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LeAnn Rimes: Swingin' Bikini Babe!

LeAnn Rimes: Swingin' Bikini Babe!

LeAnn Rimes shows off her beach bunny look in a ’60s inspired bikini as she performs “Swingin’” on America’s Got Talent on Wednesday (August 18).

The 27-year-old singer earned high marks from her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian, for her performance.

“Baby u were kick a–,” he wrote on his Twitter after LeAnn‘s performance.

LeAnn‘s new album, Lady and Gentlemen, is scheduled to be released on October 5!

LeAnn Rimes – ‘Swingin” on America’s Got Talent
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  • Dee

    She’s not much of a performer and I don’t like her outfit one bit she does have a great voice though but I couldn’t finish watching that it was super lame

  • Jen The Friend

    I dont think she the good looking

  • Racy

    Ha Ha Ha That is so cute of you folks – you really liked it didn’t you and I would bet that everyone of you watched and turned green with envy over that great looking bod and her beautiful face. Yes, I said beautiful face. She is young and sweet and full of life and most people would envy that, wouldn’t they, huh? Nothing lame about that girl or her performance. Way to go LeAnn. Straddling a dancer? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Now that was lame!!!!

  • Esj

    jj gets paid to post this homewrecker? damn i wouldn’t waste my time watching that wh*re. i have not watched that episode of AGT precisely because of her.

    she can just shove eddie’s cheating junk in her mouth and stop singing and make this world wonderful. lolz.

  • betty

    This chick is milking this for all its worth. Signs of desperation .PATHETIC!!!!!

  • http://deleted A Real Winner

    jealous of what? her single is flopping her 2 for 1 concerts are flopping she only has 62,000 twitter followers..she is clingy and obsessed with a dlist unemployed married cheating actor who doesnt even defend tell me again what is there to be jealous thanks id rather be jealous of carrie underwood and taylor swift..ppl who dont need an affair for the media to pay attention to them

  • LL

    Although, I do give her kudos for a pretty voice but the boring performance outweighs the voice. Leanne is a really boring performer. If I ever bought tickets to her concert not know that she would give this type of performance I would definitely ask for my money back.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Looking good Leann! People who bash her probably don’t look good in bikinis or look good in general…

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Leann’s videos are so great.

  • http://deleted A Real Winner

    @Not Impressed by AJ:
    i luv how whoever doesnt think leann is attractive must be guess if it makes u feel better to think that then go right ahead.

  • –*–

    The little I watched, it was beyond uncomfortable. Great voice but horrid performance.

  • BB

    @Not Impressed by AJ: Please tell which part of this video is great because I don’t see it. If you can pin point one part that is so great then I may agree with you but since I don’t see anything amusing…I have to disagree.

  • Josie Says

    Her face is so ugly, I’ve always thought that! No wonder she sweats it up at the gym, gotta keep that bod fit to compensate for that unfortunate face.
    And her voice is not that good, very nasal-y and annoying.
    Overall, this particular performance was cheesy and dull and i couldn’t watch all of it because i’d rather watch paint dry.

  • i-i

    She is sooo unfortunate looking. Just look at that face! Ugly on the outside and on the inside.

  • Who?

    Is this what is referred to as a she-male?

  • He-She


  • SBD

    This song and video wasn’t received at all in country music circles so she’s pushing it as a “Cali Babe” bikini shake and quake. It’s fallen off the charts and the MTV fans will ignore it as well. She’s trying to immitate Juiian Hough. Since this is the best song on her new CD, it doesn’t bode well for sales.

  • Hippy Hop

    Of course, a comment coming from your boyfriend would be bias. But for sure for a lot of people, there is a problem with Lean’s outfit in here. They had just showed the straight line body. LOL.

  • Katsaridoula

    her face is a lemon-sucking face. Don’t like her, she is trying too hard. And whoever thinks I am being negative because I am jealous of her body (no one can be possible jealous of her fugly face) , well let me tell you: No, I am not. I have nothing to envy her, she is ugly as hell and on top of that is a nasty homewrecker.

  • Luv’r Luv’r

    I think she’s trying to imitate Katie Perry with the Cali Gury theme. I read on a blog that she’s twittering herself as the new Bridget Bardo and Gidget……delusional to the max.

  • Becky

    It’s embarrassing when a singer tries to cross over from Country music to POP. For Carrie and Taylor it’s a natural reach because they are so well liked but LeAnn should stay in Country. It’s also sad when a performer tries to hang onto a career that really never took off. She would be remembered better if she would bow out with some dignity and class.

  • Kaylyn

    Well- I have a couple of males in my house who want stop watching her video of her performance on AGT. My husband cannot believe she is so grown up and pretty. My Texas hat off to you LeAnn-you did a wonderful job! Thank you for your talent that has fulfilled a many of lives.That must have been your Benji who was your dance partner. I can see you both trust each other very much. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  • Lori

    Class and dignity? That’s asking a bit much. Don’t you think?

  • A

    What’s this pathetic one hit wonder famous for other than being a homewreking slut and why is she still in the news? does just jared really has no material? come on now.

