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The Expendables: #1 at the Box Office Again!

The Expendables: #1 at the Box Office Again!

Sylvester Stallone and his mercenary muscle man in The Expendables topped this weekend’s box office for a second week in a row, earning another $16.5 million.

The Twilight spoof Vampires Suck opened at No. 2 with $12.2 million.

The Julia Roberts starrer Eat Pray Love opened at third with $12 million, followed by the urban comedy flick Lottery Ticket, which pulled in a healthy $11.1 million.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg‘s comedy The Other Guys rounded out the top 5 with $10.1 million while the remake Piranha 3D met expectations, opening at No. 6 with $10.0 million.

The Jennifer Aniston-Jason Bateman comedy The Switch failed to impress moviegoers, opening at #8 with $8.1 million.

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  • Dan

    Good. Sly deserves it. He writes most of his movies unlike that untalented overrated plain jane Jennifer Aniston.

  • BEAN

    I would watch Switch on DVD on girls night or something but I wouldn’t go to the movies to see it. Im definitely watching the expendables!

  • Dominic

    Oh Jennifer. I could have told you this wasn’t going to go well. How many terrible rom coms have you put out just in the last two years? The movie going public has finally learned their lesson.

  • Rachel

    The only reason Jennifer stay relevant in the media is because of the Brad/Angelina thing. She uses her divorce for the career move instead of doing some decent movies…take some acting class. The pity party is getting old and she now have to show her talent which she does not have. Her movies suck and her same Rachel character doing the acting…basically flipping her hair…she calls this acting. I say enough with the pity party and stop doing crappy movies…the general audience is too intelligent for this. OMG, she was EVERYWHERE promoting this crap…she overplayed herself, no talent, no excitement with her acting. Why would anybody pay to see her movies…just watch the Friends re-runs on TV for free?

  • surprised not

    She worked so hard promoting the movie and appearing on every show on TV, but all that just went to waste! She can just hide her face now for a long long time.

  • Expendables ROCKED!!!

    I’ve seen it twice!! Jason Statham is HOT!!! And Stallone has always been good at writing a good action movie!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    The reason Bounty Hunter did better than this piece of crap was because Gerald has a large fan base not because this old hag.

    Management = tanked
    Sh!t Happends = tanked
    The Bounty Hunter = did ok because of Gerald has a large fan base.
    The Switch= tanked. Two T.V actors try to make it big on the big screen.

  • Yes Indeed

    followed by the “urban” comedy flick Lottery Ticket
    LOL ok Jared

  • KellStar

    Not a hater but Jen just doesn’t choose good movies. No one is paying 15 bucks to see a romcom about mistaken sperm.

  • Jess

    The Switch was way better than all the Aniston movies you people are mentioning in the past. It was a lot more enjoyable the Eat, Pray, Love and I’m more of a Julia fan. I suggest you shut up and give it a chance. This talk is getting real old, real fast.

  • Marieme

    “The Switch failed to impress moviegoers, opening at #8 with $8.1 million.”

    *Snort!* I guess it’s back to taking off our clothes again, huh Fugs? Mere impersonations of (genuine) superstars doesn’t cut it for untalented actors like you. People like you need gimmicks, and yours is your body.

  • busted

    If you want to see a funny adult comedy on AI.. go see The Kids are Alright. If it is playing anywhere near you. Julianne and Annette are super talented.

    Sad when these talented women and their film didn’t get the attention it deserved.

    Not a lot of good films to see over the week. I’ll see SALT again and check out EPL..

  • Michele

    Let’s see how huvane and his pr stable work to spin this. Because no matter what they write, the movie BOMBED!! Let’s see if they call this a Bateman movie and anustain was just a supporting role. Or that an 8th place release performed “just as expected”. BULLSHIT!! This bitch pumped herself to anyone and everyone she could AND THIS IS THE BEST SHE CAN PULL IN???????? Yes, all actors have an occasional bomb but she has had 3 in the last 18 months. Good thing she ‘s riding on Sandler’s shoulders for the next release.

  • Amy Awesome

    Aniston is such a desperate loser

  • Rachel

    Poor Jess…you should save your money and watch the Friends re-runs on TV for free. Your idol Rachel is not a movie star but I would watch it on Lifetime chanel. My boyfriend would not waste his time watching her crappy movies. Her magazine covers, movies, interviews are all the same…Rachel flipping her hair and/or hiding her chinster face. It’s time people to accept her as a TV girl and enough with the pity party…it has been 6 years and people don’t give a damn anymore!

  • S@n

    Definitely yes, Jennifer needs better movies!!!

  • Josh

    hahahaha…Maniston’s 8th bomb!

    hey, Hollywood WHEN will you realize this hag is TV dunzo?


  • Jen The Friend

    SLY ROCKS !!!!

  • Josh


    serves the aging untalentted TV actor.


  • Iffy Miffy

    It’s not that it just failed to impress for the OW but look at all the PR she did for it and it still crashed and burned. She even had her pal Handler taking pot shots at Angie! And it still flopped! Fail Aniston, major EPIC FAIL! Yet again.

