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Suri Cruise: Off-The-Shoulder Kiddie Tee!

Suri Cruise: Off-The-Shoulder Kiddie Tee!

Katie Holmes enjoys a rainy day in Toronto on Sunday (August 22) with daughter Suri and Tom Cruise‘s daughter Isabella.

Before picking up take-out food, the shopping trio stopped by Starbucks, Gap Kids, and Anthropologie.

Katie and co-star Greg Kinnear have been busy in town shooting the new miniseries The Kennedys. She looks just like Jackie O in that iconic pink suit and matching pillbox hat!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Suri Cruise’s off-the-shoulder look??

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes‘s Sunday in Toronto…

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suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 01
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 02
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 03
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 04
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 05
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 06
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 07
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 08
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 09
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 10
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 11
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 12
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 13
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 14
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 15
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 16
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 17
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 18
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 19
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 20
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 21
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 22
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 23
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 24
suri cruise off the shoulder shirt 25

Credit: ONeill/White, John K/Todd G; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Sunny

    OMG – Isabella looks like an Oompa Loompa !!!

  • Dominic

    I’m pretty sure that not a “look”. Her shirt is just a lil’ too big for her.

  • Cool as a cucumber

    Suri is SO going to be a little ho. I can see it in her eyes. And look. GEEZ

  • Gina

    OMG Isabella; how can they allow her to look like this??? obviously Nicole has nothing to do w/ her!!!!


    so Bella has spent all summer in canada with Katie. Nicole should be ashamed of herself.

  • Suri Jackson

    Well at leat Katie tried to look a little better today. We still have to do something about Suri deciding what is proper outside attire. (Katie – Be a parent and offer some guidance.)
    Here’s Suri’s dad with her stepmom. Okay- they aren’t married, but they are in love and know how to dress in public.

  • I’m Just Going To Say It

    Suri doesn’t like Katie. She finds her boring and is sick of wearing Holmes & Yang’s rags.

  • The One Shoulder Thing

    Is one of her idiot mom’s intended designs.

  • Where’s Tom?

    He’s not a great dad. He is rarely in the same country as his family.

  • annie

    So cute, love the way the 3 of them hang out together, even the newspapers are picking up on it
    Don’t tell me Bella couldn’t be with her mother, if her mother really wanted to have her with her…….or let me rephrase that…..if Bella really wanted to be with Nicole.
    This says a lot about Katie as a person. Her nearly 18yr old stepdaughter loves hanging out with her.
    I’m ready for all the negatives you are all going to spew about, just remember the media is starting to wander as well.
    The more I see Bella with Katie and Suri ….the more I like family Cruise.!

  • The Reason Kate Carries Suri

    is so that she won’t be cropped out of the photos. Suri’s the star

  • Suri Jackson

    Love love love…no phony dance routines here. Now if Katie would just fess up about the whole fake April birth story.

  • @ Karla

    No, shame on Tom and Scientology for keeping Bella away from her mom, Nicole. Read about disconnection before you judge.

  • Katie is STONED!

    Does she really think we can’t tell that she’s loaded most of the time? She needs help!

  • annie

    Those pics of Katie and Bella in the Daily Mail were adorable . Thank you to the person who put me onto to it.!

  • Suri-Tard

    @Cool as a cucumber: I agree!!!

  • charlotte

    Poor Isabella looks like Katie and Suri’ s maid!!! carrying Katie’s purse and coffee and the shopping bags…. Katie should just carry her own stuff and let the brat walk on her own

  • Leave Bella ALONE!

    She is a beautiful sweet person. She so likable regardless of what people think of her parents or step parents. Like a Chelsea Clinton.

  • boston61

    Bella’s bio Mom was probably heavy. But she is obviously eating her stress away. Poor girl, to be so unattractive in that paparazzi world. She and Katie are close in age. Katie probably hates being saddled with the loser girl.

