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Rachel Bilson: LAX with Grandpa Bruce!

Rachel Bilson: LAX with Grandpa Bruce!

Rachel Bilson clutches onto a pillow as she touches down after a flight to LAX airport on Saturday (August 21).

The 28-year-old actress was picked up by her grandfather, director Bruce Bilson, who waited at baggage claim with Rachel and pulled her suitcase along for her!

Last week, Rachel was spotted out grabbing lunch at one of her favorite restaurants in Los Feliz, Little Dom’s!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson meeting grandpa Bruce after arriving at LAX…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 01
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 02
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 03
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 04
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 05
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 06
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 08
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 09
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 10
rachel bilson lax airport grandpa bruce pillow 11

Credit: Matei/SRV; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
Posted to: Rachel Bilson

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  • vinha


  • hello

    why is she trying to hide her face.

  • http://www kaz


  • Brightside

    Can’t get her ex to haul her bags so now she’s pressing family members to do it for her! Pitiful! What’s wrong with doing it herself? She doesn’t need to be met, she’s not a child…she’s a grown woman.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful :)

  • Dianna

    how is this news?

  • JC

    Bruce Bilson is such a press whore. It is so obvious he tips the paps off about where he’s going to be. Can we please go a day without a post of this talentless, short, press whoring old man talking about fashion and getting photographed doing the most every day mundane things. No more Bruce Bilson! Why is he pimping out his granddaughter? That is low.

  • JC

    It looks like her ex going around everywhere having the time of his life is doing a number on her. She looks really depressed.

  • luke

    really? you know the name of her grandpa justjared

  • JC

    Bruce Bilson is such a press whore. It is so obvious he tips the paps off about where he’s going to be. Can we please go a day without a post of this talentless, short, press whoring old man talking about fashion and getting photographed doing the most every day mundane things. No more Bruce Bilson! Now I know why he got dumped.

  • lisa

    Fame Whor* is Back! Thank God Hayden dumped her!

  • JC

    Why does a duplicate post appear 15 minutes after I retype it. Gerbils running the power on this site must be acting up again.

  • JC

    She doesn’t look glad to see the cameras to me.

  • rb

    she lost her meal ticket ! she was smart enough to land him, but couldn’t keep em LOL

  • Please

    Ok to me her stretch leggins make her look like a baby hippo and carrying the pillow only makes things worse. The hat does nothing for her nor does this outfit. Tell me why is it again INSTYLE thinks she is some fashion Icon plus went back and renewed her contract. They would be far a head of the game to hire someone who knows fashion and style and not leaves her door unlocked for burglars to get in. Personally I think the ex has issues his eyes and face look old. He might be cute to some but honestly one can tell being around her for 4 years took it’s toll on him.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!! What where are the “fans” who mobbed her last time asking for autographs and pics?? JJ we want to know what flight she got off of and where she’s been. Not about her grandfather who apparently won’t give her a job or suggest acting classes.

  • Faggot

    Wow!! Clearly now all the girls making bashing comments on Rachel think they have free riegn now to get Hayden! LOL!

    Personally, I think the man is gay and hiding in the closet still. It is too bad this cute little thing got used and that was it was. Perhaps she loves to press herself but, really?? What was so bad about that? Not like she jacked your car or something. For the most part she seemed like a easy person to get along with and did not get into trouble with DUI’s like Lindsay Lohan and others. I’m just saying it looked like Rachel is taking this hard. Oh well…She will pull from this and can do better then Hayden and should! :)

  • hanni

    @lexy hates bilson: lexy hates bilson, can you effing fucc off!
    go kiss hayden’s ass.

  • love

    she looks veryvery cute

  • Domino

    Who gives a ****? I seriously don’t understand why you post about her, JJ. She has no career at all.

  • curious

    She is cute but why is she on here all the time doing nothing?

