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Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: Big Apple Takeoff

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: Big Apple Takeoff

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Zac Efron arrive at JFK airport in New York City to head back to Los Angeles on Wednesday night (August 18).

On Tuesday, Zac, 22, and Vanessa, 21, checked out the Broadway production of Memphis to support their 17 Again producer friend Adam Shankman.

Next up for Zac is promoting his new film Charlie St. Cloud in Europe.

FYI: Zac is wearing Levi’s Work Wear 201′s in Black Twill.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens taking off from New York…

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vanessa hudgens zac efron takeoff 01
vanessa hudgens zac efron takeoff 02
vanessa hudgens zac efron takeoff 03
vanessa hudgens zac efron takeoff 04
vanessa hudgens zac efron takeoff 05
vanessa hudgens zac efron takeoff 06
vanessa hudgens zac efron takeoff 07
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  • BabyBooZanessa

    Such A Hottie Couple !!

    I Love Zanessa!

  • lauren

    is vanessa going with him on his promotional tour?

  • lauren

    is vanessa going with him on his promotional tour?

  • eyeh8twilight

    You know that gurgling sound Homer Simpson makes when he sees bacon, donuts, beer-or any type of food? I am making that sound right now looking at Zac. I love him with facial hair-he looks so grown up and mature. God, that man’s gorgeous.

  • pop86

    Favorite couple. Love Vanessa’s outfit.

  • Cinzia

    She has my glasses (and not the opposite!)! Love Carrera. <3

  • birdie

    Those are two very hot people. They both have some exciting projects
    in their future. As always I wish them the best of everything.

  • roadhouse

    What a pitiful mess these two are. Zac needs to wash the dirt off his face. I won’t even bother commenting about her. It would be a waste of time.

  • KellStar

    Hated Adam Shankman on SYTYCD!

  • ana

    perfect, love zanessa ever

  • Galee5

    Ewww he’s gross and short and GAY

  • Crystal

    Anyone know what brand Vanessa’s sunglasses are?!

  • Malia

    Zac is more dressed up than usual when he travels–the button up shirt. He must have had a business meeting that ran over and he had to rush straight to the airport. As usual, Zac and Vanessa both look GREAT.

  • Mandine

    The facial hair makes him look hot ;D ….I love Vanessa’s outfit. Simple yet sexy. I love her style. She always has cute outits. But I don’t like her lol. I even prefer Zac over her and he’s really not my type so go figure!!!

  • athena

    I had know idea that Adam Shankman choreographed Memphis. This is Zac’s second time seeing this Broadway play. If I’m correct, Adam Shankman and his sister Jennifer Gibgot has some involvement in Zac’s production company Ninjas Running Wild. Must have met up with Corbin too; Tuesday was his last performance with In The Heights. Wow, they’re busy, busy, busy.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    Zac looks weird but stil luv him!!

  • http://j ivanka

    vanessa looks great!

  • Karen

    They are just rushing all over the place together. I think they are gorgeous and look so grown up now. But then again, they should since they are 22 and 21. Zac will be 23 in two months. They are not kids anymore and in Hollywood young people grow up very quickly.

  • chloe

    OMG! How much hotter does he look with a bit of facial hair!!!!

  • Malia

    This is the award winning director who spoke so highly of Zac. List of his nominations and wins:

  • fluffy


    translation.: I’m just saying this because I hate to ruffles the feathers of his ins@ane and ret@eded fans. We all knew they are inch away from blowing up. But the truth is I wouldn’t even compare this &issy boy to the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio. If this elementary type movie can’t even break even with Leo’s box office success with his highly rated quality films he’s gone.

  • fluffy

    OOh I’m not to give comment on this guy and his beard,
    Sorry folks the aliens have landed One step to cliche two step to boredom

  • kyle

    Fluffy, by coming here and branding the fans as insane and retarded, you INTENDED to ruffle some feathers and yet you lie even to yourself by claiming that you HATE to offend the fans? Really, now!!! And, by the way, a respected director in hollywood sees Zac as the next Leo, so who cares about your opinion? Duh!!!

  • Dori

    It’s like he’s wanna be next Robert Pattinson .

  • Dori

    Looks like Zack wanna be next Robert Pattinson. LOL

  • Unknown

    Zac used to be somewhat cute but now he seems to be going down hill.
    The beard has got to go.
    I hate to admit it but he is starting to remind of Spencer Pratt when it comes to appearance… O_O


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zac with the facial hair. So manly!