  • didi

    nicole kidman is a disgrace. now that she has her own kid, she abandoned bella and connor. karma will come and bite her frozen face

  • Teddie Bear

    @Where’s Tom?:
    Tom is spending quality “get to know you” time with Zac Efron, if you know what I mean,
    Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

  • AutumnM


    Yes, i’ve noticed that as well. Isabella is always treated as a nanny it seems. At least from the pictures i’ve seen of the family. Connor seems to be included more and actually is treated as a family member it seems, but I don’t like how they always have Isabella carrying around Suri’s belongings like she’s hired help or something. I don’t know what’s up with that top Suri has on though. Very sloppy looking. The child needs to eat something as well. She’s looking very pale and underweight.

    But with a bird brain like Katie for a parent, I guess I shouldn’t expect too much. I feel bad for Isabella and Suri.

  • web

    After tom saw the negative Articles about Bella being miserable with Katie now she have to smile in every pic of course Tom didn’t realize that Bella can’t live forever with him and sooner or latter Bella will move out so way not uses her for more publicity before she turns 18.

  • LALA

    1) Give Bella a break. I’m sure that she has a lot of emotional baggage, and we know that Tom won’t let her speak with any non-Scientology councelors.
    2) Tom has primary custody of Bella, so quit blaming Nicole for Tom’s psycho parenting.
    3) It’s doubtful that Bella is there by choice. She’s just happy to be out of boarding school.
    Hold on, Bella. December is coming!

  • S

    I used to really like Katie, until Tom Cruise. I do think that Bella is much closer to her stepmom than her supposed mother. I don’t buy that the Scientology thing is keeping Nicole away. I would move hell and earth if anyone or anything was keeping me from my children.

  • rainbow

    I don’t believe that Tom is keeping the kids away from Nicole, but even if he is, that still doesn’t explain why Bella has been with Katie for most of the summer. Katie is NOT her parent and Bella doesn’t have to be with her if she doesn’t want to. Bella has obviously chosen to spend the summer with Katie and Suri and I think it’s sweet. People can criticize her all they want, but she must be a great step-mom.

  • Bebe

    At least we have never seen Bella at the Scientology center; many pictures of Connor and his minders are online. I think Bella chose to dress and live just like that but she’s definitely different from the other kids. Connor is his father’s son for sure.

  • Love

    Why dont Katie fix up Bella …The best hair and make up people she must know some…. She needs skin care … Aleast skin care for her acne. geezzz …. She also looks sad & depressed most of the time. Put yourselfs in girlfriends shoes … Try having Tom & kate and Nicole all Starz as guides…..

  • danielle

    Why isn’t anyone criticizing Tom for not seeing Bella this summer? If he has primary custody, one would think he’d want to be Katie, the brat, and Bella. Nicole has basically been shoved out of the picture by the cult. But one would think Tom, who is always bragging what a great parent he is, would at least show up.

  • rainbow

    @danielle: Uh, Tom has been to Toronto this summer. And Katie, Suri, and Bella have gone back to L.A. on some weekends. btw, referring to Suri as “the brat” is rude and immature.
    Having said that, I do agree that Tom seems to be away for long stretches.

  • Team JJ

    Love the links SJ! JJ and Diane are a beautiful duo. I too am waiting for Tom and Katie’s house of lies to collapse.
    Pac Man will be around shortly saying that Suri looks just like Tom and nothing like JJ.
    Well, we know that Katie was with Josh at the end of March 05, then with Tom 2 weeks later and never spoke to JJ again. We also know that Tom freaked out at an an awards show a couple of months ago to keep Josh and Katie from running into each other (in addition to the years that Katie has not been allowed on the red carpet). The link to Chris and Josh talking about Cuckoo Tom is below.
    Pac Man is going to not have any logical response, so I’ll be expecting the usual: “get a life”, “you’re stupid”, “she looks nothing like him”, “you’re crazy”, ect. All answers reflecting Pac Man’s obviously low IQ.