  • JustSaying

    Jc you are so delusional it really isn’t even funny anymore. How is Bruce Bilson the presswh@re of the family, when he is not the one posted constantly on sites like JJ walking around doing nothing. When his granddaughter who used HIS very name to even try to get a career to begin with is to one posted constantly. Hmmmm?
    Your comments about HIM are ironic because they are exactly what most people on here say about Rachel to begin with. He isn’t the one mugging for the cameras she is, giving her little pouty look and trying to get attention right down to that hat she is wearing that screams out ” LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME” Even if no one had ever heard of her, though most people these days haven’t that hat would still make people stare at you. A baseball cap would of been much much more practical for hiding. Which she clearly is not trying to do.

    I do find it extremely funny she waited till her ex finished his press tour for his upcoming film Takers. Just like she did when he was promoting it earlier this month. Because when you compare the two she looks like she is stuck in the rut. So she hides. Hey atleast he has one to promote… she has nothing except an episode of How I Met Your Mother. This is carefully timed till after Hayden was done, showing her with her industry connnections her grandfather, who is more respected than she will ever be in the bizz. She is copying her ex Hayden was seen spending time with his grandmother Rose a few months ago and people liked it. So she is now doing the same.
    Guess she learned well from her former OC cast member Miscah Barton that if you dress like a mess someone will take a picture of you. Hence the crazy hat and pants that make her look huge and older than she is.
    All calculated by Rachel but her poor grandfather who has the unfortunate role of being related to her and being used by her like she uses all her family .(and they use eachother back of course the family that presswhores together stays together) She is making sure people see her with her grandfather so it looks like she is a ” family girl” and like she has work in her future. Which she clearly doesnt. All she has in her future is the silence and solitude of being forgotten.

    The only thing good about her outfit is the shirt but the rest looks like she got dressed in the dark.. somewhere in the deep south lol
    No fashionista would do that to herself… unless she had something to gain from it she wanted more… in Rachel’s case that would be attention of course.

  • Blahzae

    SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE IS DRESSED LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!!!! Atleast actual homeless people have an excuse what is hers, blindness or just stupidity?

  • JC

    @JustSaying: I don’t even know who Bruce Bilson is. The joke was I take what the comments always are in a post about her, and make them about him. You got the joke but you don’t get it. Quit changing you name all the time too.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Faggot – just curious and you suspect HC’s gay b/c your “gaydar” says so? Can you explain why the gaydar never works for “unattractive” men…No one ever says Marc Anthony or Seth Rogen is gay but HC, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Leo DiCaprio – all gay according to gay men. And BTW, no I’m not expecting to be dating HC anytime soon – LOL! We don’t really run in the same crowds.

  • MissAnthropica

    Maybe the hat is her attempt to look like a ” farmer’s wife” lmao
    or the SCARECROW on the farm possibly.
    We’re off to see the wizard alalalalalalalalalalala :P
    Now if she only had a brain lol

  • Gag

    I swear she is trying to start rumors she is preggers again and that is why she is hiding behind the pillow and ugo pants of doom here.

  • Shanda

    Like the other people here Why is she being posted here. Was anybody expecting somene to be with her? Why she haven’t done anything with herself.She still the same person that left.She was wrong to bring that up when he had his premiere for his movie.And he had to do that charity event in new york. Thouht she did something special by leaving.Hoping that people would miss her enough to get attention from it. Rachel you get to go work are get involved with another guy. Before people started paying you attention again. This was nothing to take pictures are. You been carrying your bags. why stop now? Just because hayden had someone to be with him.He was promting his movie. Rachel its doing nothing.

  • @gag

    maybe she wants ppl to think if she is pregnant it’s her ex’s which I would find that hard to buy since he hasn’t been with her in months so to post a rumor like that is a mote point. All she wants is ppl to think she is poor little old Rachel lets feel sorry for her….. not.

