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Jennifer Aniston: Spa Scammer Was Not Cool

Jennifer Aniston: Spa Scammer Was Not Cool

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the Good Morning America show studio for an appearance in New York City on Thursday (August 19).

During the show, the 41-year-old The Switch actress was asked about a Beverly Hills spa owner who fraudulently charged and scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from her famous clients, including Jen.

“We had a situation that was not cool,” Jennifer said on the show. “So I stopped going to her. Paid her the money and left. I knew something like this would eventually happen.”

According to the Associated Press, the spa owner Maria Gabriella Perez was arrested yesterday and is due in federal court today on fraud charges.

Other celebrity victims include Cher, Anne Hathaway, and Liv Tyler.

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  • cheery

    Again with the “not cool” lingo; jeez she’s lame

    Jared, are you gonna post the pre-photoshop pics of Aniston from Harper’s Bazaar?

    Man, she is hideous…

  • munchi

    Never seen JA actively engage in any charity work. I’m sure she financially supports charities though. I guess she’s too busy swanning around. What would she do if she didn’t have those legs?

  • haha

    @cheery: That’s exactly what I was thinking. That’s how she talks on a national TV? Among your friends or during interview maybe, but on live TV? Come on…

  • mailey

    @cheery: haha, well, what do u expect, she is 41. maybe “not cool” was the thing to say back in her day.

    i like her outfit. the shoes are hot, but looks like her feet would be aching afterwards. not worth it to me, but ok.

  • jujube

    “Not cool’, she always says that. What is she 40 going on 14?? Nothing she says ever sounds smart.

  • babou

    That same hairstyle again??? Not even a curl or flip in it, something, anything to make it look different Many actresses change their hair more often in 2 weeks than she has in 15 years!! Heck “ordinary” people change it more often too. That hairstyle and color makes her look like a afghan dog and is flattering anymore. She also shouldn’t make what she thinks are cutesy/funny faces in pics, very unflattering, her chin just makes it look weird.

  • itziar

    still cute.

  • Mina

    throwing up as I type! she is gotta be the most ungraceful, fugs
    bad actress always pushing some crappy film.

    those pre photoshop of Harper’s is way too funny.Of course it’s how it is..she looks brutal.

  • Malinni

    she s so pretty!!!!!!!111

  • Oooh la la

    If she were to do charity work it would definitely be all over the news.

  • OMFG

    what a beautiful dress!!! jen is so classy!!! love her!!!! she looks great in any color!!! can’t wait for the switch!!! btw maria gabriella perez is such a cheater!!!
    GO JEEEN!!!!

  • dabu

    She does not look good here at all. Bad make up job, hair is flat and lifeless, dress is silk and wrinkled and doesn’t seem to fit right. Bag doesn’t go with the outfit, but the shoes are to die for.

  • bet

    the leg arrived. this how not fited dress should look like. Love her.

  • k

    can she see where she’s going with all that hair covering her face

  • ann

    jen is soooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so excited to see the switch!!! jen is very talented!!!

  • bet

    eventhough it not fited close , still show her rocking body. I love the dress, it confy and it Jennifer style.

  • ann

    jen is soooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks stunning as usual!!!!
    I’m so excited to see the switch!!! jen is very talented!!!

  • bet

    eventhough the dress not fited , still show the rocking body. I love the dress it is cool, confy jen singiture style.

  • Ish

    Those legs are beautiful.

  • Claire

    Donate to Afghanistan bimbette instead of taking up space.
    Show us you REALLY gave Hatii $ proff yet.

    this is another straigght to video film oy!

  • IA

    jen is sexy blue

  • nakedoldjennifer

    I’m almost feeling sorry for the 45yoa one-note Jen hiding behind her hair pushing another bad movie – JA is pathetic

  • juniper

    I like Jen, I think she comes off humble and down to earth, I think those bad photos of her are the ones that look “photoshopped”. The good photo on top looks most like what Jen looks like in person.

  • Jenny needs speech 101

    She needs to work on her vocabulary. She is 41 , not 14. I’m so over her!!

  • kassie

    jennifer is gorgeous, sympathetic and funny! I like her!

  • Jen on GMA
  • boston61


    I was thinking the same thing. Anything. Put it in a ponytail.

  • boston61


    I was thinking the same thing. Anything. Put it in a ponytail.

  • dd

    @cheery: are those pics for real? if so, LMAO

  • dd

    @cheery: are those pics for real? if so, LMAO

  • AutumnM

    Jen will forever be a Valley girl it seems. She talks and acts like someone who is in their teens, which is definitely not a good thing. You are 41 years old honey, act like it. “Not cool” lol, what grown adult speaks like that? Such a bird brain.

