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Angelina Jolie: Bosnian War 'Love Story' Film In The Works!

Angelina Jolie: Bosnian War 'Love Story' Film In The Works!

Angelina Jolie sits down with Naveed Hussain (UNHCR Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Haris Silajdzic (Muslim member of the Bosnian tripartite Presidency) during her visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia, on Saturday, August 21.

A top official in Bosnia says the 35-year-old UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador is interested in supporting education and other projects to help young Bosnians and people who return to homes they left during the war.

Angie was also in town inspecting filming locations as she plans to shoot a movie there set during the 1992-95 Bosnian War.

“The film is a love story, not a political statement,” she said in a statement. “I would like to involve as many local people as possible and learn as much as I can.”

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Credit: AP Photo/Bosnian Presidency Press Office
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  • queen bee


  • queen bee

    WHOOOOHOOOO I beat the trolls!!…..They’re probably still screaming at the ocean about The B(Sw)ITCH!! LOL!….There There…..she’s still got Norman’s unconditional love….there’s that, right?…

    …Meanwhile…..ANGELINA HAS REACHED 216,000,000.00 WORLDWIDE!!!

  • Theresa Jolie Pitt

    She’s So gorgeous. She’s amazing with all she gives back to people. Love her!

  • queen bee

    I love how poised and graceful Angelina is when meeting with other Governments….so beautiful and well spoken….unlike SOME people.

    Her philanthropy is surpassed by no other woman her age in HOLLYWOOD. She’s really setting a great example for the upcoming actors…..You can’t just take the money and run anymore….you should make a difference with your influence. God Bless her….

  • Iffy Miffy

    I hope not. The word is a woman is raped by a guy from a different nationality then falls in love with him?! Bad. As I said, love, love her but hope this is not true.

  • queen bee

    forgive me, but…I still can’t believe I was FIRST!!

  • Hi

    Brad Pitt is probs so jealous of her success. Salt is 100percent jolie. Brad has never carried a movie all on his own name. It’s always a brad Pitt movie + clooney, damon, blanchet, terrentino, fincher and god knows who else. Lol Angelina is doing surprisingly well with salt and the tourist will make another 100+ million annnnnd she’s also a director now? Lol no wonder brad hasn’t supported her movie premiers … Angie is too successful. I’m sure they will breakup soon. ;)

  • Isador

    I see her with the twins in Popsugar, beatiful Mama, gorgeous Children. GBU JoliePitts

  • zen2

    She isn’t only beautiful she is also very intelligent!

  • Lara

    What a wonderful woman, and such an inspiration.
    She never stops supporting those that are in need.

  • classy skeleton

    nice tats

  • niwatori

    YAY Queen Bee! Well done :D

    LOVE ANGIE! She’s one in a million. Beautiful inside and out.

  • getalife

    Angie is one classic lady and Brad have met the right woman for him cause of who they are and what they are to thier families and the world.
    Angie is always doing something to better society the part of th world that have be suffer from war and at the same time Brad is doing the same thing in NO.
    I wish them well and pray for Brad,Angie and the kids all the time.
    Lovely family!!!

  • Lara

    See the haters didn’t take long getting here, as usual.
    Isn’t SALT fabulous? go see it, and take your friends!

  • t.m.delafonda

    I LOVE Angelina!!!! She is such an amazing and giving woman. She truly has that special something that makes people gravitate towards her and is intelligent enough that she is taken seriously by world leaders. Her generosity humbles me and her energy is astounding. A loving partner (Brad), an A++List movie career, mother of SIX children under the age of 10, and a humanitarian that travels the world in the name of justice and equality. She is truly a SUPERWOMAN.

  • queen bee

    @iffy Miffy

    I hate when people jump the gun and poo poo something without knowing the details… in point…..your comments…

    Who said that she falls in love with someone who rapes her?….The ASSOCIATED PRESS states;

    “The film is a love story,” and is about a couple that meets on the eve of the war”….

  • QQQQ

    This story sounds so bogus.

  • queen bee

    ….Thanks Niwatori!!! ((huge smile))….I’m quite proud of myself….

  • ykw aka Evelyn

    What a Woman!

