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Hayden Christensen Plays The Jazz and Blues

Hayden Christensen Plays The Jazz and Blues

Hayden Christensen and a mystery male take a quick smoke break outside of their NYC hotel on Thursday afternoon (August 19).

The 29-year-old Canadian actor recently confirmed that he’s the one playing the keyboard in his upcoming movie, Takers, out August 27th. “Yes, I grew up playing jazz and blues,” Hayden told InStyle. I started with classical when I was 4, which I was never really interested in. But my teacher was this cool guy, and I liked hanging out with him. He was into jazz and blues, so that’s what he ended up teaching me.”

FYI: Hayden is wearing a a pair of Creative Recreation “Pilotto” Shoes.

10+ pictures inside of jazz/blues player Hayden Christensen

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  • crapshack

    Him AGAIN???!!!
    Getting SICK of him now – jeeez!

  • maggiexao

    good post!

  • maggiexao

    good post!

  • mystery male AGAIN

    @crapshack: Me too!!! Sick of that man besides hayden. someday they’ll prove perez hilton is right : (

  • mystery male AGAIN

    @crapshack: Me too !!! Sick of that mystery man following hayden around all the time !!! what’s going on between this two ??? i hope they won’t prove PEREZ HILTON was RIGHT !!! : (

  • Anita H. Anjobe

    Hayden Christenson is no actor. He’s as wooden as a stick.

  • ATLqueen

    Perez says what he says because he wants HC. He’s gay and he wants HC to be gay with him. The messed up part about it is HC still wouldn’t want him even if he was gay. *smh*

  • Blahzae

    The mystery man is either is security or his assitant that was given to him while promoting the film Takers. Simple.

    @ATLqueen: I know right lol
    Even if Hayden was gay he wouldnt be gay with that ugly fat pig face Perez Hilton no gay man would touch Perez.
    That is why he calls every actor he wants for himself gay because no and I mean no one wants Perez

    I am surprised to see JJ post about Hayden this much I always thought it was because he was a big Bilson supporter but maybe JJ just really likes to report on Hayden o.0
    Who knew? lol

  • Blahzae

    @crapshack: @mystery male AGAIN: @mystery male AGAIN: @Anita H. Anjobe: Clearly all the same pathectic troll.

  • security detail

    This is the same guy that was in LA as one of the security guards when Hayden left after filming Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night. He flew on the plane from LA to Las Vegas with Hayden-he was seen at the airport with Hayden wearing the same clothes on Tuesday. He is seen here again, obviously wearing the same clothes he wore on Tuesday ( the security guy). It makes perfect sense that since Hayden is promoting Takers actively, that the studio people/producers of Takers would want to make sure he has no problems with security, therefore when he is out in public, there is security around. He has been swamped by fans wanting autographs at the appearances he has made, and there were several security guards keeping the fans back when he left Jimmy Kimmet, this guy was one of them. He must consider this shirt/outfit his uniform, because if it isn’t, he sure likes it an awful lot to wear it so much! It is not a mystery at all!

  • Mr.MuscleMan

    This guy looks more like security to me ,
    he has that I will f@ck you up look to him. HAHA
    That and the tattoo on his arm I think is some chicks name.
    So I doubt this is Haydens mystery man lol
    More like his protection from people (insane people)while promoting Takers.
    The bodyguard must be an Iggy Pop fan( hence pop on his shirt) that and he probably packed light and ran out of clothes. Most men wear the same shirts over and over or pants in the week.
    Women may not like to think about that but they do… its kind of like I didnt wear it yesturday so its ok to wear it again today, Just a normal dude thing.

  • MissAnthropica

    Not a single Bilson post in the past week. Ahh so relaxing and nice dont you think ;p Guess she is hiding while Hayden actually has something to promote while she has…..~crickets~ NOTHING.

  • security detail

    This is the same guy that was one of the security guards that was at the Jimmy Kimmel show in LA when Hayden left. He was one of several keeping the crowd back. He flew with Hayden from LA to Las Vegas (seen at the airport wearing the same shirt). He is here in New York wearing the same shirt (he must consider it his uniform, or else he really likes it alot). It makes perfect sense that the produrcers of Takers would want to be sure Hayden has no problems with security when he is out in public, since he is actively promoting Takers, and will be expected at the New York premiere on Aug. 25th, as well. It really is no mystery at all!

