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Anna Paquin's Wedding Pictures with Stephen Moyer -- FIRST LOOK

Anna Paquin's Wedding Pictures with Stephen Moyer -- FIRST LOOK

Check out these sneak peek wedding pictures of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer!

The newlyweds (and True Blood co-stars) tied the knot at a private residence in Malibu on Saturday evening, August 21. Anna paired her gorgeous white halterneck three-quarter length gown with platform shoes.

Anna, 28, and Stephen, 40, then headed across the street to a beach house for their wedding reception. Congrats to the happy couple!!

15+ pictures inside of Anna Paquin‘s wedding pictures…

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anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 01
anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 02
anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 03
anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 04
anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 05
anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 06
anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 07
anna paquin wedding pictures stephen moyer 08
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  • M

    so is this, like, for real? who knew they were even dating? I first thought it was for their show, whatever its name is

  • JM

    I’m very happy for them.

  • Nic

    Um no, they have been dating for a while now, its been everywhere, so this aint no surprise, congrats to them.

  • Cool as a cucumber

    That’s cute. But I don’t like the dress!

  • Marga

    Congrats to Anna Moyer!!!

  • Shadaliza

    Is nothing off limits any more? You disgust me, posting these photos.

  • Nikki

    I agree Shadaliza fair enough if they agreed to it but to be above in the air is a clear violation of their privacy you can tell because the pictures are grainy.
    If they wanted people to se it the pictures would be come avaliable because they would have invited press so it was a clear off limits they both value their privacy.
    But I love Anna’s dress and its simple but pretty just how they are low kep and down to earth but sometimes press just really annoy me because they take advantage! they need to get a life.
    But congrats to the new Mr and Mrs Moyer (wonder if she will add his name or leave her name the way it is for work?).

  • Nice

    Bite me happy news, I didn’t realize he was 40 and she was 28 (12 years age gap).

    I don’t watch this show all the time but best of luck to them and they both look fantastic.

    On a side note, when people go on about Brian Austin Green being older than Megan Fox (13 years age gap) now you see he’s not the only guy in the world, who has dated and married someone younger.

    It’s been a good year for weddings with my favourite couples and I hope this one last as well. They both seem sensible and down to earth from interviews.

  • cocoablossoms

    i am elated by this news. they are beautiful people inside and out and perfectly matched. i wish them the best of luck.

  • Blahzae

    I feel sorry for them that their privacy was violated.
    Clearly a close friend of theirs screwed them over and ratted them out to the press for the arial photos to have even happened to begin with,
    Can you imagine how loud having those ‘copters over head would of been while trying to get married and have a sacred moment.
    Since the wedding was small I am sure they will be able to figure out the dirty ratter.
    Poor guys.
    Lover her dres though kind of reminds me of something Sooki would wear on True Blood oddly enough.
    Also they have always been a classy couple keeping their relationship on the down low for almost a year and being professional on set about everything.
    That is the way to do it.

  • nepenthes

    Ugh, so happy for them!
    Wishing them every happiness, they’re one beautiful couple!

  • uhuh

    Interesting how the paps know about the secret wedding….

  • Callie

    Sephen is 40?! NOOO WAYY!!

  • Spitwave

    The quality of your picture is really crappy, can’t see shit.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Best of luck in their future life together, they are such a sweet couple! I am glad the quality of the pics is not good, we weren’t invited! Sheesh, the ratzies are insane!

  • annie

    Congratulations. I like them both, they seem cool. From this angle I think she does look pregnant. Maybe it’s just the dress…

  • boston61

    She’s GAY!!

  • smart move

    he’s only marrying her because anna will be spending more time with hot actors. they met on set so in order for stephan to keep her, he trapped her. that’s how old men think… no way she can fcuk joe or alex now.

  • Genevieve


    I agree with Shadaliza. Very distasteful and invasion of privacy.

  • soniaintown

    Congrats to Anna and her beau!!
    Anna is beautiful, talented and full of wisdom!

  • Liz

    It looks like Stephen was very moved, and so sweet, holding her hands like that!
    And Anna looked gorgeous! Kind of Marilyn Monroe, lol! And I LOVE the black shoes! ;)
    Congrats again to the happy couple!

  • katrina

    Does this mean a chopper was hovering over their wedding? That sucks! I bet the noise ruined it. What a shame.

  • http://Tjmj Slig

    Go go sleep

  • ella

    Bill and Sookie 4 ever!!!

    I also feel bad that they had the paps violated their privacy, hope they still had a great day. Congrats to them.

  • Helen

    what a hidious dress!

  • Jimmy

    So I guess he becomes the male equivalent of a fag hag.