  • annieisnotokaymichael

    Yea the first pic is airbrushed but the others are without airbrushing. The person who posted it says they have 700 more pics from the shoot

  • BLAH

    lol. Looks like a pakistani refugee in those pics.
    Someone said she’s Iggy’s twin sister?
    Now I can understand why.

  • jolene

    she looks fine!!!!

  • @jolene

    have you seen harper’s pics posted by cheery? ahahahahah yeah, she looks fine ahahahahah

  • lalala

    The switch…reviews are in..not good…see what this one says..

    The casting of Jennifer Aniston, possibly necessary for the project to be greenlighted (she is listed as an executive producer), is the production’s Achilles Heel. Aniston spends the movie being the same Jennifer Aniston who has inhabited so many mediocre perky romantic comedies in recent years rather than the Jennifer Aniston who showed her acting chops in The Good Girl. There’s no evidence that Aniston shares chemistry with any of her co-stars. There’s no spark between her and Jason Bateman; we feel his longing for her, but it’s not reciprocated. In fact, she doesn’t even seem very friendly with him. There’s no sense of sexual attraction between her and Patrick Wilson. And there’s no discernable motherly impulse where Thomas Robinson is concerned. It’s impossible to have a successful romantic comedy (even of the generic sort) when one of the leads fails to connect with her co-stars. Many of the scenes that work are ones in which Aniston is absent. There is an exception, but the effectiveness of that moment is entirely because of Bateman.

  • Babou

    Wow, no chemistry with Jason Bateman (she keeps saying they work great together, good chemistry!) . Critics also said no chemistry with Gerald Butler either in The Bounty Hunter and none with Steve Zahn in Management, none with Aaron A. in Love Happens and none with Ben Affleck in He’s Just Not…

    Sounds like she has no chemistry with anybody she works with! Guess 20 years of having an acting coach is not helping and she’s being overcharged. And that is “not cool” for her LOL!!

    Maybe if she worried less about her same hair and her wardrobe and more about the character, like, you know, an ACTRESS does, that would help. Then again if at 41 and at you’ve been at a job for almost 20 years yet can’t produce chemistry, maybe you should just accept your limitations and do something else. In the REAL world not the REEL world, you give up a job when not working out.

  • dd

    guess she uses the words “not cool” loosely. didn’t she described angie as “not cool”. wow for a 41 year old woman who is admired by the tabloids she is “not cool” with her words. lol

  • XXX

    she’s a man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man She’a a MAN.

  • shannon

    wow.. some of you guys are probably 14 hating on a beautiful older woman . she’s tan has great skin .. clear complexion … nice features and flawed all at the time.. looks great ! shes human! she’s dating,she’s single .. she had ONE marriage. Is probably testing waters and probably doesn’t know if she will marry again.. look at halle barry.. sometimes things don’t work out.. but don’t place your judgement on that person because your jealous of them! Jennifer is so hated by such losers. And whats so wrong about loving working and loving your paycheck!!! So what if she wants to push our rocoms and comedies all year long!! She loves what she does.. go love your jobs/life. geeze. and her perfume smells great ! HATERSSSS

  • slambang

    I want to like her, but she does play the same character in all her movies (except The Good Girl, which was a really good movie). And she definitely needs to change her look.

  • kim

    Boxofficeguru predicts The Switch will make $ 5 million that’s “uncool”

  • Pretty

    So many haters, you angelina fans are so jealous. Jenn is way smarter than skank. Beautiful. The only reason angie is in the news, because she is with brad. Jenn and brad were the golden couple, and she broke them up. People would rather have jenn body than skank body that is the poll results, Angie looks like walking death.

  • michelle

    JA is always so pretty and cute at the same time. Love her movies.

  • annieisnotokaymichael

    @Pretty: Jennifer is not smart.Have you listened to her speak. She is an idiot.You ask her simple questions and she stumbles over her answers. Angelina is very intelligent and very articulate.Many people have written that about her. You do realize that people are fascinated with Angelina. Look at the crowds she attracts while promoting Salt, NO BRAD IN SIGHT.Also,Brad and Jen were not the golden couple.You are so dumb. You can’t steal a man

  • mementomore

    She is pretty, stylish, smart!!! i love her very much )
    really nice person

  • http://justjared Deke

    She has a great bod; however, her hair is starting to bother me. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!

  • ummahyk

    this is the very first time when i like her dress and shoes.

  • Unretouched Anisotn Photos

    The photographer’s UNRETOUCHED PROOFS of Aniston. now you know why she can’t keep a man. This is her REAL face!

  • Marieme

    Wow. That story is fc ucking fascinating – not!! Seriously who gives a crap about this?! Just demonstrates how boring she is that there is nothing else to talk about with her than this minor “scandal.”. That’s what happens when Fugs doesn’t take off her clothes. Nothing.

    (Cheery #1 – Lol! You beat me to the punch. Those pics were a hoot!)