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Beyonce & Jay-Z: Portofino Pair

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Portofino Pair

Beyonce vacations with her boo Jay-Z on Saturday (August 21) in Portofino, Italy.

B‘s secret passion all started when she was growing up in Houston, going to church with her family. “Pastor Rudy [Rasmus] is still my pastor,” she tells Self. “I watched my parents get involved in [community charities] there, and that taught me how important it is to ‘give ’til it hurts.’ I saw how happy you could make people, whether just giving someone a hug, having a conversation or spending some time, and it became a part of me.” So giving!

15+ pictures inside of Portofino pair Beyonce & Jay-Z

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  • uh

    She wears no bra and butt pads. How classy

  • Music2daSoul

    Beyonce and Jay Z are a great couple.

    Love them

  • Music2daSoul

    great couple

  • boston61

    She must be so hot with that hair hat glued on. How full of self hate do you have to be to wear a wig in the tropics?

  • Erika


  • biteme

    does this women know how to take some time off

    God just look at that ‘LOOK AT ME OUTFIT’ she’s got on

    they’re on holiday
    they are walking on a cobble street

    and she wore THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaded

    I can’t decide whether to feel bad for her because she has no concept of really relaxing, or impressed with her ability to wear heels that high walking around on cobblestone streets. As someone who has lived in Florence, Italy (lots of cobblestone streets) I have almost busted my butt going to dinner in heels there is no way I would be rocking those things for sightseeing.

  • yah

    You people are down right ignorant if B feels to dress up an put on heels they belong to her get a life.

  • krissy

    beyonce body looks great she still da baddest in da gamee !

  • aka

    For Beyonce relaxing means attention, she and Jay love to be the attraction. They look like they are enjoying it

  • Dani

    She looks relax and refresh ready to own the music scene again. I can’t wait ^_^

  • jen

    Beyonce is gorgeous but her style is so trashy when it comes to fashion, quite sad, with all that money. oh well

  • @boston61

    I doubt she ‘hates’ herself more than every white woman out there who has mutilated her face to hold on to their ‘youth’, but end up looking like freaks…how about those 20 year old girls with botoxed frozen faces… ‘keep wrinkles at bay’…..Self loathing at the highest order…….

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @aka: …they’re the most private couple of all.. so how do they love attention?!? you haters are dumb. ahahahahahaha.. you cant even hate properly. hahahahahaha.. how the fcuk can a poor person talk about what a rich person can wear on vacation. ahahahahahahaaa.. you hating fcuks cant even pronounce the shiit she wears once and gives away. ahahahahahahahahaha.. the whites really need to get over the racism. it’s old, stop hating and keep getting plastic surgery.

  • jess

    I’m really reluctant to bring this up now but for the next time the racism discussion comes up note the above comment “every white woman out there who has mutilated her face”. Like racism doesn’t exist both ways.

    PS I agree with their comment in general

  • Megan

    Boston61 is at it again, biggest hater of Beyonce ever. Loser stfu, get out of here. Everytime Beyonce is mentioned you always have some negative crap to say. Are you trying to enlightened people by what you say? You wish you had her fame. At least she still smile and share her facial expressions unlike many women in Hollywood. As if she’s the only one in hollywood wearing fake hair, You are sad, probably hating on her because she is black.F*ck off.

  • quichie

    If she wants to dress up, she’s going to. It’s her money not ours. Damn.

  • wtf

    She looks like a cheap trash ho dressed like that wow, and that hair????

  • Tim

    The 2 attention media whores again…..

    PS she looks terrible.

  • Ellie

    All you lozers who are hating on whatever Bey does……or wears. What is if of yours? do you really think anyone cares what you think? You go to Italy and wear WTF you want. We don’t care about that either.

    Beyonce and JayZ are the MOST private couple out there, but what are they going to do when the paparrazi are everywhere, especially on this famous couple. Are they going to lock themselves in their closets and never come out? They know how to enjoy life,…….unlike you lozers..

  • fatu sankoh

    beyonce and jay the best looking couple ever beyonce looks stunning i love them their is norting to hate about them may god continue to bless them proteict them ever lasting long happy life and married

  • hahha

    wow what a fat legs!!! oh man is she blind how could she dress like that with these ugly fat legs even her make up is sucks !!! hahaha hot?! what hot? shes hot cuz only she wears slutty dresses with this ugly face n fat body!!!!! holy crap really reallt trashh!! ieven her songs its boring n sucks………..n her voice always changing!!!

  • sea

    Sometimes she has tits, sometimes she doesn’t O_O

  • da

    hehehe jay looks so bored with her!!! he said : oh god why i married a fat women! poor man!

  • ==

    O_o beyonce got very ugly face!!