  • SwitchBomb



    for those who mix all, it’s a low budget movie, and it came out in 2000 that Dand rooms while the others were released in 3000, so normally I would say it’s not bad, since they expect between 30 and $ 40 million. in total


    for fans of angelina, SALT is the red, because the film has not even covered, expenses, and there is already a film so bombess, England and France they say that it is already a bad movie. so stop argue, rather go comfort your idol

  • soniaintown


    Good. Sly deserves it. He writes most of his movies unlike that untalented overrated plain jane Jennifer Aniston.

    Tom Cruise the Gay Midget is equally untalented and overrated!!

    Go Sly!!

  • bar jolie gaga

    I mean this with the best intentions: I think Jennifer Aniston (as well as Jennifer Lopez) need to fire their Development person. Or at least not fire – because we are in a tough economy – but move on to another company that can get them better projects. Why would they continuously, on the other hand, accept the SAME movies thrown at them? Jennifer has been re-doing “Rumor Has It” for the last 8 movies or so! That shows a lack of imagination on her team’s part and a lack of effort on her part. J-Lo is coming out with a movie of the same theme – insemminated woman etc. Enough is Enough. No pun on a Jen Lopez movie but I actually fee either bad for them or feel they have such HUGE egos they ACTUALLY think hard-wroking Americans would spend their hard-earned $15 on this crap in the middle of a recession. Gee, even if the economy was booming movie goers are smart enough to know “The Switch” is an awful idea. Also, Jen Aniston and Jen Lopez are not Julia Roberts and are not movie stars – maybe they should just produce. End of story.

  • Jen The Friend


  • Jill

    Salt has made $193 million and climbing so far. And that doesn’t include totals from Germany and the UK yet.

    Aniston’s producers are so desperate to sell tickets for Switch that they just set up a Twitter site telling people where to go see it. If people wanted to see it they would check out their local newspapers to see where it’s playing. And if it’s not playing in their area it means the theater managers didn’t want to risk showing another Aniston bomb. Every time her crap movies bomb, they lose money.

  • MKhay

    I bet 90% of the people bashing the movie havent even seen it or even know what its about. I went to see it lastnight not expecting much but it was awesome and super cute; and it had a great message. I was suprised that it did bad because my theatre was very full but i heard it was only released in 200 theatres or whatever. Anyways ppl should give this movie a chance before saying its just another rom com, because its not. And the movie is more about Jason Bateman’s character rather than Aniston’s. The kid did a beautiful job as well. And ppl saying that shes a old hag or whatever should seriously look at themsselves first because its pretty obvious that she’s a beautiful person inside out, and most importantly… real.

  • Jill


    Salt has made $193 million and climbing so far. And that doesn’t include totals from Germany and the UK yet.

    Aniston’s producers are so desperate to sell tickets for Switch that they just set up a Twitter site telling people where to go see it. If people wanted to see it they would check out their local newspapers to see where it’s playing. And if it’s not playing in their area it means the theater managers didn’t want to risk showing another Aniston bomb. Every time her crap movies bomb, they lose money.

  • Jill


    If Bateman wants to have a career, maybe he should avoid being in the same film with that washed-up, played-out sitcom hag.

  • Jen The Friend

    Jenn always looks like she cant mess her hair

  • Rachel

    @MKhay…poor you. I don’t know anybody who wants to see this silly crappy movie. You can watch Rachel for free on TV…the Friends re-runs are still on TV. Stop saying it JB movie…your idol was EVERYWHERE promoting this movie. If it’s not her movie, why is she everywhere promting this movie…please ask yourself that question? You indicated that she is real…how do you know? She disowned her mom…how can a person hate their mother that much? If you real fake…she change everything about her…her, hair, eye color, etc. People save your money and if you want to see Rachel…just turn on the TV and watch it for free…she acts by flipping her hair and/or hiding her face behind the hair. Please stop the pity party people.

  • slambang

    She really should go back to TV. It’s obvious she’s not a movie star.

  • jaye

    Review quotes about The Switch

    The Daily News
    Joe Neumaier

    Aniston as always is Our Gen-X Jen, stand-in for a million sassy city dwellers who see themselves reflected in her hair styles. She does her usual pursed-lip scolding face and not much else.