  • leanna

    What in the heck was that all about. Noticed the judges clapped but they sure didn’t stand up for her like they did the little ten year old JohnAnderson should sue her she had so much spray tan on thought she might actually be orange saw pictures the next day of her out walking and believe me she has dimpling and cellulitus and all at 27

  • jasmine

    comparing herself to the great beauty Bardo and the incredible gidget is above annoying she seriously needs meds and a psche DR. to tell her about the real world you don’t chase a married man with kids while you are married, lie, cheat, committ adultery and then just expect people to move on when you are tweeting about it constantly and expecting the public who are the comsumers to pay you for your terrible behavior by going to your concerts and buying any album SoSopathetic

  • jasmine

    and doesn’t she have any advisors to tell her enough is enough I would think the Curb Record company would heed all the bad publicity she has generated and pull that albun . It’s going nowhere and she is delusional if she thinks one or two people make all these comments here and all the other websites out there I am one person and I don’t need to hide behind other names as LR PR people do

  • gwen

    Hey JJ, didn’t EC say that he wants privacy? So when he says that LR did a good job, can you really trust him? I mean this is the same man who said that his kids shouldn’t be exposed the media and then he lets his mistress tweet about them over and over.

    Oh JJ, now why would Eddie need to tweet that to Leann when he could have told her that to her face? That does’t seem odd to you? So this tweet from EC is just DAMAGE CONTROL. To show us that EC loves her because he supports her career and calls her baby.

    That is right, isn’t Leann taking EC on yet another trip? So to get that trip, EC has to call LR baby and say that she did a great job?

    Hey JJ, did EC also BG baby when he was sleeping with her behind BG back?

    Is anyone at all surprised that LR is in a bikini? JJ you should have just posted those photos of BG at LAVO because we all know that this is what it was all about in the first place.

    Is straddling that dancer suppose to be a ***** to the public for getting on her about making out in front of EC kids?

    BTW, CBME you just showed us how bad things are for LR by coming her and posting under all those different names.

  • gwen

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    So is that why you bash Brandi and why Leann keeps trying to taunt BG by tweeting about her kids, it’s because you and Leann are JEALOUS of Brandi?

  • gwen

    Kaylyn(aka cbme, RACY)

    1)”Well- I have a couple of males in my house who want stop watching her video of her performance on AGT.”

    Stop lying. Unless of course you are talking about your DOGS.

    2)” My husband cannot believe she is so grown up and pretty.”

    You don’t have a husband, you have a married man who you are having an affair with.

    3)” My Texas hat off to you LeAnn-you did a wonderful job! ”

    Well a majority of the public and those media outlets not being pad byh LR don’t think so.

    4)”Thank you for your talent that has fulfilled a many of lives.”

    Don’t you mean: You have to thank LR for how her MONEY has fulfilled your life?

    5)”That must have been your Benji who was your dance partner.”

    HAHAHA. Really?

    6)”I can see you both trust each other very much. YOU GO GIRL!!!!”

    If LR trusted Eddie she wouldn’t be tweeting like crazy to make up for what her “romance” with EC lacks.

    Where should LR go? To a place to get morals?

  • —–

    JJ, why are you posting on this attention-desperate homewrecker????? Gross! Please post something worth my time! She simply disgusts me!!!!! I wish she had been booed off stage.

  • gwen

    RACY( aka cbme, kaylyn)

    1)”Ha Ha Ha That is so cute of you folks – you really liked it didn’t you and I would bet that everyone of you watched and turned green with envy over that great looking bod and her beautiful face.”

    WE know that Leann turned green with envy over Brandi great looking bod and beautiful face, hence why LR showed up on AGT in a bikini.

    2)” Yes, I said beautiful face. ”

    But only because you are being paid. You wrote the same thing on x17.

    3)”She is young”

    In age ONLY. She looks old, and that is not good. Perhaps LR should stop talking about how she is kissing BG kids and in the bed with them.

    4)” and sweet”

    Yeah because all sweet people use two innocent kids to get back at their mother, right?

    5)” and full of life ”

    So that is what you are calling insecurity?

    6)”and most people would envy that, wouldn’t they, huh?”

    Well if you got off your computer, you would see that no one would envy LR. Why?

    7)” Nothing lame about that girl or her performance. ”

    So why are you posting under so many different names, blaming BG, and now LR has to use EC because her fanbase is low.

    8)”Way to go LeAnn. ”

    Way to go LR, thank for showing us that you have to pay just to make people say nice things about you.

    9)”Straddling a dancer? ”

    To mimic those photos of her straddling EC. So this was just another ***** to the public.

    10) “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Now that was lame!!!!”

    No what is lame is that you slam my posts and then go and use my words and ideas.

  • gwen


    JJ is being paid.

  • Twit-wit

    Don’t tell me Eddie is tweeting her. For f–ks sake they’re shacked up together. What, he sits on one end of the couch and she on the other end while they tweet each other. Alice in WTF land.

  • She’s very talented!

    I like it and she’s a good dancer. She’s better than a lot of other singers who stand up there and lip sync but are lousy singers. As for her being pretty…WHO CARES. Lay off you shallow people. Are you so perfect yourselves? There’s nothing wrong with her looks.