  • the truth

    @MissAnthropica: @Gag: first off they have broken -up what part are that you two don’t understand! She just holding her he pillow. People do that you know.And jj i don’t see her suitcase that her grandfather is carrying. unless she’s leaving .Who wrote this anyway?.

  • GAG


    I konw english is not your language but I was being koy everyone knows they broke off. The idea here is she is trying to make a statement and if she wears big ass clothing hiding behind a pillow ppl might think she is possible hiding something like a baby. We all know there is no change that HC did that did it would have to belonge to someone else. She is a sympathy chaser right now and only fools believe in her.

  • GAG

    sorry computer error

    Did the deed

  • JustSaying

    I dont know it is possible, he was in England for awhile under the radar and she was around the same time.
    She just vanished for a bit, so he may of had her come visit but insisted she didnt presswhore it and fly under the radar like he was. She clearly can when she wants to, because this week it was like she fell off the face of the earth and left and came back to LA without anyone seeing.
    So clearly this girl can hide when she wants to and all her cr@p she has said over the years about not being able to avoid the press and that it isnt her fault they hound her… is simply BS.

  • Brightside

    Try I might I can’t see how your statement works! One big stumbling block is that there is no evidence at all for assuming he is gay. Also I think that, if he was, then surely after a three year relationship, an engagement and talk of a marriage, then she would have realised at some point so, that being the case, she’s hardly likely to be so cut up about it.
    The most likely scenario is that he is straight but just fell out of love with her because she’s dumb and rather boring. After putting up with her for three years he simply found he couldn’t be bothered to do it any more. That happens a lot you know, and yes, girls take it very hard when they realise that the fella they had pinned so much hope on is just not as interested in them as they were at the beginning of the relationship. Relationships fail from boredom more than any other factor. He got bored with her and moved on. Humiliating but it happens. I can see her taking that hard because she had far more to lose from the break up than he did. She has no career, no prospects and now she has no richer future ‘husband’ to give her the niceties in life to which she is accustomed. She’s stuck in a rut and must wonder why, after two such promising relationships have fizzled out to nothing, men don’t want to stick around for the long haul. Women can get quite neurotic about that.
    When you see hoof prints, a horse is the most likely explanation so you don’t waste your time looking for a zebra.
    He got fed up with her.

  • goop

    this is the first time I’ve seen her actually look upset to see the paparazzi.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She always pretended she was upset by the paps when HC was around…
    I’m still curious as to where she’s coming from and I think some of you need to be reminded that some celebs do manage to pull of weddings and other things without the paps knowledge…for all we know she could be coming back from NY or Vegas and just stayed in the hotel room while there. Or she could be coming back from the farm…It IS possible that they are trying to work things out or even back together.

  • Blahzae

    @lexy hates bilson: One problem with your theory if she was on the farm as you put it then she would of missed Hayden ……….because he wasnt there lol

    He was in NYC for several days during the same time and if she had been in NYC there would of been pictures.
    So that kills both theories.
    Most likely she went on a trip on her families dime, maybe paided for by her rich grandfather.
    Her birthday is coming up so maybe she took an early trip to celebrate and relax from her hard work…. as a professional presswhore.
    I somehow doubt they will ever try to work things out since she just blabbed to the whole world that they are over less then 11 days ago and basically said she is moving forward with her career and doesnt care at all.
    I dont think that would of rubbed Hayden the right way being Mr. Private and all.
    I just think she went out of town so it looks like she has something anything to do while he promotes his latest film, because it would of looked pathectic for her to have been seen doing nothing like normal.

    Funny thing is she looked even more pathectic reappearing once he was done dressed like that hugging a pillow going Please pity me pity me ~pouty lip~
    She is trying to play the part of sweet innocent puppy dog eyed girl but she has never been much of an actress and her true colors showed by making her poor old grandfather drag her luggage while she carried a freaking pillow. Im sure the pillow was such a burden. Not.!!!!!!!
    What a spoiled brat the man could of hurt himself and then she really would of looked bad.
    Shows how selfish she is…. and why Hayden got tired of her cr@p.

