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Ricky Martin's Memoir 'Me' -- FIRST LOOK!

Ricky Martin's Memoir 'Me' -- FIRST LOOK!

Check out the cover of Ricky Martin‘s forthcoming memoir, “Me“, out Nov. 2 from Celebra, a division of Penguin Group.

The 38-year-old Grammy-winning artist will open up about everything from experiences in boyband Menudo to his sexuality and fatherhood.

Ricky has said, “From the moment I wrote the first phrase, I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating.”

USA Today reports both English- and Spanish-language editions, called “Me” and “Yo” respectively, will be published in hardcover.

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  • Tina

    Can’t wait!!!

  • kids

    there is NO sperm donor.
    Ricky is biological father of his kids.

  • T
  • interview

    On his decision to have biological children, Ricky explains:

    “I felt a real need to see myself reflecting in my children’s eyes, that’s why I decided to go with a surrogate. It was the best option for me at this point in my life. There are people who think that science and medicine don’t go with God, but I see art and God’s hand in each and every one of my sons’ movements, in each smile and every cry. This whole process has been a spiritual one for me. Becoming a parent has been a blessing.”

  • Orozco

    Well, of course, he is going to claim the children as his own. He would never own up to the fact that he used a sperm donor since he already thinks that being a gay deminishes his manhood in the eyes of the world. I don’t think that, but I know that many gay men do. The woman, the mother is disappointing because he could have chosen a mother like his own to bring the children into the world. But I agree with Miguel, he wanted his children to look as Anglo as possible and less like the typical Puerto Rican children you see on the streets of New York.

  • what?

    do you really believe Ricky would lie to his children about their father???
    What would be the point?
    Who would want to live a lie?

  • MrJeffery

    He’s hot. So excited!

  • Liv

    I wish they would use this beautiful photo for the cover:

  • S

    Ricky lived a lie for decades he will continue to lie until his back is against the wall. He is a sperm donor.

  • Frankie

    Memoirs and autobiographies are not worth the paper they are written on because the writer never tells the whole truth and hides things they do not want the public to know about.

  • People aren’t perfect

    Writer never tells the whole truth because human beings never share all of them with the rest of the World and there is no need for that.

    Ricky can’t tell the whole truth because he will protect people who are still in the closet.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    His children look like him a lot don’t get why people say he isn’t the father …

  • boston61

    Perfect Ricky and his little tiny pee pee.

  • mmmmmm…

    @boston61: There is nothing little about his pee pee ;-)

  • Liv

    “Ricky lived a lie for decades he will continue to lie until his back is against the wall.”
    Ricky lived a lie only because we STILL live in the world where gays are SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.
    Ricky performs since he was 12.
    Last year Adam Lambert came out AFTER American Idol was over.
    Being gay is not good for business and gays can’t be blamed for that.

  • Atrium

    the Cover is GOOD

  • KellStar

    I also have a memoir coming out soon. It’s aptly tittled Who… Cares?
    All the pages are blank.

  • Really?


  • How?

    So all those years he was with Rebecka DeAlba she didn’t know he was gay?? And if she did how did she go along with it for so long? Is she gay also? Why did they do this? Does anybody know?

  • available for pre-order

    Ricky Martin: ‘Me’

  • showmancing

    Rebecca de Alba is Ricky’s friend and ex beard, they never dated.
    Rebecca “dated” Miguel Bose who’s gay and was Ricky’s boyfriend.
    She also “dated” Luis Miguel, rumored to be gay.
    There are rumors that Rebecca is a lesbian.

  • showmancing

    P.S: Rebecca and Ricky follow each other on twitter:

  • duh!

    “Why did they do this?”
    Same reason why Cooper beards with Zellweger, or why Gyllenhaal faked a relationship with Witherspoon, or Christensen bearded with Bilson.
    Straight image for men and lots of good publicity for beards!
    Don’t forget: publicity = $$$$$ in Hollywood.

  • luv him

    who cares its his business hes the sweetest kindest man ive ever met i did meet him in NYC at a concert backstage my friend is a photographer and we went backstage to meet him he was nice and kind to everyone and spoke with everyone he took the time to meet and speak to all the ppl hes a sweet heart and to say the least gorgeous

  • 2011 Tour

    @luv him: Looking forward to Ricky’s 2011 Tour!
    I don’t think I’ll have a chance to meet Ricky, but can’t wait to see him in concert :)

  • Jaye

    Do you think Ricky would lie? To my way of thinking he’s spent a lifetime of lying. What’s a few more.

  • straights like Jaye stink

    @Jaye: Are you gay?
    Were you ever afraid that someone could beat you up just because you’re gay?
    Do you think gay people enjoy being hated and called sinners just because they are gay?
    Do you think gay people enjoy being in the closet in order to have the same career chances as straight people?

  • African Queen


    Ricky never lied. He just NEVER addressed the rumors. When he was asked directly whether he was gay or not, he said his sexual preferences where a private matter and he would not comment on that. He never said he was gay and he never said he wasn’t.

  • European Queen

    This guy lies about everything in his life including the real dad of the twins. No one is going to believe a thing he wrote himself. Will the real dad get to see his twins

  • Megan

    @European Queen: Please stop that nonsense.
    Ricky is the real father of his kids.

  • lies

    @Liv: Adam came out when he was —-18—-. Everyone on set knew he was gay, hell, ALL the staff flirted with him! Lol. The only people that wouldn’t address it directly were the shifty press. He never denied anything or lied about anything because he was never asked. If you expected him to say, “I’m Adam Lambert, I’m 26 years old….oh and btw I’m gay!” you’re craaaaazy.

  • well

    @lies: Nor did Rickey! He was never asked either.

  • well


  • S

    How much did he pay sperm donor?

  • S

    How much did he pay real, biological father.

  • http://ProtectionProject Janet Ross

    We are partners get over it!…Dr.Ross

  • http://ProtectionProject Janet Ross

    Ricky and i are partners get over it!..Peace..LOL..Dr.Ross

  • http://ProtectionProject Janet Ross