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Defendant: Leo DiCaprio's Story is a Cover-Up

Defendant: Leo DiCaprio's Story is a Cover-Up

Aretha Wilson, the woman accused of slashing Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face with a glass, now claims that Leo started the confrontation between the two.

The woman’s lawyer requested a toxicology report on Leo from the evening the events occurred as well as his medical records, according to TMZ. Aretha‘s counsel also claims that Leo didn’t report the incident for three days and that witnesses’ testimonies don’t line up.

Leonardo DiCaprio has fully cooperated with prosecutors on this case for over five years,” his lawyer, Blair Berk, tells

“It is outrageous that this woman – who has a long and violent history, and became a fugitive to avoid standing trial in the United States when she assaulted our client five years ago – is now making up lies to further avoid responsibility in this matter. This is a classic example of the victim of a violent crime becoming the victim once again.”

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  • Lala

    I’d still love Leo if he did start it but I doubt he did. I just watched What’s Eating Gilbert Grape last night, love Leo!

  • gabs

    Leo is no angel. But im sure he would let it go if it was really his fault and bury it instead of drag it out for 5 years

  • AnonymousDiva

    Get serious, Aretha. It’s already proved that you’re a nutcase.

    Honey, you’ll be lucky if you get ONLY rehab from this.

  • Halli

    He just got a cut to the cheek and a bruised eye like anyone does during a bad fight. Whatevs

  • fdgdfgdf

    yea but not anyone is worth 50 million

  • AnonymousDiva

    Halli, you’re an idiot. He needed nearly 20 stitches to his face. That’s NOT ‘just a cut’.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    The man is no angel but this woman seems like a nut case I don’t trust anything she says and as it was said if he had something to hide why drag all this for 5 years?

  • nikki

    this story is strange

  • The real Jolie Coeur

    No one messes with my Leo DiCaprio. I hope he wins, lovveee him.

  • wow

    @4 ya id like to seen you get broken glass to the face and needing 20 stitches ‘little cut’ my @ss….poor leo my god!!

  • ellen

    apparentl leo confronted her after she called one off his friends a f@g and from what i hear leo has a big mouth on him and certainly wouldnt back down from a fight esp if someone he cares about is in the middle off it and when he turned around to walk away she hit him from behind with a broken glass……what a PSYCHO whatever he said didnt deserve what he ended up getting, i am all TEAM LEO on this

  • blue

    haaa leo dicaprio is far from an angel and thats for sure…..still gotta love em tho hes got the sexy bad boy rough around the edges thing going on mmmm

  • sarah

    does anyone know was leo single when this happend out of curiosity?

  • woah

    a broken glass to the face and neck….DAAAM that musta hurt like hell

  • eric

    ya he didnt report it for 3 days the man was probably in ER or surgery getting stitches ot whatever after some crazy bittch attacked him glass….DUH….that doesnt even make sense shes clearly pulling the last straw on that one

  • CanadaGirl

    @ He likes her but not for a wife: She does look rough. It’s the scar that gets me. It’s like she wants to damage other people’s faces out of anger for her own appearance. She stood trial in T.O. for assaulting her ex and then he jumped off a balcony and died. Something is fishy with that particular situation.
    @ellen: I heard that take on the events too. If anything it makes Leo look better in my eyes that he stands up for his friends.
    I hope Leo’s team throws the book at her. No-one has the right to attack someone that way and flee for five years.

  • Jane

    No one is an angel, but no one deserves to be attacked. If he was the “cause” of this, why would he be pressing charges 5 years later? Why did she run to Canada to avoid trial? She also assaulted a guy in Canada.

    @ Halli: He was slashed on the neck, not the cheek. It required 20 stitches.

    @ Sarah: He was dating Gisele Bundchen at the time.

  • woah

    omg imagine if leo died that night, how messed up would that be….and how bad would that freind feel that he stuck up for, he already probably pretty bad seen as leo took a glass to the face for him, goes to show what a good friend he is tho. what are the odds it was connolly?! high im thinking…

  • sarah

    gisele really?? cause u never saw any pics off her like coming in or out of the hospital or him either for that matter…..guess that goes down to his art off deception again doging paps! didnt him ad gisele break up pretty soon after this tho??

  • CanadaGirl

    Hey, JJ. What’s going on with the comments? Posting is a right pain in the a$$ lately. :)

  • Bar


    He was dating Gisele . At that moment I remember she was working in Brazil and he was partying in LA with Paris ex boyfriend Rick Solomon . This happened at his party !

  • double post?

    omg leo dead?? id doesnt bare thinking about….awww sticking up for hi friend hes such a cool guy, when people say ‘dude id take a bullet for u’ leo is one of those people who would MEAN it except in this case it was a glass bottle…

  • double post?

    omg leo dead?? id doesnt bare thinking about….awww sticking up for hi friend hes such a cool guy, when people say ‘dude id take a bullet for u’ leo is one of those people who would MEAN it except in this case it was a glass bottle…

  • double post?

