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Taylor Swift: 'Speak Now' Album Cover Revealed!

Taylor Swift: 'Speak Now' Album Cover Revealed!

Check out your first look at Taylor Swift new album cover for Speak Now, which hits shelves October 25 via on Big Machine Records. Gorgeous!!!

A few weeks ago, the 20-year-old country cutie released her first single from the album called “Mine“! The video will premiere on Friday, August 27, so stay tuned for that!

The song debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs Chart and #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

FYI: Taylor is wearing a Reem Acra dress on her album cover.

Bigger album cover pic inside…

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taylor swift speak now album cover 01
taylor swift speak now album cover 02

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  • madeline


  • lindszz

    and we care because…??????

  • Hayley

    I’m a fan of Taylor but don’t like it. I’ve seen a lot of fan artwork that looks a lot better than this.

  • alicia

    It’s a beautiful cover and so Taylor.

  • Mel

    Gorgeous!! I love it! Can’t wait for the album to be released!

  • Adrian

    Wow….. Balh blah blah! As usual. Shes always boring. What else should we expect! Shes never amazing. Shes an average person. Thats whyy america likes her. She IS NOTHING SPECIAL. *FALLS ASLEEP WHILE WRING THIS BECAUSE SHE IS THAT BORING*

  • Andie

    It’s gorgeous as Taylor is…. It grown on me, at first I hate it but the more I stare at it… Freaking beautiful!!!! Love it! Can’t wait for speak now

  • 20 yrs old

    Taylor swift is a sweet & beautiful girl whose mind is obviously way younger than 20 yrs ( maybe like 15-16 yrs old). Her new songs in Speak Now CD are open letters to each person ( boys) who she met in the past 2 yrs according to herself. A 20 yrs old should be able to tell the difference between love/relationship and friendship. I do not have feeling toward all the boys I met in my school, most of them are just normal friends to hang out with.

  • cila

    i love her and her music but not this cover so much. the fearless album cover was a lot better. but i’m sure the album is another hit for taylor!

  • amanda

    what is with her and that obsession with princess fairytale crap?!?! all of her songs sound like the soundtrack to barbies life and this album cover only enhances this…

  • Courtney

    she looks gorgeous on this cover. hay don’t dog on princesses fairytales as some of us still believe in them. to me the first princess that came to mind when I saw this cover was Giselle from 2007′s Enchanted except Taylor has Brown eyes and Amy Adams has blue ones but other than that dead ringer

  • laverdadduele

    I couldn’t care less about her music, but her hairstyle bothers me so much, ringlets and straight bangs, another boring aspect of her.

  • jb

    yikes. how barbie.

  • smh


  • Sandy

    Oh please! When wil America open their eyes and realize that this gal has no voice or talent. We all mange to wittness her “incredibly wretched vocal performance” at the 2010 Grammys. Sure, she might be a good songwritter, but no where close to a good singer.

    Bottom line: Taylor Swift has no voice and is by no means a Country Artist. Unfortunately, nowadays in order to be the next big hit, all you need is a pretty smile, great hair, and a lean body. Real talent can squeeze in later.

  • Lizzie

    4 years ago i was a huge fan of taylor swift..beacuse of her i became familiar with other country artist like reba, jason alldean, sugarland and others. since those 4 years i notice that in order to gain fame her music change from country to country-pop and soon it will be solidly pop. i also researched that world wide she is known as a pop artist thats why she also does pop remixes. its funny when the media brags on how mature taylor is when all she talks is about fairytales, prom, etc, even the inside of her apartment looks more like a fun house then a home does buying from thrift stores suppose to make u feel mature!? in her interviews she acts like “the child who never grew up” that would explain why the majority of her fans are 6 year olds and tweens. taylor was my fav artist in 2007 now not so much, plus her vocals need tons of work. I am not excited for this pop allbum beacuse after hearing her live it is not worth a penny sending on an artist who can only defend her voice by using autotune.

  • miss infamous

    her singing still sucks

  • Emily

    i agree with mostly everyone on here. i agree i was a big fan of taylor back when she was mostly her first ablums days but now people praise her like she god.
    i am 20 years old now and her songs only reminds me of highschool etc etc im tired of those fairytales stuff. no disrespect to taylor, i would like if she wrote some grown up songs too… like stuff she experience related to her age..

    heck even miley have more grown up relationship songs.

  • Emily

    haha typo ^^ but hope someone gets me

  • Ayesha

    UH, she belongs on just jared JR. cos obviously her mind thinks like a teen

  • Ash

    I’m speechless

  • swift sucks

    go away please.

  • gary

    i sense a similarity to carrie’s carnival ride album cover

  • Victor

    EWWWW looks like a witch still

  • longchamp

    didn’t think she could be more saccharine than she already was. swifty proved me wrong. gag.

  • Katharine

    Honestly, she is crazy. All her songs are about her and Joe Jonas. She isn’t over him and thats all she can sing about. Plus she sounds like a chicken with its head chopped off when she sings. She makes my ears bleed.

  • maggie

    gorgeous! i can’t wait to get the album. her songs are like gems..her lyrics omg i cant explain…. been a fan of this girl since 2007 and i’m glad she’s still the sweet, down to earth, always grateful girl that i’ve known. happy that success comes to good people.

    so much negativity people….