  • queen bee


    …I believe this story was confirmed by UNHCR, no? I think that’s what I read….

  • art immitates life

    Ang plays a Bosnian girl who falls in love with someone elses husband and commits adultery.,,,.wait

  • getalife

    I love reading her inerviews and also watch her she is very well spoken but respectful and I was just finishing watching the korea permeier and the fans were saying I love you angelina with pads and photos for her to sign and she sign it .
    I really think Angelina understood that the fans is why she has this job and she is grateful to sign it.
    There was picture of a homeless man who kiss angelina’s hand and she even took picture with him with that smile.
    I love this woman for able to find inside of her the best qualities of a human person and boy she is beautiful.

  • Hi

    Eat pray love is a disappointment. Lol Julia Roberts in a movie co produced by brad Pitt is a turd? No way lol even Jennifer anistons cluncker is getting better reviews

  • Caribbean

    Lovely woman

  • queen bee

    THIS APPEARS TO BE LEGIT….I don’t believe this is a bogus story…

    ….According to the Associated Press, the Chairman of the three-Member Presidency in Bosnia has confirmed this, and Angelina made a statement though UNHCR….


    Jolie visits Bosnia, hopes to support education
    By AIDA CERKEZ-ROBINSON (AP) – 1 day ago
    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — A top official in Bosnia said Saturday that Angelina Jolie is interested in supporting education and other projects to help young Bosnians and people who return to homes they left during the war.
    Haris Silajdzic, chairman of Bosnia’s three-member Presidency, said after meeting the actress that she asked about ideas for projects she could support and they both concluded that “the absolute priority is education”.
    The aim would be turn Sarajevo into a regional center of education, Silajdzic said.
    Jolie visited Bosnia in April as UNHCR ambassador and drew attention to the plight of 117,000 people who haven’t able to return to their homes even though the Bosnia war ended 15 years ago.
    Jolie was also inspecting filming locations. She said in a statement issued through UNHCR — the United Nations refugee agency — that she plans to start shooting a movie in Bosnia in the autumn.
    “The film is a love story,” and is about a couple that meets on the eve of the war, her statement said.
    Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

  • nannymommy

    so it’s safe to say Angelina has no plans for playing a mother in the future

  • Agatha

    A beautiful, intelligent and SUCCESSFUL woman.

  • QQQQ

    IMO ithe story sound bogus.

  • busted

    this is the film she was talking about a while ago. I think that Lucy Liu and Meryl Streep are also doing a movie and it will be a combination of 4 stories. An Independent film.. and I think Angie is financing her part herself. (maybe anther Producer in the Family)

    The subject matter is just bits and pieces. And for the haters trying to trash it before it has even been made. Do some research on history.

    Aniston’s film is a Bomb.. maybe she will will start Directing that film she keeps talking about since she is going to burst if she does not do it. Mind you her 10 minute short was 2 years ago..Now she wants to do Broadway. ALL talk and NO SHOW.

    Fans should prepare for the hate on Angie to start. They are trying to deflect from the BO FAILURE that is Aniston. Maybe if they went to see her movies instead of stalking Angie.. the HAG would not have had 4 bombs in a row.

    Angie has nothing to do with the failure this woman. Angie has always done interesting and diverse projects. Pushing herself and trying new things. So this is going to be a small film but I so will see it. She has never disappointed me in front of the camera. HOW exciting that she is going behind it again.

    The Jolie-Pitt household is very talented. Both Great Actors, a Producer and now a Director. YEAH what an amazing couple they are.

  • ceeq

    Congratulations, queen bee!!!
    Yeap, you definitely beat the trolls!!!
    To Cliniqua :
    How to ‘Capture Screen’ :
    1) Click ‘Print Screen’ on the keyboard
    2) Open ‘Paint’ Programme (Start – Program – Accessories – Paint)
    3) Click ‘Paste’ in the ‘Paint’ Programme and ‘save’
    Hope this helps you!!!