    @ canada girl i totaly agree takes ages to post a comment its realy annoying

  • daisy

    i think in the space off a couple of months leo lost out on an oscar he shouldv won (that was a JOKE) for the aviator, then this happend and then he broke up with gisele for good… rough year

  • Leo Fan

    Poor Leo, I hope this type of situation will never happen again and that he’ll stay away from crappy people.

    @Sarah and @Bar:

    It happened during a break while he was filming The Departed. And G. Bunchen was not working in Brazil…. she was “surfing” with Kelly Slater in Bali and cheating on Leo at that time.

  • @26

    You are very well informed about Gisele and her `cheating ways`. LOL!

  • @26

    I wonder how do you know exactly what Gisele was doing at a time. It happened 5 years ago and it sounds pretty creepy how well some people remember what she did and believe she was cheating. lol

  • carla

    His face is a face who drinks a lot.

  • Bar


    LOL I remember exactly that moment… she was in Brazil ( Sao Pablo fashion week ) while he was partying his ass off in L.A ( as usual). The Kelly Slater moment was months later . It was 5 years ago but I still remember what I read and I still remember how his rep did a great job hiding everything.

  • nofan

    he probably was so coked out he doesnt even remember hes a disgrace and going down hill fast look at him he looks 10 years older then what he is gross

  • Brightside

    A woman with a long and violent history….I’ve met the type. Believe me you don’t have to do anything to start a confrontation with such people. The confrontation is all in their heads…all it takes is a wrongly timed look and wham they are right in your face. As for slashing someone in the face with a glass…that tells you all you need to know about such a woman. It is not normal behaviour…it is the violent, aggressive, no-holds-barred behaviour of an abusive and disturbed personality. She gets no sympathy from me because there is never an excuse for this type of behaviour.

  • doubt

    Who knows if he’s addicted or not.
    For sure many “normal people” with respectable life and good reputation are coke addicted. For sure he is not aging well. And for sure his PR cannot cover completely the fact that he uses to party, have vacation and have s.x in really bad company.
    PH, LL, NC, and many of the models he had been flirting with are well known in fashion biz as co.. addicted. Can a man who has been living this life for almost 20 years now, in this kind of enviroment, be completely clean?

  • he likes her but not for wife

    I’m afraid not. No. I want him to clean up his act or he’ll end up like Robert Downey Jr in jail—someone’s b i t c h. One of the things I read on LSA was that Downey was everyones girl in jail, and I LOVE Robert Downey. I think he is just as talented as Leo in a way-he’s a physical actor, leos more emotional.

    I hope not and I hope he can meet someone to help settle him down. No one can rescue you but a good friend/good partner can be a source of support- I ve seen it in friends that have recovered. Or at least settled down. I know people who have changed their ways with a good partner- but they werent really addicts to begin with.

    Just an aside. 10 years I used to have a big crush on Jean Claude Van Damme. I like the John Woo movie Hard Target and liked that character. But Van Damme looks awful ! Google him, he’s really gone down hill. The rumors are he has the “package” – AIDS, and I believe it based on the picture. He looks TERRIBLE. And what what his thing? c o c a i n e and sex. Both way s e x . Apparently he hit on Leo to and was served with a legal document sayign basically dont come within 100 feet. JCVD used to use call girls and boys. I am serious, he does have the package. It was his sex addiction that did it.

    Another celeb I used to “like” was Gary Dourdan. Gorgeous ! When he was young, the most beautiful man in the world as far I was concerned. But he cracked out as well. They get all this attention and power, and then crack under the pressure of keeping it up. I hope this one really, really, doesnt. But its interesting. The only celeb I liked found attractive from a movie that hasnt done this is Adrian Brody-probably because he has wonderful parents- Photographer Sylvia Plachy and a good father.

    The mighty fall hard. In a way, I think being brought down a peg and having a serious issue might make him a better person….as will this. He will have to testify and be cross-examined, so he better be telling the truth. I think there was something of a two way, but he didnt deserve 17 stitches and she is in the wrong. I also think he would never hit a woman or get out of control enough to have a real fight and destroy his rep like that. But he is going to go on the stand, and if there is anything wrong with his account it will be embarrassing.

    I actually adore this one, LDC, but I know there are ish. Life shouldnt just be a crystal stair. He will learn from his challenges.

    BTW, I agree he looks older, I think physically he does look 35, but a rough 35. Needs to clean up his lifestyle and FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH HIMSELF rather than party. I mean, a hobby, anything. HE has the enviro stuff, but he needs to take up something else he loves to fill the time. Stamp collecting ! Photography, macrame ! LOL Dog breeding ! whatever! Ship in the bottle!

