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Lady Gaga Dethrones Twitter Queen Britney Spears

Lady Gaga Dethrones Twitter Queen Britney Spears

Lady Gaga is now the most followed person on Twitter!

The 24-year-old entertainer ousted previous Twitter queen Britney Spears today.

Gaga had been nearing Britney‘s number of followers for some time – at the time of this posting, Gaga has 5,670,182 followers while Brit has 5,668,500. Brit reigned supreme for just three months, after overtaking then-Twitter-king Ashton Kutcher. (Note: Brit‘s followers keep fluctuating by several thousands.)

You can follow Gaga, Brit, and Just Jared on Twitter @LadyGaga @BritneySpears and @JaredEng!

DO YOU THINK Lady Gaga will reign as Twitter Queen for a long time?

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Brenda

    I prefer Britney to be the most followed.

  • Shyrlie

    Britney will be the twitter queen 4 eva! <3

  • miley

    britney forever!

  • Geffery

    Wow… Congrats to gaga…??? Haha, pathetic!, must be a slow day today

  • Rob

    Gaga is the best

  • Jess


  • Ashley!

    Haha, who cares! Anyways, I can’t wait for the Britney themed glee episode!

  • Milo

    Follow me on twitter y’all @ricoemilio

  • Mario

    FOLLOW @britneyspears

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …seriously, anyone with twitter’s a fcuking loser. how pathetic does someone have to be to “follow” other people?!? …i just don’t get it. maybe twitter’s the coolest thing on the planet and i’m just apart of the small group of uncool people.

  • David

    So what?

  • Nathan

    I’m not a fan of either but I think Britney should :)

  • Nathan

    I’m not a fan of either but I think Britney should :)

  • TT

    ET already said that BRITNEY is STIL the “Queen” of twitter cause alot of gaga followers come from FAKE accounts (probably from her obssesed fans).

  • Kelly

    Why is this news? Who cares?

  • Dominic

    Britney is far less annoying than Gaga, so I guess I’d prefer her to be the most followed. Though I’m not on Twitter and think it’s a huge waste of time.

  • Queen Britney

    No little monsters, Britney is the best she is sweet, kind and never talks bad about anyone.

  • rpatzfan

    WHO CARES !,let see if gaga can be relevant for 12 years like Britney and then we talk ,congrats to CaCa for her lame title .

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is an icon!!!

    Xtina xtina xtina xtina xtina and Britney are the only. Princess of pop music . Don’t forget 2003 vma s . Madonna is the queen britney & xtina are madonnas prodigycal dougthers. Gaga need long way to go. And is good the gaga is doing great rigth now that way xtina & Britney. Will do care about there’s fans and do better music and at the end fans are the only benefits ….. Hahaha grow up bit$&& ches

  • ihateph

    Why all the hype over Lady xerox .. i dont see anything original about this chick.. she’s a Madonna and isabella blow wannabe & copies many others.. we seen many artist come out with debut albums that have gone diamond and then fade.. she hasn’t even sold 5 million copies & has 2 # 1 song on the hot 100..big deal..she copies songs she copies beats.. if she’s such a genius lets see her write without cowriter’s and not sample..we wouldn’t even be talking about her if it weren’t for redone.. she’s arrogant ,she’s a sloppy and pitchy performer.. oh her videos and tour are copies wtf is so great about this ugly chick..

  • anna

    @Queen Britney: she’s just crazy and shaves her hair out! Gaga doesn’t say bad thing about others either, she helps them stand up for their rights! She’s way more talented and exemplary then brit will ever be.

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is an icon!!!

    Xtina rulles the world with PRIMA. DONNA. I love xtina I love bionic , I love love love burlesque I can’t wait yo see it.

  • milo

    how rude! why did u guys thumb me down? WTF! haha

  • milo

    follow @BritneySpears if u want news about her new album and tribute Britney Glee episode. or follow @LadyGaGa if u want updates saying “I love u little monsters”. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

  • Milo


  • efron

    Who cares? we all know that for each obsessed fan lady caca has, they all have 10 other fake accounts just to make her ”queen” be on top. So yeah, nothing new except crazy ass fans who think this fück tart is the creator of life itself. I just cannot wait for the hype about her go away, i mean she USED to be cool way back in ’08, when she was barely known in the music bizz.


    Lady gaga = one of the ugliest girls in the world.

    Britney Spears = one of the brainless girls in the world.

    So, Twitter = the place of the smartest people in the world!

  • da


  • Bruna Jolie

    I love Britney Spears, and I’m following her, she is sweet with her twitts, is not like Lady GaGa that treats us as “little monsters”, monster is she, so I’m not following her on Twitter, I hate Lady GaGa.

  • no way

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Dude. How is it pathetic if you’ve never tried it? Facebook’s old news, Twitter’s so cool. You can follow just your mates and talk to them or you can follow whoever. You get to talk to your fave celebs (if they spot your tweet in their replies) & artists/bands directly and hear news first. You can follow news outlets or gossip ones. You need to get on Twitter, trust.

  • http://WWW. V

    I follow both.

  • yo sista

    @da: lmao ‘OLD’???? O_o

    Britney is ONLY 3 and a half years older than Gaga so they belong to the same generation. ;)

    Oh and as for Twitter, like everyone knows, she’s been exposed by the media as a “fraud” for having fake accounts to have a bigger number on both twitter and facebook.

    Her crazy stans are having thousands of fake accounts to make her number one. Pathetic much? I know.

    Now that’s a REAL news.

    Britney is the Queen.

  • http://seriousbodoh seriousbodoh

    first of all 40% of gaga’s followers are fake accounts. just her fans doubling their accounts. second of all perez hilton was pressuring people to unfollow britney. he probably has 1000 accounts just to follow gaga. thirdly gaga self-proclaimed her twitterqueen status, come on trending #gagatwitterqueen is so uncool. she even added kiss the queen, of course referring to herself as ‘the queen’. thats bullshit. at least be more humble. when brit became the most followed she was very grateful to her fans and wrote “WOW! Thank you so much, I love you all, this is amazing” . britney has been in the game for so long and she’s still as down to earth as she started off. and she has a reputation of being so. unlike gaga the narcissistic crazy bitch/dick. seriously famewhoring by acting all weird wont last long. what is she going to do next, shit on stage? plant a cock on her forehead?

  • yo sista

    @seriousbodoh: IKR?

    She’s so fake and pretentious i don’t know what those dumb stans see on her.

  • LMAO

    @yo sista: Ever considered the fact that people enjoy her MUSIC?

  • Booplay

    No one really enjoys Gaga’s music. She sounds like twenty others. She is marketed like any other product and people will soon enough tire of her. She looks ridiculous and all the crazy antics and clothing are just to make up for the lack of talent and looks.

    With that said, who the heck cares about Twitter? It’s such a fad thing and with all the things you could be doing on your computer, following celebs like an online stalker is just sad. Let Gaga have it, in a few years no one will remember her, and they will have moved on to the next internet fad.