    Yep way to keep your word about staying home to spend more time with the people who mean the MOST to you, your family. “Family is the MOST important thing I will take some time off for a couple of years to spend with them.” LMAO this woman has contridicted herself more in 5 years than carters has liver pills. WHORE

  • Iffy Miffy

    @queen bee: You can give me all the minuses you want and jump on my case but this story is all over the place. I’ve been posting here for a while now and I adore the woman but I can say I hope this is not true and that it is about something else! I mean really, sometimes fans are worse than haters, anything that isn’t completely positive in their eyes is heresy! Anyway, if it is just a love story then it’s different and I hope they do it well as it’s a touchy subject!

  • All Hail

    I love you Angie. I’m so glad that Salt is doing well. She’s the reigning “Queen of Hollywood.”

  • She can’t keep her lies straig

    First they broke the 3-day rule..LIE. Then she hiked it up to a 4-day rule…LIE. BUSTED, damn, it’s been a week now. What do you have to say about that?

  • queen bee


    ….Can you imagine if 10 YEARS FROM NOW Bosnia ACTUALLY has a THRIVING Educational Center which helps to improve the lives of thousands of children who could one day grow up to lead their country and give back to their people!!…THIS IS A HUGE LEGACY HER AND BRAD ARE BUILDING…WAY BEYOND HOLLYWOOD!…



    …It’s almost LAUGHABLE what haters like Chelsea Handler and others try to do to demean and disparage her…..ANGELINA’S LIGHT IS SO BRIGHT, IT CAN’T BE PUT OUT!!…..IT’S BLINDING!…AND IT INSPIRES ME!!


  • QQQQ

    It’s sad that all the headlines about this trip is about some supposed instead of the trip itself (focusing on the refugees).

  • QQQQ

    It’s sad that all the headlines about this trip is about some supposed movie instead of the trip itself (focusing on the refugees).

  • Jasmine

    She looks beautiful here and I think it sounds like a great idea for a movie!

  • Knox

    MOM E— you promised you would play with me one day —-why mom E why do you work all of the time?

  • Bosnian

    Thank you Angie :) I’ve always loved her, but now that she’s bringing attention to our beautiful Bosnia and shedding some light on what happened there, my admiration for her has shot through the roof. She is truly an inspiration and a beautiful soul.

  • anustin

    hhhmhmhmh…watch the movie of the re.tarded Maniston henzhit.

  • bdj

    I guess the two nutty trolls miss Knox and Viv on the trip with AJ. Trolls should worry about their own family and hope their parents let them out of the basement.

  • eli

    A real actress who can also bring in the box office $

  • what?

    There seems to be many stories going on here. One is the UNHCR trip which this is and is supposed to be involving creating schools. Then there’s this fictional movie Angelina supposedly is directing but what about her trip to Hungary before this trip? She was supposed to be scouting locations there for this movie and since when do directors do scouting on their own? There’s something called a scouting location manager to do that.

  • VIV

    play with me MOM E —Please— you promised you would play with me one day

  • anustin

    hhhmhmhmh…watch the movie of ur re.tarded Maniston henzhit.

  • Mother

    Talent, beauty, and a dedicated family lady. Angie’ s care and dedication to her causes is commendable. She goes where other actors don’t dare to go, she commits the way other actors can’t/won’t, she has fans that other actors can dream of having. If anyone deserves an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize it’s our sweet angel Angie.

  • getalife

    SCOTSGIRL: Stop reading the TABS cause they are not true !
    Angelina and Brad takes care thier family and its thier business cause they are doing it right now as you are talking .
    She is with her family now and forever and if they work her family will be with her even brad.
    So stop judging Brad and Angelina cause its not your business so far the kids are happy and healthy.
    Shut the f**k you and mind your own business and go ask the question to you pathetic idol: WHY IS SWITCH A FLOP? IS X A MOVIE START OR TV STAR? X IS THE TABS STAR THE MAGAZINES THAT YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION AND THEY ARE LIES!”
    get a life and mind your business cause brad and angie does not care about it and thank god they will never hear from pathetic loosers who thinks they are the jugde of the world.

  • Noelle

    WOW..what an inspiration of a woman!

    Love the Jolie-Pitt family.
    Those kids are so smart & poised & well educated.
    Brad? omg…he is the bee’s knee’s..what a hunk!
    gets better as he ages.
    He looks so content & happy FINALLY>

  • an oldie

    Excuse me for celebrating for Whamo.