  • PrettySimpleton

    Her hair is so dead and life less looking these days like a kitchen sink bleach job gone so so wrong. Always looks like she needs to wash it or wash it less Im not sure.
    Dead and lifeless hair ….atleast it goes with her career these days ^.^ Just as dead and lifeless. She is accessorizing I guess LMAO

  • Viper

    Problem with the gay idea Brightside is there is no evidence to prove Orlando Bloom is gay but there is non stop rumors on him. Now he is married with a kid on his way. Also Gay men will marry woman and have kids there are many actors who have come out of the closet after their divorce and then went to a gay lover. So being with someone doesn’t actually say they aren’t gay. Truly it’s a useless battle and has been done to death there will be many ppl that see him as gay and that’s fine maybe he is or bi and likes woman and men. Then again he might not be hard to say with Christensen he is a puzzle.

    Bilson she drops off the radar b/c really knowone cares about her enough to follow her around. The PR calls them out when they feel the need to get her picture and name out in the press. She could fly anywhere and again who would care to know unless it’s a instyle reader or OC fan. Or maybe Instyle flew her to Thailand like she always said she was going. Truly most ppl don’t care that much about her to follow her around with a camera all the time.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Blahzae – we’ll see. They were a together for a while and her b-day is coming up. Usually it takes a few tries for a break-up to last. I know he wasn’t at the farm but she could have been there alone – planning a wedding….and she could have “disappeared” in NYC. There aren’t paps at every corner in NYC like there are in LA. She could have gone out the back exit of the hotel and she could easily blend in with the crowd.

  • KR

    Oh God, why can’t she just stay away from JJ??? It was so nice and happy without her here….

  • C3


    Hey anonymous. How do I know your not Hayden? I mean no one here knows the real status between the Rachel and Hayden. I’m wishing it was over.

    Rachel is more than beautiful. She’s sexy, lovely, natural, cute and adorable. And she deserves someone who will not be so cold to her in public. She deserves someone who will be affectionate and warm with her in public. And I think we can all remember from the proof JJ provided us in last years photos that Hayden was a cold @ss fish with Rachel. He just didn’t look like a lover of any kind. A man who loves a girl shows his affection publicly. He doesn’t put on a show for the cameras and interviews just giving us all talk and lead all his fans on making him think this and that. He played a game on you girls. He’s as guilty as Rachel was with all that.

    You know what I find to be funny is that you all seem to think you know that Rachel is phoning the paps to come and see her every time she shows up in public somewhere. None of you can prove it. It’s the most stupid claim. And next, she looks too tired. If she is as camera happy as you’d like to make every one believe then why call them when she probably feels like $hit and is tired? No girl I know would ever do that especially if they are high maintenance, which I assume Rachel is.

    You girls are such idiots. Do all of you women wear house coats, slippers and curlers in your hair? Are all of you middle aged 50 year old women who should be thinking about their grand babies instead of some little boy Hayden and his ex. The more you put Rachel down the more I’m going to talk the truth about Hayden.

    Anonymous if your Hayden then I think you know my opinion of you. But Anonymous if your not Hayden then more power to you. Right on. I agree with you 100 percent.

  • Debra

    I dont really know this girl, but i saw the pic and just had to comment…….WTH is going on with her pants? they look like those pants that MC Hammer used to wear all the time..wasback in the 80s or 90s? please tell me thats not a style now

  • C3

    Rachel might be tired. But she’s not in no way depressed. She’s a happy girl since she dumped Christensen’s sorry @ss.


    And Debra I don’t care for all of Rachel’s clothes. Most girls these days where god knows what. Most of it looks like too much to me. Girls think guys care about their clothes. We are more interested what you look like without them on. I say it doesn’t matter what the hell Rachel wears. She’s hot and sexy in any old thing.