  • gwen

    Another “LR had a awesome performance” post by CBME? DAMAGE CONTROL…

    LR is better than a lot of other singers?
    So that is why artists like Lady Gaga and Beyonce and Taylor Swift have songs that make it in the top 20s, it’s because they are not good at what they do?

    Well that can’t be true, look at the fact that she can’t even sell tickets when they are reduced to 2 for 1 and somene said that her single hasn’t even been in the top 20s.

    We know that Leann and EC are shallow people, who else would go on a vacation after vacation when EC isn’t even paying his child support?

    The perfect thing doesn’t even apply. None us are using twitter accounts to taunt a mother with her own kids.

    People comment on LR looks because it’s what she, JJ, x17, and her “fans” use to justify her affair with EC. It also doesn’t help that LR “Fans” trash DS and BG looks to dehumanize them.

    Obviously LR cares because she is working hard to convince those record producers that the backlash isn’t real. You know only ONE or TWO people “hate” her. So one or just two people can stop LR single from making it into the top 20 list? Wow, those are some very powerful people.

    LR is a lousey singer and in this case she would have done a better job just lip sync.

    She is a good dancer!!!!!!!!!!! Is that all she has left?

  • Jake

    Becky: You’re right LeAnn can’t, and failed previously at switching to Pop, however, the facts currently show Country no longer wants her either. She’s hanging by a thread because she’s been around so long she has some powerful contacts w/i the industry, probably married males that had sex with her while she was a juvenile so they’ll keep assisting her (I’m serious, not joking). LeAnn’s never had the looks, the personality or the “it” factor. Frankly, when I see or hear her any more, I can say she only successfully has attained the “SH!T” factor!

  • boston61

    She is head over heals 200% in love. This is what we all dream of. Unfortunately for her he said his relationship with LeAnn is “a beautiful thing” or something like that. He does not feel the same passion for her. Maybe he is 200% in love with her money. But he makes his own.
    It will be interesting to see this play out…

  • Lexy

    She is the epitome of white trash.

  • SL

    I couldn’t care less that she’s in love. I value dignity and honor myself. She’s a despicable, disgusting, crude, immature and selfish piece of humanity.

  • jack I’m back

    She is to be pitied she ruined her career and all because she went after a married man like a bit** in heat She really and truly thinks she did nothing wrong Who does that and then thinks people will approve of her or her music

  • FansOfDecency

    @jake and Boston61
    You both are exactly right. When Eddie tweeted “beautiful relationship” my thoughts were just as yours. The last time I heard a man use the phrase “beautiful relationship” was in San Fransico and the two guys were wearing short pink pants. As far as LeAnn’s contacts go, they’ll throw her a bone (or thee bone) until they realize the music fans have had enough of her. They can push and download her music all they want to keep it in the buzz but at the end of the day they can’t make anybody open their wallets.

  • LOL Short Pink Pants

    L&E sitting on couch after reading “short pink pants”. L has big stick.

    “You say something nice about me!!”
    “OOOch, Ouch. What do you want me to say.”
    “Say you love me and I’m your soul mate!!!”
    “I love you and yo..OOch, OOOuch! What the f…”
    “Don’t tell me. Tweet it!!”
    “You know I can’t use this thing….You do it. Like last time..OOCh, OOOOOuch. Put that stick away or I’ll put mine away you little bi..”
    “Watch your mouth or no more vacations”
    “OOch, OOOOOuch. Okay okay. How about another bottle of tequila?”
    “AAWWWWW, I knew you loved me.”

  • barron797

    That was embarrassing. I think her career is done.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    They are both immature and they deserve each other.

  • gwen

    Just warning RACY (aka cbme) is on US Weekly making threats to other posters.

    According to RACY the “powers that be”(aka her and Leann) are going to punish other posters.

    So watch out, that means that CBMEis going to do some major hijacking of names or worse, she is going to hit BG twitter page with lost of posts where she calls BG “B******”.

  • gwen

    @LOL Short Pink Pants:

    You forgot the cough syrup.

    I also think that some of the tweets on EC page are being made by Leann. Someone pointed out that EC also makes the same spelling mistakes as Leann.

  • Racy

    @betty: Oh, betty, I know some who are milking it for all its worth but it ain’t LeAnn. Can you guess who?

  • Racy

    @A Real Winner: One thing that all of us should be jealous of that LeAnn has is her ability to love. Eddie isn’t the pathetic creature that some make him out to be and if he was this person, LeAnn would still love him; LeAnn has no children but she loves Eddie’s kids and any other kids I would bet; she shares some of her life with her fans and doesn’t pretend that it is to give a boost to her ability to sell her music – her fans support her anyway so what would be the point? I am very sure that her job is important to her; she works hard enough at it, but the love she has for Eddie is probably the most important thing in her life right now. Does anybody feel that way about any of you? Eddie is blessed or anybody is blessed to have that kind of love. All the ridicule that is put out against her doesn”t hurt her ; she just keeps going and she keeps on smiling. Yes, she will be successful regardles of how you treat her. God and your fans love you, LeAnn .

  • Bama Pepa

    She is ugly. You know Eddie is only with her for the money and fame.