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True Blood VS. If I Can Dream

True Blood VS. If I Can Dream

July 2010: The cast of If I Can Dream strips down in this behind-the-scenes pic for their upcoming PETA ad campaign, out this fall. Pictured here: actor Ben Elliott, model Giglianne Braga and musician Justin Gaston.

August 2010: The cast of True Blood gets naked (and bloody) for the latest cover of Rolling Stone. Pictured here: co-stars Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer.

Which cast did the naked threesome best — IF I CAN DREAM or TRUE BLOOD?

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63 Responses to “True Blood VS. If I Can Dream”

  1. 1
    ivanka Says:

    lmao, im not a trueblood fan and i prefer true blood pic!

  2. 2
    rge Says:

    True blood, of course!

  3. 3
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    It’s an insult to TB to even compare them, it’s so much better.

  4. 4
    Lala Says:

    I’m not a True Blood fan either, but like their picture better. They look so lifeless in the other one

  5. 5
    Ana Says:

    True Blood did it better however you paint it.

  6. 6
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …jared, dumbest question ever, everrr. seriously. ever! `ahahahahahahaha..

  7. 7
    maria Says:

    true blood FTW :D

  8. 8
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …dumbest question ever. seriously, ever.

  9. 9
    Owen Says:

    I’m not sure what the hell If I Can Dream is, but those people are really ugly. Sorry, but they are.

  10. 10
    bubbaness Says:

    True Blood is overrated and so are its actors. I appreciate the other picture more.

  11. 11
    Sasha Says:

    True blood FTW
    If I can dream probably sparkle…

  12. 12
    Sasha Says:

    Well there had to be some show to come and clean up after Twilight!
    Besides the actors are very talented.

  13. 13
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …really dumb. LOL

  14. 14
    Hippy Hop Says:

    I like the shot with If I can Dream, the looks was in contrast with the pic. I mean, Their eyes look unemotional despite the hotness of the pic. Besides the True Blood pic looks so gay.

  15. 15
    KeKe Says:

    I’ve never seen the Dream show but it looks more like they might start getting it on then the true blood one, not that is necessarily the goal of ether picture.

  16. 16
    background Says:

    True blood without a doubt. The blood thing…mmmm

  17. 17
    evangaline Says:

    I’ve seen Dream, not impressed. True Blue, hot, hot, hot….
    No comparison. Real men are sexy. Boys…. meh.

  18. 18
    burnt bacon Says:

    Wow, PETA isn’t even trying anymore. Usually they wait more than a week before ripping off someone else’s ideas.

  19. 19
    Helen Says:

    Never saw True Blood yet ( I plan to ) and I have no idea who the other people are, but I gotta go with True Blood all the way

  20. 20
    ls Says:


  21. 21
    MKhay Says:

    No competiton. True Blood. The first picture is just awkward for me.

  22. 22
    clinto! Says:

    The one that doesn’t look like the cover of pedophile fap magazine

  23. 23
    Juliettita Says:

    Of Course TRUE BLOOD +5 they look so damn hot

  24. 24
    Lui Santamaria Ortega Says:

    If I Can Dream because its for a good reason :D


  25. 25
    Ceelo Says:

    Anna Paquin spoils the True Blood pic, and the Justin Gaston fella looks like Billy Ray Cyrus, which isn’t good, so I’ll say it’s a tie.

  26. 26
    JBb experiment Says:

    Happy Weeken!!!

  27. 27
    ella Says:

    True Blood for sure. Love all the blood splattered everywhere, its way more artistic, edgy and a bit quirky and well as hot. The other pic isn’t bad or anything but it just looks like 3 people trying to look sexy.

  28. 28
    GreenCAT Says:

    True Blood! Duh!!

  29. 29
    Sarah Says:

    @burnt bacon: Must have been really hard for PETA to rip off True Blood all the way back in July. Maybe the organization has some sort of time machine allowing them to flash forward to see the True Blood promo cover, then go back a month to JULY to take their shot. Magic, I tell you. Maybe they also used a blinding ray on dumbasses who can’t even freaking see the JULY caption in this entry.

  30. 30
    Askars rocks Says:

    True Blood

  31. 31
    ashley Says:

    @burnt bacon:

    the PETA campaign came out wayyyy before the rolling stone cover.

  32. 32
    GPS Says:

    Both pictures are completely, utterly lame. Period.

  33. 33
    sienna Says:

    True Blood all the way!!!!

