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Orlando Bloom: 'Really Excited' About Starting A Family

Orlando Bloom: 'Really Excited' About Starting A Family

Orlando Bloom and co-star Milla Jovovich share a laugh at a photocall for their new film, The Three Musketeers, on Friday (August 20) in Munich, Germany.

The 33-year-old actor and dad-to-be will start filming The Three Musketeers with Milla and Christoph Waltz next week.

Orly told the UKPA this morning that he already making plans to visit wife Miranda Kerr while he’s in Munich filming!

“I’ll go home as often as possible. I’m really excited about it, it’s great. She’ll come out here too,” Orly said.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom at a photocall before Three Musketeers filming begins…

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orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 01
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 02
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 03
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 04
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 05
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 06
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 07
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 08
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 09
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 10
orlando bloom milla jovovich three musketeers filming photocall 11

Credit: Miguel Villagran ; Photos: Getty
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  • Sasha

    Milla is gorgeous. <3

  • lexy hates bilson

    They are such a cute couple. This is good for them!!

  • Tasha

    Orlando is gorgeous. <3
    ; D


    they’re going to be one of the most beautiful families in the world!

  • yes!

    He is so beautiful, and such a sweetheart!
    With his big heart, he will be a wonderful father!

  • Butter_Fly

    Totally excited about the Three Musketeers! And congrats to them on the baby news!

  • Spanish girl

    I’m happy for them.

    This is 2010, if he wasn’t in love with Miranda, he wouldn’t have married her just for the baby. He must truly love her.

    Happiness to this beautiful family!!!

  • reba

    I’m worried about this movie. There hasn’t been a successful remake of this movie since the 1950s! Hope they put a new spin on it! Love Mila!

  • Avi v

    I hope he will be a wonderfull father.
    He better be cause the mother is an underwear model who’s naked pictures all over the internet and has lied, cheated, and manipulated her way to the top.

  • He looks gorgeous!!!

    He looks so happy and gorgeous!

    What a great time for him – beautiful wife, baby on the way and a new movie that will surely hit the big screens!

    Way to go OB!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!! Some of you are crazy!! There are “naked” pictures of all the celebs on the web – thanks to photoshop!! As for her pricking holes in a condom – well maybe he should have bought them himself or pulled out if he was so concerned about being a father!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Another Three Ms?! Do we really need yet another one, regardless who’s in it?! I think I’ll pass.

  • @10

    I AGREE. I hope it’s a boy.

  • Anastasia

    I am sure he will be a great dad!
    He and Miranda is such a sweet couple,except from gorgeous,and i think they’ll be really loving and giving parents!Congratulations!
    By the way,Orlando looks even more gorgeous in these pics,i guess marriage and fatherhood suit him perfectly!!:)

  • What a sexy Dad-To-Be!

    He is looking so good!!

    Congratulations Orlando & Miranda!


  • yay

    A DILF in the making!!!
    Such a gorgeous man!!

  • Hope he’s happy

    He does look very happy. But then again, he usually always looks happy when he’s working. And he’s normally very friendly and comfortable around all his co-stars. I hope they (he and Miranda) are genuinely happy and that their marriage will endure the test of time. Especially now that an innocent ‘little bundle’ is on the way.

  • @#6


    Go away, please.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Jayne

    New pic love it god orlando you look HOT.

  • Pixie Girl

    Mmmmmm, Orlando! You are looking fine!

    To #19:

    A DILF in the making for sure!


  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    What a great time for him a beautiful wife , a baby and he has the luxury of picking and choosing the movies he wants to do without pressure knowing he achieved things others can only dream in his carer the vampire’s 15 minutes will be up soon Orlando is here to stay and he deserves all the happiness that is coming his way such a wonderful man .

  • Avi v

    No I’ll be here for a while, calling out her BS that she has been slinging from the very start.
    And uh.. if you only wanto hear positive comments squeeing over how beautifull and a wonderfull peson she is… Go to a Miranda Kerr fan site. It works both ways.This is a public blog and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • Oh ob

    He does look good.

  • @26

    Any BS that you idiot haters have accused her of are just figments of your imagination.
    And you are STILL saying that her NOT announcing her pregnancy was proof that she was a famewhore.
    Explain that one if you will.

  • boston61

    His looks didn’t last long. Weird.

  • Avi v

    Why yes, I am crazy, so I’m staying. Staying to bring the crazy! yeehaw! I sure hope someone believes me. huh huh hick !1!

  • ?

    Just think if it want another way it could of been that girl from the play?

  • @26

    Lol hahaha i agree.

  • :}

    Orlando is a moron. Got trapped and smile yet? hahahahahahahahaha

  • wow!

