: Juliette Lewis, Kate Moss, Carla Paneka, Bijou Phillips, Alicia Silverstone,
    Slept with: Alyssa Sourovoya, Amber Valetta, ashley roberts, cameron diaz (2002, 2005)

    and theres more but i think u get the point, and these ar only the ones we know off theres bound to be countless more, just saw a video on youtube off ataxi driver who brought leo back to his hotel form a nightspot in vegas and had 3 count them THREE gilrs with him…..however the taxi man said he as very nice and funny and tipped him 200 dollars but anyway i think this proves he DEFINANTLY didnt save himself for bar!! LOL

  • karen love this video with leo. i love how happy and comfortable he is around friends etc when he dosnt know cameras or paps ar there, i wish we could set up a hidden camera into his life so we could see him all laughy an jokey with his friends and not pissed because abunch off idiots ar taking his pic. LOL at the way he just brushes himself off after hardy punches him!

  • francesca

    oh no the leo pen is pic is gone wtf is with that…..that was HILARIOUS anyway its on bars page in the last few comments if u want to check it out, the rumors ar true people leo sure does live up to his italian roots!!! GO LEO!!!

  • blue

    @20 haha that was such a serious scene in inception and here he is totally goofing off before he does it, love this about him that he can jsut switch on and off, he seems to be a fun guy to be aroung aswel everyone in the ‘biz’ seems to love him!

  • gaga

    What does comment #21 mean ?

  • belladonna

    This guy is going to be a major player of the Hollywood of this generation you watch he is going to do it all and have a big influence on the films that get made for the next couple of decades.

    We hate him with barf, because it is such a yucky stereotype…rich man with young dumb blond. Not a exceptionally beautiful one either. Its insulting to his female fans a bit. I dont hate Bar herself, she is a foolish nonentity.

  • belladonna

    @francesca: yeah he probably got rid of it ! But it was actually sort of flattering! Maybe he paid for it to be taken out.

  • wow

    great! no more leo and barf vacation photos … at least for a while!
    @karen: thanks for that link, great video. he is so relaxed, good to see him happy and smiley!

  • french

    We can’t know if it’s true because it’s rumors

  • rose

    This list is meaningless. If he slept with so many, don’t you think at this point he would have have some sexual disease?? I hightly doubt that list of encounters. Leo would be seen with any girl talking and automatically the media would linked him to having slept with this one or that one. one..pleaaaseeeeeee! I am sure he had his fun, just like most males do. He is no angel but neither is he tramp! It must be a National Enquierer! Take it with a grain of salt.

  • bloatface

    @belladonna: i’m sure he’ll die of lung cancer long before the decade is out. Zac Efron is better looking and still attractive. Leo is gross.

  • belladonna

    Source: Fox News

    While some stars go through many marriages, some opt out of it all.

    A friend of Leonardo DiCaprio’s says the actor often has said marriage was not likely going to happen for him. DiCaprio has recently has been openly reiterating this in interviews.

    Reportedly, his current reason for making this point is to tell girlfriend Bar Rafaeli to stop pressuring him to waltz down the aisle. Marriage worries DiCaprio, having seen too few of his Hollywood pals make lasting marriages. He points out marriage ‘‘is hard enough for non-celebrities to make work. … It’s nearly impossible when you’re plastered on the front page of the Enquirer every week,’’ the friend quotes DiCaprio as saying.

    And the sad thing is, I think he’s totally right again. He’s smart enough to avoid major trouble.Not like he is ever going to be lonely.

  • uck

    @rose: haha. he probably has more STDs than Paris, they are close “friends”, haha. ew.

  • belladonna

    @bonnie b: she’s yucky and particularly hideous in pap photos with no make-up. You get sick of seeing her plastic no talent behind everywhere when youre his fans.

    On their vacation she was obviously posing for the paparazzi- even two with her behind in the air. It gets to be a bit much. Embarrassing for him.