  • its robo-bride

    What is Katie wearing? UGH. Black leggings which make her legs look huge and a tee-shirt that is way too big on her. For someone who is trying to make it as a designer of pricey women and children’s wear, Katie certainly is not a shining of example of why one should purchase a $900 blouse from Holmes-Yang.

  • jolly folly

    Why doesn’t someone take Bella to a dermatologist? Is it because Scientology forbids it? This is beyond teenage acne. This is the type of acne that causes scarring and pitting of the skin. With proper antibiotics and astringents, Bella could have much better skin. If Tom and Katie are refusing to take her to a doctor due to cult beliefs, then this is cruel and borders on child abuse.

  • Joel

    There is medication available to clear up Bella’s skin!! They got the money to fix it!!!
    Katie’s shirt looks like the Sure puked some cereal over it.

  • @ Didi

    Have you ever thought that is is Tom making the big stink over how much time she spends with Nicole? Also if there is going to be negativity towards Nicole for not spending time with her children, then maybe someone should also point out that Tom is rarely with them as well. Or maybe when they are with Nicole she doesn’t flaunt them around to get attention by the paparazzi.

  • db

    the dress is not holmes and yang. it obviously looks like the dress she wore a few weeks ago, just recut at the hem and turned inside out, or sewn into the bottom of a t-shirt. looks like suritard is sporting the rich, trailer park look

  • leslie

    annie, are you one of the scietolofreaks on tommygurl’s payroll? suri looks downright cheap and bratty in these photos. she started life so cute, and just looks worse and worse every year.

  • stardust

    ewwwe! that same one shoulder dress was how the paps caught her nipples showing the last time she wore it. you’d think katie herply would have learned by now!

  • @35

    Tom was in canada with them this week. people on tweeter spotted him and katie out and about. no paps to take pics though

  • Joe

    omg..this girl is getting fuglier each day
    and why is she being carried at her age?

    again..Suri is in short sleeves & Katie is in warm clothes.
    koo koo

    poor Isabella looks so unhappy.
    and yes, tomthumb embraces Conner & shuins poor Isabella
    tsk tsk

  • Sheri

    When Suri first sported this “look” a couple of weeks ago, I thought the off-the-shoulder look was an unintentional slip-up. Now I see that this is the way she chooses to dress her daughter (or, more accurately, the way Suri chooses to dress herself as Tom admits that his daughter picks her attire), and I think it looks trashy and completely inappropriate.

  • suritard

    they look slovenly. and i bet suritard stinks from the $hit that’s filling up her diaper. katie, just take her home and potty train her, instead of subjecting toronto to her.

  • jolla

    it looks like tommygurl’s got his scientolofreak minions working overtime and trying to thumb down as many comments as possible before the general population wakes up in the morning to read this. the tide will turn…

  • stardust

    @suritard. haha, i agree with you. when i saw suritard mouthing off at her body guard in new york, i just wanted to drop kick the thing back to LA, but i kind of worry that her $hit would fly about and pollute the beautiful midwest.

  • Teddie Bear

    No Kidding!!! I just gave you a thumbs up and the count actually droped by 2. Wow!!!!
    We should take it as a compliment to our intelligence because we’re obviously hitting some very real nerves. We are not like his Scientolodrones.

  • suritard

    ermmm, i think in that last picture, #25, you CAN see her nipple. getting started early on the ho look!

  • suritard

    ermmm, i think in that last picture, #25, you CAN see her n!pple. getting started early on the ho look!

  • Violet

    lovely pictures. thanks jared

  • Suri-Tard

    So weird ……freaky kid!

    View large image hahahah

  • Sian

    Bella looks like a nice girl and of course not everyone has to be stick thin to be attractive, but I don’t get how with all their money they couldn’t get her a personal trainer and a capable dermatologist. I mean she’s always being photographed next to her skinny stepmom who has gorgeous skin so I can’t imagine Bella is really happy looking the way she is now.
    Or maybe I’m just way too shallow and she actually is as happy as can be. On the other hand, she grew up in LA under the guidance of Scientology, so how likely is that?