  • rachelle

    to katharine: i lol’ed on your comment cause it shows how much you didn’t know about her songs. if you think all of her songs are about that jonas, then obviously youre not a fan, girl….research more….

    i cant wait, the girl writes brilliant songs…she brings out the 16 yr old in me and im not complaining.

  • dan

    first in line when the album dropss, with my wife! she’s going to freak out when she sees the cover!

  • jen

    Good songwriter. Bad singer and boring cover. Thanks Kanye for creating a monster. Seriously she is too overexposed and I guess she has really bad taste in picking boyfriends considering all her songs are about a guy breaking her heart, we get it Taylor lol.

  • Montana

    Sure I love this girl, she is okay, like I am not obbessed about her but I like her. Infact I grew up with Country music so it’s nice to have someone introduce it to the younger kiddies. Her songwritting is great and she is preety lookin’, and she sure needs a better vocal couch to fix her voice and all. But after listening to “Mine” and lookin’ at this cover.. I am dissapointed. Her song Mine is clearly Pop with a pinch of banjo to bring out Country, and her allbum cover says Barbie Pop Allbum all over it.

    You have dissapointed your Country roots Ms. Swift!! I agree with Lizzie, y’all don’t buy this POP crap!

  • Romina


    Yes, unfortunately in order to gain more fame with the babys and tweens, she has turned into a pop artist. After hearing Fearless and her live performance at the grammys this girl proved to America she can’t sing. Even this allbum cover sreams pop all over it. Four years ago I was also a huge fan, now not so much, besides Lizzie you are right “it is not worth a penny sending on an artist who can only defend her voice by using autotune.”

  • someone

    man, i’ve already got this pre-ordered on! definite taylor swift fan! 100% fanlicious of her, go girl

  • Uncertainty Principle

    I don’t know how to adequately describe the category of musicians to which Taylor should be relegated. There are artists who try to write music and there are others who write fairly good music. But Taylor’s music simply leaves everyone else in the dust. I have heard her perform live before and she sings beautifully. It is truly humbling and yet a real encouragement to call myself a Taylor Swift fan. I am looking forward to the release of her new album.

  • Brittany

    ok to all you haters out there that are saying she is boring and she acts like a child and her vocals suck if you really bevieve that then why are you even looking at this article? if you hate her that much then stop reading about her and carry on your lives without her. the people who think taylor is amazing (which she is) dont care what negative things you have to say about her. you should give her credit for having a whole new album coming out and for all the success she has had. so all the people that have a problem with her and think she should grow up, GROW UP YOURSELF!!!!!

  • iluvtaylorswift

    i love her i’d like to see yall sing like she can dont h8 appreciate

  • iluvtaylorswift

    @Brittany: im so with u go taylor

  • http://Facebook anna….the hot and sweet

    You r awesome……….ur songs really rocks………and ur lyrics ufffffff amazing……….u look gr8…………awesome keep it up………….hope ur next album will be much more rocking than the previous…………i m waitn……….love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jayjjay

    you’re all just haters! taylor swift is amazingly beautiful and talented, what girl doesn’t like princesses and fairy tales?….oh and about the 2010 grammys…give it up…she had on performance where she made a mistake…big deal – shes only human, listen to all her other music – she has a beautiful voice. i’ve seen her in concert twice – and i’ve met her- and she will continue to be one of my favorites- haterrrs.

  • Vanessa

    It’s been 2 years since her last album, so all these songs are from when she was 18/19 so of course they’re going to be fairytale orientated or about high school. And it’s not like we all just grow up and become mature at 20, I’m 20 and real life sucks so it’s nice to have an artist who believes in happy endings and perfect romances and relationships. I do agree that she can’t sing live, her voice probably isnt strong enough, but it doesn’t matter because none of us are perfect.

  • cloe


  • prinx:

    blah..blah..blah..shut up u guyz…juxt buy the album n get over it!!!!

  • prinx:

    shut up u guyz..
    juxt buy the album
    n get over it!!!

  • Short

    Wowy wow wow! You guys are kinda stupid!!! Taylor Swift is so beautiful. That dress is amazing and her cover is gorgeas as usual. She is so speacial and so unique with her music. She’s a wonderful person in real life and she loves all her fans. So dont rag on her. She is just wonderful and i can never stop listening to her music. P.S. That dress is just beautiful on her… on anybody else… OK… but her… its just amazingly gorgious.

  • Swifty

    Thank you guys for all your wonderful comments to me! I am very thankful. I love all of my fans.
    To all my wonderful fans, I am so exited about recording the rest of my songs. And thanks again for all who support me, my album, and my music.
    Taylor Swift

  • Fate13

    wow TAYLOR SWIFT is really wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv yah taylor swift!@!!!!!!!!

  • bellaboo

    I love her new album!!
    Sweet, romantic, wild and rebellious all at the same time!
    WOO Go Taylor!!



  • jhane

    your so very taylor..
    thats why like you

  • Zeek

    @20 years old
    are you as stupid as you sound? her music is targeted at teens.. AND she is singing about her experiences as a teen.. >.>

  • loves taylor a lot

    i think taylor swift is my fave singer, and she is the best person in the world. shes pretty, and nice, and a great singer! ive been to her concers, she just so giving to all her fans so all you mean haters back off!!!!
    ~love you taylor!