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Katie Holmes & Josh Duhamel: 'Romantics' for J. Crew!

Katie Holmes & Josh Duhamel: 'Romantics' for J. Crew!

The Romantics co-stars Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel get close in this new shot for J. Crew!

The shots featuring Katie, Josh, co-stars Malin Akerman, Adam Brody and more will be available on J. Crew’s website and in an insert with the fall catalog!

“The movie takes place on the East Coast during the fall. The look of the movie goes well with the feel of J. Crew,” Katie said.

The Romantics hits theaters September 10. Check out the trailer here if you missed it!

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katie holmes josh duhamel romantics jcrew 01
katie holmes josh duhamel romantics jcrew 02
katie holmes josh duhamel romantics jcrew 03
katie holmes josh duhamel romantics jcrew 04
katie holmes josh duhamel romantics jcrew 05

Photos: J. Crew
Posted to: Adam Brody, Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes, Malin Akerman

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  • cami

    Apart from what Katie is wearing in that big picture, all those other dresses look really pretty, excited to see The Romantics too.

  • Jen The Friend

    I agree With you cami #1. The outfit that katie has on with the Golden Pants Looks funny . I dont think many woman would wear it .

  • elle

    katie looks like a guy in those pants

  • zzzzzzzzzzz……

    She’s so dull!

  • eesh!

    Her body is so odd.

  • clinto!

    I agree with everyone’s bad pants sentiment

  • J

    Grandma Katie Holmes is trying to be “hot” and young again. Poor attempt, because you are or you are NOT hot. And Katie Holmes is such a boring celebrity. And her body is weird proportion.

  • http://j ivanka

    i like that pic of josh and katie

  • soniaintown

    Another Anna_less JCrew promotion for this ready made bomb with Kaka as executive producer.

    Inquiring mind wants to know why Anna is willing to bare to promote True Blood, yet keeping her distance from this stupid remake of Dawson’s Creek? or Dawson CREEP?

    How pathetic is this piece of Kaka that have to buy Liv out for her to take the part to emote in front of the camera??

    Words to Anna fans, do waste your hard earned money on this bomb. If you went, make sure you don’t blink, otherwise you may miss Anna.

  • Terry

    Katie threw away her youth 5 years ago when she hooked up with Cuise and tried (unsuccessfully) to be a Posh clone. When she was in her 20s she was trying to act “sophisticated” and now in her 30s she’s trying to be 20 again.
    Sorry Dear, but it just makes you look pathetic at this point.
    No-one likes you. The few people that say they do are really just Scientologists paid by Tom for damage control. They don’t even really know who you are.
    And, yes; she does look good in that picture(minus the MC Hammer pants) with Josh. Maybe she’s remembering old friends, good times, and everything and everyone that she has thrown away.

  • soniasfriend

    I think you are advising Anna’s fans(and Elija’s and Adam’s for that matter) to NOT waster their money.
    (and Sonia…please try to keep the Suri bashing to a minimum. I completely agree with almost everything you say, but when you say some of the things about Suri without clarifying that she is what Katie has turned her into I have a really hard time giving you the thumbs up that you deserve for the rest of your comments)

  • laura

    I’m not a fan of Katie Holmes but I hope that movie will be good. Only because of Adam Brody and Elijah Wood I want to see it. Is it just me or is Adam Brody getting hotter?

  • sped

    The picture of her and Josh is nice, minus the horrible pants. At least she’s attempting to be around people who are in her age group. The woman has looked like an older version of herself for sometime now.

  • soniaintown

    @soniasfriend: Poor thing!!!

    Do you know I was actually, a couple years ago, Suri’s #1 fan??
    It was a long process, really. i started from loving this babygirl to being disgusted by whatever her employer and her pimp mother present her. If you stay long enough, you’ll be just like me too.
    How come I don’t bad mouth Violet, nor Shiloh, and not to mention my favorite, little princess Z? Because none of them are pimped or whored out so badly like Suri by her employer and her pimp mother.

    I am very happy to see Suri got pimped out less now, perhaps it’s because she’s got less and less cooperative to her part in the freakshow.
    Good for her.
    Good for those PJs and fluffy slippery.
    Good for the public display of temper tantrums.
    Alas, enough said, if you understand me, you know when I talk tongue in cheeks, but thank you for all the thumbs up though.

    Disclaimer: I don’t care which church the gay midget goes, yet the blatant exploitation of a child and Kaka’s vacuous statement to blame Suri for all the child’s eccentricities and her own fashion misses, I cannot stand.

  • ocsethummer
  • rainbow

    Why is everyone saying that Katie is trying to act younger when the rest of the cast members are either older than her (Josh D. is 37) or about the same age? It just goes to show that ever since she married Tom, peop;e view her as a matronly stepford wife and are shocked when she actually acts her age.