  34. 34
    viv Says:

    @burnt bacon: their picture was published on july 2010, tthe picture with the cast of TB was published august 2010

  35. 35
    viv Says:

    @burnt bacon: their picture was published july 2010 and the one of the TB cast was published august 2010

  36. 36
    JM Says:

    The dream people look like they’re trying to be sexy while the True Blood cast IS sexy!

  37. 37
    Annie Says:

    The True Blood one of course! The fake blood splattered everywhere might be a little corny but it’s all about the hot people in it…doesn’t Stephen’s butt look yummy here?

  38. 38
    rol Says:

    @burnt bacon:
    why do people insist on commenting without reading the article first?
    It clearly says, the PETA ad was from July 2010, the RS pic from August 2010, how’s ripping whom?

  39. 39
    Chele Belle Says:

    One Skarsgard out seduces the two of Elliott/Gaston.

  40. 40
    ben Says:


  41. 41
    Spanish girl Says:

    At least one was for a good cause.
    The other one, I don’t know, I don’t watch that show.

  42. 42
    luvinlife101 Says:

    idk how to choose. i find it utterly DISGUSTING. either way.

    TRUE BLOOD, tho.(:

  43. 43
    Jenny1984 Says:



    (Just wish True Blood’s Stephen Moyer were replaced with Alcide because Stephen is a little too old and he’s really starting to look like his real age.)

  44. 44
    Jessica Says:

    I seriously hate Tru Blood, however I must admit that their picture is a hundred times hotter than the one from If I can dream.

  45. 45
    Cristy P. Says:

    Anna is so lucky to be nekkid rubbing up against Alex. Just look at her right breast – it’s tightly against his ribcage. And she’s in very close proximity to his delicious man meat! Mmmm mmmm mmmmm ohhhhh yesssss

  46. 46
    Boston Girl Says:

    Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) doesn’t fit in at all. All these actors – both males and females – are young and hot. Bill looks like he’s desperately holding on to whatever remains he has left of his youth.

    Keep dying those gray sideburns Bill, but they won’t turn the clock back! LOL

  47. 47
    True Blood Copied PETA Says:

    @rol: I know, right?! PETA Ad was from July 2010. TB Ad was from Aug 2010. It seems TB copied PETA, not the other way around! I love TB but PETA is such as amazing non-profit, so their ad is actually a lot more important than a TV show ad.

  48. 48
    Crystal Says:

    @Sasha: How can True Blood clean up after Twilight when it’s way more popular than True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books will ever be.

    I can’t stand Twilight, I think it’s badly written and the movies badly acted but it doesn’t need True Blood to clean up after them. It’s the reason why Vampires are currently a hot trend right now.

  49. 49
    ww Says:


  50. 50
    Sasha Says:

    It cleaned up after Twilights perception for vampires.What I meant is they don’t sparkle ;D

  51. 51
    Brittany Says:

    @burnt bacon: too bad their photoshoot was before rolling stones’ …oh and If I Can Dream takes the cake.

  52. 52
    Brittany Says:

    @burnt bacon: too bad their photoshoot was before rolling stones’ …oh and If I Can Dream takes the cake.

  53. 53
    Angelo Kritikos Says:

    If I Can Dream takes the gold.

  54. 54
    ekim Says:

    IF I CAN DREAM are hot

  55. 55
    B. Says:

    OMG!! True Blood of course! They are so sexy. I mean have you seen the series? I am addicted

  56. 56
    dfdfdfdf Says:

    @burnt bacon: u dumbass the If I Can Dream Pic was done way before

  57. 57
    Anna Says:

    I’m gunna go with If I Can Dream! Bens wayy hot gigs very pretty and justins aightt

  58. 58
    Anna Says:

    If i can dreamm!!!

  59. 59
    Seniness Says:

    True Blood of course!! ♥

  60. 60
    Emily Says:

    if i can dream, hands down

  61. 61
    Carla Nelson Says:

    You gotta remember that the twighlight stars don’t have to get nude or naked they are big time. The TB cast is pulling out all stumps but according to the polls I’m sorry AS came in at number forty six. After seeing Ian Solamander I have to give it ti this young man he got the looks. Now he is sexy he has the looks that go with the word. Yes they are overated and I can see that they are trying to hard to compete with these younger audience. You got it going on when you don’t have to take a shred of clothing off to get an audience. AS has lost his appeal long time ago with me and Bill two. I don’t watch TB for the nudeness I can take it or leave but I have seen better bodies than these two men put together. To tell you the truth Alcide whips rings around this two anyday.

  62. 62
    Matt Says:

    @burnt bacon: Umm I guess ya didn’t bother to check the date Peta did theirs first…

  63. 63
    urii Says:

    @ivanka: super

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