  • belladonna


    Rose, dont be silly ! Come on ! That list actually leaves some people out that I am fairly sure of. Also leaves out the randoms and one-nights. PLease, it may not be accurate for detail, but its probably under for NUMBERS. Puhllleeze.

    Among his generation he is also the Number #1 bad boy in terms of women. Not a druggie, but his rep is straight up player. No one has EVER doubted it. I think he has calmed down but is not at all above macking on a regular basis. He likes to see what he can get…which is gross, but I’ve met them before.

  • elay


    zac efron?? hahahaha

    The mere fact that the two names are even in the same sentence taints the integrity of DiCaprio. Even the recent ‘Inception’ proves that DiCaprio is an actor of remarkable, unparalleled caliber. Zac is only a pretty girly face.

  • Yo

    #21 is talking about that picture of Leo w a possible hard on while w Bar. LOLOL.

  • leo is a HASBEEN

    leo is over with please look at him hes fat bloated older looking then what he really is and gross is putting it mildly he always looks dirty and roached

  • ……..

    yes leo is a straight up player no doubt about it……i wonder how many women he ACTUALY has slept with?! i doubt he even knows

  • @36

    Maybe in your head but not in reality. If you don`t find him attractive that`s one thing but that doesn`t make him a `hasbeen`. Probably a decent girlfriend would inspire him to clean up like he does when he does promo.

  • bela

    @leo is a HASBEEN:

    hahahahaha so ridiculous!!

    leo hasbeen?? with two acclaimed films and box office hits this year, and a lot of amazing projects the last one with Clint Eastwood he is top Hollywood superstar.

  • boo
  • boo
  • bella

    @19 i fully belive that list ad alo belive there is quite a lot left out aswel

  • saz

    @belladona ya IF he did take it down or whatever, dunno why he did caus t was super flattering it shows he has a GIGANTIC like 12 incher, gues it would be pretty embarasing having that plasterd all over the internet tho….dont mean to cause offence but i just say it how i see it

  • …..

    haha some people were saying maybe him and ar were ‘interupted’ she looked kinda flustered to lol

  • suzie

    omg did anyone else look up that ohnotheydidnt site….on the last leo posting off hm dancing /working out or whatever in the comments theres pics and one of the pics is of leo playing bball and he lifts up his shirt and OMG he has like that ‘cut’ v thing cuts get on their hips and OMG IT WAS SOOOO SEXY cause he was tanned to, i actualy sat and stared at the monitor for 10 straight mins……..I LOVE THIS MAN!!!! bar is such a lucky B IIIIIIII T C H to wake up beside him evry morning uuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • CanadaGirl

    @belladonna: Uhh… he already is. :)

  • @38

    well if leo needs another girlfriend or anyone else to make him clean up his bloated fat gross dirty self then hes more pathetic then i thought everyone with half a brain knows you have to help yourself before you can do anything else in this world so it just proves hes a pathetic immature guy and has never grown up and a looser as well

  • ……….

    @45 ya i saw that and mmmm ur right that is super sexy, takes a while for all the pics and comments ot load on that site but its worth it!!!

    @38 F-OFF HATER!!!!!

  • He likes her but not for wife

    Link? This sounds like a similar barf troll on the last thread…the one about the supposed siting of them in some unmentioned club in some unmentioned town… Just have to get barfies name in there somehow. Unfortunately if Leo is cut it’s probably an old picture.. You are talking about having a defined rector abdominis- the cuts going down to the groin area. It can’t be recent.

    Barf doesn’t wake up him with him everyday, she doesn’t live with him but is a travel bunny.. Flown around by a rich man for vacation usage. She’s actually been spending a lot of time in Israel this year and he won’t set foot there probably ever again because the last time barfs family had a birthday party for her brother and then told everyone it was actually an engagement party. And he doesn’t want anymore of those rumors apparently.

    Also I saw the picture and it looked to me like a respectable 8, not 12, but it could have been his pants belling out. Bet he got rid of it because he doesn’t want to be ridiculed ad nauseum

  • suzie

    @49 jeez your a downer…lighten up, it on the site i mentioned it wont let me post a link to it