  • Rachel Green

    He is Gay and she is bisexual…what a cute cuple…
    And my god, that dress and that shoes on your happiest day of your life?
    she dress better on a red carpet…well…

  • Iffy Miffy

    So many envious and bitter people here … @Helen, Jimmy and Rachel Green … you know, that is not going to change your bitter lives into suddenly being all sunshine and happiness.

  • JAL

    Wishing Anna and Stephen many,many years of bliss!

  • True Blood

    Congrads Anna & Stephen!

  • Cherie

    Great Couple. Nothing but best wishes for them.

  • Angie

    @smart move:
    God your narrow minded.How old are you 10?
    He trapped her? Your comment is sooo friggin ridiculous,go watch some Sesame Street and educate yourself.

  • Mystic

    Sigh…another Hollywood couple who mistake work romance for “True Love” long before the death of True Blood..that the vows of “…till death do us part” end this relationship..I give it 24-36 months..

    PS…since she did mention that the was Bi..I am sure the breakup will be over another “woman”…maybe a new series..yawn..reminds me so much of the Brad Jen scene…true love vs..true lust…

  • BEAN


  • cocoablossoms

    very mush just a hater @Rachel Green:

  • Jam

    @Iffy Miffi
    Don’t be a hypocrit…Are n’t you oe of those fangurls who hate on Kate and Alex relationshp? Silly fangurl lik JM..Wow …eva the diva,pixie and countless otherd… are all bitter Kate is Fin Alex…..

  • Heather

    what a lucky couple

  • jayjayrokz


    if they wanted publicity they would have invited people or ok magazine not some low grade papparazzi.

    Regardless best of luck to the happy couple they seem so in love <3

  • anna

    @Callie: well I think he def looks 40..anyway, I love them and true blood! Congrats! I hope the real life relationship doesn’t affect the show’s sookie eric relationship wich shoould be like it is in the books!

  • Charlene

    I can’t believe some of these nasty comments! Do you jealous bitter people think making such comments makes anyone dislike Stephen? Or makes anyone like Alex/Eric? Alex has some of the nastiest fans I have ever seen in my life. He must be proud. You make me sick.

  • Lou

    Congrats to Stephen and Anna! I’m sorry the paps found the wedding, but I certainly hope they didn’t ruin such a lovely day. Best wishes to the happy couple.


    @Marga: “CONGRATS TO ANNA MOYER.” DAYUUUM YOU ARE SO IGNORANT. How do you even know she will change her last name, you dumb beyotch? Did you know that in the pats women had no choice but to change their last name cuz it meant they were their huisband’s property? And you somehow think this is cute??!! She’s obviously very famous – more than him. Why would she change her last name if she already has an established career as Paquin???

  • Crappy Attire

    He’s not even wearing a tux and her dress looks like something a girl would wear to her prom! It doesn’t even touch the floor. You’d think these 2 could afford much better!

  • Father

    Stephen looks like her father “giving her away” at her wedding. LOL

  • Gay Marcees loves TB

    Why did this girl settle for a 40 year old??? Anna coulda gotten any dude she wanted. He’s old and graying and already gots 2 kids. He’s even gotta dye his hair for True Blood so it don’t look gray. She definitely married down and he married up.

  • Nancy in Miami

    This has got to be one of the ugliest wedding dresses I’ve seen in my entire life. Looks like she’s going to prom. HAHAHA

  • He trapped her

    TO COMMENT #19: “he’s only marrying her because anna will be spending more time with hot actors. they met on set so in order for stephan to keep her, he trapped her. that’s how old men think… no way she can fcuk joe or alex now.”

    THAT’S EXACTLY HOW OLD MEN THINK! People just want to see everything through rose colored glasses. But this doesn’t mean she won’t ever stray especially as he starts to look even older. Then everyone will curse out poor Anna and Stephen will be the victim. LOL

  • British girl

    I’m sorry but Stephen looks so sneaky and calculating. A lot of British men are, I know cus I’m British! This is just our culture after so many years of taking over lands and building colonies. The men here have that kind of sneaky “conquer” mentality hidden behind their politeness and manners. Just look at the CEO of BP oil company. I kinda feel sorry for Anna. So young and so naive.

  • I used to love Bill

    Does anyone remember Stephen in Season 1 which was filmed in 2007? He looked so young and strong. Now he looks old, gray, wrinkly, and veiny. How did this happen to him in just 3 years? I hope it doesn’t keep on like this b/c vamps aren’t supposed to age!

  • Right b4 Season 4 starts!!

    geez, I guess Beehl couldnt wait any longer to marry Anna because in a few months (November I think) they’re going to start shooting Season 4. And Anna is gonna have a lot more scenes with Alex/Eric. Supposedly in Season 4 Anna & Alex sleep together. Atleast that’s what everyone is saying and hoping for. It’s no coincidence they tied the knot before Season 4 starts.