    Aniston is also distressing because she’s the genre’s most modern star. In her, the timeless goal of the romantic comedy (falling in love) now intersects with the specific desperate straits of certain single women (manlessness, childlessness, the quest for perfection). The depressing part is that the women Aniston plays rarely seem depressed by this. For her, loneliness, doubt, fear, sadness, and worry are not emotions. They’re shades of a nail polish her pedicurist isn’t allowed to use.
    Wally and his secret son explore New York, and you can feel them falling in a kind of love with each other. They don’t merely catch up with Kassie ( Aniston’s character) emotionally. They evolve beyond her. This is bad news for Aniston. It’s also the inverse of the Meg Ryan problem. The movie changes, and she doesn’t. If a Jennifer Aniston movie doesn’t actually need Jennifer Aniston, do we?
    By CHRISTY LEMIRE, AP Movie Critic

    Aniston and Bateman have so little chemistry; you actually wonder how their characters ended up friends with each other, much less best friends.
    Chicago Tribune
    By Michael Phillips | Movie critic

    Jennifer Aniston gets top billing, but the character played by Jason Bateman sets the tone.
    “The Switch” enters the marketplace at a time when audiences may be tiring of s*perm, what with everything from “The Back-Up Plan” to “The Kids Are All Right.”
    Cinema Blend
    Katey Rich

    It’s tempting to mourn what could have been, but even a sorta-good romantic comedy is no small thing– and The Switch qualifies as that, just barely.
    Stephen Holden

    Wally develops “feelings” for Kassie, although the temperature of Mr. Bateman’s and Ms. Aniston’s connection stays below freezing. Ms. Aniston relies on her wholesome appeal as a walking vanilla milkshake to emerge from the movie relatively unscathed.
    By Mali Elfman


    Dialogue in the Opening
    Jason Bateman and Mini-Bateman
    Jeff Goldblum


    No Connection: There is no explanation as to why they’re together and there’s never any real chemistry between them.
    Convenient Ending
    Lack of Change: The movie takes place over 7 years and despite a few grey streaks in Bateman’s hair (which appear to come and go) and some extensions on Aniston, they look exactly the same. Would have been nice to see a little more change over such a long period of time.
    To be fair some critics blamed the writing, but hardly any of them credit Aniston with giving a good solid performance. The prevailing feeling was that we’ve seen it all before; she never grows, which I might add, is what I’ve been saying for years. It’s not that she’s a bad actress, she’s content to just keep limping along without taking any chances, hanging on to the Rachel character like a life line.
    hope this doesn’t print twice:-)

  • Maria Greenberg

    when will Hollywood come to it’s senses & realize Aniston
    is a one trick

    she is so fillered-up on top of bad stiff acting, her caclking is a
    violation to my ears even when I’m drunk .

    she ONLY in this club anyway because she was married 4 yrs to hot talented Brad Pitt.
    nobody would give a hjoot otherwise. Trust me.
    Lisa Kudrow is funnier..not so famous.
    Cox is prettier (though Botoxed like a non stick pan)
    and not so famous
    She belongs back on TV with those idiotic laughing machines.

  • tori

    A forty year old somthing still trying to find herself in real life, and then plays the same rolls all the time..what the fk is that? she should be playing somones grandma maybe she bee better.


    Jill @
    I mean the total film + advertising, and output in different countries, is ca payroll too, so it’s safe, they are not reimbursed,.
    profit? = 0 = BOMB, it’s strange that your sites do not talk about this movie actually bomb, here in Europe we are aware that the film does not work as they hoped

  • Roxy


  • Henna

    This is karma. She shouldn’t have used a bad situation (her break-up) as a PR/sympathy campaign. She is not classy or even all that bright if she keeps thinking her fans are going to stick with her.

  • Joe

    Yup, this sure is karma.

  • michelle

    The Switch movie is sweet, relax and funny. However, I personally think the leading man isn’t strong. I don’t see the chemistry between him and JA. Overall, it’s not a bad movie at all.

  • JC

    Anniston better seriously start considering a return to TV.

  • essie

    i could care less who starred in this movie, the plot overall sounds uninteresting, wouldn’t even watch it for free

  • Jen The Friend

    Jen go back to TVLanD ….

  • Iffy Miffy

    @JENARDISON: You are making things up and that really is a no-no in the net age.
    In Europe, four biggest markets are UK, Germany, France and Italy. It just opened in the first two, is about to in France on the 25th so no numbers and in Italy it opens in freaking October. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greece – all opening later as well, September and Poland actually as well is about to open.
    So don’t give us that cr@p about Salt flopping in Europe when it hasn’t even opened here yet!
    Also, while we’re at it, learn a bit what constitutes a success these days in the movie industry. Film studios make money primarily on DVDs, rentals, TV rights etc, so anything that at least breaks even in the theatres is good for them as it’ll only get better after.

  • Refund

    I would like a refund for this Jennifer Movie …. Its a flop !!!

  • lucile

    Jen ardison tu n’es qu’un menteur, le film vient à peine de sortir en Europe.

  • brit

    The movie was not good at all, like her past one kinda boring sorry Jen you do better on tv. your just not worth the money we spend at the movies. I dont go all the time but when i do i would like to see something good with my friends and she is just boring to look at now. Her face is just not right, she is getting old and always trying to act my age, twentyone.

  • Bonnie

    Jennifer Aniston does not even need to work…She has enough money to buy all of us…I am not worried about Jen .She has her special shoulder to go to.TEXT,TEXT,TEXT,TEXT,TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ok

    Jason Bateman = Box Office poison (Extract, Teen Wolf Too, The Ex) …bombs away