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Jennifer Aniston: Broadway Show In The Works?

Jennifer Aniston: Broadway Show In The Works?

Jennifer Aniston goes out to lunch with a friend at Trattoria Dell’Arte in Manhattan on Thursday (August 19).

The 41-year-old actress dropped by Live! with Regis and Kelly this morning and shared that she’d love to perform on Broadway!

“I want to do theater,” Jen said this morning. “I do. I’d like to just be back in New York, because that’s what I love doing.”

Last night, Jen dropped by Chelsea Lately and laughed off rumors that they’d work out together and then have “vodka-fueled fiestas”.

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  • Joel McHale Groupie

    She continues to bore me.

  • Tina

    I think she is very bad manner or very stupid to use a word like ‘retard’ on national TV.

  • Lisa

    She is very stupid – does anyone still enjoy her?

  • Tim

    She said ‘ret@rd’ on national TV and is too arrogant to apologize.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    She’s not stupid so haters to the left – it’s almost fall so enjoy the outdoors.

  • Tim


  • fresh

    Not a fan of hers. But she looks good here. She dresses nice —which makes her look younger.

  • Jen Cult

    Wake up all your fat housewives who have also been dumped by their dream guys – lots of people can’t stand this vapid idiot. That doesn’t make them haters – it makes them people who can’t stand this self-absorbed fool. Don’t be so cultish.

  • sonia

    she should just do P o r N her movies are realy boring.

  • Helen

    Yeah she looks very young for a 40+ woman who spends hours each day exercising with her personal trainer & yoga instructor, gets her nose done, has botox, fake tans, dyes her hair, has a personal chef, is on a perpetual diet and smokes.

    Yeah, I so admire how natural this woman is. I think all the fat American women admire her because she has all these vast resources to change her appearance into something completely different than she started with.

  • roxy

    That is so sad she would say that, must be the way she said it..she’s to old to even be saying stuff like that..

  • ManistH0n

    She should drop half the time she uses for daily yoga and hairdressers and pay herself a personal teacher to help her in articulation and eloquence in the only language she manages to speak.
    She is so uncool when it comes to thinking thoughts properly and to render them nicely during a professional exercise.
    Feed your brains woman instead of overfeeding your physical appearance.
    The more you are aging the more the brains becomes even more important. Nobody cares about a 50 years old bimbo with a smashing body. People like to HEAR a 50 year old not to LURCK at her body, how youthfull it is maintained.
    Get some intellect and vocabularly and eloquence ! You have all the time to do it instead of tanning.

  • Jan

    I used to like her a lot more, but she does not seem very comfortable with aging & herself. The too tight clothes, total obsession with her appearance and some of her nasty comments in the media has really turned me off. Plus I dislike how she managed to parlay her divorce into a massive PR campaign. Well she is alone now.

  • Jim

    She is attractiv, but she sounds stupid/uneducated in her interviews. Her comment that she was ‘helping Mexico’ by taking an expensive spa vacation there and now this comment about ‘being a ret*rd’ just shows how ignorant she is of anything that exists outside her tiny privileged world. Not sure how anyone could consider this idiot their idol.

  • Liddia

    The scarf, too tight jeans & all the necklaces & bracelets – I think she is starting to look very tacky. I don’t find the aging blonde very attractive though. She is starting to look quite cheap & common.

  • Lea

    I cannot believe how many haters are out there. JA is a great woman , with a great body and all you jealous fat b**** should leave her alone. If you hate so much , why are you taking the time to write about her and be looking at her pictures. If you really feel that she is so boring then move on but please leave negative comments out. Are you in High School or something ,,, Please grow up !!! I would love to look like and I admire her for being strong and independent !

  • scarjo

    So has she issued an apology today for using the word

    “retard”…hmmm speaks a great deal about what and who this TWIT IS>>

  • Wendi

    Why is the public being tortured by this person. Why Aniston is still in movies I do not understand, almost everything she is in (pick one, they are all the same) would have done better with another hip, young actress. She looks and acts exactly the same in everything. Maybe this is why she is talking about Broadway, she knows the movie-going public is sick of her so she figures she will get taste-free tourists In NY to pay to see her play with her hair in person. It will work, that is for sure. As for her attire, this look isn’t bad, but she is starting to remind me of a woman I know who embarrasses herself by trying to dress like her 19 yo daughter, she needs to remember she is almost 42, you can still dress hip, hot and MATURE.

  • dee

    theater? seriously? LMAO…it’s bad enough that she’s in movies (she should go back to TV where she belongs) but c’mon she can’t act..


    What in the world is a 41 year old woman doing making a joke of the word r.e.t.a.r.d.? Has she lost complete leave of her senses?
    Jennifer should have apologized BEFORE she left the stage on Regis. But then she’d have to have realized what she did wrong and, you know, I’ll bet she was completely clueless. She didn’t know until her people told her. Let’s see how clever they are in writing her an apology like they wrote her a response to Bill O’Reilly.
    I am amazed she is a high school graduate.

  • dd

    she’s “not cool”

  • Iffy Miffy

    It’s not that she said it, it’s the whole – she’s 41 and not 16 – and she said it. And look how she used it! Paraphrasing – I dress all day, like a r…. – so she thinks people with mental disabilities can do nothing else or better ah?! She is a disgrace for a grown woman.

  • Pretty

    Jenn is smart, you jealous angie fans. Why is jenn still do films? Stupid question,because she can ,and people will continue to see them. Jenn can dress anyway she wants. Unlike angie all she does is do sex scene and takes her clothes off in movies, they use a body double for her , she gross and ugly. She should keep her clothes on being 35 years old and with 6 kids, nobody wants to see that.

