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Charice Hearts Harry Shum Jr.

Charice Hearts Harry Shum Jr.

Glee star Harry Shum Jr. keeps it cool with Filipino singing sensation Charice on the set of the hit musical show Glee on Friday (August 20).

Two months ago, it was confirmed that Charice would play a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder.

“You were incredible today!!” Harry tweeted to Charice after a long day on set. “I loved your MJ moves. Super fresh [Charice] is one talented girl!”

Charice responded, “Thanks. I love your no bones super mega ultra moves! Definitely you were born from a boombox! Hahahaha!”

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  • gangster losers

    Acting like you’re in a gang isn’t funny or cool.

  • hellohello

    where is the new SPIDERMAN GIRL???

  • hellohello

    where is the new SPIDERMAN GIRL????

  • wendy


  • Robert

    @gangster losers

    it’s a peace sign, moron…and doing those type of poses aren’t done by gangsters only.

    are you a dork, or what?

  • Ophelia Lovibond Fan

    where is the new spiderman girl?

  • Dominic

    She’d be smiling if it weren’t for all the botox!

  • Uriel_angel

    @Robert: Correct!!!

  • L

    This girl’s voice is amazing. Can’t believe she’s so young!

  • Robert


    the level of your ignorance is astounding!

  • troll

    @Dominic: Botox? LMAO do you know how old she is?

  • Dominic

    @troll: Where have you been? She did get botox! It was everywhere.

  • platanos

    this girl is truly talented honed by years of perfecting her craft. I LOVE HER.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …who are they?

  • sonia

    love him! love her!

  • smithy

    I don’t get her. She is ok but not as great as I keep hearing. I’ve watch a lot of her videos thinking I missed something but just doesn’t much of me. . I hope it is a short arc, too many people on glee already. I rather see the originals interact with each other.

  • poser

    @Robert: But whne you pair it with a goofy face/tough it is as if you are trying to be gansta and it is silly IMO. Don’t get it either.

    A peace sign is straight up not all on the side and crap.

  • Jim

    @troll: That is part of the problem she is way to young for botox but got it anyway. Read up use google.

  • hohummer

    You guys are extremely cruel!! Yada! yada! yada! She’s making a peace sign…so what? That definitely doesn’t make her a gangster! She likes to goof around and this picture was definitely one of them. I haven’t heard anyone who can sing better than her in her age bracket.

  • Edward Joo

    Last I checked, Asian Americans especially Filipinos have been here since 1792, yet on TV we play foreign exchange students?!? What kind of racist ignorant joo conspiring crap is that? Efffff Hollywood!

  • hohummer

    @Edward Joo: Charice has a very strong accent. She sometimes struggles with her grammar, choices of words, etc… which is normal from a person who is not naturally born here in the States. Yes, many Filipinos have been here since 1792, but I don’t think it’s a racist act to give her a foreign exchange student role.

  • jjfan1

    Excited! Excited! Can’t wait to see her… even my mom. LOL!
    BTW, isn’t the reason she got botox was coz of TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) disorder? So it’s not like to change her face or anything or am I wrong?

  • poser

    @jjfan1: They gave three reason for her botox the second two came after it was said to get pretty for glee, than they came up with two more reasons.

    And no one is saying she is a gansta just that the whole gansta gestures are pretty lame.

  • theroyalchaster

    labyocharice :D ChaGleekSter fighting!!!

  • nyfham
  • john42

    Gangsta? I didn’t know gangsters had owned the peace sign… lol.Really depends on how you look at Charice. If you already have preconceived judgments in your head, no matter what she does, you’ll always see something negative. But… its their loss anyway.

    Time flies!! Charice on Glee in a month! I wonder if these 2 will dance?? That’d be cool.

  • tikling khu
  • Who cares

    People need to go see what a peace sign look like. That is the gansta spin of a peace sign. To say other wise is being in denial. I don’t really care, but if you are going to honest with yourself that is not the traditional peace sign. It is just a silly happen of this generation. Anywa MEH about Charice on glee. I think they have too many people as it is, but she is just a short timer so it will be ok I guess.

  • fluffy


    Most American can accept British or French accent why’s that is it because they’re from Asia then if thats the case ,who gives a Shit. The accent made her unique not a copycat. She’s not an American. deal with it.
    And Smithy that your opinion your entitle to it. But having the privilege to sing with the likes of Celine Dion and Mariah Carrey and having a standing ovation performance think that speaks for the masses.
    She could have been the better Mimi than that peapsqueaky voiced Vanessa Hudgens and might had brought the house down.
    As for Botox treatment There’s no evidence in her face that she had one. And at least we have the comfort of knowing her fame will be paid of by her talent and outstanding voice not an extravagant breast implant like some famous Hollywood sk@nks do

  • Laura

    She is a little over hypes to me too. She is a great singer no doubt but some go over board. From what I hear it is mostly just 5 or 6 episode so she’ll have her part and be off to sing so more elsewhere by thanks giving anyway.

    Yes of course she would be better than Vanessa as Mimi. Anyone on glee except maybe Dianna can sing better that her.

  • Kristina

    @Edward Joo:

    You act like there are no foreign exchange students from the Philippines EVER. Do you expect them to all have been living here already and that no other students come here for school? Sounds like you are the ignorant one.

  • Liquid_ammo

    Both of them look so cute at this picture. Am a chaster and i dont care about the botox thing. It is as if most of the stars are not doing any surgical procedures that would make them look beautiful. Go Charic! Go Harry!

  • theo


  • Loel

    How was Charice cast on Glee?

    “… That’s one of those things where somebody (Charice) walks in and you’re just so touched that you say, ‘I have to write something for you.’ So that’s how it happened.” Said Ryan Murphy.

    “When that girl opens her mouth, angels fly out.” “I was just so taken by Charice,” enthused the director, who created the series about a high school glee club…

  • Reggie

    @Edward Joo: Wow, you’re stupid. Notice that she’s there with an EXISTING CAST MEMBER ON THE SHOW WHO IS ALSO ASIAN. There are two main asian characters on Glee, Charice just happens to be playing an exchange student from the Phillipines.

  • nic_babe

    charice is amazing …she will rock glee!!!!!

  • cardcrusher

    If she wasn’t full of botox, she would indeed perhaps smile as pointed out by one poster.

    Charice is a product of hype that the public did no buy into. Her single is a flop that only stayed on the Hot 100 for two weeks while her album quickly sank to the bottom of the Billboard 200 before disappearing.

  • cardcrusher

    Glee does not need an insecure person who resorts to getting botox treatment to make her feel better about herself. Worse, she has the guts to proclaim that she is “”very proud to be an Asian, very proud to be Filipino.”, yet turn around to get botox injections to maker her face appear smaller.