  • Väderprognos januari

    B is stunning as always.

  • In The Know

    She has a body like Mike Singletary…..only bigger!

  • michelle

    this post exemplifies the difference between cultures when it pertains to body image. not everyone wants to be thin or finds it attractive * shocker*. i dont like beyonce’s style ( or lack thereof) but i think she is beautiful and she looks happy

  • yo sista

    She’s ok definitely not ugly but definitely NOT as beautiful as her STANS say she is :D That’s not what “gorgeous” is kids.

    She’s cute at best, not to forget the hours of hair and make up she spends everyday, which is fine, you know it’s her life and her money but i think it’s fair for me to say that i’m sick and tired of her overrated ass.

    Than you, now thumb me down stans :D

  • Jaded

    @Ellie: I don’t recall ever saying anything about hating on her. I said that those streets are difficult to walk around on in heels, and that I knew from experience. Clearly you are a very negative person if you are going to take that in a bad way, and call someone out for being a hater. Pot meet kettle, you’re a hater too.

  • Jessica

    Love their fashion

  • @boston61

    @jess: Lol!! Jess how did you read my post, its either you over read or misread it, either way I in no way was implying anything racist. I was expanding the notion of self hate as first brought up by boston, if she was going to insinuate that a wig is self hate then by all means include everything beauty from botox, to the most drastic plastic surgery…..okay….

  • uff

    we are tired to see all this crap here in Portofino. This used to be a very classy and stilish luxury location, royalties, first ladies, real actresses and artists, but now with all this fake and grossy celebrities around…

  • boots?

    Really? In Summer? In Italy? For those who never have been there, it’s really hot. Full heavy make up? Overdone hair? This girl is obviously far from being relaxed she is trying really hard to look cool and sexy.
    But the result is a mess. Especially when you consider that in this kind of places people use to dress in a comfortable but very classy and sophisticated way. They are naturally classy they don’t need to plan their outfits.
    Do you remember Jackie K? She had been many times in Portofino. She used to be so glamorous and classy but comfortable and relaxed at the same time. After all, it’s a beachfornt vacation!!
    And BB? So naturally sexy, she didn’t need to overdo her outfits or make up. And I could continue with a n umber of examples.
    This one really shows the big effort she made to have this grossy look put together. Pathetic.Because she was aware Portofino is full of Papz. Anybody knows that. And she thought this outfit was giving her the cover. Well, it did it.But for the wrong reason.

  • Nicki

    “her boo”? Try her HUSBAND! I don’t see you refer to white couples like that, racist website.

  • ew

    beyonce is disgashting!

  • FR

    WOW !! what the hell ? she looks TERRIBLE , no bra with boobs falling down , bigger bump and hips , fat legs , she kinda start looking like mariah carey … See people call britney spears fat ( after 2 childrens ) but when i see that !!! britney still have a hot body 0_°

  • talented

    Beautiful face.

  • wtf

    beyonce is very dame ugly!! i didnt like her ever !! shes so silly with her ***dress …………….always trying to be hot hahaha so sad!! i think jay z will leave in onne day cuz feel sick of her like me!!! he married a stupid dumb wife dont know how to dressing or makes him happy!! if she is really smart she wouldnt been fat like bears !! damn i really wish to open her eyes &watch her UGLY FAT LEGS with HUGE BUTT but idont think so cuz the stupid is stupid!!!

  • !!!


  • anna

    @jen: I totally agree, she’s an amazing performer, but money doesn’t buy class!

  • xo



  • grey27

    @yo sista:

    So who in hollywood do you think is beautiful? I’m curious to know who you think is beautiful.

  • yo sista


    Megan Fox is beautiful, Marion Cottillard is beautiful, Jessica Alba is beautiful.

    Beyonce? Ya she’s ok.

  • Alfons

    Seksīgā bjanka !

  • keep it 100%

    Wow alot of hating on this page. LOL. Beyonce those shoes are DOPE! I can’t wait until your next album, but in the meantime make sure you get enough rest! You work so hard!

  • keep it 100%

    Wow alot of hating on this page. LOL. Beyonce those shoes are DOPE! I can’t wait until your next album, but in the meantime make sure you get enough rest! You work so hard!

  • Belle


    you’re one hating cow. no butt pads required when it’s all natural. the irony is, all races get implants to be shaped like black women and then try and dog them! SMH

  • Emma

    Beyonce looks fabulous! It’s chilly in some places which is why she can wear light jackets, boots and leather. The weather fluctuates in Portofino at this time. Love these two!

  • Kim

    Beyonce is killing in those shorts and boots! I love the whole outfit and how she accessories takes it over the top. The girl is fiyah!