  • Fan

    she is rich and stays relevant because the fan base keep wasting money on her movies. If no-one wants to go see her movies, i am sure the film maker wont hire her to do any movies,
    SOOO UNCOOL, lol

  • Jaye

    Has she ever done theater? If not, she might be surprise to learn it’s before a LIVE audience lol, you can’t do a retake; you’re out there bare bones. I hope she’s that brave, but I doubt it. I could make a list of all the things she’s said she ‘wants’ to do over the years, but haven’t. Her time is her own, it’s not like something else is taking up her time that she can’t accomplish what she claims she wants. She should make a bucket list and JUST DO IT.

  • Henna

    Go to one of her films – just for fun – and you will see an audience filled with overweight, middle-aged women who look like they all have been dumped for someone better looking, more intelligent & more talented.

    Aniston fans are comprised of bitter, obese, uneducated women who think this bleach blonde, fake tanning over privileged, bottle-water pushing idiot is fabulous.

  • manuston


    Jenn is smart, you jealous angie fans. Why is jenn still do films? Stupid question,because she can ,and people will continue to see them. Jenn can dress anyway she wants. Unlike angie all she does is do sex scene and takes her clothes off in movies, they use a body double for her , she gross and ugly. She should keep her clothes on being 35 years old and with 6 kids, nobody wants to see that.

    double in THE BREAK UP? you stoopid moron!!! who got nekkid in mags? your dumb idol!!! ejit!!!

  • woot

    Why is anyone surprised. This is who she is – very crude, clueless, vindictive. She parted ways with her Kirsten Hahn as a friend and co-founder of Echo Productions as well as some of her longtime friends like Andrea. Why do you think Goree Girls has not seen the light of the day? she is incapable of fulfilling anything on her one. Once they parted ways so did the project. She should take a hard look in the mirror and figure out what it is she wants.

  • julie

    she is totally disgusting, she wore angie’s shoes at this morning good morning American show, she stalks Angie every move and try to emulate her, sick, go find your own style dizzy broad. don’t be so obvious.

  • Esj

    why is she going to broadway? are they making the broadway version of godzilla lolz. she’s sure a shoo in…she looks the part!

  • Esj

    i’m sure she’s doing this to make herself believe that she is an accomplished actress but she doesn’t realize the only award she could ever have is that smartwater bottle she always carries around lolz, and maybe john mayer’s warty pole!

  • Mia

    LMAO Esj #30 # 31

    Jennifer Aniston is such a pathetic loser. She can’t even act in film, what makes her think she can take on theater. In theater the acting is bigger, more dramatic that way you can connect to your audience. She can’t even connect to her co stars in her dumb movies. I don’t think she can do a live performance, she might just space out in the middle of the stage given how tiny her brain is. Not a cool idea Jen, not cool. LMAO

  • Dr. Adell

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I see people on here complain about how she can’t speak when they are the ones who can’t even type. Pathetic! Here we have a beautiful actress who isn’t obsessed about being famous. She is as down to earth as any actress can be…

    So for most of you to like her, she probably has to be a superficial bitch who acts all fake and tries hard to be “cool” LAME! Love you jenn


    Calling Dr. Bombay. Calling Dr. Bombay.
    Dr. Adell is hallucinating again. Please scrub up.

  • Dr. Adell

    you don’t “scrub in” and do surgeries on patients who are hallucinating.

    Explains why you probably make minimum wage and your house is in foreclosure haha

  • KYLE

    just sick & tired of this woman. Just go away woman & never come back.

  • Esj

    #32 mia..i know lolz.

    the only role she can get in theater is to be godzilla. if not, she can be the spotlight lolz, her cat eyes can sure be useful in theater but not her acting.

    she’s beautiful? lolz just look at her old pics…her fans are so naive…the money you spent for her movies made her face beautiful…ouch!

  • Jen The Friend

    I mean whats her Goal ….. Just to be a single Star** I guess … Wasnt her mother having some Money Problems and she wouldnt help her….. She seems to Into Herself … She just cant get over her self .

  • the observer

    Be careful of what you wish for Jennifer. Live Broadway theater
    cannot be photoshopped for the audience, and it does require
    a modicum of acting talent.

  • webgoil

    I’m pretty sure she’s sick of you too.

  • Mia

    I hope she goes to Broadway, I’ll be there with a catapult and a bunch of watermelons. Anybody here knows how to shotput?

  • Esj

    @mia since ur bringing watermelons i’ll do the durian! problem is i don’t know shotput but i play volleyball.

  • Mia

    LOL Durian. That probably smells better than the stinkwater she’s passing off as perfume.
    Ah to heck with fruits lets bring bowling balls and a cannon.

  • ann

    jen looks lovely!!! thanks JJ!! love her soooo much!!!!

  • 100mph

    Damn!!!! I hope she does Bway, that would be the icing on the
    cake, the height of her career, LOL the last nail in the coffin, the
    real Fug….. up close and personal, no do-overs, Yep!! Fug is
    definitely Broadway material…… hiccup!!!
    Maybe she can use the look she has coined to perfection, the
    deer-in -the -headlights look …….. wide eye, mouth open, like
    a finger just went up her ass…. what a Great Actress…. Bravo!!!!

  • periwinkle

    there is nothing wrong with wanting to look great and feel great about herself. angelina jolie is right in saying that we are quick to judge but slow to even take the time to know if the person is doing or feeling okay. we criticize AJ for looking old for her age. and then we criticize JA for trying to look young for her age. when is wanting to feel good been so wrong?

    i have to say that JA has never been eloquent in all her interviews. the “R” slip, even though said devoid of malice, was very insensitive. she’s a celebrity with thousands of followers. she should be more responsible next time.

    and for chelsea calling angelina jolie “evil”, it takes one to know one.