  • vfan

    Love Vanessa, she looks pretty. Love her outfit.
    They make such a cute couple. :)

  • Malia

    This is great enough to be posted again. Great words about Zac from an award winning director.

  • ricky

    I hope Zac knows it’s ok to come out.

  • Daniel Tang

    Zac’s biggest concern with doing “The Lucky One”should be his taking on the part of a Marine. If this dude has served 3 toursof duty in Iraq,Zac damned better know how to walk like a Marine, talk like a Marine and be in agony like a Marine. Anyone who has ever know a Marine knows this. Even years after they are out of the service, they still have that stance. I have a few Marines in my own family, and I’ve yet to see a Marine or ex Marine wear the waist of his pants down as low as Zac does and his characters did in “17Again” and “Charlie St. Cloud” (when he wasn’t in hiscaretaker’s uniform). The dude is going to have to wear that belt around his waist in this movie if he wants the character to be believable. 

    Considering how conscientious Zac is about his roles, I’m sure he’s already done his research on Marines.  

  • Diamond

    Vanessa is so gorgeous i love her style soo much…but she could do better with her choices on dating she deserves better love ya V! God Bless :)

  • maria

    great couple. hope they last.

  • Malia

    Zac is a great boyfriend and Vanessa is a great girlfriend.

  • florence

    According to Popeater Zac is saying and showing all the signs of a guy who wants his girlfriend to dump him, but he just does’nt have the guts to admit it. He wants to be single and play the field, especially after his recdent comments in his Detail; interview.

    And I for one have to agree.

    He looks downright miserable in these photo’s and they have walked through a airport together loads of times, so what makes this time so different, maybe he wanted to visit the strip club again and did’nt rally want to take Vanessa, well he should have left her at home so he coyuld go back and visit one of the women he saw last time.

    Vanessa looks rally happy and as though she’s enjoying herself walking by herself, she should do it more ofen as Zac obvioulsy did’nt want to be anywhere near her.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ f LORENCE, You don’t know want you are talking about, he said he’s a one women man, and didn’t want to date different women, he just wants one women Vanessa, and Vanessa and Zac flew out different directions she flew on united airlines to LA and Zac flew out on a international flight on business, so they were travling in different directions. she was on one part of the airport and he was on the other, and Popeater is just anoher rag mag who make up storys to make money.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @Florence, he also said want he had with Vanessa is real! so you need to know want you are taking about, veryone who read the article knows, want he said, and meant.

  • florence

    Then Zac should select his words more careful instead of the things he does say trying to come across as one of the regular guys, when everyone know’s he’s not, regualr guys don’t have pap’s followrring their every move and people jumping to conclusions with his comments.

    He know’s what he’s saying abnd how people will react, you can’t keep blaming magazines all the time, even when he’s caught on video saying things like the relactionship ‘ serves him now’ he said that himself, the interviewer did’nt put the words in his mouth, and Zac said them with a big stupid grin on his face.

    Pople are always saying how smart he is, well then at 22 nearly 23 perhaps he should start behaving like it.

    The new film is yet again another love story, he’s not going to be taken as a serious actor if he dosen’t spice his film roles up which he’s not going, but yet again going for the female audience and the attention that brings. For heaven’s sake Zac your a man in age start acting like one in reality to. Great films can be made without the main star always having to show of his chest, kissing every female in the movie, and just concentrate on the meaning of the part being played.

    No doubt once he starts the international prom o’s we’ll hear all over again how grat Amanda was, how beautiful Amanda was, how they connected and once again he’ll be grinning from ear to ear like a schoolboy, while his real gf is back home.

  • Daniel Tang

    florence, weak, insecure woman that you are, I have news for you. Vanessa is a very strong person and she does not need the likes of pitiful people like you defending her. By your words you are saying she is the weak link in her and Zac’s relationship and she needs another weak person to come to her aide. Your insecure words also point out that you believe Zac is better, and more worthy than Vanessa, thus you fear he will “dump” her. Or as this pop tabloid says “forcer her” to dump him.
    When Vanessa in an interview at Comic Con said, “I see Zac a lot,” then went on to say she had other obligations—meaning her work. Now how did you, weak-knead, insecure rosie respond to that comment? Did you go to every Zac and Vanessa fan site and blog and repeat what she said and say she was being unfair and disrespectful to Zac? No, you didn’t. Because you feel that any negative words she says against Zac are a dent in  the knightly Zac armor. And one notch in the peasant Vanessa’s weapon.
    It all comes down to this: In your insecure world, you believe that you are not good enough for Zac. That’s why you defend Vanessa and knock him. You are seeing yourself as Vanessa.
    From what I have observed of this couple, they are both equals. They are both strong cogs in the wheel, each bearing the same amount of stress and weight as they move through life. And I don’t think any words that don’t come out exactly right in an interview from either of them will change their opinions about each other. Hell, if that were true, they wouldn’t have been together for five years.

