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Gisele Bundchen: Hope Lingerie Summer 2011!

Gisele Bundchen: Hope Lingerie Summer 2011!

Check out these sexy new pics of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen featured in HOPE lingerie’s summer 2011 ad campaign, as photographed by Bob Wolfenson!

If you missed it, check out Gisele‘s ads for Hope from last season!

FYI: Earlier this week, Gisele and son Benjamin visited her husband Tom Brady during football practice at Dana-Farber Field House in Foxboro, Mass. Tom‘s mother, Galynn, was also there with his other son, Jack.

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gisele bundchen hope lingerie summer 2011 03
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Photos: Bob Wolfenson
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  • Weber from Brazil

    that’s why she’s the biggest supermodel ever.

  • Ceelo

    Sadly, she just looks like a transgendered person.

    It’s a man baby!

    Dude looks like a lady!

  • Dr. Adell

    I don’t think she deserves all the hype she gets. A total butter face

  • Poach

    I don’t buy anything from this crazy woman’s endorsements.

  • Esj

    its a man horse lol. i feel adriana lima more than this dumb biatch

  • Esj

    i think that’s why tom brady likes her rather than the gorgeous bridget moinihan. he thinks he is still playing football from the opposing team while in bed with her. she looks like a man, er a man that looks like her, i get confused describing her!

  • Benami

    I bet she wont love breastfeeding so much when her boobs go back to being flat

  • nofan

    @ 5 & 6 couldnt agree more hahahahaha horseface great love it so overrated cant stand this s–t bradys a woos and his ex bridget is a beautiful class act giselle is 6 ft bimbo and with a beak of a nose she lucked out with her height if not she would be picking cotton

  • anna

    wow so much hatred! I think she’s gorgeous! y’all just jealous of all the money she makes modeling, highest paid model EVER!

  • zoz

    God YeS. Horses are ethereal like… GB…she’s a unicorn.

  • Erika

    If every woman looked like her…. Then I would look like her… LOL

  • Sarah

    Everytime she sees new photographs published on another top model, she publishes new her Hope photographs. What a sick!

  • Red Velvet

    Is it just me or that cleavage totally looks edited ?
    IMO something looks really weird
    Don’t bash me, that’s just my opinion

  • Cory

    Yuck! Another series of pictures where she can’t smile. Her job seems so heavy, she can ever put a smile on her horse face….

  • ana

    wonderful, perfect

  • Fan of fleshy models

    Hours and hours of makeup, hairdressing followed by a long session of photoshop. And that’s the results??? Frankly. This person became rich by having managers and PRs who got her an enormous amounts of contacts for the last 12 years. Her figure is so unfeminine. I wonder when exactly she got rid of her fake boobs. 2003? 2004? Anyway, I never liked her. She’s idiot. She is the perfect proof that to become rich, you don’t need to have brains.

  • Laura

    Gisele tottaly perfect! I love her …. and please speak about Bridget Moynham???she became pregnant to take Tom’s money

  • heather

    oh you girls are so gorgeous and rich off your looks right?????? LMFAO.

  • gladly

    cracks me up people think you have to have a big fat exploda head to look like a woman, yuck! maybe in west virginia where you aint used to seeing model like faces with bone structure and high cheekbones. get a life you flat faced poor poor nobodies

  • jujubee

    watch the making of video people. nuff said! she is hotter in motion and there is no airbrushing even needed! she is a goddess. paycheck says it all.

  • lean

    the only ones who dont like her are women with 10 double chins and think that is what is “feminine” :DDDDDDD ahhaahahaha. or men who like big a**ed thick thighed women like kim kardashians of the world who could never even become supermodels, let alone the richest one who ever lived.

  • lily

    She is a goddess!

  • Karolina

    we all have an animal equivalent look alike as human if you havent noticed by now, lol every human can be compared to an animal. some women (too many) look like fishes, some cats,some horses,some beavers,some chipmunks. out of those animals which are the most beautiful? cats and horses. its actually a compliment. chipmunk/beaver looking woman are gross. big stuffed cheeks and nasty teeth. ick.

  • share

    she came she conquered, she STILL reigns supreme.

  • Lindsay

    I know not one of you sitting here could ever be paid 1 dollar to model lingerie, let alone 1 million! haters gonna hate.

  • Alex

    You do not have to get her “hype” She is what she is, and you are what you are, doesn’t that pretty much say it all? lol

  • imsorry

    people still talk about Bridget???? lol oh that’s right I forgot, only where Gisele’s name is concerned. that 50 year old d lister is a nobody. She is lucky she still has Tom’s name attached to her somehow, or else she would really be a nobody, more than she already is, could you imagine? lol

  • miserylovescompany

    check out her newest LOVE cover (the ones she always gets because of her gorgeous face) you average girls could never take a iconic perfect photo like that. even with hair,makeup,photog team (hence why average girls dont get paid to model). average fat faced girls cant take beautiful pictures for the life of them, gisele can. end of story.