  • soniasfriend

    I understand where you’re coming from and the tongue in cheek comments, based greatly on Tom, Katie, and Scientology comments that children are just little versions of adults. The sad part comes into play when we step back and shake our heads, knowing that children need to learn from adults and not bully adults as Suri seems to be allowed to do. Pacman and some of Tom’s other drones like to make it sound like we are the bullies, but the reality is that some of us are really concerned about the type of person Suri is growing up to be (just as we would be concerned if this was happening down the street from us.)
    I have no problem bashing Tom and Katie all day as they have pushed their beliefs down the public’s throats and (I agree) very clearly pimped out Katie’s daughter for publicity…but I’m also a mom and really don’t want Suri dead or in jail by the time she’s 20…Connor and Bella were not used as publicity whores like Suri is. This is all disturbing.
    On topic…it would be a cold day in hell before I would pay to see Katie in any movie.

  • annie

    I’m not a scientologist and I’ve liked Katie since DC. She seems very happy with her husband her daughter , her life, and she comes across as a lot more honest than alot of actresses in Hollywood.
    Yes Tom has opened doors, but you still have to go through those doors on your own.
    Katies career was taking off before she met Tom,so why shouldn’t it progress.
    You love putting her down, obviously makes you feel good, go for it.
    Her clothing line is doing well, she has a lot going on professionally.
    Her photoshoots have always been great
    The recent New York Mag photoshoot was amazing, as is The Romantics.
    Everyone thought that Halle Berry had an amazing relationship with her model love, only to have her say that it wasn’t a love connection, that sounds like a contract . Katie has never referred to her baby as being only a’ blob ‘as a certain other actress did.
    Katie is going to go up up up, you mark my words.

  • bananarama

    I knew that Josh pose looked familiar. No wonder Katie looks so relaxed. ahhhh the memories

  • rainbow

    LOL. I love how I get thumbed down just for pointing out a simple fact. As I said, Josh Duhamel is 37, Malin Akerman is 32, Adam Brody is 30. I guess people can’t handle the truth.

  • annie

    You are a great AJ and family fan. The ones who do no wrong.
    I don’t give 2 hoots about them, so I don’t comment, but If I had to, I could say a lot, not all of it flattering.
    I think it’s great that Suri wears her nities and slippers, and her little heels sometimes and her makeup, and bunnyears, and throws tantrums, and you know why………because that’s what normal kids do.
    And when you look at other celeb kids, you don’t see her that often.
    Maybe you have missed the 20 paps hanging on either side of her apartment entrance waiting for her to come out when they are in NY.
    Really enough said!

  • Ginny

    We’ve seen you around enough to know that you are one of Tom’s buddies. We don’t even bother reading half the crap that you or pacman post before clicking and moving on. That being said; the issue with your comment has little to do with chronological age and more to do with the fact that Katie has been acting like a 40 year old for the better part of the pst decade, and now wants us to buy her as America’s Sweetheart again.
    not gonna happen.

  • rainbow

    Well, if you read my first post, you would see that I acknowledged the fact that people view her as matronly and thus are surprised to see her acting her age. It’s no big deal, really. I just found it kind of funny.
    And no, I’m not a “buddy” of Tom’s, just someone who happens to have a different opinion.

  • Star Fox

    Tyler wasn’t switched for Holmes, #9.

    She’s not trying to be young, #10. She IS young!

    You should never bash a child just because you don’t like her parents, #14!

    And who are you to judge how someone is being raised? You don’t know them!

    You don’t nor should care how she’s being raised. She’s not being used for publicity. How? Holmes has never pushed her beliefs down anyone’s throat. And it’s not like you can do anything hear complaining all day long.

    They’re hypocrites, #20.

    She hasn’t done a single thing but live her life, #22. She dresses how she wants to and it’s silly to judge a person by how you think they want to be perceived.

  • Suri Jackson

    Thanks…I only had to find JJ Jr’s photo today. :-)
    Katie should have tried to make her escape when she was at this shoot. She doesn’t appear to be under Tom’s normal restrictions. He must have been holding Suri hostage until Katie returned from the shoot.

  • Suri Jackson

    and Hey! Pac Man – Star Fox: YES SHE DOES!

  • adambrodyrocks

    no you are right adam brody is getting hotter everyday

  • tony

    lmao jared you’re trying to avoid adam brody. you don’t want to post his pics

    aren’t you

  • Sonitard

    @soniaintown: Badmouthing Suri? Now THAT is a weak expression of what you’ve been doing! & All just because the way her mother presents her? Oh and you don’t talk bad about the other celeb kids cos you likee their mums and dads (!) Aw, how nice of you!