  • Karen


    I don’t even want to respond to you and Daniel Tang did it well enough. But your words—in case anyone is gullible enough to listen to anything you say or heaven forbid believe it—should simply read just how stupid your words actually are. You harp on the very SAME thing every time you comment and most of everything you say is proven incorrect. You are that one-note wonder. This is your tune just like those who hum the Zac is gay/Vanessa is his beard tune or those others who say something demeaning about Vanessa being the type person she is clearly not just because of a picture. Those are the only tunes you people hum. You do not know how to write a complete song—much less an opera because you can’t THINK outside a simple “hmmm”.

    It wouldn’t matter WHAT words Zac would use—or even Vanessa for that matter for those who want to discredit her—because that’s what you people are about. You type people only want to make them look bad in some way so you will turn words around just like this PopEater did as you like controversy and want attention. You are so PREDICTABLE and obvious. But I think by now everyone knows this and no matter how many monikers you come up with you are still the same as ever.

  • Tiptoes

    Daniel, you hit it right on the nail. And I like your observation about the role of the marine for Zac. He will no doubt research and maybe go to a training facility to see how it really is. There has been casting for the kid, but not yet for the role of Beth. It would be interesting to see who will Zac’s next leading lady in the movie, The Lucky One.

    And Karen, so she is Florence now – no matter, her choice of words always point out who she really is. And why do you always insinuate that Zac is not faithful to her when its clear the boy is clearly besotted with her. And it’s also clear you haven’t seen the movie, CSC…so stop being hypocritical and get lost.

  • florence

    I would’nt want to be Vanessa with a bf like that, but as long as he has fans like you all no wonder he thinks it’s okay to say the things he does with a stupid grin on his face, your the one’s that have given him the big ego that he has.

    And as for Zac playing a Marine that’s just not possible, they are real men who act and sound like they are not boys pretending to be men like Zac is doing. He thinks by growing a moustache and facical hair that it makes him a man, well sorry but it just looks stupid on him.

  • florence

    Highly doubt that Vanessa will accompy him on any of his international promo, what girl would want to sit there and hear him go on about how great the chemistry was between himself and another woman, how beautiful she is, how smart etc.

    She’ll be better off at home with her family and going out with her friends than listhening to that.

  • Tiptoes
  • Tiptoes

    ZAN in Maui, Hawaii

    Pics in officially zanessafied

  • kami


    ha, you’d die for a bf like zac. stop lying. that’s why you stalk their every move. but you’re way too insecure to have any kind of bf. go back in your rat hole.

  • kami


    ♥ aww the happy couple is in maui. good for them. isn’t their anniversary coming up in about 10 days? ♥

  • amelia25

    Beautiful couple!

  • Tiptoes


    yes…. I read that Kenny O is there too.
    Hope they are enjoying their vacation.

  • Malia

    I just finished reading “The Lucky One” last night. There will be some major battle scenes in the movie. I can’t see them not being used because the things that happen in these battles show why Logan is “the lucky one.” It’s not something that can just be mentioned, it has to be seen.

    I hope they get an established actress for the role of Beth—one who has some box office draw. I realize the character has dark blond hair, but I kept seeing Kate Beckinsale as I read the book.

    Also, in present day in the book, Logan is described as:
    “looking like some kind of hippie from the sixties.”
    “His long hair reminded Clayton of a rat’s nest.”
    “grimy hippy.”

    So, his hair will be messy, and I think people can stop yelling for him to shave his beard. But, I suppose when he starts filming and everyone knows he’s playing a character, there will still be “clueless” people demanding that he shave. Just like they wanted that wig removed on the set of “17 Again.” I guess there are some fans who still don’t accept the fact that Zac is an actor and he plays characters, not himself in movies. God forbid if he ever takes on a character who wears thick horn-rimed glasses.