  • daisy

    @33 no thats why he smokes like a cimney and has the occasional drink but hes no drug addict

  • # 35 # 37

    Do you know that one of the key signals of co.. abuse is exactly the compulsive smoking? Possibly combined with heavy drinking? and s.. addiction? and a paranoic attitude progressively deteriorating into a disease (like…”hey anybody is observing me here around, sure they want take pics and make a lot of money out of them. I wont let them make a lot of money out of my pics, lets cover under hats, let me cover my face behind my finger so nobody can recognize me, and lets run, run, run forgetting my add…ed gf behind, let me, slam car door into her face, BTW she doesnt care cause shes dumb and more addi..ed than me, and what the h…, after all im paying her bills, etc…)?
    And, of course, environment and bad companies are another key signal.

  • gg

    I feel ‘He likes her but not for wife’ is Lola. Honey, I appreciate ur being a great fan of Leo’s but there are better things in life. Do something more productive. This attitude is obsessive.

  • he likes her but not for wife

    thanks, but I am not lola.
    yeah, I am little obsessed but what harm really is it doing? No one reads this crap, like maybe 10 people in the universe.

    Anyway, thanks for the clinical indications on coke use. I was aware of some. I applaud him for trying to quit smoking, but it is taking a while.
    He apparently never ilked having his pic taking but we should watch for increasing paranoia. And you guys should stop downing us, for as much as we dont want it to be true he always seemed a bit of a possible addict for me. The good thing is that he does have people who care about him, friends, family, etc, who will help before he gets too bad. (If its true, I am speculating) It is true that certain addictions go together-apparently Leo has a c o k e – alcohol kind of face. I dont want it to be true…but I am skeptical. With great fame often come great pressure.

    Anywho, why do you think he likes playing powerful men with inner conflicts so much—do you think he’s projecting.

  • in love

    @he likes her but not for wife: man you’re just in love with this coke scenario!

  • told you so!

    i told you guys this sicky ‘HE LIKES HER BUT NOT FOR WIFE’ she just admitted being obsessed and thats putting it mildly well honey obsessive compulsive behaviour is a disease so you need to get help really quick leo is going down hill very fast and doesnt look ike hes going to clean up his act any time soon hes worse the robert downey jr. who finally cleaned up his act i have alot of friends living in LA and they have seen leo out and about hes a mess and the only time they say he looks well and sober is when he is with bar but i think shes getting tired of his b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t- and will dump him soon dont blame her enough is enough clean up your act leo or else youre going to your grave way to early and loosing bar will be a huge loss to him cause shes clean and not a druggie like him and fans FYI ‘he likes he but not for wife’ is also ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ and many other alias deal with it!

  • tinkerbell

    @in love: I’m not in love the coke scenario at all. I just think we’re going to see some developments. I dont want that to be the case.

    Elvis is still the king !

    Do google jean claude van damme if you want to see something scarrrier than Aretha Wilson.

  • tinkerbell

    @told you so!:

    Bar is busy doing drugs in ISRAEL according to some. Dont buy it.
    It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. One thing I dont admire is a druggie-that person is not really available for any relationship at all. It effectively takes them out of the scene for me.

    However, getting rid of Bar would be a huge plus-he would lose 130 pounds of useless weight real quick.

    Sorry guys I see things getting interesting over the next weeks. Stay tuned for as the Leo turns !

  • tinkerbell

    Anyway I didnt realize how bad Bar’s nose and other cosmetic surgery really were. HEre is a link

    where you can see her real nose and face. She’s prettier there but less plastic. SHe had a full nose job but it was a bad one–I thought it was just the tip but they debrided the whole bridge, rather roughly, and it didnt leave enough to look good. Thin features look white trash. Also, the lip collagen makes her upper lip somehow look straighter and thinner, and more white trash. Not only that, she is older, but her eyes look a lot smaller, which makes me think face lift….her whole face looks stretched out—I think some kind of face lift. Her face does look stretched out a lot. That and the bad orange makeup and burnt hair really make her look bad.

    As for her dumping him, now you know that aint gonna happen !
    He could be dead and she’d still be flogging that relaysh.

    Her nose bridge looks rough-like they didnt do a good job of sanding it down. You get what you pay for.

  • tinkerbell

    @told you so!:

    It still sounds like you are tryting to make bar look good..and she is just as bad, maybe even part of the problem. So when she gets dumped on her bump bump bump, its going to be because of the drugs, right? And she will play the sad victim. I dont think so.

    Anyway, I think we’ll probably see him dragging her carcass around LA soon. Maybe one more time for the hell of it. I hope not, but coaddiction relationships are hard to break.
    One thing, she should be careful, because she has already had plastic surgery the walls of her nose are thinner to erode. Not good.

  • gg

    @gg: stop using others name. I care less about leo he is alright that is all about it.

  • gg

    @gg: I am the real gg… girl.. its nice trick.. steal someone’s name and accuse the person first.. well as if i care.. i’ve got better things to do .

  • Whitney

    leo does not do drugs

  • infogurl

    Leo required 20 stitches to a gash that ran down past his ear at the way down to his neck and narrowly missed his jugular artery, a vein that if injured, can be fatal. At the time , he had two movies coming out and post production could have been cancelled but he refused. He required plastic surgery which is why he hasn’t got a visible scar.