  • @everyone

    Relax everyone….the “muscle man” is a long-time friend. They grew up together.

  • Lawrence

    I’d love a twosome with them!*lol*.

  • Screams

    The one dude screams GAY just by the way he dresses, muscle or BFF Christensen, who know he could fly both ways not uncommon now days in that business.

  • MissAnthropica

    Maybe its the friend with the grim reaper tattoo on his back,
    In the new issue if Instyle (USA) had was interviewed and said that a friend of his has a huge grim reaper tattoo on his shoulders and that Hayden always thought it was cool and that hes always liked tattoos but never got any because he didnt know if he would like them in 50 years still. So when Hayden did the film takers and his character AJ was suppose to be all tatted up he had the makeup department copy his friends tattoo and had them put it on his back for the part of AJ.
    So maybe it is the same friend. Who knows? He seems to look like the grim reaper tattoo kind of guy.

  • jess


  • annie

    glad to see hayden,love him. he was gone for too long with his former jerk at his side. cannot wait for takers,just saw him on regis where he confirmed his farm is his get away place.take me there. more movies please.

  • the truth

    May be they just friends ok. But have noticed that too. He never hd no one to be with before.@crapshack: Its ok that hes’ posted. he don’t get that much are that all the time. So need to enjoyed it before he disappeared again top hating you all. He looks cute.@Anita H. Anjobe: Better actor than most we see around here and he really works Love him.

  • Shanda

    @annie: Well said ! Has a movie called Vanishing on 7th st. the trailer is good. Just saw it too. He did a great job! Still shy but that what makes him a cool guy to watch on film and prbably in person too. Can’t get over the fact that he is talented person on and off screen. The looks and smart all in one package ! Cute!

  • Brightside

    In New York I would have a security guy! More people are murdered yearly in New York than in my entire country. I would be too scared to go out if I lived in any American city. Too much violence, too many gangs and drugs and far too many murders. He’s promoting a movie, is out and about and visible to any nutter who wants to cause trouble. A wise precaution I would say.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Brightside: ….ahahahah you’re a fcuking clueless moron.. but your comment made me laugh.

  • Viper

    There are worse cities then NYC not everyone who is a celebrity has security on them. He chose to bring a friend along I don’t think the guy is any security or boydguard he looks more like a BFF.

  • TJ

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Zygote…. better run and look that one up egomaniac

  • Lovely Alchemist

    Good luck Hayden…. such a gorgeous man. Don’t listen to the jealous haters,… they judge and criticize someone they dont even know… how stupid is that!! LOL…

  • lexy hates bilson

    Look finally you learn something new about someone from JJ. JJ find out what’s up with that stupid hat he’s wearing in Takers.
    Also – what’s wrong with him dragging one of his friends along with him to hang out?? He’s not doing some worldwide press tour and I could totally see one of his friends wanting to hang out with him while he does this little press tour in NY, LA and Vegas. What guys DON’T want to hang out in those places.

  • Josie Says

    He looks so much better with some weight on him! he looks so much better now than before when he was skinny! This suits him and his face looks much better!

  • gross.

    So ugly and talent less

  • LOL

    @gross.: so jealous and stupid…. poor you, Hayden is gorgeous and rich and talented and you can’t stand it…. get a life….

  • Emma

    LOL at this irrelevant boy having fangirls

  • KR

    That is his security for promoting the film. He was guarding him at Jimmy Kimmel show, he escorted him from his car and he walked behind him and to the side and looked at each and every person up and down, who approached Hayden.

    He was hired through a security temp agency in L.A. Friends don’t stay five feet behind you, security does that to give their client space while staying close enough to protect them.

    Snoop Dog had his bodyguard at the Takers premiere too, he also followed him out of the after party later on walking the same way as Hayden’s security guard and looking people up and down.

  • KR
  • @KR

    Did the studio pay him to follow Hayden around the Isles of Capri in 2005, also?

    (And, his gf walked 5 feet behind him for 3 years, so why wouldn’t a freind?!)