    Sexy sexy steamy hot Rachel. God she looks gorgeous in anything. I’d love to photograph her just wearing that hat laying on a white furry throw rug. She’s awesome. Hayden was nothing but a cold @ss fish to her and he probably knows he was an @sshole to her out in public. He’s not a bad dude he’s just not the right kind of guy for Rachel. She’s a fiesty beautiful girl who deserves someone who will not only love her but will be warm to her in public. Christensen is too much of a dumb@ss cold fish. Again I think he’s like his dumb@ss dad who cheated on his mother. And Hayden’s probably not too far from being the violent sob like his brother. Thanks to JJ and the internet we all know about their escapades.

    Thanks to JJ period. I get to see any photo of Rachel. She rocks my world. I’m loving it. Way to go Rachel. Wishing the best for a better life without that chicken $hit in your life.

  • C3


    Ms Pretty Simpleton. Let’s imagine you are the public figure like Rachel here. I wonder how pretty you girls are when you spend time on a jet sleeping with your head up against a pillow for many hours, or laying your head down at the airport while waiting for lay overs or for your escort home. I wonder if you would rather wear your gorgeous glamor gowns with all the little sparklies. Maybe you would like to show boat for the paps and cameras your best duds, some tight ass jeans and sexy hot sheer low cut blouses, or short tight skirts and steamy hot shiny blouses. But no. Rachel wanted to be comfortable on the flight and pretty much chooses to wear the next best thing to wearing her jammies. She’s a fuquen human and you old fat women should know that no one wants to be uncomfortable on long trips.

    Oh let me guess. Oh this is hilarious and priceless. LOL. Yeah right. Rachel called the paps just so that everyone could see her pillow hair and see her wearing her comfy clothes and all exhausted from her trip. Yeah so that proves she calls the paps. LOL.

    Priceless. Rachel is sexy no matter what. She’s beautiful no matter what. She’s natural. She’s hot. And you guys are jealous of her. Too bad. Jealous old women. I’ll tell you I know Hayden’ probably wouldn’t touch any of you cause I know you all are probably fat and sitting around in your house coats slobbering all over Hayden. Yuck!

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ C3 – LMAO!!! Are you kidding me hurling insults at people?? Are you sitting at home with pics of Rachel on all fours on your laptop and a bottle of lube in your hand???
    The paps hang out at LAX so if she wanted to avoid them she should have flown into another airport. However do you really think this Z-lister who hasn’t had a job in years and was never really popular to begin with is hounded by the paps?? Come on!!! Let the brain flow back to your head for a minute.

  • anna

    If she had spent the last few years trying to improve her acting by going to acting class or acting in plays, instead of being obsessed with clothes and being a walking fashion advertisment for the paparazzi, then maybe just maybe she’d get more acting work by now. And people would start viewing her as a legitimate actress instead of that girl who gets papped all the time because of what she’s wearing and who she is dating. She built her popularity around fashion and her love life and now that the paps are hounding her after her breakup she shouldn’t complain.

  • jamie

    Hayden was really smart to realize that Rachel don’t have the maturity to something so serious like a marriage. I’m very proud of him, he is mature and knows what is best for him. But Rachel, I can’t see anything good in her, she acts like a spoiled teenager that needs attention, she wants to feel important all the time, and uses her boyfriends, or even family members to get it, is really sad. I want to see who the next guy she will get, obviously a celebrity.

  • Blahzae

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Stop being such a Rayden fan
    Its revolting
    They are clearly over and Hayden is glowing because of it. While Bilson looks ticked off most likely because she realized she couldnt get her meal ticket back. Her face is that of a gold digger that just lost her gold mine lol

  • periwinkle

    Bratchel is just reaping what she sowed that is “karma”. Everything about her now is such a tragedy – NO career, NO Bff, NO Wedding… and it looks like that being JJ fave paparazi pet is now being “taken over” by some tart whom at least got a “real” engagement & wedding LOL