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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Toronto Island Twosome!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Toronto Island Twosome!

Katie Holmes takes her cutie daughter Suri Cruise for a play date at Toronto Island and Centreville Amusement Park on Saturday (August 21) in Toronto, Canada.

The 31-year-old actress and her Romantics co-stars — Adam Brody, Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman — are currently the new faces of J.Crew. If you haven’t checked out their latest ads, you must now!

10+ pictures inside of Toronto Island twosome Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

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katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 01
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 02
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 03
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 04
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 05
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 06
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 07
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 08
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 09
katie holmes suri cruise toronto island 10

Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jack Y.

    Suri is so cute! :)

  • anne

    what’s going on with katie’s hair? it’s a total mess. as for suri, finally she’s walking like a normal little girl instead of always being carried. although i can’t see if she’s wearing shoes. but how come katie is wearing a sweater and suri is going sleeveless. if it’s cold enough for the mother to being a sweater then the child should be wearing one as well.

  • trina

    love katie and suri. bitter people just can’t help but spew hatred

  • Hypocritcal Aniston

    A group of mothers of special needs children has started an email campaign to get Lili Claire to REMOVE Jennifer Aniston from their Honorary Board of Directors (her name appears first on their list). Lili Claire’s Mission Statement is the following:

    “The greatest wish of every expectant parent is to bring a healthy child into the world. Recent studies indicate, however, that every year, 6% of children are born with a neurogenetic condition such as Williams Syndrome, Down Syndrome, or Autism.

    As a legacy to Lili, The Lili Claire Foundation helps to ease the challenges these families face by providing a unique and comprehensive blend of support services through our Lili Claire Family Resource Centers, operated in partnership with the finest university hospitals across the country.”

    Mothers of Special Needs Children are OUTRAGED that someone on the LC Board would have so little respect for special needs children as to use the R-word, AND refuse to apologize for it.

    You can help by emailing or CALLING Lili Claire Foundation and DEMANDING that they PUBLICLY remove Aniston’s name from their masthead.

    The Lili Claire Foundation
    mailing address:
    3435 Ocean Park Boulevard #107, PMB #305
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    Call: 310-396-4355
    Fax to: 310-396-2127
    Email: staff at

    Every email will be greatly appreciated and keep public attention on her outrageous behavior..

  • JohnC

    Uh, it’s Toronto, Ontario. If people are really so stupid that they have to say Toronto, Canada, then they should be ashamed at the small lives they lead.

    I mean do people have to say Los Angeles, United States of America?

  • Suri Jackson

    Really. This is getting way too easy. It is nice to see Suri enjoying a day.
    By the way Trina. Let me make this very clear. Suri IS a beautiful little girl. Tom and Katie are the complete whack-jobs. Depending how far Tom took the lies to cover up the truth around Suri’s birth he could actually be subject to criminal action in addition to the final nail being driven into his career. Some days I think that Josh must have agreed to this arrangement because I can’t believe that he’s let this slide for so long if that isn’t the case. (and I say that hoping that he would not agree to any of this). Don’t try to make any of us look bad by implying Suri is being judged in the same manner as two lying manipulative adults. Criticizm of Suri is really CONCERN over what K&T are doing to her/allowing her to become.

  • elaine11

    I am coffee, you are milk.
    We will always complement each other.

    ______ H o t B l a c k w h i t e * C 0 m ______

    You may have a try… ;)

  • to Hypocritcal Aniston

    why did you post this on a thread that has nothing to do with jennifer anniston?? secondly, i have no intention of joining in on the campaign. i am sick to death of the PC squad.

  • oh dear

    katie looks like crap!

  • Question

    Why are Katie’s calves wider than her thighs?

  • Dvelopmental Issues?

    Isn’t Suri way too old to always have a stuffed animal, doll or blankie with her?

  • Did Suri Get Hurt?

    What’s up with the dent on Suri’s forehead?

  • Dan

    why does that kid never seem to get older? lol

  • Ginny

    @Dvelopmental Issues?:
    She’s somewhere around 4 and a half (between 4 and 4 mo and 4 and 8 mo depending on what you believe) , so I don’t see any issue with carrying a toy (especially since she doesn’t seem to get to play with other kids much). I’d rather see her with a toy and the purple balerina flats than the usual heels and make-up.
    As for the blanket, we all know that Katie swings from treating Suri like a 2 year old to treating her like an adult. Katie and Tom definitely run a Cuckoo House.

  • grumbles

    Tom, is the object of letting Suri dress Kate and do her hair to make Kate look like a fool or just a manipulated goat. You let a 4 year old make your decisions and you get a 35 year old dressed up like a 4 year old……this is one of the saddest pictures i have seen of Katy in a long time and there have been many sad ones lately………

  • Shawna

    To the person who made the comment about Suri wearing a sleeveless dress the weather was about 22 C today (about 72 degrees F for you Americans) which is fine weather for a sleeveless dress. I live about an hour from there and my three were in shorts and tees, and yes, my 4 year old was in a sleeveless dress.

  • Suri Jackson

    @Did Suri Get Hurt?:
    She didn’t get hurt. The bump is a feature of her daddy’s, so it’s not going away.

  • Suri is stimming!

    That’s why she is always holding something. Her hands are having a problem.

  • Janey

    Michelle is in Toronto with Mathilda….I wonder if Katie and Michelle get together with the kids, talk over old times, since they’re in the same city doing films, and all their friends are probably not around much.