  • KR

    Oh, well, maybe he his friend acts like a bodyguard for him at certain functions as a favor? He looks like a bodyguard. Besides, Hayden’s fly is STILL open! Too cutes! ;P

  • daphne

    whether that’s his boyfriend or not, still love him…..who cares if he’s gay, he’s still cute

  • lexy hates bilson

    Most of the time when you see pics of celebs and their friends their friends stand in back of them b/c they don’t want their picture taken. I mean yes it could be a security guard but I didn’t think HC really needed a security guard and that guy doesn’t look very threatening.
    @ Brightside – I live in NY and it’s not that bad :-) I’m sure there was enough money to put HC up in a nice hotel. We’re tough on smoking here so he had to go outside to do it.

  • KR

    He’s fly! Hehehe! No pun intended! =O)

  • C3

    That’s a riot. As soon as you seem him without Rachel you start spazzing he’s gay again. Typical gay men. Hilarious. It’s funny seeing you in denial about Christensen as much as these girls. You ought to settle for the man you got dudes. Same could be good for some of you fan girlies.

  • ella

    Hayden is so pretty, love him!

  • LOL

    @Emma: don’t ASSume, you know what they say it makes you….you prove your utter stupidity,

  • quack

    @C3: moron supreme…. you need psyche help dudely.

  • quack

    @crapshack: than go away human fail

  • quail

    @Emma: oh dear, someone needs their itch scratched… must havebeen a while

  • Poisonivy

    Love the green on Hayden looks charming on him. He should wear that color more often I think.

  • Brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    What is it with JJ’s site? So many technical problems! Broken links and site not available! I don’t have any problems on any other site…so what’s gong on with this one!
    Actually people could easily make a case for Rachel Bilson being a sister of Sappho as they could for Hayden Christensen being gay. She’s only had two relationships with guys, never seemed to be deeply connected emotionally to any great degree with either of them, both failed, she’s more often seen in the company of girls than fellas, she has a best friend female ‘lodger’…etc. See how easy it is? Yet no matter how often she is seen with the same girlfriend over and over again no one ever points the finger and says ‘She’s definitely gay!’ So why assume it with a guy. What is it with the media that if a guy is seen out and about with another guy, well then, he’s just got to be gay but if a girl is seen out and about with another girl then that’s ok. Aren’t guys allowed to have close friends any more!
    You never know, it might well have been the other way around with Rachel Bilson using straight men to hide in her own closet, so to speak. Just saying…the evidence is equally as sparse, or condemning, whichever way you chose to look at it.
    Sometimes a rumour is just that, a rumour. No foundation in fact.
    Friend or security detail, there is no reason to jump on a gay rumour just because they are two men any more than if they were two women.

  • Blahzae

    @Brightside: Couldnt possibly agree more with you Brightside.
    Not just in his case but in alot of actors cases. No one ever points the finger at the girl and says Hey she is always with a chick maybe she is a lesbian. Its always jabs at male actors for having male friends…. like every man on this planet does gay or straight!!! Come on people.
    Funny thing is if he only had female friends he would still be called gay or a player. So it is a no win situation for any good looking young actor really.

    Seems to be a double standard in Hollywood that works against the men and it isnt fair. Double standards are double standards no matter who they go against.

  • sadie

    @ Brightside I agree with your assessment that people assume more that an actor is gay when seen with another guy, rather than when an actress is seen with another girl. It should not be assumed as such. But I must say, you surprise me, because I remember you insisting that although there may be room for doubt, you were “100% sure” that Hayden was gay not too long ago. You also did not think he was very attractive. He came in 9th on Glamour’s sexiest men poll, supposedly surveying 50,000 women to get the results. I was just wondering, have you changed your mind now? Do you think he is straight now, and that he is more attractive than you used to think?
    Just curious, is all.

  • jamie

    Me too, Brightside is surprise me, I remember reading her commentaries in Rachel posts and she — always — speak ill of Rachel and Hayden, and she called Hayden a loser many times, and other bad things about he. What’s happening? I don’t like Rachel, I confess I already said many bad things about it, but I NEVER spoke ill of Hayden, I not agree with some of his actions, but I’m always be a Hayden fan even when his career was not going well, why Brightside began to speak well of him now that he returned with his career? Weird.

  • Star

    @Emma: I wonder that you took the time to comment on someone you consider irrelevant. duh!! lol…..