    He looks fantastic!
    He is happy, in love and about to become a father.
    Life is very good for that wonderful man!

  • sara

    I wonder when she will come out of hiding?
    Now that the news is out, she doesn’t need to hide anymore.
    I hope that she gets a bodyguard though. The first pics of the baby bump will make some pap a lot of money. They will be swarming to get at her first.
    They are going to be wonderful parents, and I am so happy for them.
    I can’t wait to see the baby!

  • Ryan

    What I find interesting today is how people have no problem announcing to the world that they have gotten pregnant before they get married. That used to be scandalous not too long ago.

  • Janice

    You get a feeling this had to be an accident but whatever boy or girl that will be one cute little kid. Can’t wait to see the little sweetie.

  • Red Velvet

    Mila looks gorgeous !

  • valera

    Dont you all know that Orlando Bloom is an infamous cheater & male whore. He slept with every actress & model in Hollywood once he became famous. Is known here for cheating on any girlfriend he has. Just because people appear beautiful does not mean that they are beautiful inside.

  • @35

    My goodness!
    The haters have run out of idiotic things to say about Miranda so now they have begun to make up garbage about Orlando.
    They are just mad at him for not marrying someone fat, lonely and ugly like them.
    give it up.
    Orlando is a good and decent human being.
    Now I know that those are qualities that you are unfamiliar with, but try to understand that you will never be able to sully his reputation with your stupidity.
    Move on if you hate him so much.

  • @35

    Why so bitter? If you dislike him just move on. Don’t waste your precious time here.

  • dasda

    Milla is awesome

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    The Delphi psychotic morons are idiotic they crossed the line a looooooong time ago but wishing bad things on a FETUS it’s too much even for them I tolled them years ago that if they continued to bash Miranda he would marry and have babies with her they didn’t listen funny how karma works now they will have to bare Miranda for years and years and years Orlando doesn’t strike me as a person who thinks divorce is an option especially with a child involved so BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT PSYCHOS .

  • @Ryan

    I think it’s more interesting to see that there’s people that in 2010 still think there’s anything wrong with that.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    He looks so happy, and he and Miranda both deserve this wonderful happiness. May God Bless them.

  • @valera

    Really? We don’t often hear this. Can you name any of these actresses and models?

    I think there are a lot of open marriages and semi-business arrangements in Hollywood. Like British aristocrats, who choose a spouse for dynastic reasons but have a lot of affairs and everyone seems to accept it. It’s always possible this is one of those marriages. They seem to love each other and I think he’ll love being a family man, but he’s said in the past he has trouble being faithful.

  • Jayne

    Orlando has ever said that . I think you got that wrong or the wrong man brad said that NOT ORLANDO.

  • Samii

    They would have the cutes family.

  • gah

    I think that the first pic that we get of him with his baby in his arms is going to make my ovaries explode.
    He is going to be such a loving father.
    I can’t wait to see it!

  • Ted’s Blind Item

    Anyone here ever read Ted Casablanca’s ‘blind items’ on E-Online’s Awful Truth? Quite a few people are currently speculating that his latest “blind vice” (Harland Fuss’ Triumphant Return) is about Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. Don’t know how accurate his ‘facts’ are or how right on he’s been with celebrities in the past, but it makes for an interesting ‘theory.’ (Guess no one can ever go after him for slander since he never uses ‘real’ names.)

  • @46

    It does sound like it could be Orlando and Miranda. Does Ted C actually bring on the facts, or he likes to play games? I doubt any of it it true.

  • @46 too

    Ted says he doesn’t make Blind Vices up, but I think he uses whatever gay gossip he comes across, even if it’s quite wild and unlikely, like the one about Toothy Tile and his boyfriend having a surrogate baby. Which gossip could include Miranda-hating fans writing to him to “tip him off”. He is supposed to have a lot of contacts in the biz, but it doesn’t sound to me as if he has any inside info on Orlando. Saying that Harland has been lying low and trying to give up the guys = Ted has no dirt on him. And he also says Harland is trying to land more blockbuster roles, so he doesn’t seem to have inside info about Orlando’s career either.

    (Or possibly it’s about somebody else and has been written to sound as if it’s about Orlando and Miranda).

  • Popular with the German girls

    Apparently at least the girls in Germany still really dig Orlando! In a videoclip of the press conference yesterday, a lady journalist asked him why the girls were all ‘screaming’ over him the way they were. He blushed and seemed embarrassed by her question and then said he was turning it over to Logan Lerman (the one playing the youngest Muskateer). I guess he meant he was ‘passing the torch’ over to him since he’ll probably become the ‘new teen sensation’ after the film gets released.

  • Jayne

    @35 I DONT THINk SO.