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    I thought this was supposed to be an ensemble cast? They are sure pushing Josh and (mostly) Katie.
    Have Elijah and Anna jumped ship on thispiece of crap? Probably a good career move if so. Maybe Tom tried one too many times to get them to come to his cult, brainwashing sessions: I mean Scientology meetings.
    Katie and Tom are freaks and the public wants nothing to do with them. I’m sorry that so many talented actors are attached to this monstrocity.
    Look at Katie’s last flick: The Extra Man has taken in a whopping $217,470 after 3 weeks in release. AND THAT HAS KEVIN KLINE IN IT! Way to sell a movie, Katie!

  • Azote moral

    Love Katie!! She’s the sweetest, prettiest and most special actress in Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana

    @Azote moral: Agree. So true!!!!

  • jen

    Lot of Katie hate, geez, she’s not that bad, I really liked her pre-Tom and still do. She and Josh look cute in that pose but the pants she is wearing are horrendous.

  • Dawson’s Creek J Crew Ad
  • Kate

    I love Katie. I think she’s gorgeous. I also like the above post believe she’s in love with Tom and happy in her marriage. As for her dress sense she’s always been conservative, it didn’t start after Tom. It would do her and her career wonders if dressed a little younger and stylishly. I hope her movie does well, i definitely will be seeing it.

  • Bama Pepa

    She is ugly. You know Eddie is only with her for the money and fame.

  • Suri Jackson

    @Dawson’s Creek J Crew Ad:
    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I love all of the Josh/Suri photos. If I was Windows Media savvy I’d make a YouTube vid.
    Joshua: Pleeeeeeease get a dna test!!!!! It’s really way overdue!

  • debra

    @Suri Jackson: Sheizzzzze You´re not very bright, are you.

  • Jimmy

    PLEASE STOP GIVING JOSH DUHAMEL MOVIE ROLES. He can NOT act. Just because he is married to Fergie doesn’t make him any more talented than before he married Fergie. This movie will flop like all his other straight to video movies. Ok, maybe I’m being too harsh. Josh can act when it comes to convincing Fergie that he has not cheated on her since his bangging night with the stripper. Give that boy a Oscar before he gives Fergie a STD!

  • Star Fox

    The cast is large but the more important and bigger roles are played by Holmes, Duhamel and Paquin, #30.

    The Extra Man in limited release and premiered on demand and Holmes wasn’t even the lead.

  • Thom Cruze

    Hi. This is Thom.
    Here’s the deal. I finally had to give in and let Catie be in the same room with and take photos with a man named Josh.
    This way, when I am accused of being afraid of “Josh”, and his ability to expose the years of lies surrounding my relationship with Catie and their daughter Souri, I can honestly look the accuser squarely in the eyes and say with confidence that I supported Catie having a friendship and professional relationship with Josh.
    (whew! thank goodness Dumhal played along)
    Now I have to get off the computer because I’m expecting a call from my new bestest friend(with benefits) Zackie.
    …..Note to self: make an appointment to get Souri’s nose and eyebrows worked on so that they are not so similar to “his”. Maybe some modification of the jawline, too.

  • Anita H. Anjobe

    She looks more natural with Josh than she does with Tommy boy. They always look so painful and awkward together.

  • Anita H. Anjobe

    Didn’t Josh cheat on Fergie?

  • Wilma

    Anita dear. This is not the time nor place for any gossip. This is a highly cultural respectable place. But If you ask me, it was Fergie who made Tom cheat so Eddie didn’t have a clue and thought Katie was in on it. Anyway who cares really.

  • debra

    @Suri Jackson: Repeating your self relentlessly. You´re not very bright, are you.

  • Suri Jackson

    Per your request. I’ll just let photos and other media do the talking. Gee like that (fake April) birth certificate that Tom and Katie couldn’t be bothered to sign, or photos like these(there are hundreds online):

  • Suri Jackson

    @Suri Jackson:
    Breathe SJ. Tom’s minions know that you’re on the right track and are trying to get you flustered. Seems pretty clear that most people are on your side overall whether or not that includes a position on Suri’s parentage. I definitely have to say that the resemblance is undeniable and the suspicious birth certificate sways me away from the Cruise Camp. As a parent, signing the birth certificate is the culmination of 9 months of emotions. At that point you have this beautifiul child and a document with his or her little footprint. Your baby’s footprint. Who would consider that too inconvenient or insignificant to sign?

  • Jokergurl

    I will see this movie but only because Josh Duhamel is in it, I really enjoy his acting especially in Las Vegas (a show that the writer’s basically ruined) and in Transformers, and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. :) Josh looks good with the suit on top and the pants but Katie an iron, that’s one wrinkled shirt and the space sparkler pants don’t help either.