  • PPP

    Oh you haters LMAO.

  • David

    I love women with beautiful classy bone structure like hers. They look sophisticated and luxurious. can’t stand egg head/round faced women. too average,too common,and too ugly and the reason why there are supermodels and everyday women in the first place. if egg heads were wanted by beauty insiders, than egg heads are what we would see in the pages of vogue. and egg heads are not, egg heads are what we see at the grocery store staring down at their chicken with their saggy double chin staring down with them.

  • Sara

    did you notice ugly women hate, and pretty women are hated on? too funny/.

  • carry

    tell me this you gorgeous beauty insiders: why does gisele have 67,000 twitter followers,422,000 facebook fans,constantly voted by the people as one of the most beautiful/sexiest women in hollywood for 10 years and counting. can you claim any of those? lmao. H*LL NO!!!! you prob have 10 twitter folllowers/facebook fans. and they are probably people you know. Let alone many admirers around the globe!

  • chauncey

    For me she is the epitome of beauty and of a supermodel. rock on Gisele!

  • bgfd

    ummm men have huge fat heads (lol) and big bloated faces alot of times. since when did they have tiny small heads,deep set eye sockets, and high cheekbones? LMFAO. crazy

  • Dean

    who’s bridget?

  • Sarah

    We can see that Gisele’s press agent is already at in field to publish many messages for her defenseā€¦ It is a hard work! hehehe

  • sam

    i dont know why she is a underwear model, she has no waist on had implants until she had them removed, clothes do look good on her tho, i like her bum and legs but thats it…oh im not close to having a double chin by the way

  • purple


    no one will care if you have a double chin or not, you are faceless and nameless, MHAHAHAHSAHHSSAA

  • lex


    umm it dont matter, everything she models for sells. thats the point. she gets the job done, whether you like it or understand it is irrelevant.

  • gtfd

    @37 um she’s more than a lingerie model unlike the rest of the brazilian girls. she actually models for vogue and high fashion designers too, every year, not just as a trend. she has every models dream career, all before the age of 30. can’t even imagine how her career list will look in 5 years, WOW. incomparable. (well it already is,lol)

  • playa

    How lame JJ! these pictures and videos were released on her website months ago. LMAO. get your own info, quit stalking gisele’s website like the rest of you weirdos do! this is old news.

  • Amber

    The Last Supermodel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! models for lingerie,bikinis,jeans,clothing,versace,dior,dolce&gabbana,missoni,valentino,vogue paris,vogue italia,vogue america,vogue uk,vogue everything,harper’s bazaar covers,vanity fair covers,rolling stone covers,victorias secret angel,famous,men/women fans, not too commercial,not too high fashion,just perfect,tall,thin,status,celeb hubby,power,rich,can cause controversy,…people care/read her interviews,etc…yep last supermodel indeed. what other models today can check off all that on their lists? ZERO. oops I mean one, only one, THE ONE. (hey dolce & gabbana even said so!)

  • Amber

    oh one last thing for all you haters- It takes looks/body to get you there, but it takes personality to keep you there. think about that one. looks are only half of it. beautiful girls come and go, but personality is forever. fashion world adores her. she is known to arrive on time to every shoot,never late. she is professional and gets the winning shot on the first try. (most model shoots take hours, gisele has been known to take only 20 minutes)…as told by Patrick Demarchelier and countless other important fashion people. Its reported she even chats up and jokes with everyone on sets including the caterers! winning personality,combined with killer (or unique) looks is a recipe for success. duh! Thats’ why NO ONE has taken Mrs. Bundchen off her HIGH HIGH throne yet 15 years and counting. every new girl coming in today is toooooo cheap/commercial looking or toooo edgy/high fashion looking. There are no new models who have the perfect balance of the two which is a fashion designer,editor,photographers dream. aka Gisele!!!!!!!!!

  • Crazies

    Because “ugly” girls can get a guy like Leonardo Decaprio,Josh Hartnett, and Tom Brady…LMFAO. good one!

  • lisali

    Freakin’ amazing.

  • Greta


  • Brazil

    @Sarah: @Greta:

    Greta sounds german

  • Boyd

    While I love her body, its her face that really gets me going. Simply gorgeous,and unique and exotic.

  • lala

    Hey Sam- guess what the only field where hip to ratio is relevant is cheap video modeling. they like their thick thighs,small waist and HUGE cottage cheese arses. LMAO Supermodels need NOT apply to that concept. long lean legs,graceful swan like necks,small booties that can actually fit into expensive clothing and jeans (not just smelly thongs) lol are what is important.

  • braces

    @Fan of fleshy models:

    eww fan of fleshy models just sounds gross. what the h*ll is that? some science experiment? live blow up doll? no thanks I will take a Supermodel anyday. even the title sounds better, lol