  • Susan K

    Michelle doesn’t like Katie so it’s doubtful that they would meet up. Michelle and Busy P are friends with Joshua Jackson. James VDB is the only one that even went to Tom and Katie’s wedding.

  • yo sista

    Katie looks cute.

  • LOL

    Hypocritcal Aniston @ 08/21/2010 at 9:22 pm

    Most of people know about Jennifer Aniston. The R word she used should not be shocking news to anyone with little bit of brain. She is who she is. Just don’t be fooled by the girl next door image which she playe on TV ages ago. JA is NOT Rachel Green. She is not so bright. She is just an A list wannabe. LOL This Catie’s thread. Go away!

  • annie

    Katie and Suri are so cute. Bella is in the background but doesn’t seem to want to be photographed. I think it’s lovely that Bella spends so much time with her little sister and stepmother, not her mother or her father……..but her stepmother. I bet she feels she has the coolest stepmother around that’s for sure.

  • dillusional

    the first TC minion has arrived.
    no sane person believes that Bella is hanging out with Katie by choice. she’s counting down the days ’til her 18th birthday in Dec and then getting the heck out of TC’s and Scientology’s clutches.

  • Beebee

    Am I the only one who thinks Suri looks a little bit too thin?

  • to suri is stimming

    That’s why she is always holding something. Her hands are having a problem.

    oh, of course she is!! you know all this from one set of photos. tell me, where did you get your medical degree from??

  • poohbear

    @Did Suri Get Hurt?:

    …when she has temper tantrums….she hits her head on the floor or wall.

  • Plant Lady

    # 26… don’t need a medical degree idiot!

    Where did YOU get YOUR education from?

    Idiot/closed minded school?

  • Megan

    Whoever is saying that Suri is too old to be carring a stuff animal needs to stop, she’s 4, kids these days grow too fast, 6 boyfriends by the time they are 15,having sex, parting, drinking etc. Stop pressuring them, goodness what a culture. Oh Katie looks terrible, sorry she does. And they really need to feed that little girl, she’s bony.

  • CanadaGirl

    I would hate to have their lives. Being followed around all the time – even in CANADA. It’s wrong. T.O. Island is fun and kids love it with the rides and animals, etc. but how can you have fun when you’re pursued by photographers?

  • Stupid comment

    @Suri is stimming!: What are you talking about? So foolish. Quite making ridiculous comments in the hopes of starting some foolish rumour.

  • Cheyenne

    I feel so bad for poor little Suri it seems like her mother never engages her when they are out and about. Damn, why can Katie show some emotion for her beautiful child and stop acting like a zombie.

  • BlackBerry

    That kid will be the biggest self-centered,bratiest, spoiled young woman in about ten years from now. She’s being home schooled, according to Katie, She will think she’s too good be around normal people. She needs to be involve socially with other kids her age. How sad.

  • to plant lady

    first of all, sunshine, i am not an idiot. i do know, however, no COMPETENT medical practitioner would EVER attempt a diagnosis based on a set of photographs alone. you notice i said COMPETENT medical practitioner, which you are not.

  • dabu


    I don’t see Bella here. Which picture?

  • it’s robo-bride

    Can this woman look any worse? Her hair. What a disaster. Aside from being a dirty mess, that hair band is as ugly as they come.
    She is wearing clothes that are wrinkled and the pants are also dirty. The jeans emphasize all her faults in her lower body.
    Obviously since Suri picks out her clothes, Suri is falling down on the job. Get to work Suri and transform your mom into someone who takes pride in their appearance like you take pride in yours!

  • patz

    i live 30 minutes from there!, i wish i was there to see them!, hahahha

  • Star Fox

    Why have you ever cared that she was carried around a lot, #2? Ever thought her mother gets colder than others?

    Get a life, #5.

    You’re an idiot, #6.

    She four years old, #11! Of course she’s not too old for EVERY one of those items!

    What dent, #12?

    There’s nothing physically or mentally wrong with her, #18.

    The old cast members have long since drifted apart, #19.

    There is nothing to suggest that there’s any animosity between any of those people, #20.

    How can you possibly know this without ever even having met TomKat or their family, #24.

    Good comeback, #26.

    Yes you do, #28.

    What are you babbling on about, #32. That’s completely inaccurate.

    You can’t predict the future and there’s nothing wrong with being home schooled, #33. That’s a very ignorant thing to say.

  • Jen The Friend

    Suri Is beauitful !!!

  • jo

    Suir is beautiful but why is she so skinny?

  • jo

    Suri’s beautiful but why is so thin?

  • Soniaoutoftown

    Suri is so cute and adorable.

  • ohh

    Oo she looks 55 years old!

  • Andy

    hahahahahaha very stylish!!!,and nice hair KATTIE!! hahahaahahahaa

  • D

    tom cruise will kill his self !!!! oh man, its weird to say tom cruise has a CRAP WIFE like this , hes handsome and he can marry a better woman …………..but why he choose a dead one!!!

  • AEP

    That kids never looks happy OR healthy!

  • Jason

    SURI LOOKS SICK!!! WAY TOO THINK AND PALE! Those looney tune morons need to get her to a Dr. and quit feeding her doughnuts and barley water!

  • tattie

    Strange looking child.

  • Becstar

    @Beebee: Yes, Suri does look too thin – this is not normal for a four year old.

  • tattie


    I agree. She looks like a waif from an impoverished background, not the daughter of an obscenely rich movie star.